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As Venus moves into Virgo, beware “martyrdom syndrome” in Twin Flame Love – remember you’re a team, not opponents. Also this week, the Universe works to teach us the surprising secret to Authentic harmony with others.

The Dreaded Mercury Retrograde period is finally over this week as Mercury turns direct in Libra on October 9th – we’ve spent the last few weeks in reevaluation about how we’re communicating ourselves to the world and whether we’ve been authentic about our expression.

Mirrors and Masks in Love

It’s been a time for confronting the masks we and others may have been wearing in our interactions. As we all know, mask wearing is futile between Twin Flames – there is no hiding from your other mirror self. To complicate things Venus has been opposition Neptune lately (and this continues this week), again confronting us with illusions and fogginess in Love.

The upside is that this aspect also stimulates us to open up to the higher realms of “spiritual love” and interactions on the above physical planes. Don’t expect perfect clarity in emotions in this period, but try to tune into your heart and allow yourself to flow into what fits best with you. Decisions could be tricky to make right now (Mercury is still going over shadow terrain for a while longer too).

The Paradox of Reaching true Harmony

The Sun in Libra is still in opposition Uranus retrograde – continuing recent themes of others versus self. We’re being pushed to take a good hard look at how we interact with others around us. Of course we never exist in a vacuum, but paradoxically, the way we can best serve the collective and get along with others from an authentic perspective is to find out who we are deep down and what will lead us to our true happiness and fulfillment.

In the collective energy field there is a perfect energetic “place” that can only be filled by you, but in order for you to get to that place of bliss where you fit like “the missing piece of the puzzle” the way you planned as a soul before you were even born, you must find your way back to your true self.

So to reach an authentic harmony with people around you, you might first need to take the focus off them – and this includes the Twin Flame relationship – find out about yourself and then come back from your newfound inner peace and knowing. 

If we never take time to figure out who we are and what makes us tick, others can never understand us, and we’ll always end up feeling on edge or unappreciated. This is a lesson it took me years to fully learn but it’s so worth it once you get there.

Why your Soul might Push for Twin Flame Separation

It’s brought to my attention by spirit that sometimes our souls will actually force us to spend some “alone time” to go within, and for Twin Flames this can happen in the form of unexpected Separation.

If you’re not together with your Twin Flame right now physically, use the time apart to learn more about yourself and what this experience might be meant to teach you – this will help you move forward faster than any anger or frustration ever will.

The Blood Moon Aftermath

If you’re not feeling the bliss and transcendence of the “new earth reality” and 5D yet as promised in many spiritual circles after the September 28th eclipse and Blood Moon gateway, don’t worry. Often, these events are touted as miraculous breakthroughs for each and every person in Ascension, but the truth is that everyone is on an ever-unfolding journey of increased lightness and these things don’t often happen overnight.

Trust that there is more light and assistance available for you now, and allow yourself to open up a little bit more to the new and positive each day. You don’t have to have an epiphany to become enlightened – as long as you keep progressing and moving upward, you’ll get to that place of inner peace and joy. Energies are always fluctuating, so just do the best with what you’ve got from day to day and don’t lose hope.

Most of all, learn to trust that you have everything it takes. You didn’t come to earth to be stuck in frustration. Use the tools available to move forward in any way you can, and know that your Soul has a plan to get you to where you want to go.

Take inspired steps as they show up, and listen to your intuition. There is no such thing as “impossible” on the Twin Flame journey.

Exchanging Martyrdom for Self-care

Venus moves into Virgo this week – the focus in love shifts to themes of being of service to Loved ones (and this includes our Twin Flame). Selfless giving is great, but be careful to steer clear of “martyrdom syndrome”. There is a difference between helping and pampering someone else from a place of love, and doing it with the feeling of sacrifice (which will inevitably lead to resentment).

In love it’s always important to learn to receive and to take, not just give. Many empaths (many Twins and lightworkers are empaths, people who are extremely sensitive to energy) are so kind and giving and selfless they end up feeling ignored and unappreciated by those around them. 

If this applies to you, try to take some baby steps towards giving to yourself as well as others now while the energies support you to “learn this lesson”, as this will shift your energy to allow it in and encourage others to be as generous towards you as you are with them.

