twin-flame-metamorphosisA Week With Powerful Shifts In Self, Love, Togetherness And Spiritual Connections… Major Transformation Of Identity – Are You Ready To See Yourself Anew?


Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:

Pluto direct brings new power to the energies, Mars Retrograde continues purge and upgrade of the Masculine, plus Venus brings a new perspective on YOU above all… 

Discover more below!


This is set to be an intense time, so remember to use your Free Twin Flame Resources (and if you haven’t already downloaded you can do so here)

“Whenever I do your energy clearing meditation my Twin texts me just as it’s ended. It truly has opened up the connection.” – Taz R

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Mars Retrograde Continues, Pluto Direct…

As in recent weeks, Mars Retrograde is happening in the background throughout this week – until November 14th.

As the “ruler” of the Masculine, this has big repercussions for the Twin Flame connection. Have a look here for more on what Mars Retrograde means for Twin Flames.

We head into the week on the tail end of Pluto’s stationing to go direct. As the most remote planet from earth in the zodiac, “his” movements relative to us are slow.

When Pluto moves direct, we get an increasing forward momentum in terms of power, sexuality and the unconscious. As the ruler of the Sacral Chakra, Pluto’s movements strongly impact sexuality, intimacy and romance…

Releasing “Lesson Learning”

In this coming period you may notice your inner unconscious faculties seem to flow more smoothly as the pressure for “lesson learning” is somewhat released.

During the “detox” periods you’ll have noticed dreams about the past, childhood or old recurring emotional patterns showing up…

So that you could cleanse them out and be freer, more open to love and your higher potential.

In this coming period, this “lesson learning” settles down somewhat and the INNER journey flows more smoothly…

However, Mars Retrograde is still stirring up the astral plane, the solar plexus and our dream life, including the karmic template (the astral body, which is the “recipe” for our physical body and life).

Learn more about this process here and get a Free Intuitive Chakra Reading:


Mars Retrograde Opening To Karmic Resolution

Did you know when Mars Retrograde stirs up karma, we have a unique chance to clear deep-seated karmic issues?

When someone has recurring issues like illness with no medical cause, or inexplicable fears of things like men in uniform, bridges, dogs or being cheated on/abandoned…

Even if they’ve never had physical life problems with those, it’s to do with karma.

They’re re-experiencing the phantom fear of an old trauma.

Many Twins have a fear of abandonment and losing their counterpart, due to karmic wounds from past lives… During the remainder of Mars Retrograde you have a powerful opportunity to release this for good!

Read more about karma and this process here. And, I take you through a deep and powerful karma clearing in this session for Twin Flames.


Different Perspectives On Relationships

Towards the end of the week Mercury has moved past Juno, asteroid of marriage, in Scorpio. This indicates you have a different and higher perspective on love and unity now.

You seem to have shifted into a higher understanding of togetherness…

The traditional human perception of marriage as a necessity or a goal in itself seems to have shifted. You seem to have released the NEED for this type of traditional human societal togetherness for the sake of “marriage”.

You seem to feel more open and relaxed about love, knowing that in essence it’s about choosing each other.

You also seem less worried about your physical world (ego) counterpart if they’re not yet open. You seem to feel the energy of love coming from their soul regardless – and it is healing you on a deep inner level.

Releasing Doubts Around Love…

You don’t doubt love the same way anymore. You are more whole and solid within, feeling love to be the infinite supply, not something you have to be afraid of losing, or chase for.

This is wonderful news, as it brings you into alignment with OUTER wholeness and love. You’re attracting it, not chasing for it.

(Read more about the Twin Flame mirror here for how that works and why it’s so important).

****And if these statements feel completely foreign to you, it means there’s still some work to do.****

Don’t worry because it’s actually very smooth and FEELS so good when you get into it (it involves your Twin’s higher self INFUSING you with unconditional LOVE and devotion).

Have a look here, I take you through it with ease, step by step.

Your “Love Identity” Shifting, Transforming

This new shift in your perception of love and self, is also due to a trine between Mercury, Venus and Uranus R.

We see that your own identity as a lover or romantic partner is changing, you’re becoming more forgiving of yourself, showing more appreciation for your UNIQUENESS!

Again, this is amazing news because it completely uplifts your alignment. It calls in love like a magnet, and not only love spirit says: It changes the kind of events, dynamics and circumstances you experience in life in general.

As within, so without. And again, if this is not the case for you, don’t worry because it easily CAN be.

I take you through an activation of the templates of self love and inner wholeness here, and I also show you a powerful method for manifesting your desires tangibly.

Rising Above… Becoming Your Highest Self

Wednesday-Thursday we have a major deep transit that’s all about rising above. Lilith conjunct Uranus R, trine Venus, shows us that you’re evolving in your perception of yourself and love on an even deeper level.

You are becoming aware that it’s not about HAVING love. You are beginning to feel and experience more and more that you ARE love.

That who you are goes beyond the human divisions of “woman” or “man”. You are rising into the perception and illumination of the SOUL. And this opens to a higher love.

In fact, spirit shows us that this is an ANCHOR TO LOVE SHOWING UP PHYSICALLY.

The Anchor That Triggers Twin Flame Awakening

This is a pre-set energetic anchor that you agreed to reach, which would then trigger an awakening in your counterpart if they were “asleep”…

And a new higher timeline and template of union energetically – especially if you were already together. In other words, when you transcend the “woman/man” drama of human history, you activate unity.

And again, if you don’t feel resonance with this at all, it means there’s more work to do.

Activating this unity consciousness is exactly what I take you through here. To call in oneness and Twin Flame harmony on all levels, clearing out the lower karmic templates.

Opening To A New Vision Of SELF

Jupiter sextile Neptune, square the Sun and Mars retrograde also shows this. We are being encouraged to go beyond the human identity.

