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Potent Full Moon Pushes To Separate Lies From Truth in Love. Visioning Into The Future Self – Who Could You Be If There Was No Fear? 


Venus is now moving Retrograde through the zodiac, spelling out a period of deep transformations in love and relationships.

This is Venus’ first Retrograde in two years through the Masculine archetypal sign of Aries. Discover what this means for you and your Twin Flame connection in the Full 25 page Twin Flame Yearly Forecast.

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Dismantling The Past To Open To The New Self

Tensions from last week have begun to settle, and we’re on more stable terms. The Sun and Mercury join up in Pisces – spelling out inspiration and success with creativity and intuition.

However, the downside is that you might be feeling a bit unclear right now, hazy minded, and like you’re unable to motivate yourself to do much.

It’s like your ego personality is being dismantled in this period so you can see a glimpse of who you can be in the future should you choose to “start again” and begin from the heart.

To disregard any perceived flaws and what you were told during your upbringing, and instead focus on your highest most desired qualities.


Creating A Higher Vision For Your Journey

This is an excellent time for dreaming (in spiritual terms, reaching beyond the limits of reality to expand your scope of manifestation and experience) so that you can begin to shift into a higher vision of yourself, your life and your Twin Flame connection.

Creative Visualization is set to be highly powerful right now as your deeper feelings are set to strongly boost your efforts – Mercury and the Sun create a positive alignment with Pluto on March 8th and 9th.

There’s a specially designed Creative visualization for Twin Flames in the Vibrational Alignment Program.

Creative Visualization originates in Hindu meditation rituals but is now used worldwide. Numerous scientific reports testify to the power of Creative Visualization to shift our energy and use the power of our subconscious mind to create new and positive neural pathways and attract our ideal outcomes.

Many of the world’s leading lights, including Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Will Smith and Tiger Woods have spoken publicly about the role of creative visualization in their success. This practice has also played an enormous positive role on my own Twin Flame journey to Union.

This track is specifically designed for the Twin Flame journey, to use the power of your mind and emotions to bring you closer to your ideal, closer to Union and shift you out of any negative thinking patterns.


Reality Bites – Emotion Vs Ego

Come March 12th we have a Full Moon in Virgo opposite the Sun and Mercury in Pisces – indicating that emotions and conscious desires are at loggerheads.

This clearly relates to “realism” and early life programming of what’s considered possible, versus higher insights, your spiritual knowing of your true capabilities and your vision for your life.

I’m shown a girl crying over the dreams and hopes she feels will never come to fruition. Highlighted here is disappointment in perceived reality and feeling that the blissful Twin Flame connection can never be.

This is a visual depicting the Virgo Full Moon energy – Virgo is all about perfection, achievement, order: being “a good girl” or “a good citizen”.

And for those who have dutifully taken on the world’s “rules” about what is and is not possible in love – these can be lies, in spiritual terms. Most of us have been told so many untruthful things about what it means to be human.


What Spiritual Lies Were You Told About Life and Love?

Well meaning adults telling children about how hard life is and how they have to be careful around men, or always be watchful, or that “money doesn’t grow on trees” or that it’s unrealistic to expect to be happy in your career, or that you can never make a living from your passions…

This Virgo Full Moon is “calling people out on this b***sh**” is what I’m hearing, and frankly I’m surprised at the language but it’s a testament to the intensity of this period.

We’re shown that if we keep listening to the “mainstream” – the 3D society – and accepting those beliefs as true… we won’t get to Twin Flame Reunion, we won’t live happily, we won’t live our dream. Heaven on earth is out.

Because what we’re here to embody and live is way beyond what the common human beliefs allow for. Beliefs function as energetic boundaries of creation and put limits on what we experience (we go through clearing these limitations in the first full Energy Clearing Session for Twin Flames).

So in order to open us up to our full potential, in order for us to be able to physically invite in the experience of unconditional love, harmony with another – these limitations are being shown up.

They’re highlighted as mental blocks often passed on from ancestry through energetic grids locking us to a particular pattern of experiences.


3D Programming That Blocks The Third Eye

You couldn’t make this up if you tried: On the day of the Full Moon, we also have a square between Mercury and Saturn – clearly spelling out this theme.

Authority figures have fed you information and beliefs that are not to your highest good, things that are not really true (often also by human standards). This can be parents, bosses, male persons who deemed themselves superior to you, politicians, social leaders…

Spirit shows this up as dysfunctional programming that sabotages the functioning of the third eye/ brow chakra in particular.

Programming that puts blinders on so you’re energetically unable to perceive the truth about the bigness of who you could be and how your life could be. Illusions that keep you from going for your dreams.

Happily, we can clear all this with energy tools – like you’d uninstall a program from your computer. Have a look here for more.


Moving From Twin Flame Fantasy To Reality

To get some insights: Take a look at your family – as many generations back as you know. Are or were they happy? Are or were they living the life of their dreams? What do they tend to complain about? How do they talk about the world? What are their love relationships like?

There are some cues for you. And if you discover some negatives, limitations – especially in love… Now, you can begin clearing it so you really can open up to your dream come true.

Not just Twin Flame love as a fantasy or an idea of what could maybe happen in some possible future – *if* the Universe steps in or *if* your Twin’s personality changes or *if* angels repair your connection or some other hypothetical notion…

But real, concrete, living, breathing love. Physically being together in harmony. And you living your dream, making a living from your passions…

If you feel low in the run-up to this Full Moon, try to relax – it’s these things being stirred up. If you’re in the thick of it (or you feel drawn to this exercise):


Write down your 5 biggest fears about life –

and your worst case scenarios:


Then ask yourself, where does this fear come from?