Spend a few hours a week doing something you love just because, or give yourself a small gift each week. It doesn’t have to be expensive, the main thing is to show yourself some care and love independently of how anyone else is behaving.

Key to Twin Flame Union

Ultimately, your Twin Flame journey starts and ends with you – your relationship with yourself is the blueprint for love that all other relationships relate to. So make sure you’re as good to yourself as you want others to be to you.

Our society teaches us that we are lacking, and have to spend our lives making up for these perceived flaws and shortcomings (just look at the world of advertising) – and this can become a huge stumbling block on the Twin Flame journey.

Once you begin to find your way back to self acceptance and self love (let it be said this is a most often gradual process of continual “upgrades” rather than an overnight thing) and reconnect with that perfect, timeless part of your inner self, you’ll be in alignment with that core frequency or “soul song” you and your Twin Flame share. And that means you’ll have moved past so many of the toughest lessons on this life-changing journey.

If you’re not there with self love quite yet, this month is a great time to start taking some steps in a positive direction.

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

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  1. My twin hasn’t contacted me in over a month, I walked away from him after telling him I loved him and he said “I don’t know why you do”…it hurt so bad because we’ve been together over a year & a half….This past month has been stressful with family emergencies, me having to get a new car when mine suddenly died, career advancements (all bad & some good things) but I still get sad wondering of my Twin forgot about me, or maybe stopped loving me. I have devoted this time to developing ME and becoming a better person overall, but when I have free time (which hardly happens. I work 7 days a week) I start to be sad thinking it’s over, even though feel down I still know well be together (I’ve met our children in dreams)… I don’t think I should reach out to hik, he has a lot of growing up to do… But should I fear anything right now Cassidy? I’m a mess of emotions 🙁

    1. I’m so sorry, Kristen! I am hurting too. My so-called TF has been very short and sarcastic with me in his text messages. I feel him pulling away after everything seemed just fine on Friday night when we were texting back and forth. I don’t understand what is going on. I’m so down in the dumps that I don’t even feel like doing anything at work.

      1. Oh my gosh Schmevin 🙁 we must stay strong and keep faith! Mercury Retrograde ends on the 10th and I feel like the energy will be good very soon for us all 🙂

        1. You’re right Kristen, there are some exciting energetic developments coming up – can’t wait to share with everyone! Especially an exciting and positive gateway for Twins coming up in early November x

      2. Hi Schmevin,

        Try the Clearing tool in the Free Breakthrough Kit, it should help you open up the channel of soul communication again (any sarcasm is ego stuff). You’ll also be clearing out the negative emotions you’re feeling, so you can feel better.

        Sending you love and light <3

        Cassady x

    2. Hi Kristen, I understand this must be challenging but try to remember that your souls are in a different place than your earthly selves – life on earth is only a small part of our existence, so no matter how stressed life gets you are an infinite being and so is your Twin. You can handle anything that comes your way.

      Spirit always suggests to do the soul work to connect with our Twin on an inner level when situations are like this. Try connecting with him with the guided meditation in the Free Breakthrough Kit, you’ll feel the strength of your connection that never wavers.

      Sending you love and light! <3

      Cassady x

  2. Thanks for the lovely article dear. Im going to meet my twin this Sunday, after 3 years. I am so happy. 🙂

  3. Wow this was awesome information! I loved it very much… very useful.. although I’m not feeling as you mentioned how others may be feeling but thank you for the awareness

