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It’s All About Inner Alchemy: Opening Your Heart To Uplift The Mirror’s Reflection. Powerful Eclipse Gateway Puts Pressure On the Collective, Stirs Return To Your Soul’s Deeper Knowing…


Another impactful week ahead for Twin Flames and lightworkers. Jupiter has just gone retrograde and will be moving backwards through the sign of relationships and harmony until early June.

This signals that we’re set to be going over unresolved issues from the past in terms of love and relationships.


Where Have You Been Running From Yourself?

Particularly, Jupiter retrograde highlights issues where you’ve not been honest with yourself. The Twin Flame Mirror is set to be clear in this period – interpret your current situation and see where you yourself might be causing what’s going on.

Where have you been hiding from your true motivations? Where have you been causing missed connections due to “running from your inner self”?

Most human beings have the core inner fear of not being loved for who we truly are. Fear of “standing naked in the light of love”. This is one of the deepest and most stubborn causes of struggle on the Twin Flame journey.

Because the Twin Flame Mirror is always reflecting back to us what energy and intention we hold towards ourselves deep down.

In this way, Running and Separation are often calling for us to go within and resolve our inner issues – to “fight our own demons” so we can reemerge whole from a place of love. Attracting love and unity with our mirror soul.

Read more about how this works here, and how to use the Twin Flame Mirror dynamic to create harmony and love in your connection – Why The Twin Flame Journey Is An “Inside Job”.


What’s Your Unique Gift To The World?

We’re seeing Mercury moving forth into a brand new sign now, signalling the start of a whole new cycle.

We’ve been in the realm of Capricorn, responsibility, manifestation, long term creation and achievement since before the holidays so this is set to be a noticeable shift in mindset and focus.

Themes now shift to the untraditional, to communication on a mass scale. Perhaps you have a gift or some unique insight you could share with the world through the internet or social media somehow or an idea for a new invention which could benefit people globally?

For the Twin pair this is a cycle where the friendship and commonalities of the bond come to the fore. And communication through social media and the internet is highlighted.

You’re likely to be more on the same wavelength, to remember and notice your likeness rather than your differences. And in essence, you are the same – what seems to be different is earth-related only.

As souls you’re two parts of one whole. Focus on this unity and allow it to propel your journey forwards. Use the Complete Twin Flame Harmony Healing, which is designed to root out ongoing issues of Running, Separation and Conflict. Read more here.


Twin Flame Communication Opens Up

In another related transit the Sun sextiles Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, indicating a supportive flow in this way. You’re likely to be noticing more smoothness in communication between you and your Twin Flame right now, and insights from your higher guidance is set to open up.

Untraditional means of communication are highlighted.

As Mercury sextiles Venus the very next day, it’s clear that this goes for love. If you’ve been estranged from your Twin soul, this period supports reaching out.

There’s a sense you might be waiting a while for a response but it’s opening up the lines of communication once more.

Remember that connecting with your Twin on the Soul Level helps strengthen the bond between you and with Unawakened Twins in particular it helps trigger their deeper knowing of you and your shared connection.

Get started now with the Free Guided Meditation to connect with your Twin’s soul here.


Eclipse Gateway Opening


In this week’s perhaps biggest event – and one of spring’s most powerful energetic gateway times – we have a Full Moon Eclipse in Leo on 11th February.

Eclipse gateways are powerful openings in the reality field where there’s a temporary “bridge” between dimensions, to simultaneously cleanse out old negativity and usher in new high vibrational energies – to balance the energies of the earth plane.

Over the centuries there’s been much heavy energy gathering up in the collective fields on the planet, as people’s negative thoughts, feelings, energies have been cemented on top of each other and creating what we often refer to as the 3D “reality”, which is gridded around conflict patterns, separation, the “you vs me” mentality.

In order to bring back balance to the earth plane, these eclipses are shifting out old collective negativity bit by bit.

If you have intuitive gifts you might notice flashes of visions or dreams that look like they’re from the past – it’s likely you’re picking up on old energy that’s being brought up to be cleansed out.

If you’re in a place that has a long history of conflict patterns, such as large parts Europe or the East Coast of the United States, it’s even more likely you’ll experience this. Try to not concern yourself with it, as it will be cleansed away as long as you don’t attach and engage too much.


It’s No Use Hiding


This Eclipse Moon interacts positively with several of the major planets, including Jupiter retrograde, Uranus, Saturn – showing that there’s a strong deeper purpose behind what’s going on at this time.

Your own individual system is triggering a purge of what’s kept you in the shadows of your own soul. What’s kept you “small” instead of in full knowing of your infinite IAM eternal presence as a being of light.

Leo is all about being seen, heard and known – the sign of the sun shining brightly. The falling eclipse in this sign shows many unconscious patterns of hiding, trying to stay safe, avoiding risk, avoiding opening our hearts coming up to the surface.


Who Told You You Weren’t Good Enough?


Spirit shows us that this eclipse, which is happening opposite the lightbearer sign of Aquarius, is instrumental in triggering deep blocks which have kept us from opening our hearts.

So that we can remove these and be able to willingly perform the “mission” we came here for – to live from love and share love.

Because with a closed heart, we cannot fully love.

If you’ve ever experienced hurt or abandonment in life, your heart is set to be closed on some level. Because when we protect ourselves from hurt, we also shut off from love.

Have a look here for the new energy transformation journey spirit channeled to me, which is all about opening and upgrading the heart chakra, uplifting your connection.

We go deep into a soul meditation, clearing old blocks and interact with your Twin Soul, assisting them in releasing old hurts and opening up their heart to the fullness of your connection once more.

We also enlist added support from the light, uplift your shared timelines and receive an energy gift of help for your onward journey together.