And who made me believe this worst case scenario was more likely than my happy dream coming true?



Untangling The Knots In The Way Of Love

When you do this, your soul and your system lights up these dysfunctional wirings in your being – triggering the electromagnetic charges to show up so you can transmute them. Untangle the “knots”.

So clear your energy, unload the burden and take off the blinders so you can step into this next period and into life with the knowing that your dream really can come true.

You can clear anything you want from your system, as an infinite being. We can uninstall the ‘virus programming’ of fear, shame and limitation and reinstall positive patterns of self love, harmony and empowerment once we know how.

In the Higher Heart Transformation Journey we go through upgrading the Heart especially, plus removing ancestral fear programming that blocks Twins from feeling safe to come together in the physical. Have a look here for more.

The truth is that lasting, blissful love can be real.
I believe in you!

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey!

I’m so honored to be on this beautiful path alongside you. <3

Cassady x


Want more? For an easy, smooth way to clear blocks, heal your energy and harmonize your journey with your Twin, have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames here.

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“Cassady’s teachings and techniques have lifted me from utter soul sickness to greater peace and increasing forgiveness, self love and love for my partner. Now I can greet my fear and anguish with peace and love. I am finally feeling more calm, clear and confident. Thank you Cassady!”

Kate, California, USA

Spring 2017 is set to be full of transformations as Venus makes her first Retrograde in two years through the Masculine archetypal sign of Aries. Discover what this means for you and your Twin Flame connection. Sign up here to get the Full 2017 Twin Flame Energy Forecast for Free!
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  1. Hi Mimi,

    If it’s your stomach it’s highly likely you’ve been triggered by the recent Mars conjunct Uranus – it dealt with the Solar Plexus, which can tend to make us feel nauseous, stomach upsets… Connect to the light, see it vacuuming out the congestion and negativity. Do this once a day for a few days and you’ll feel much better.

    Sending you love and light <3 x

  2. Thank you Cassady for continuing to give us weekly blogs. They’re always so helpful. I myself have been feeling quite detached from my twin. He has recently left a karmic relationship, only to throw himself into another one very quickly, (he is generally very emotionally unavailable and tries to ignore this aspect by never taking the time to be single and sort through himself). I don’t feel as if my heart has given up but I do feel as if things have shifted. I’m not as bruised or hurt as I used to be by his actions. Is detachment considered a good thing? I’ve been trying to take the time to really focus on bettering myself, and I do believe it is helping, your energy clearing tools are also incredibly helpful. As my twin continues to make decisions that I believe are not in his best interest, I’m doing my best to just send him love and light but removing myself from his presence as much as possible. Is it possible to move forward and not focus so much on union? I’ve spent years hoping he would have his awakening and it consistently becomes a disappointment. Is it possible I’ve detached from the situation some? Would love your thoughts on detachment. Thank you. And as always sending love and light.

  3. I just want to encourage everybody going through Ascension and Twin reunion. I am living proof that though this journey is hard, even heart-wrenching at times, IT DOES GET EASIER as time goes by!

    I discovered that as I truly expressed the intention of becoming more conscious, and worked on myself, doing energy clearing daily and asking my Higher Self and guides for insights and guidance, the “difficulties” lessened and over the months my journey became lighter, happier, brighter, surprising!

    I then started to feel my Twin’s energy inside my heart chakra every single day. And I was gifted with the certainty that our love bond is unbreakable and truly eternal and infinite.

    This knowing has given me so much peace and joy, and I can feel this growing every day. I don’t “miss” him anymore, I don’t suffer because of this, despite the “perceived” obstacles between us. I am just SO grateful for the relationship we have, for having been able to reconnect in this lifetime. And I am certain we will be physically together too.

    So please take heart! Even in your darkest moments, if your intention is aligned with wanting to become the best version of yourself, for your sake and your twin connection, KNOW that you WILL achieve this and more…
    … and you WILL fully enjoy the infinite Love between you and your beloved twin!

    Be encouraged, because it is 100% possible! And it DOES GET EASIER too! <3


  4. Cassady I used to dream a lot with snakes. After I found out about Kunalini the dreams ceased. Is there any connection with the twin flame journey?

    Thankyou for all your help

  5. Cassidy this energy forecast was so on point. It’s refreshing and amazing for me to hear confirmation on everything that spirit has been telling me and to know I’m not just imagining things. Thank you for fearlessly being you. What you do blesses us all and creates a ripple affect throughout the earth. Keep up the good work.
    Love & Blessings

  6. Wow amazing Cassady. Thank you for spelling so well and clearly these deep truths.
    It is so easy to read and understand what you write. It is deep spiritual truths as obvious and accessible as breathing. Pure and purity is what comes to my mind, the hightway to the heart, well to my heart <3

  7. Everything that I’m going through at this time. Getting myself to uninstall these old programming, old beliefs out of my system.

  8. Thank you this is so spot on with how I’ve been feeling-as it usually is 🙂
    I am wondering if we can feel the ascension symptoms secondhand as our twin experiences them? The past couple days have been really intense for me but it has felt significantly different than how the symptoms usually manifest for me and the tools I usually use have not been enough to keep me grounded! It makes me wonder if my twin may be moving thru blocks or if this is just a different stage of growth for me. I will try the suggested writing exercise as well. Thank you for all you do, so helpful and inspiring!


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