Major Transformation Hits, Masculine Twin “Reignited”. Earth-Shattering Spiritual Insights Working To Reach You. Are You Ready For This?

Welcome into a brand-new week in the cosmic energies.

Highlights this week include:
Mercury Retrograde continues, rethinking the Masculine, “spiritual downloads” causing uncertainty divinely designed to open to a new beginning…

Plus, the Universe shows up a “tweak” that can make all the difference in manifesting your Twin Flame Union…

Discover more below!

Divinely Designed Confusion

So now onto the forecast:

We’re still in Mercury Retrograde, which affects the whole week.

Mercury turned in a conjunction with Venus a few weeks back, meaning that this whole period we’re set to be dealing with Heart vs Mind issues…

And that the mind is being asked to “take a back seat”.

Letting The Heart Lead The Way

We may experience uncertainty, confusion, cloudiness…

And a key is: limiting beliefs and “logical” approaches to love, are being rattled.

Because Twin Flames are here to reach higher! True love is not a lie, eternal romance can be true… BUT in regular human society it’s often seen as a fantasy.

The heart knows, but the MIND may have been blocking it.


Shifting Out of Mental Misperception

In this period the universe is “creating” an atmosphere of static and surface confusion…  It’s harder to rely on intellect alone – so we are pushed to go deeper…

To let the heart and intuition lead the way… even, or ESPECIALLY, where the mind may think something is “impossible”!

So we get shifted out of those mental blocks… And are able to perceive the heart’s truth…

And then begin to act on it, making it our true compass.

Instead of being limited by the mind and other people’s (3D) belief systems.


Feminine Twin Shadow Wounds…

A complication Monday/Tuesday is Lilith conjunct the Moon, which means emotions around “shadow experiences”, are likely triggered for the Feminine Twin.

(With Lilith, it nearly always relates to biologically female).

It can be past hurts purging, or “outsider” shadow females causing issues – either in the form of info, beliefs pushed onto you, or actual negativity going on.

Stay aware of your perspective, because this stuff is coming up so you can release what’s kept you aligned with it – for good.

(You’ll find this article helpful: “How To Deal With Others’ Sabotage and Negativity on the Twin Flame journey”)

Soul Vs Body

Remember that as souls, you and your Twin Flame share eternal love.

The physical human world is in so many ways a mirage.

Someone’s “3D” self is often acting out limiting programming that’s actually been pushed onto them…

It’s not “who they are”!

If you help a troubled Twin clear those limiting patterns (such as conflict, infidelity, unkindness, or other negatives) their true soul’s light will shine forth more and more.

(Have a look here for more)
twin flame awakening

What Are You Really Manifesting?

Uranus and Ceres “join forces” in Taurus, showing us that a different approach is needed when it comes to manifesting unity and love.

A major reason why many have felt blocked, is that their approach has been “skewed” on a deeper level.

We’re being told to adjust our approach.

Instead of manifesting “marriage,” for example, it would flow better with “divine will” if you manifest the EXPERIENCE or CELEBRATION of unconditional LOVE made physical.

Manifest from your SOUL, in essence.

Going Deeper on True Soul Love

Go deeper on this. Because if you’re not flowing with the universal energies (“divine will”) manifestation can be tricky.

Listen to your soul’s messages on this, as it’s always working to guide you.

For more on this subject, go here, where I share my most powerful manifestation ceremony, and open you to your soul’s unconscious messages and alignment.

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini – “The Ring Of Fire”

June 10th, we have one of the year’s most potent cosmic events — The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini, called the “Ring of Fire” Eclipse.

Because it’s conjunct Mercury Retrograde, it’s extra intense!
This is a HIGHLY rare event!

It tells us communication, perspective and beliefs are up for reform – for us, and society.

Eclipses work to break us open to change, and when Mercury Retrograde is tied in, it’s all about releasing what you thought/believed.

Fixed ideas of LIMITATION, especially.

***Don’t take “reality” at face value, spirit says.***

It’s so much more malleable than we are used to thinking. This is meant to be a new beginning.

Not Taking “Reality” As Fixed — Resets

Consider this: most things we assume are out of reach, are based in BELIEF.

Now, the beliefs that have INCORRECTLY been limiting us, are being shaken up to release.

Because you as a soul (and your Twin) are LIMITLESS.
Forget what you were told by the world, the Universe is saying!

Forget the old version of things. Forget any ideas of what’s out of reach.

Because they’re NOT!

