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The Truth About Hieros Gamos, Marriage Of The Soul – Which Path To The Infinite Are You On? Scorpio Season Intensifies Passion, Love/Hate Connections Flaring Up…

Get ready for a month of intensity in love – Venus moves into Scorpio November 7th, setting the start of a period for deep, passionate love bordering on obsession.

The reason? This is the planet of Love entering down into the kingdom of the Dead…

Scorpio is the land of powerful sexuality, the unconscious, animal instincts and transformation. When these two energy currents combine we get fiery passion driven by strong underground currents, love that can combust into conflict.

Venus and Scorpio together translate into “love/hate” relationships.

Do your best to stay on the right side of the border this month, and the recipe for that is – be aware of your deeper emotions and those of your counterpart. Don’t take things at face value.

The past, old wounds, fears of rejection, feelings of abandonment are all part of the mix here.

Which makes for passion as the two lovers desperately draw in the heights of love, but an undertone of fear that it might all end too soon…

To keep your energy clear of negativity and uplift into a higher state of love and harmony with your Twin Flame, download my Free Guided Meditations here




Transformational Powers Of Twin Flame Sex

Twin Flame sex is highly aspected in this period, even more than usual. Remember you’re not just dealing with a regular “relationship” (read more about that here).

Your Twin is a person you’re always energetically interacting with.

Intimacy between Twin Flames is a transformational experience that has the power to blow through blocks, activate your soul’s gifts and connect you back to the source of existence…

Did you know sex and intimacy is one of the most common triggers of Twin Flame Running? As Twins open up and feel vulnerable, fear patterns kick in and the Runner unconsciously craves distance from feeling threatened.

Read more here about Twin Flame Sex and how this works relating to Running.

And do work to remove any triggers that come up between you – or residue of your Twin’s being intimate with others…  as energy travels back and forth between the Twins you’ll pick up on the energy and emotions of them with someone else.

This can be incredibly uncomfortable.


Why You See Visions Of Your Twin With Another…

Even to this day I sometimes see flashes of my Twin’s experiences with others when we’re close like this – very specific stuff – but because I’ve cleared away so much negativity it doesn’t trigger me to jealousy or anger anymore … however, needless to say it’s not pleasant.

Spirit had me channel a special clearing session for Twin Flames to deal with these kind of triggers and hurtful material travelling between the pair – the Complete Harmony Healing.

If you’ve been experiencing struggle with your Twin Flame even though you’re advanced in Ascension and have been doing your own inner work, know that it’s highly likely to be coming from your Twin’s side of things.

This trouble is due to each chakra beginning to align with and exchange energy with your counterpart’s.

This means it’s highly likely to be picking up on stuff like your Twin’s past experiences with others, their own disdain for themselves, fear energy and so on… Especially if your Twin Flame is as yet “unawakened” or a Runner

(For a session to assist your Twin Flame’s soul to trigger awakening – go here).

twin flame awakening

To my knowledge there is no equivalent healing or clearing available out there that deals with these particular issues! Have a look at some of the amazing feedback that’s been coming in for this session:

“The absolute most intense healing I’ve ever done – it completely blew me away. Not only did this seem to impact me on an enormous level, I saw my Twin Flame completely change overnight. I’m merely without words on this. It really was the answer to my prayers.” – Sarah (via Facebook)

“After I did it, he messaged me! Someone actually bought it for me! BAM! Just like that – got the meditation, did it, and there he was.” – Indi, New York

“I want to thank you so much for the Higher Dimensional Anchoring! I felt like it was made just for me and the things I have been facing on my journey! It is so gorgeous and transformative!!! I know my guides are always communicating to me, and hearing your voice transmitting their words of encouragement and teaching moved me in a way that I haven’t in so long. I am lifted!” – Mary, New York, USA


Why It’s Essential To Shield Against Others’ Energies

In the session go through a deep cleanse of both Twins’ chakra systems and all channels between the Twins – cleansing out congestion, negativity, outdated ancestral programming and blocks to ensure the healthy functioning of your systems both individually and in interaction.

This session will clear out potential triggers of running/chasing/separation and ensure that only high vibrational energies are travelling between you.

Plus, there’s shielding for the Twin pair to protect you both from harsh outside energies, influence and congestion.

Twin Flame Union is all about the pair’s energies becoming harmonized – so other people’s “stuff” will complicate the process.

