Pluto/Mercury Bring Unexpected Revelations And Deep Connectedness In The Twin Flame Connection… Dreams, Telepathy, Shared Emotions. But Are Shadows Getting Involved?

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include: 

Pluto/Mercury conjunction brings secrets, sex and power to the surface in unexpected and sudden ways.

Plus, Chiron the wounded healer is joined by the ruler of soul relationships, triggering childhood issues to release — to open the Twin Flame counterparts to deeper unity.

Have you been feeling the deep emotions emerging?

Discover more below! 

It’s Safe To Be Strong

The first major impact for Twin Flames this week is Chiron conjunct Juno, which triggers healing in soul love relationships.

Happening in Aries, it has to do with our self vs other patterning and childhood…

Above all, around where we were told it was not loveable to be powerful.
 Spirit says, healing where we were taught we only got love if we were “weak” or “small”. 

We are now being shown that embodying our most powerful highest self is the gateway to love.

Not fear/need and the unconscious infant programming of dependency. It’s time to release these deeply unconscious patterns, “say” the planets.


Unconscious Templating

This is being shown to us and working to be healed. 

Try to catch yourself. Rise into your highest. Deep childhood attachment programming is coming up to be revealed and alchemized.

Remember above all, that it’s safe to open to love as your strongest self. We Twins are here to live in our light, and unite in that light – not stay in the darkness of fear…

For help with this deep process, use the Inner Child Healing for Twin Flames, or the discounted Essential Twin Flame Healing 3 session bundle 

Family Culture?

Vesta, asteroid ruler of the home and hearth also enters Aries on February 7th.

This signals that the home is likely to be a focal point for this healing process.

It is likely that you’re dealing with this in a setting involving family culture or close relationships, where “automatic behaviour” figures strongly, spirit says. 

The reason is that this is where your unconscious programming running on autopilot and dictates what your daily alignment is in the Twin Flame connection

So pay attention now, because this can powerfully up-level your connection if you can spot the toxic patterns, clear/refine and uplift.

Surprise TF Communication

The next major highlight this week is Mercury and Pluto’s rare conjunction, which activates heightened connection with the unconscious.

Deeper issues, motivations, fears and desires are being expressed.

Spirit shows us it’s highly likely that someone who has seemed disinterested or distant (including likely, your Twin Flame counterpart) finally admits their true deeper feelings to you…


Telepathy, Sexuality…

In general, Mercury conjunct Pluto means that you will pick up on your counterpart’s true deeper emotions and motivations – including feeling their longing for you, desire or confusion, fear and so on.

(It means it’s a powerful time to help a Runner/Unawakened Twin harmonize and open up.)

Secrets are also highly likely to be revealed now, and sexuality, power and primal fears are in focus – being expressed openly, even when someone has tried to keep things in the “dark”.

The “shadows” are more likely to express themselves, if someone has much of this that they have been repressing.

“No Filter”

And, the “filter” we usually have on our communication is lessened. It means you might find people will blurt something out that they would otherwise repress.

For Twin Flames, Mars/Venus’ square combined with Mercury/Pluto’s conjunction means that you will likely feel blocked or distant from your counterpart in the 3D physical in this period…

But their DEEPER self is strongly communicating and open with you, whether or not they realize it.

A deeper harmonizing of your systems is happening, and you’ll likely notice it.

Seeing Yourself In Them!

Perhaps you notice yourself displaying some essence of theirs when you look in the mirror, or you realize that they are displaying an essence of you somehow…

(As one soul divided, this is always the case – but is heightened dramatically this week).

Dreams will be extra deep and revealing, and you will find it easier to tap into powerful spiritual guidance, as Neptune connects too.

Shadows Speaking?

The issue is that we often spiritually tap into “shadows” and ego fears unintentionally, and it can deeply disrupt the Twin Flame journey.

Learn how to safely receive accurate messages, help and guidance from your Twin and your guides – and fully activate your telepathic connection – explore the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames (class 2, 4 and 6)

twin flame program

“This has been truly amazing, every time I use this my Twin Flame texts or calls me immediately afterwards. It’s really crazy! And then we always get to some kind of deeper level of communication. It’s amazing that I can do this and my Twin be so affected by it as well!” – Teresa B., California, USA


Click here to read more about other Twins’ experiences with these resources.

Beware Suspicion, Secrets, Shadows…

A downside to Pluto/Mercury is that the shadows can pull us down. It can end up submerging you in suspicion, vengeance and other underlying fear based negativity.

It’s easy to end up in obsessions that go deep but don’t really help you, or focusing on something that is “shadow based”.

Make sure fear is not the driving force behind what you engage with this week. 

Many new ideas are incoming, but the challenge is to integrate them into physical life and to use discernment.

Higher Potential

With Pluto/Mercury in a supportive trine with Neptune, it shows us that another HIGHER potential of this transit is that you are being guided spiritually – including that your own higher self is becoming more active and noticeable.

However, it requires that you stay aware and in mastery of your mind and “automatic” reactions. 

You may perceive yourself having deep intuitive insights or feeling guided in the direction of your soul’s fulfilment. (Learn more here about RELIABLY receiving and discerning guidance and telepathy).

Soul Path Supported

Jupiter interacting positively with the North Node this week, signals that there are supportive elements around or showing up…

Helping you move forward into your soul purpose and highest path.

(Including with your Twin, in time.)

If you open up and can have TRUST in a higher power – including your OWN higher power from within… You will notice moving forward with flow and inspiration in this period.

Leaving Things To Someone Else?

BE CAREFUL THOUGH, that this doesn’t become an activation of what Chiron is working to help you release.

If you go into “victim”/child mode when you think of a higher power…

If you feel that the divine or someone ELSE will take care of everything for you while you are passive and “weak”/“small” – that’s a trap.

That pattern only brings more of the same – disempowerment and passivity/waiting without “payoff”.

The Prophecy Of Optimism

This is all about rising higher. Opening to the divine potential of your journey and your connection.

And if that feels hard to do… if you don’t FEEL capable or powerful, it shows there is inner work needed. 

Keep an eye on yourself and see where you are optimistic versus pessimistic in your outlook. Be aware that these perspectives steer your energetic output and what you reap in return.

(Read more about how this works here)

Ancestral Patterns

If you find it challenging to stay positive or be in your power…

Be aware that negative, limiting habits of mind are often ancestral patterns.

The good news is they CAN be changed – I have personally been able to shift out of long-standing familial patterns of pessimism and negativity thanks to energy clearing tools and simple karma work.

For my help with this process, go here.

The Problem With Waiting

Unfortunately, so many Twins end up in the pattern of passivity and waiting…

For the right astrological movement, for their Twin to miraculously change, for the higher realms to step in…

But waiting most often becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Some Twins wait decades with very little changing…

(I have had TFs come to me after literally over 20 years of separation – where nothing improved until they shifted their energy and cleared the blocks that CAUSED separation.)

Embracing Your Power

If youve been waiting for a long time, shift your approach.

Shift your energy and harmonize your inner world, and you will attract a better outer experience in your Twin Flame connection.

This week, the planets are working to show you and nudge you to step into your own power…

To harmonize your Twin Flame bond on the unconscious level and awaken a higher aspect of who you are.

Beyond the primal human patterns, so you can embody more of your light and bridge into the true love of your sacred union.

(For my help with this whole period and process, go here)

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey <3 

Cassady x


Did you know that most Twin Flames’ struggles are rooted in negative karma and energy blocks?

To find out more about how to shift your Twin connection into harmony, go here, and discover other Twins’ amazing experiences with these methods.

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