  4. Dear Cassady,
    thank you for this ever so welcome blog: it is as if you knew I needed to read this. I am fighting enormously with myself: after well over a decade of separation (I left him after many years having a beautiful but difficult relationship -due to a huge age difference and him having a spouse) I came back to him last year. I could not ignore the dreams anymore in which he called me, visited me, wanted me. I found out he had been waiting for me all those years. Last year we have grown so close, we have experienced unconditional love for each other, and really started to heal our inner child. However, we are now physically separated. Since I started your vibrational alignment course and clearing work (the session), so much came up that he became quite ill first and then decided to tell his wife all about us. They are now in the process of trying to find out if they can go on together or not and therefore he cannot contact me anymore. And I have to let him go through this process but all negative energy that is released makes me going up and down like in a roller coaster. It is hard to keep the faith and trust and patience. Only in my better moments I can feel him, but more often not. I fight against closing my heart. I fight against the wish to call him and ask him to choose me. I have to keep faith.
    I now run into strong beliefs that are hard to clear, even with your tools. They are about receiving love, I am ever so used to work hard for love. I now have to lean back and trust. I believe loving myself can help me, but oi… So many many years we are in love, so deeply, pure and beautiful. But also so hard because of our circumstances.
    1. Could you advise me on how to clear these negative energies whereas they do not seem to get rid off easily.
    2. I tend to work too hard, to try to feel in control. How lovely it is to feel that I can do something: clear and clean. However: he has free will and all the reasons (age, established life, family and a enormous fear for our love and its intensity) to not follow his heart his soul and settle for another path. I am terrified he will. If I try to stay positive I do ignore all emotions being stirred up, which have to come up to be released. So: how to go about it?
    3. Am I right not to contact him anymore (besides on soul level) or should I sometimes (the wish is there so strongly) to remind him of me?

    Thank you, dear Cassady. Your are a shining light.
    Love, warmth and light.

    1. One more question: how do I distinguish between my emotions/negative energy and his? Or is that not important?

      1. Elisheva, sometimes the process of opening up to changes in life can seem traumatic at first, but in order for the new and wonderful to show up, the old and outworn must move out to make room for it.

        If your Twin is having health issues I would strongly recommend seeing a medical doctor, as it’s extremely rare for energy work to cause long lasting physical reactions.

        If you’re feeling stuck in patterns that don’t seem to shift, my strong suggestion is to use class 8 from the course to visit the Akashic Records and eradicate any karmic basis of these patterns. Everything in our energy field has an origin, and once you discover the core, you can clear it much more effectively. Like tearing a weed up with the root instead of cutting it over and over on the surface.

        You can absolutely benefit from learning to distinguish between your Twin’s emotions and your own, ask for help from your guides and keep an eye on your outer situation. If something doesn’t “match up”, you’ll know.

        Sending you love and light x <3


          1. Your advice really helped, although I thought I had cleared up the Akashic records, there turned out to be still a few issues. Clearing those made all the difference for me. Thank you, again :))

