Unexpected Communication And Info Incoming For Your Twin Flame Connection… Re-Igniting Past Passion: Ruptures Hit To Make Way For A Higher Love…

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include: The Deeper Reason For Twin Flame Ghosting And Communication Problems… Jupiter Boosts A Rekindling Of Love, Plus The Sacred Power Of Your Voice – Did Your Upbringing Compromise Your Divine Gifts?

Discover more below!

New Themes In Communication

We enter into this week just as Mercury enters Taurus, bringing a new theme to communication. With Venus’ home sign involved we see more focus on relationships, creativity and grounding into the physical.

With several challenges to other major planets, the message is: Stay true to yourself. Don’t get dissuaded by other people or outside info – stay in your truth!

In this period it’s KEY to know your own agenda and stay in touch with your own priorities.

It’s highly likely outside influence is tugging at you… but you have your own best answers! So the more you can stay true to yourself and listen to your inner wisdom the better you’ll feel and the smoother your path will be these coming weeks!

Patience, Patience… What Have You Sowed That You Will Reap?

Another key theme with Mercury in Taurus is creation via the voice and writing.

The words we speak and write are powerful in manifesting our reality and they can affect the Twin Flame connection with negativity or positivity – building it up with love or tearing it down…

Stay aware of your words at this time. Remember they create your reality. Read why here and get a free chakra reading for Twin Flames.


When Mercury enters Taurus we have an emphasis now on how the voice carries energy vibrations and “light codes” – Taurus rules the throat and singing.

Experiment with healing through the voice this week, even if you’ve never done this before. Pay attention to the effects of your voice and your words and the sounds you make.

Expressing Your Truth – Activating The “Twin Flame Soul Song”

Feel how the simple act of humming influences the feeling in your body.

This is why monks chant, why “OM”, the “sacred syllable of all existence” is used during meditation – it has a waveform vibration that sends a high vibration frequency into the very cellular structure of the body.

Binaural beat audios are great at utilizing this for healing, but right now it’s all about using your OWN voice. Science shows that cats soothe and heal themselves with purring – sending vibrations into their own bodies – and ancient cultures had temples for sound healing. Experimenting with this now is set to be very fruitful!

The Deeper Issues That Cause Twin Flame “Ghosting”

Expressing our truth via the throat chakra is part of our healthy functioning, so if you have issues with being able to speak up or share your voice with the world, you likely have blocks here!

This also mirrors into the Twin Flame connection as feeling rejected or unwanted…

Spirit shows us: Being blocked by your Twin Flame in social media or feeling like they are ignoring you is also a Throat Chakra issue – there are problems with the communication part of your connection.

Address these deeper issues with energy work, clearing old trauma, and you open up the flow again (have a look here and see what you feel most drawn to – that’s your intuition, your higher self showing you what’s to your highest good right now).

When you clear the blocks and open up throat chakra flow again, spirit shows us this Mercury in Taurus transit will be powerful in bringing communication on the “3D” physical planes between you. Re-connecting you.

How “As Within So Without” Affects Twin Flames

It’s important to remember that a relationship or even friendship is never just about “them”. We are the one they are reacting to. When people interact with us, they unconsciously pick up on the energy we’re projecting. And vice versa.

If we’re sending out signals of being afraid that others will reject us or we’re insecure, we draw out a negative response in others – deflecting their love or friendship.

To get to grips with this kind of “negative expression in the Twin Flame Mirror” and uplift your connection, have a look here:

We go through clearing out old stagnant negativity, blocks and open your connection again in the Complete Harmony Healing Session for Twin Flames.

Complete harmony Healing Tool

Opening Up To Your Full Potential

An important thing is that if you have “issues” with communication or relating to others, it’s nearly always something you picked up in childhood!

Your Twin Flame is merely the “mirror” reflecting it back to you, as your souls always work to bring you both back to alignment with pure love.

The throat chakra first develops during childhood (approx. 8-14) so if you had any challenging life events around this time, such as changing schools or not fitting in, or parents so busy with divorce that you felt ignored or not heard, or you’ve felt like you’ve had to keep a lot of secrets…

You most likely have some healing work to do with this chakra. (Similarly if you were born with Mercury retrograde in your chart.)

When energy gets stuck in particular chakras, it blocks the free flow of our spiritual potential – clearing our energy uplifts our journey in so many areas at once, as doors that were once closed come open.

Again, take a look at this information on chakras, and if you’re ready to start cleansing out and uplifting the expression you attract from others, click here for the free energy cleanse tool – it’s a powerful clearing and will also infuse your chakras with beneficial new light codes to uplift your journey for the long run.


Ready For The Unexpected?

Noticeable all week is Mercury’s increasing conjunction with Uranus at the beginning of Taurus. Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius and deals with all things untraditional, sudden, unorthodox… Inspiration and “bolts from the blue” insights are HIGHLY likely now.

Uranus “rules” technology, lightning, social media, groups and organizations and is spiritually connected with Starseeds, “advanced” spiritual information and dimensional work.

When Mercury conjuncts Uranus on the way into Taurus, we’re dealing with sudden potential breakthroughs, new and unexpected information – particularly as relates to love!

Blessings In Disguise – Be Ready For Good News!

We see that you might feel a little concerned or even scared about unexpected information that shows up for your Twin Flame connection – whether it’s via the internet, a psychic, an article, telepathic communication from your Twin, a dream or your own guidance…

But we’re reassured that it’s actually something good. This seems to be the case for many – you hear something, think the worst and discover it’s actually good news.

