Pressure Builds, Seeking To Awaken You To Your Most Powerful Self – The Creator Of Worlds… Major Change Pushes To Show Up: Will You Welcome It?


Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies.

Highlights this week include:

Powerful Full Moon in Libra, Mercury Enters Aries, Major Pushes For Change… Do You Realize You’re Being Re-Directed By Your Soul?

Discover more below!

Full Moon In Libra – Self Vs Other… The Path Into Unity

This can be a week filled with new momentum and willpower, but you’ll need to stay conscious about where that power and energy is being used… Otherwise it can tend to cause friction and conflict.

A major event this week is the Full Moon in Libra, happening April 7th and you may be feeling the energy building already.

This deals with self versus other, individual versus group interests – and ties strongly into the breaking apart of separation mentality/society’s “upgrade” into unity consciousness in recent times…

Read more here in “What If You Were Here To Help Save The Planet?”.


We’re being pushed to go within and connect with our OWN light, to make relationships with others flow smoothly. Unity can only happen from the inside out – if we don’t have a good relationship with OURSELVES, we won’t ever fully find that unity on the outside.

Cosmic Push To Go Within

Wholeness is being pushed to happen within right now and it’s likely happening through feelings of UN-happiness and UN-wellness, to push us to heal…

So we can reach into those INNER states of bliss…

Which is who we ARE as souls, it’s just we got tangled up in lack and difficulty in our human lives.

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Unsure About Your Twin Flame Lately?

As Mercury moves into Aries on April 11th, patience will be in short supply.

Aries energies  are a lot like horse-powers – you can use them to move forward swiftly, but if you don’t know how to or what to direct them towards, you’ll be running in circles or end up hurting someone (possibly yourself).

Someone new seems a much more interesting proposition than someone familiar from the 7th when Mars moves into a square with Uranus.

You might be wondering whether your Twin, or who you thought was your Twin, isn’t really… And whether you should give a new partner a chance.

Sure, explore your feelings, because there is a learning experience to be had here on a spiritual level…

Remember Fear Blocks Love – Congestion Collectively…

BUT it’s best to not make any major decisions or to judge your Twin connection based on how things are right now – because the collective fields are so full of fear and humanity as a whole is triggered, the situation is clouded.

You may feel distant from your Twin right now, the connection may feel blocked – this collective fear material is a MAJOR culprit.

Again, the new session will help you a lot. And try your best to be patient. Explore different ways of staying in touch.

Begin journalling, pay attention to your dreams, meditate, ask them to send you a song on the radio or in your mind.

How? Ask them right now to send you a song and then see what pops into your mind…! And do comment below – what did you get?

(We share more fun ways to increase telepathy and the “supernatural” aspects of the Twin Flame connection here in class 2, 4 and 6!)


Shakeups, Sudden Changes…

This week, you’re likely feeling the need to bring some change and excitement into your life. In fact, it may be making you a bit “crazy”.

Acting out in… Well, tantrums, is likely in this period. Frustration is running high, and the situations in your life are being shaken up – things may break apart suddenly…

The cosmic purpose is to get you to reevaluate your forward trajectory, to revisit your choices and make sure you’re aligned with your soul’s true purpose and desires.

And sometimes, it will be happening against our conscious will… This can include things seemingly not working out in a career or relationship that’s not truly aligned with your soul.

There’s a reason for it. You’re being redirected.

Again, as mentioned before, the further from our truth we’ve wandered, the harsher the cosmic transits tend to feel as they work to push us back onto our true path. (Read more here)

Restlessness, Instability In Relationships…

The trouble with this Uranus/Mars square is that you’re not the only one feeling the need for change, and changing your mind – it can tend to bring instability in relationships.

Yes, this energy will certainly liven things up. But you might want to stop and ask yourself if it’s worth it before you turn all your relationships upside down.

This restless energy will only be around for a few weeks and you could end up with a lot of hassle to sort out…

So try to spend some time to go within and get in touch with your deeper self. Your intuition will keep you grounded in your highest good.

In general there is a LOT of change happening right now. Again, as with every cosmic transit it’s to our highest good long term, but it can be troublesome while we’re being directed.

Resolving The Inner World To Invite In Your Dreams…

Uranus is pushing us to stop acting the same old way that we’ve grown used to. Something NEW is needed.

We’re being shaken up quite forcibly right now, and it’s in order to get us to change our methods. Especially, there’s a focus on getting our INNER world right instead of trying to make things happen on the “outside” all the time.

The physical is the world of END results, of what we put into it from the inner realms of mind, emotion, energy…

So to truly align with and have our wishes happen, we have to get the INSIDE right. “As within, so without”.

That’s what it’s all about right now.

So if you’re not happy with the outside, you have to go WITHIN and begin to adjust your thinking, your projecting, your visioning, your expectations and your energy. (To learn how to do this with ease, have a look here).