  5. I met My twin December 10, 2014 through unusual circumstances. A friend, out of boredom and a bit of peer pressure made a user account with plenty of fish i believe it was called. Completely out of the ordinary for her. She with in hours received several advances once on the site but uninterested until one caught her eye. A marine who was on deployment in japan responded to her profile. They messaged each other somehow making a quick connection then after about a month or so of being on face time and texting they decided to be together “officially”. My friend and I hadn’t talked for some weeks so i had no idea about these new developments in her life, but once we did she told me about the guy she’d met and how and I was happy for her. I however had come to the conclusion that i needed to focus on myself at this point and there was really nothing I thought that could make me become serious with a man during this time. I realized that i needed to grow more and focus on bettering myself and trusting and loving myself more fully. The universe must have had slightly different plans. lol My friend after while tells me there was someone she wanted me to meet. A friend of her boyfriend was on deployment also a marine and she told me that he reminds her of me always laughing and joking and singing which obviously i see that she was on to something now that i look back. She honestly said don’t worry he’s cool you guys could just be friends and talk because she truly felt we were like souls. I was reluctant to really talk to him because i really just wanted to have my attention on me fully but felt it couldn’t hurt to just be nice and talk to the guy.We texted a bit sending pics to one another. The next day he called me and asked me to face time him. BIG MISTAKE jk but it took maybe 15 minutes tops for us to connect in a way that i had never experienced before. After about a week or two of talking to this man i felt like i had known him almost my entire life. Though i did feel the connection my first reaction is to be friends. Friends first. I guess we were naturally already that. He begin wanting more trying to figure out if we could be together. My first mind told me to take things as slow as i could but things began to move more quickly. I agreed to be with him. It felt right. Soon after this he told me he loved me, He said i”ts okay if you don’t love me but i know that i love you.” Im an individual who lives life based on the understanding that love is a way of life and it easy and important to love people. It was easy to love him and recognize how strong it was right away. But I didn’t like expressing it at all in the beginning. I was afraid. nonetheless it was inevitable i suppose. My twin was the first one acknowledge the connection, first to say i love you and first to talk about marriage and the future in any way. It felt good to have someone to talk to in this way even if he was all the way in okinawa. After about 4 months of daily communication with this man i mean spending HOURS on face time or skype talking. Sleeping and waking up so that we could see each other when we wake up in the morning. I mean I was pretty much the only person he talked to not excluding his family. He ended up having to go on a ship for about a month and a half and once he found out he was going to have to be gone he started to become distant. The week before he left he wouldn’t respond to my texts as often or answer my calls as much. I noticed he was beginning to cut me out and. the day before he left i said “why is it that you wait until right before you leave to start being this way?” Logically in my mind if i know i won’t see someone i love for some time i want to spend as much time as possible. maybe thats not logical. However he literally said that he was distancing himself from me so that he wouldn’t miss me as much while he was gone and said “you deal with missing me your way and i deal with missing you my way.” I couldn’t say anything because isn’t he right? I knew that even though that felt selfish to me that he had a right to deal with things in his own way. During this time apart i noticed certain things that made me way more aware of how strong the connection was. He was able to call me a few times during that time he was gone. Maybe he could’ve called more but perhaps the distance was really hard for him. about 2 situations occurred where i had a strong strong feeling like i’d talk to him and each of those times he ended up calling me at some point in the day or night. However once he returned it wasn’t exactly the same. He was angry and distant and though not really angry at me I could literally feel the pain he was in but he was becoming closed off. We began going through this cycle this interesting cycle and all these doubts came up. Opinions from others were being taken into account which i really cannot stand. He soon told me that at the same time many years ago when he was a child something happened to him and every year that timeframe passes he is angry all over again and really that he is always angry. Nonetheless we continued to talk and be on the phone for hours even watching movies together over face time lol pretty ridiculous. We shared much about our lives and pasts, we listened to each others inner most thoughts, poetry, songs that we’d write and only let each other hear and so on.He told me things that he said he has never been able to tell anyone. He came home mid may and things became even more confusing and complicated. Trying to fit what we had in something normal as a boyfriend girlfriend relationship was a mistake. Once we were together i knew even more that the connection was true. When it is just he and I together in a room it feels like the ocean and a roaring fire are just in pure harmony together, but it is too much to put into too many words or understand. I have learned some amazing lessons. Its almost December again and I am literally again at the point where i want to just focus on me. back to square one in a sense. My twin and I have broken up over me trying to make sense of the relationship as if it were typical. He becoming too distant and myself unable to accept it as i watch him be able to be so warm with others. We broke up and came back together. Then tried to put the label back and broke up the very next day! then he pretty much cut me off telling me that he didn’t love me and i wasn’t the one for him that is after days of ignoring me. Its crazy but my balance was basically depending on the balance of another individual. when he became distant i became crazy calling him over and over and just getting obsessive which is not who i am. Somehow in spite of all this we came together again because after about a month and a half i reached out to him. we talked and it was as if we hadn’t stopped. I could feel the love was there still even before he said it out of his mouth. Even though we came together the style had not too much changed and it was like id text him and he wouldn’t respond, if i called most likely he’d answer but it was like it hurts him to be with me and talk to me too often. :/ At this point he has told me that he is done with me and wants nothing to do with me and that he is getting back with his high school sweetheart. He says we can’t even be friends. Honestly this all really hurt so much cause he literally knows the love i have for him and our connection. However I have grown too tired to care as much about it. The same song and dance gets old and i’m to the point where i don’t want to be with anyone. I need to grow and get to another level before i could even be with him. It scares me that someone else is in the picture because i have had dreams and visions of us being together in the future, of our babies. It kinda leaves you wondering if things were all in your head the entire time. I want to unite with my twin flame no matter what because i know the power it holds and the importance it holds for the planet. But really i wanted no one and i think this is deep down why he is reflecting the very same thing but out of no where there is this girl that he says makes him not want to talk to any other girls. Told me he is moving back to texas and they are gonna be together when he gets out in aug 2016. He told me this. My birthday is december 20th and his is the 24th Christmas eve. He’s a cap and im a sag and when we had reconnected the very first time it was weird because he was asking me if i knew when his birthday was knowing his birthday is christmas eve, but he has never had his birthday be celebrated like most people have so i knew he was checking to see if i still was the person who cared enough to do something special. based on the way we ended things i was pretty much planning on leaving him alone until his birthday just so he really knows that that day is important to me because its the day he was born again into the world!! He may still not want anything to do with me but i will contact him just for that. I honestly am not sure what my question is or was but if anyone has a similar situation feel free to share because it helps to know others are experiencing the same things. 🙂