We also see that it’s likely your Twin gets in touch for the first time in a while…!

Or that they open up about something, or tell you something unexpected.

They seem a little on edge lately, so be aware that whatever they say it might be tainted by the fact that they’ve been feeling emotionally burdened in other areas of their life.

The Real Reason Why There May Have Been Problems…

We see the real reason why there may have been issues between you, isn’t that they don’t like you or love you…

It’s because other areas of their life have been pressured and due to the nature of the Twin Flame connection they’ve “vented” when communicating with you.

Or they’ve seemed absent spiritually because their energy has been congested and tangled up with the physical world – and they’ve been “offline”…

Deep down they have nothing but love for you, but it may be buried under burdens from their physical life.

In order to help them release the burdens, smooth out their own path and uplift into a higher vibration of love – within and with you, click here.


Receiving “Downloads”, Epiphanies

In short Mercury and Uranus “team up” to bring you new insights and new inspiration. There’s an incredibly positive change set to happen if you’re open to receiving the “download”.

Stay on the lookout for information, most likely of the untraditional, unorthodox kind right now.

Meditation is highly advised as this helps you perceive your soul’s divine guidance. Otherwise you’re likely too mentally preoccupied to really notice inspiration and guidance.

Spend 5 minutes daily in meditation, so you don’t miss out on the amazing insights trying to reach you right now… Your mind is likely to feel buzzing with ideas, insights, thoughts at lightning speed. Take time to sit undisturbed so you can receive the insights and communication from your Twin’s higher self…

(If you find meditation tricky, begin by using the guided alpha level meditation from the Free Downloads here – I take you through the deep mind shift step by step so you can ease into the meditation experience and enjoy your own sessions more with time. Get it here for free.)

Positivity In Love And Relationships

Come 9th May – but with an increasing effect all week, peaking that day – we have a powerful positive trine between Venus and Jupiter. Bridging Aries and Sagittarius, both intense fire signs, this is a beneficial transit for love and positivity!

With this energy current you’re likely to feel inspired, hopeful, optimistic… AND brave enough to take action on the positive guidance and opportunities that show up!

Spirit shows us it’s like the old fire of romance between you and your counterpart is RE-kindled (Jupiter is still retrograde).

In January Venus was in a conjunction with Jupiter, which was a much more intense transit… This time, we’re set to reactivate certain themes from January in love and mindset, but in a gentler and more “supportive” way.

It will feel less intense and more like you’re clearly guided now. There’s a sense of reassurance that yes, everything is progressing as it is meant to on your journey – especially with love!

A Guiding Hand In Your Love “Destiny”

Even if you can’t sense it right now there is a guiding hand involved in your life behind the scenes – if you can tune into your wisdom and follow your truth, everything will turn out well. Better than you ever expected, says spirit. (Get more messages from them here)

But it requires for you to listen to your own wisdom. To know yourself.

You may have to be brave in this period. It’s like you’ve been sent ahead like a scout, paving your own path and because you can’t see it before you it feels scary…

But the amazing thing is that as you take each step, a tiny part of the path is lit up. And the further you walk, the more you see. Keep walking!

Spirit shows us, you don’t have to see things clearly – you can “feel” your way there. Your internal compass is designed for it.

Your “energy thermometer” will always tell you what is to your highest good…

The key is to keep your energy system clear and high vibrational so you can FEEL your guidance, and not be confused by influence, old fears and other people’s “stuff”.

(Read more about that here, and to cut negative cords, clear out the most common Twin Flame blocks that keep the connection in struggle click here. I also teach you how to keep your vibration up over time for best results)


Who Told You It Was “Impossible”?!?!?

A potential challenge is Venus is pushed by Saturn and Pluto both moving retrograde – this signals that the past may “come back to haunt you”, in your own mind…

Phantoms of authority figures and parents, teachers and other power figures, are likely to challenge you.

Most likely through your own thoughts and beliefs they gave you early in life. “Realism” and ideas of true love being “impossible”.

Jupiter is supporting you to rise above and feel into your true divine potential, but be wary of this old content which masks as “truth”… Skepticism, doubt, heaviness are highly likely to crop up but remember it’s the past and someone else “talking”.

Weed out this negativity from your mind so you can align with something higher and better – especially in your Twin Flame connection.

Electric Potential For The Future

Above all, this transit is trying to tell you, “You can do it, no matter what anyone says!”

That’s why you’re here! Focus on yourself, on love, and on your divine guidance, and you’ll get there. Don’t listen to the “haters”, even if they’re in your own mind.

For best results, you’ll again want to clear out that kind of old negative patterning so you can open your path higher.

This is set to be a week full of “electric” potential and new insights. They’re set to move you forward powerfully on your journey. To make the most of this time, work to “surf” the high energy waves available and be brave!

I believe in you! And if you need some help making the shift – you can get my step-by-step support here.

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your onward journey! <3

Cassady x

twin flame program

“I’ve been following Cassady for almost a year now and I have to say the information she provides is simply life altering! She gives both the knowledge and tools to not only bring higher awareness, but also help shift your vibration. I have been blessed to be guided to this information during some very challenging transitions. Her insight has really helped me move through deep soul work that my partner and I have been moving through towards. Thank you Cassady!”

– Jeanine, California, USA

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Alternatively you can try my Free Help Kit for Twin Flames!

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