Collective Baggage Released


Eclipses are gateway times, openings in the reality field where pent up negativity from the collective can be released. This means that in the time running up to the Eclipse we experience increased stress and tension emotionally.

If you feel old hurts and fears of not being good enough or really loveable rear their ugly heads right now – you’re likely to not only be picking up on your own baggage but sensing the collective stuff and what’s being brought up to be released in the Eclipse.

Keep in mind that there will be a release now and for a few days before and after the Eclipse as the gateway opens and closes. Energy clearing tools will be a life saver now for many.


Moving Into Conscious Awareness, Awakening Sleepers

As long as human beings have lived on earth, their emotions and energies have been getting “stuck” in earth’s energy field.

The level of low vibration energies and emotions has got out of hand compared to nature’s capacity to transmute and clear, and human beings have been completely unaware of the gathering negativity around them. It’s like someone never taking the trash out, just letting it build and build…

Therefore we periodically have these release periods of the Eclipses to restore balance. Shield yourself now so as not to get caught up in the collective maelstrom of emotions.

On the day of the Eclipse, the sun forms a trine to these same major planets – Jupiter, Uranus and Saturn – showing again that there’s a deeper “plan” here.

It’s in essence all about balancing the unconscious fear responses with the conscious mind and the higher soul purpose.

Incidentally, spirit shows us that many Twin Flames are “asleep” or unawakened precisely because of the many fear patterns of ego which are blocking them off from the deeper insights of who they really are and the nature of your connection.

Clearing fear from the collective fields (which is what the eclipses do) and helping your Unawakened Twin by engaging with them soul to soul, clearing negativity from the two of you – will assist them in waking up sooner.

Divine timing is all about energetic alignment – you can speed up divine timing by lifting your vibration as a pair, to be a match with the love and Unity you desire.

Discover more about waking up your Twin Flame here.


When You’re Tuned Into The Wrong Station To Love

Because when we’re full of fear responses, automatic triggers that keep us tied down in the low vibrations – we’re unavailable to love and our soul’s truth. We’re out of alignment with feeling and experiencing it.

Because energy is like a radio channel – you cannot be tuned into fear on some level and feel love. If you want to be in love, feel love, receive love, you have to be a match to that energy frequency. Otherwise it won’t work.

You can test your dominant energy frequency here in this special quiz spirit asked me to create to assist the collective.

And I show you how to uplift your vibration into love consistently with simple methods in the Full Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames. Have a look here.


Why You Should Take Yourself With A Pinch Of Salt


Remember to keep an eye on yourself during this Eclipse gateway – which lasts most of this week, with the collective fields getting progressively stirred up with negativity just before the gateway opens.

Shield yourself and make sure you take your emotions with a pinch of salt. Because there’s a lot of fear around, make sure you clear your energy and be mindful of your inner dialogue.

Do your best to stay positive, and you’ll get the most of this time as you’ll “surf” the incoming high vibrational energies available instead of getting submerged in collective heaviness.

Discover more about the Eclipse impact on Twin Flames, plus the upcoming Venus Retrograde, which is set to have a huge impact on the Twin Flame Reunion process… This Year I’m Giving Away the 2017 Yearly Energy Forecast for Free – sign up below and you’ll get the 25 page eBook sent to you!

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As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey!
I’m so honored to be on this beautiful path alongside you. <3

Cassady x


Want more? To discover the methods that got my Twin Flame and I to Union within 18 months of our first encounter, have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames here.

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“Cassady’s guided meditations help me uplift better than anything I’ve tried in the past 6 years of clearing/trying to heal! I’ve tried violet flame mantras, psychic energy clearings, etc.”

– Erin B, Indiana, USA

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  1. Hello Cassady,

    Something happened last week that I would like to share with you.

    I was in midst of listening to the intensive energy clearing audio, and when your voice asked to clear and transmute anything that holds back our twin’s higher self from communicating with us, I repeated the same statement in my head and immediately after that I got a sense of eating a particular kind of sweet which I personally don’t like that much , but I realised it is my twin’s favorite sweet.

    Do you think, his higher self did this to me as a way of showing that he is so happy with me?

  2. Dear Cassady, can there be ailments tied to our health due to twin separation? I know working in the healing arts most physical issues are emotional and energetic at the root. Since I married in 2011 I got sick with lupus and a heart condition that keeps flaring making it hard to just have a normal life. My husband and I are separated and was hoping to see that help but I went down with another bad flare and hadn’t in a year. Can there be illnesses tied due to not being with our twin, as in a literal broken heart? My health always soared when I was with twin.

  3. What if you are wrong about who your twin flame is? I feel so strongly about being my partners match but he has turned and walked away. I’m not sure how to be positive and loving when my heart is breaking and I don’t know if I should turn away from him or continue to believe in our union.

  4. Hi cassady, an astrologer who looked at the composite told me this weekend that, while i appear to have VERY strong communication with my twin, it is not likely a soul connection. It is giving me a reason to shut down, obviously influencing my energy, and try to move on. I was doing so well, sending him love, being patient, clearing my energy. I just don’t want to invest time and effort if I am wrong about us. If I have to move on I should and feel like I can by just believing that I was wrong. What do you feel on this matter? Thank you for the gift of this blog.

  5. Hello Cassady,

    Thank you for your wonderful insight. You have done it again 🙂 Yes, I have been running from my inner self, afraid to open up for fear of getting hurt. Your kind words are giving me courage to open up a little more and to be more accepting of myself.

  6. Thank you Cassady, for your compassion & sharing your wisdom. This update resonates strongly with me. I recently had my birthday and it brought up a few family issues – or, as I like to think, an opportunity for growth! We are all so worthy of love, no matter what has been said or done and so by looking for the positive and letting go of the negative, I’m feeling in a much better place!
    Take care, love and light… 🙂

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