    1. Hi Maiya, I’d first of all suggest that you begin working with the Free Breakthrough Kit for a week or so to see how your energy changes and the connection between you shifts. It’s worked for so many Twins.

      Sending you love and light <3

      Cassady x

  6. Thanks for this post, Cass. It was something I so needed to hear. When I don’t hear from him, I get fearful and worried that it’s over. We met on a message board in April and were friends. Then, it escalated to something more. We’ve been together a few times in person, but this is really a long distance thing. Mostly we text back and forth and I thought things were going well. This past Thursday, I noticed that we weren’t communicating that much. I asked him if we could talk on the phone on Saturday night. I called him and it was a mistake. We were both crabby with each other and he told me that I have a chip on my shoulder. On Sunday, I barely heard a peep from him. Didn’t hear from him all day on Monday, so I texted him about my trip to see him in December. I said, “You’re barely speaking to me now, so who knows what it’ll be like by the end of December.” He didn’t respond. A couple of hours later, I texted him and said, “Hello?” He wrote back, “Yes…hello. Keep it short…I’m barely talking to you.” I did not respond because he sounded cranky. This morning, I texted him and asked, “What do you mean you’re barely talking to me? Are you angry about something?” He texted back, “Just repeating YOUR words.” I did not respond and he has not texted anything to me all day. I’ve become obsessed and this is totally not like me. So, I’ve decided that I need to let go and work on me. Then, I saw your blog posting and felt such a calm come over me. Funny, but this pulling away he is doing started on Tuesday after the blood moon. Could this have anything to do with it?

    1. Schmevin, there are some energy purges going on right now – the Mercury retrograde period has coincided with a release process involving the Throat Chakra so hurt and old wounds and repressed issues relating to communication have been coming up strongly. Mercury is going direct today so this should settle down now for sure.

      I wouldn’t worry about it because once the energies shift, our feelings and outward actions shift too – The strong energies have us acting under “influence”- it’s the past speaking.

      I would expect your Twin to contact you and apologize some time soon xx

      Sending you love and light <3

      Cassady x

      1. Thanks, Cassady! He didn’t apologize, but I did find out that he didn’t receive one of my text messages. He wasn’t ignoring me, he just never received the message. He’s been more active on social media lately and we talked on the phone for three hours this past Friday night. We usually talk once a week or twice on the weekends. It’s not always easy because we spend hours on the phone, so once a week is fine for us. Otherwise, we’d never take care of what we need to in our every day lives!

  7. Hi this is a little off topic but i didnt know where else to write this. I wanted to say i just took your energy clearing session. I feel im on the home stretch now and this came just in time. Thanks 🙂
    I may have to rinse wash repeat a few times haha but its made me feel better about how far ive come.
    I have also noticed as we all transcend our self percieved limitations that bounderies are being crossed. By others as they sense twin flame connections. And they are really yuck vibes possessiveness envy jealousy control dominance etc…Im feeling strong presences coming in other than my twinflame and its really creepy too and majorly invasive of my energetic field. i know who they are too. So im instinctively blocking my TF because i feel thats personal between me and my TF so im avoiding personal spiritual connection it should be just me and him. This may have been sending wrong messages to my TF because of this person. My twinflame has always respected my bounderies and when he has done something to me I know its not intentional. Ive repeatedly cut chords with this other person but they deliberately keep on hooking on. And the closer my TF and i get this person senses it. They do a host of really messed up things sending people over and making up problems so i have to help them. I think this person knows what hes doing so its not unconcious . What can i do about this situation without breaking my own values. Im over this i want it ended. I have a right to my own personal space energetically, spiritually and physically. I really need advice on this one because its been happening for years and its taking its toll on me.