Even if they WERE out of reach, now your energy and vibration has shifted, they can come INTO reach — or they already have!

Shifting into A Higher Path

Solar Eclipses are a time when Ego is “shadowed”, and our conscious self is “knocked out” for a short while.

When this happens, it’s a “reset” spirit says.

It’s a fertile time for new light codes and templates to come in.

We get to “up level” into a higher alignment, even if we are unaware of it.

So how do you do it?

For best results this week, use your clearing tools, so your system has ROOM for the new shifts wanting to reach you (start with the Free Energy Cleanse Session here).

An Affirmation For Shifting Higher

And this affirmation will be helpful:

“I am now releasing any false limitations and reality models I accepted as real. I am now embracing the highest version of love and life possible for me.

I am ready for a new beginning. Universe, show me how!”

Things may feel confusing this week… and it’s for a REASON. You may feel a bit “out of whack,” you may feel tired and a bit out of sorts.

Weird or seemingly upsetting things might happen between you and your Twin.

Moving to The Next Level as A Twin Flame

Again, make sure you use your energy tools.

Because otherwise the density in your system (old heaviness, inherited blocks, past disappointments) get rattled and brought to the surface in a purge that can feel REALLY intense.

If you’ve had these purges and “ascension symptoms” before, I’m sure you know what I mean.

Energy tools will help you move through it without suffering.

A key for this Eclipse is, spirit says that to get to the NEXT level… you HAVE to release the earlier templates.

Release what was, and what you expected. So, there’s a cleansing process, a purge happening.

Make sure you deal with it, because it won’t go away “on its own”. The Free tools I offer will help you with this.

In my FREE Twin Flame Starter Kit, you get:

*A powerful Chakra/Aura Energy Clearing guided session

*An eBook on the Runner/Chaser paradox

*A report on how to know for sure if someone is your Twin Flame or not, and Channeled info on 11:11 and the Ascension process going on with the collective.

*A deep Alpha Level session to connect with your Twin Flame on the Soul Planes.

(When one Twin Flame heals and uplifts their system and connection, it helps the whole collective. So I was guided to provide this huge pack of resources to as many Twins as possible for Free!)

Make sure you take advantage of this if you haven’t already!

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Entering the Void…

This week may feel weird. Because we’re being pushed to enter the VOID. Entering the stillness.

That’s where we are open to receive the next level – it can’t come in when we are busy in assessment/judgment/analysis.

There’s a clearing ground for the next chapter, working to happen.

A “blackout” happening of our analytical faculties.

Because what is working to reach us is so BIG, that it goes against what most of us believe… and therefore what we are willing to ALLOW into our reality on an unconscious level.

(Read more here).

Allowing Pure BE-ing

Go within to meditate. Take some time out to just allow yourself to BE. Don’t try to figure things out with your mind.

And again, make sure you clear the old baggage and templates of the “3D” karmic reality so your system is able to take in the highest of the new potential.

Another important thing this Eclipse, is that the Sun/Moon/Mercury square Neptune, and trine Saturn.

This signals it’s about awakening – but not by some outer source.

It’s about YOU awakening to YOU as the divine.

YOU are the authority, the source of illumination, the solution, the portal.

Spiritual Misunderstandings Lit Up

It’s not something “up there” or “out there” or “gurus” having all the solutions or answers. (These ideas are being shifted out and broken down more and more).

It’s about ALLOWING your divinity to shine from WITHIN.

Not seeking on the outside, but EMBODYING the light of who you ARE.

For Twin Flames, it’s about re-aligning with knowing that LOVE is who you (both) are.

ALLOWING Union to Show Up

To know you are meant to make this journey as a pair, together…

That you have what it takes. (And when you clear out the limitations, the baggage, you get there.)

When you can ALLOW the SOUL love to shine, it will become manifest in the physical.

When you tap into the unity that is already there on the soul level, it becomes “reality.” (Read more here).

Divine Logic

This Eclipse, the Universe is working bring you your highest, but it often happens through cutting AWAY what doesn’t serve you.

The process may not always be easy, but it helps if you can understand this “divine logic.”

Later in the week, Mercury Retrograde moves backward “in front” of the Sun, as it did in January.

This is also HIGHLY rare, for it to happen in two consecutive Mercury Retrogrades.

It means we’re being guided to a new (or deeper) concept of self – the soul.

We’re being pushed YET AGAIN to release any old constructed identities and perceptions of self (and our Twin Flame).

False identity structures are coming undone.