Visioning A Perfect World To Bring It About

We are actually being asked right now to tap into our heart’s light, and to feel and see into:

What would a perfect world look like?
What would society and your Twin Flame connection be like in its happiest perfect most harmonious state?

When we vision this, when we feel into it, we activate the imprint and invite it into physical reality. This is also a reason why so many high vibrational souls chose to incarnate at this time and be here during earth’s own Ascension.

To activate and call in this higher reality. Because we have it in our systems, to know the truth about what that’s like.

Shifting Out Of Collective Ego…

It’s where we come from – unity, harmony, light… Earth focused souls do not have that innate imprinting the same way. And this current ascension process society is going through, is a lot like the personal ascension process.

We are being pushed out of ego/separation, into a higher unity.

So even if you can take just ten seconds right now to open your mind to that idea – visioning a new perfect world and the perfect love relationship…

Please do so. It does more than you may realize.

When enough of us do this, we help uplift out of the karmic loops society have been in for centuries – we open to that new higher reality arriving tangibly. We activate new higher timelines.

(Read more about the Twin Flame Mission here)

The Soul’s Activation, Enlisting Support

This week there’s a definite risk in upsetting others as we figure out where we want change, begin adjusting our trajectory and re-align with the soul.

Be mindful that although your powerful desire to live your truth is important and even key to your existence, there’s a “wrong/right” way to approach it.

You can do things in a way that get others onto your team instead of alienating them.

A lesson right now is, communicating WHY something is so important to us.

Journaling will help get clarity without upsetting the situation too much before we figure out the steps forward.

Take a minute to write out what you truly want long term, and what’s the next step you can take to get there… Plus, note where you may be off-course from your soul’s true desires and divine purpose. And what can you do to adjust that?

Deeper Communication – Dreams, The Unconscious…

This forethought is essential with Mercury making a sextile to Pluto at the same time. Paranoia and suspicion abound… It’s likely people aren’t out to get you.

However, there may be deeper factors at work in your life – and you’re being encouraged to explore this.

Explore the deeper aspects of communication, thinking and relationships above all. You may have missed the deeper reasons why your counterpart has behaved the way they have.

Pay attention to your dreams and again, the songs you may hear, as they “speak loudly” about the UN-conscious motivations and feelings.

(Read more here about how to interpret Twin Flame dreams)

twin flame dreams
Artist Irina Vitalievna Karkabi

Taming The Horse Of Willpower…

Willpower can, as mentioned, be a tricky horse to tame this week. With Pluto’s involvement (conjunct Jupiter) the feeling of enjoying influence and power is palpable.

It can be easy to be swept away by ideas of right vs wrong and pushing to get others to see your point of view… Or even, to get somewhere in a career or pushing to progress with a relationship.

Careful, because as the saying goes, you don’t want to win the battle but lose the war.

Be sure it’s really worth it, what you’re focusing on. That you really are headed down the right path. It’s not always the best way to spend your effort, to try to convince others of your point of view… Even your Twin.

Keep your eye on your true goals and try not to let yourself get too drawn in by conflict and opposition.

Chances are, the more you push right now, the more resistance you’ll get. There are far more effective ways of getting them on your side. (Click here for more on that)

Aligning With Your Divine Path

Fortunately, at the same time Mercury makes a sextile to Jupiter.
Keep looking ahead, says Jupiter. Don’t get caught up in details. They won’t matter in the long run.

Keep your eyes on your true purpose. Again, you’re likely sensing your soul activating more in recent times. It may feel like a force wanting to push your life in a particular direction. Willpower is on the rise.

Trusting your instincts will be easier, and you’re being assisted powerfully right now in returning to your soul’s true light and your divine path.

It may involve “problems” in the short run as your trajectory is adjusted, but it’s to your highest good.

The End Of An Old World…

It helps that at the same time Mercury is also making a sextile to Saturn and throwing some common sense into the mix.

Saturn is here to help you make sure you (and everyone) build your world on solid foundations. That before we launch ahead, we know what we truly want and need. And to make sure our efforts are grounded.

This truly is a period where the cosmic energies are pushing for the end of an “outworn old world” and the rise of a new higher reality… Both individually and as a society.

The key to making this smooth and less tumultuous is to go within. Center into your light. Allow your intuition to guide you and stay focused on your long-term path.

(This Free Energy Cleanse Session and Meditation will help)


A Major Project Happening…

Remember, if you don’t want more of something, don’t invite it in. This is a time for heavy work in many senses of the word, but when you can align with the flow of the cosmic current you’ll find yourself supported.

This major project will feel driven and easy, not like you’re swimming upstream.

And you’re not doing this alone. Mercury is at the forefront of this week, reminding you that your Twin is never gone. Go within, and you’ll find them there.

Nurture that bliss of the soul’s togetherness, and it will become reflected in your outer world. That’s what it’s all about right now.


Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

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