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A week full of potential for joy and satisfaction, for healing past wounds with creativity – water energies supporting the healthy expression of emotions and the development of unconditional love.

We enter this midsummer week with a lot of energy in the water signs still – Mars and Sun in Cancer, which are conducive to “family” time (even your “family” of old and dear friends) and enjoyment of what is safe and familiar.

The Moon begins the week conjunct Neptune, which indicate an opening up to spiritual energies – these times are good for contemplation and exploring Twin Flame telepathy and remote touch and viewing. The energies support these now and we are reminded that as always, physical separation between the Twin Flames is merely an illusion.

Losing the self among the many

Many of the previous weeks’ aspects are still active but something I’ve not touched on yet – a long term transit – is the North Node’s movement backwards through Libra. The North Node indicates the point of soul growth for this lifetime, and we are now being asked to review and reevaluate the way we interact with others versus our individual selves.

This transit challenges us to resolve and address issues of the collective versus the individual. Are we being true to ourselves or are we playing the social game so well that we lose ourselves? Aries, which is opposite Libra, is a great teacher of individualism. Finding a balance is key.

Pushing towards unconditional love

Especially within the Twin Flame relationship, we are given the opportunity to explore this balance – there is a delicate point of togetherness versus dependency: unconditional love frees us up to experience this closest of bonds without fear or expectation.

Spirit reminds us that unconditional love is complete freedom and complete safety at once. Our souls keep pushing out and purging any old fears and need for attachment until we are ready to open up to this complete limitless love where there is complete trust and complete freedom at once. Only when we are free of placing demands on our Twin Flame can we truly experience unconditional love.

Experiencing the higher realms of love

Jupiter and Venus are still close in Leo but Venus is moving on her way, further and further. What peak love experiences have showed up in your life the past few weeks? I expected this to pass without much notice but literally overnight the energies shifted and my Twin and I have spent the last week in a heady daze of giddy happiness together. Just when I thought we couldn’t get any closer…

I’m given the indication many of us have during this time had the opportunity to become more closely acquainted with the spiritual side or higher self of our Twin Flame – the “exalted” side of their love. If this is the case for you, know that you can always tap into it again – simply get into the state you were in when you experienced it and you’ll match your energy to it again.

Soothing frazzled energies

On Wednesday we see the Moon conjunct Uranus in Aries – beware tempers and make sure you stay grounded now: this potent Air/Fire combination tends to frazzled mental activity and high tension in the body. A perfect time to balance the energies by spending time near water or earth – going to the beach, spending a day by the pool or indulging in earth energy activities like gardening or hiking.

Ask your body what it most needs right now. You’ll most likely get at the very least a subtle feeling indication for an answer. The body is a complex biological consciousness of its own and sometimes we have to help balance the energies to avoid overloading it.

Shifting communication inward

Thursday Mercury moves into Cancer – we’re now out of the hectic communication patterns of the past month and a half of Mercury’s Gemini transit, and the tendency now goes more toward looking inward and backward; Cancer is a water sign ruled by the Moon, domain of the family, “femininity” and the past.

These energies can be very fruitful for imagination, visualization and creative activities – harvest these happy sides of the Cancer energies over the coming few weeks (and thereby avoiding this sign’s notorious brooding and moodiness) by indulging in some favourite artistic hobbies.

Healing through creativity

This week – especially as Neptune in Pisces (planet of inspiration, fantasy and art) currently trines Mars and Mercury – the energies support expressing our deepest innermost emotions through creativity. Healing does not have to come through “active healing” it can also come through painting, drawing, writing and other artistic activities.

Why not spend half an hour creating, with the intention that you are completely open to what might come out? This is an excellent way to release any pent up heaviness, and this type of work will open us up more and more to our intuition and spiritual guidance over time.

Take negativity with a pinch of salt

When Saturn opposes the Moon on Saturday, don’t be surprised if a heavy mood seems to sneak up on you – if it does, remember that it probably has more to do with the energies present right now than with you or your life situation. Take any negative thoughts with a pinch of salt.

Until next time, I wish you love and light on your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

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