Karmic Trauma Releasing

First, it happens through confusion, chaos or uncertainty… not quite being so clear on who we think we are (or who our Twin is)…

Which then makes ROOM for more of our SOUL to shine through.

Saturn Retrograde’s involvement shows you’re likely being confronted with karmic TRAUMA that ‘taught’ you, that you weren’t divine/a spirit/infinitely powerful.

Because it’s been dimming your true light and power – and blocking your Twin Flame connection.

(The causes of these blocks are highlighted for many to involve past life trauma of persecution. Have a look here for more on karma.)

Soul Self Revelations — The Unawakened Twin

For Twin Flames the contrast between spirit and the physical is in focus.

What does that mean?

It’s the perception of: Sure, your Twin’s SOUL loves you, but their human self might not.

The 3D versus the 5D self, and so on.

The Universe is saying: This is FALSE!

Spiritually, it’s not true. They’re the same! They’re ONE PERSON.

Any physical world lack of love is:
****The OUTER reflection of an INNER belief system and templates, that you and/or they have about the world/men/women/love/self vs other. ****

If any outside actions of theirs have shown you “NOT LOVE”, it means both your souls are trying to get you to go within and CHANGE that programming.

I take you through this “template upgrade” here – to open to unity

The Truth About Twin Flames

The Twin Flame connection CAN be bliss, every day. It CAN be a journey of complete mutual, unconditional love.

And your souls are WAITING for you to claim this!

If you believe anything else — question it.

The Eclipse is working to get you to “blank out” so the old baggage can leave without you hanging onto them: All the limiting beliefs about women, men, love, relationships…

Because THOSE are the roots of the negative experiences.

When you shift those beliefs on a deep enough level, EVERYTHING changes on the “outside.” (As within, so without).

How to Shift Out of Twin Flame Struggle

Saturn also shows up wounds – where things went “wrong” when you stepped into your greatness, or tried to go beyond as a human being in your BODY.

Keep an eye on your dreams. Journal on what comes up.

And make sure you do your clearings.

This period will be transformative, if you FLOW WITH it instead of resisting.

June 11th, Mars enters Leo after over a month in watery Cancer. This sets the stage for a new atmosphere in sexuality, action and for the Masculine Twin.

Mars is back in his “own” element in Leo. Fire is re-ignited.

The Real Reason for TF Ego… Covering Up Fear!

The problem is, Mars in Leo tends to cause drama.

Shadows involve Ego flaring up, especially when Mars opposes Pluto Retrograde this weekend.

Anger and conflict can show up… If so, know that it’s based in past experiences of power issues, especially old wounds of being hurt when being vulnerable.

Under this transit, sexuality can be strong but bordering into aggression.

Running? Primal Anger as A Defense Mechanism

Know that the past and the UN-conscious are strongly active now. Anger is always an expression of fear. A defense mechanism.

So, if your Twin is angry or seemingly rejecting you – it’s actually a mask to cover up deeper fear.

Help them release the fears, and Ego stops being a problem. Because Ego is in essence a defense mechanism.

When someone releases fear, like the ones that commonly trigger Running and Separation/Ghosting, they don’t feel need to protect themselves so strongly.

And they stop reacting by “running”/blocking, trying to get distance.

Learn more here:

Seeking Rescue?

June 13th, closing off the week and active into next, a square between the Sun and Neptune echo in with the message of the Eclipse.

We are awakening to our OWN higher nature, our DIVINITY. And the divinity in the Twin Flame connection.

Looking outside of ourselves for rescue, is not guided.

We are being guided back to OURSELVES – to open to the soul.

Your soul ALWAYS knows the steps to your dream, your love manifest, your unity.

Listen to your soul, and your journey blossoms.

A Week for Massive Shifts

This week may feel uncertain and challenging but there is potential for massive shifts if you work WITH the flow.

In short, be willing to release the past and what you believed, to allow higher truths to show up.

Above all, spirit says, it’s about re-alignment – out of the “limited physical identity” and into the soul.

Out of fear, into love.

Remember, as souls there is nothing but love between you and your Twin Flame. As souls, you are always home.

Open up, and it’s there.

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your journey <3

Cassady x

“This has been truly amazing, every time I use this my Twin Flame texts or calls me immediately afterwards. It’s really crazy! And then we always get to some kind of different level of communication. We are continuing to heal. It’s amazing that I can do this type of thing and my Twin be so affected by it as well!” – Teresa B., USA

Read more testimonials here

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