And, we unify your paths and timelines to the highest dimension and vibration possible and download new light codes and programming to assist the smooth unfolding of your Union.

Go here to discover more.


Will This Month Thrill or Confuse You?

As Sun in Scorpio also trines Pluto this week, these Scorpio energies are incredibly heightened right now.

Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio, king of the underworld. For some – especially those with strong Scorpio energies in their chart or Venus in Scorpio natal (check if this is you by going here) – this period will feel comfortable, exciting, “juicy”. Like you’re in your element

For others it might feel like things are too intense, like there is too much “unspoken” stuff going on.

Like they can’t get a handle on the weird emotions coming up and the intensity and sometimes inexplicable moods others get into.

Scorpio is all about embracing the mystery of existence, going deep into the psyche to dig up the hows whys and whens of our own inner functioning, unlocking the gates to self mastery.


The Different Paths To The Divine

Ultimately, there are different ways to access our infinite self, our true power.

One goes through the conventional path of spirituality – seeking through traditional, relatively conventional methods to meditate, pray and communicate our way “upwards” to the divine.

Scorpio’s method is quite different: To dig deep into the dark of our own selves, to where it gets pitch black and we begin to walk so deep we begin to see a new source of light inside ourselves.

Yes, inside of you, there is light.

Inside of you in the pit of your being you are always connected back to the divine. You do not need to go outside of yourself, it’s there in you all along.

This is the alchemical journey of Scorpio, which is said to deal with “man’s quest to overcome his instinctual self”… to go so deep into the unconscious animal nature that we reach the point of the divine *inside* ourselves.

To find the soul and to live from this point.

(To begin connecting to the light and shifting into this more and more – use this Free Guided Meditation that connects you to your higher consciousness)


Marriage Of The Soul – “Hieros Gamos”

All mystery teachings of the ages, whether it deals with Hermeticism, Kabbala, Tibetan Buddhism or ancient Greek and Egyptian priesthood training, deals with this – the journey from being mere mortal to becoming divine.

To become aware of, and live from our infinite nature. To have our inner Feminine and Masculine polarities joined together in the “marriage of the soul”, the “hieros gamos”.

This is what Twin Flames are here for – not just to unite as two people, but to become whole within. To embody balance and inner harmony. (Read more about the Twin Flame Union “hieros gamos” here)

To be someone illumined or “christed” – which in Greek means to be of light. To be golden. To be free from darkness (illusion, fear).


Are You On The Hero’s Journey?

This is the journey of the Twin Flames. Not everyone will make it, but throughout the ages many before us have made this path successfully, albeit not through the portal of romantic love.

Twin Flames are here to both reach so high and delve so deep into the nature of what it means to be human and to love, that we emerge whole both within and without – complete and radiant in the light of love.

Aware that everything based in fear is impermanent and illusory, and that only love is eternal.

Famed mythologer Joseph Campbell called it the “hero’s journey” – to go deep into the unknown and emerge transformed in light to share this with others.

The journey of alchemy. If you’re interested in knowing more about this I would highly recommend Joseph Campbell’s book “The Hero With A Thousand Faces” or his TV program “The Power Of Myth”.

joseph cambell tv program


Earlier Life Situations Uprooting

As Saturn also trines Uranus Retrograde this week, we see again there are profound changes being made to the very bedrock of human culture.

It’s got to do with power and structure, authority. Uranus in Aries is “challenging” our very ideas of our own capabilities – saying we’re *way* more powerful than we tend to believe.

Spirit also shows us that much of what we’ve got used to and comfortable with in our lives are shifting and moving aside for new developments to show up.

When we ask and pray for reunion, for our dream job, for happiness – the first thing that happens is that what’s kept us *out* of these begins to be shown up and rattled for us to release it.

Old attachments and outworn soul contracts are coming up to be resolved now, so we can move on into our highest good.

Go here for a session where we deal with clearing both negative karma, common causes of Running/Separation, cutting negative attachments and ending outdated soul contracts (including past life ones).



Timelines, The Future, Twin Flame Reunions

Saturn and Uranus Retrograde interacting shows us that our early life situations are being pushed to change.

Moving to a new place, a new career, a new way of living are all highly likely in this period… (which lasts well into next year)

The transit has been increasing in intensity throughout this year and this is the peak, with effects going well into 2018.

Do make sure you focus in on your true deeper desires now, so the changes you make will truly serve you in the future! Only you can make these choices

These are long-term changes making their way to you so stand strong in your desires and be very aware of yourself and your emotional responses to get the best of this often challenging transit.