    1. Hi Lee-Anne, I feel like I am in a similar situation. I feel your pain. I totally feel the vibes of control, dominance, disgust etc. coming from the presence that is not my TF. All my senses are heightened after meeting my TF and energetically I feel more than ever before. And it’s not all good feelings all the time. For me, I have to try and stay in the love vibe, communicate with my TF telepathically or write to his soul, and do things that help me feel good. These strong presences do not give up. We have to take care of ourselves and nurture our TF connection which helps give us the power to maintain even when bad vibes are coming at us.

      1. Thankyou 🙂 because of my TF’s situation ive felt like ive had to do alot of this alone. I didnt think of asking him to help me with this. Ive just been pulling away where i can feel safe. Thankyou your words have helped me heaps <3 <3 <3

        1. Don’t worry. It is very easy to get them to go. Simply connect to the light, imagine yourself in a bubble of white light and tell all presences that are not part of the light to stay out of your bubble. Which can stretch as far as you want. In Cassady’s course you will find more tools to easily deal with this. No fear is necessary! Really.

          1. Thanks Elisheva. ive done that too…he physically lives next door. His energy sucks the life out of everything in his path . Hes borderline psychopathic. Its more frustration because he uses people around him to restablish contact. Evertime i do a clearing..he comes back in stronger. His ex wife lives with him and she comes within minutes of me clearing or meditating. The latest thing is her touching me before she leaves they know what they are doing. He manipulates her and she does his work. I sage myself immediately. But yes i have to release fear as its affecting my personal power. This story is long what they have done and most people would think its something out of “days of our lives” i believe they have also used magic. As they are connected to a woman who does that and doesnt respect peoples free will. Sorry if i rambled. Its 3am this end of the world <3

        2. Hi Lee-Anne! Aww, don’t pull away from your TF. I think it does send him mixed messages. True TFs love each other and will help each other. Your TF is always with you. He may not know what exactly is happening in the 3D reality sense but he can feel your energy or feel if something is up. Connect with him in your heart and mind, he is there for you.I think of it like twin siblings who have that special bond. Well twin flames have that similar special bond too. Feel the beauty of your connection. I think by doing that it helps to block those yucky dark energies. sending you love and light =)

    2. Lee-Anne, thanks for this, very interesting issues you’re bringing up here.

      Number one: if something has been happening for years in recurring cycles, this means it’s to do with how your energy field is “wired”. Good news because it means you can shift and clear it. So don’t lose hope, and keep working on your energy. At some point it “clicks” and you shift into a different dynamic. I’ve seen this happen so many times with Twins.

      Number two: Open to your twin through the heart rather than “outwardly” where others’ energies are interfering. The Twins have a gateway from heart to heart. Meditate on it and experiment.

      In general it’s a huge help on the Twin Flame journey and in life to clear others’ energies away from you regularly.

      Sending you love and light <3

      Cassady x

      1. Thankyou! since doing your clearing things have been coming to me. I was being blocked on so many levels its not funny. I was feeling guilty about severing ties with these people touch wood everything has stopped. So far so good.
        My Twinflame and I are seperated physically hes in the US im in Australia.Weve had alot of external factors mostly others messing with us. Even to do just the simplest of things like sending emails.
        Weve been through so much individually and together spiritually for the last 4 years. Im hoping its near its end. The latest article you wrote on blocks said others blocking our union i was like YES! ive known this for years. I have worked through so much there is no way its me anymore. There are alot of people who dont want us together. Conciously and deliberately and subconciously. Mainly because we provide alot individually to our family and friends. Its my time now im ready for the next step!
        And even well meaning friends have to accept our union.
        Theres way too much to explain here but the clearing has helped heaps thankyou. I was a bit emotional at first but now thats cleared too. Im feeling joy now raising from soul chakra up to my heart chakra. Which i havnt felt in a very long time because of these battles and struggles. Which started before i met my TF and are linked to my TF. Alot of effort has gone into keeping us apart even before i knew about him.

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