Do a quick exercise now: Your Twin Flame Reunion. Your dreams come true. When will it happen for you?

Write down everything you just felt and thought. Any fear that came up, every bit of confusion, helplessness, irritation, panic, overwhelm…

These are all negative energies and emotions that are a part of your unconscious world. Powerfully affecting the signal you’re sending out to the Universe and attracting back.

This kind of “Behind the scenes” sabotage can be a bigger block than you realized.

Take the Quiz here to further map out where you’re at for energy vibration – how open are you really to the Twin Flame Reunion and Harmony you desire?


The Wisdom Of The Ancients

Again, heed the wisdom of Pluto/Scorpio in this period and *go within*. Get things straight inside, so you can manifest confidently and know what you’re truly after.

As the Emerald tablet of the ancients said: “As within, so without. As above, so below”. What we hold inside, including all the myriad unconscious fears and beliefs, are what mirror into the outer reality we manifest.

And our inner relationship with ourselves is always mirrored back to us through our Twin Flame somehow. Read more about the Twin Flame Mirror and why the Twin Flame Journey really is an “Inside Job”.



Once A Year Conjunction For Love

Lastly this week we have a powerful conjunction between Venus and Jupiter in Scorpio – this is a once a year, incredibly intense energy current. At its best this can be almost like elation, ecstasy of love.

Feeling like your heart is bubbling over with love and happiness. Twin Flames feeling open to each other and in the “sweet spot” of love.

However, especially with the Scorpio placement and what else is going on, be mindful to actively look for similarities and positivity right now.

If you’re already down in the dumps you won’t benefit much from this transit. To lift up and maximize the benefit of this special time – write down what you’re grateful for.

In several experiments, people who kept a gratitude diary for 21 days were shown to be 20% happier than those who didn’t.

And as you already know – “as within, so without” – the Twin Flame mirror is all about your inner state and energy vibration boosting your outer connection.

Just look at the incredible experiences of these Twin Flames whose connections shifted after using my energy sessions, including the Free Cleanse Tool.



What Cosmic “Radio Station” Are You Tuned Into?

As Mercury squares Neptune this same day, spirit shows us we’re being attempted pushed into being in the now moment. To go into the *feelings* of happiness and elation that’s available to us at this time.

To block us in some sense from the analysis and questioning attempts to “understand” the Twin Flame connection and Ascension, and instead BE. To center into positive feelings.

Did you know manifestation is all about your feelings? Your feelings are like a “thermometer” to what you’re aligning with and attracting in this very moment.

When you *feel* happy, you’re on the “radio station” of attracting more happiness.

This is why thinking messes up so many Twin Flames – because they’re *thinking* positively but unconsciously not believing, so they end up feeling disillusioned, let down, angry, sad, overwhelmed…

Which only attracts more of the same.

For this reason, I was asked by spirit to create a session where we go into simple yet powerful ways of mastering manifestation – go here to learn more.


Until next time I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3 ?

Cassady x

“I’m doing some of your energy healing tools and I can feel the difference! I love the free meditations you’ve shared, and I always feel so refreshed after. My Twin even came to my dream last night after using them!”

– Alicia, California, USA

twin flame program

Want more? For my step-by-step “roadmap” to Twin Flame Union, created after my Twin and I reached Union within just 18 months of our first encounter – have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames. And you can read here about other Twins’ experiences with the program!

Alternatively you can try our Free Guided Meditations and eBooks for Twin Flames!

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  1. It is crazy how everything makes so much sense to me. My TF is finally realizing that we’re meant to be together. During our seperation, I have been sending love to her and others. Miraculous things have been happening to me in return. Focusing on Self Care really helps our reunion and I didn’t even know that it would be. I want to be the best version of myself before we reunite again. Telepathic dreams are the coolest thing ever! I’ve always wished that my dreams were recorded but I am positive that my TF writes down dreams and so do I. Cant wait to share our recorded dreams with each other. Im a such a big music lover and now that I found my TF, I realized all of the songs that I used to cry to are meant for this TF relationship. All of my fave songs talk about dreaming of someone. LOVE IT!!!

  2. Great article! I just ordered your TF meditation, as I feel like I need a new one, been using the same one for so long now, so thanks for giving that gem away.

  3. Hugs <3 They say everything happens for a reason. I guess all that was meant to happen to prepare you to meet your actual Twin 🙂

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