This is also happening with the Masculine Twin or Aries native.

We are being perhaps challenged, or feeling that “there must be more to existence” than regular karmic 3D life of the standard traditional woman plus man meet, get married, have a family, then it repeats…

We are all, the “sleeper” included, being guided into the higher perspective. The soul. And spirit points out that this goes through RELEASING the old limited identity.

They suggest writing it out, to see how silly and foreign it would be.

I would for example write: Cassady is a girl who grew up in XYZ and studied at XYZ she has no siblings and lives at XYZ…

It’s all surface, these things are not the TRUTH about who we are, those outer facets of our experiences.

Moving Beyond The “Illusion”

Who we really are, is a soul of light. And they point out, so is your Twin Flame. They indeed suggest you write out this exercise with your Twin Flame’s info too.

And see how hollow it feels. Because those are just the outer effect. The “illusion”. It is not the essence of who they really are deep down.

When you do this work, you help activate your soul’s path, the higher “version” of your journey. Things begin to flow more smoothly.

Heightened “Spiritual Atmosphere” In The World…

Jupiter sextile Neptune is in effect for weeks still, and is creating a heightened spiritual atmosphere in the whole human collective.

Expect to feel more guided, more supported by the universe. (Or you may be in the “dark night of the soul” phase of release – if so, go here)

You may receive inspiration, sudden ideas, have wonderful dreams about being loved or about significant information for your path…

You may suddenly FEEL a deep inner solace, or intuitively feel that love is with you always… We are going higher into the spiritual dimensions as a SOCIETY, says spirit.

From Breakdown To New World Building

Earlier this year, we had the “breakdown”. The old karmic reality coming crashing down, on an energetic plane with Saturn/Pluto hitting in a major transformative “ending” of the old path…

We have been going through a challenging transition, a “dark night of the soul” and now… Mars retrograde is pushing for the purge and clear of the karmic opposition/conflict mode…

Now the beginning of the “new world” emerges (with solstice December 21st/Jupiter and Saturn’s conjunction being key to this “rebirth”)

Trauma, Karmic Baggage Triggered

The seeds of awakening are here. It is as if the path in the dark is being lit up.

In energy terms, our vibration is rising as a collective and a planet, and it not only brings us out of the darkness/heaviness as we release past trauma and karmic wounds (which is what this year’s major public drama has been about)…

Just like we experience on our individual Ascension path, we had to confront and release the past darkness to shift into a higher state down the line…

Now we begin to come into resonance with the higher dimensions more noticeably.

(Read more about what’s really going on spiritually in 2020 in “Divine Mission Activating”)


Illumination incoming…

It’s not a lasting event at this time, but it is bringing us up there and we then have a choice to continue.

So again, you may feel more guided, more illuminated, more positive, more driven on a higher level, you may feel suddenly more “at home” in the world and excited about the prospect of being here…

You may feel closer to your Twin even if they’re not physically with you…

This is a major positive transit. Know above all that this is possible ALL the time, not just in a fleeting way. The optimism or guidedness you feel right now, is truthful.

You’re open to it because your vibration is increasing. Make sure you STAY in a high vibration so you can invite it in tangibly. Don’t slip back down.

The Real Reason Why Miracles Don’t Always Happen

And we’re shown something else that’s on many people’s minds: “If people have prayed and asked for help in the past… If Twins ask to reunite and be in love… Why isn’t the universe or the divine solving that? Why aren’t people’s prayers answered?”

We’re shown that they always are. But HUMAN BEINGS aren’t always able to receive the answered prayers. Our systems are often blocked from positivity.

This is why miracles only seem to happen intermittently or unexpectedly. Really, it’s because WE are out of alignment.

In this period, we may see “miracles” pop into our physical reality, as the collective vibration has risen.

But always know our prayers never go unanswered – if they SEEM to, it’s due to something else. Have a look at this article for more info and simple practical solutions.

Masculine Twin Being Challenged…

Another indication to this transit is, we may not know it but we ARE always being guided and supported by the higher realms.

We may not see it right now, but what is going on this year contains gifts that will benefit us down the line. Catalysts of divinely guided change.

Back to Mars Retrograde and the “upgrade of the Masculine polarity” – a square to Saturn/Pluto and Jupiter shows that they’re hitting on challenges in the physical world.

There are things “he” needs to change. In physical life.

Something is NOT working or NOT to the highest good – and “he” is being shown it in this period, so “he” can change it and move forward. (This can also apply to an Aries or Aries dominant Twin).

It’s all about the inner attitude and approach to the world, the programming of how they process “self vs other”. This is being refined and uplifted.

Working With The Soul…

Spirit comments that the “unawakened” Twins ARE always being helped and assisted in rising into a higher state of self.

And you can help them behind the scenes by working with their soul, their Higher Self. Who they in essence are, behind the “human facade” of ego.

It’s likely you can expect an apology from your counterpart, or from other males in your life in this coming period during Mars Retrograde.

It could come spiritually, because it’s a deep inner process that can take time to emerge in the physical…

Spirit highlights, their higher self is ALWAYS apologizing for any negativity incurred on the human plane. Again, you can go within and connect with them here in the Free Guided meditation, or for a deeper session, go here.

Opening The Masculine To Love: Clearing Old Karmic Issues

As Mars is retrograde until November 9th there is a lot of “tying up old lessons” going on for the Masculine/Aries Twin and in love and relationships.

So they are available to love – not energetically tangled up with something from the past. This is likely happening with you as well.

Read more about the impact of Mars Retrograde on Twin Flames here.

In essence, the universe promises us that the Masculine Twin is always guided back to his counterpart.

If “he” “missed the point” the universe promises to keep him wandering back until he “gets to you”. It’s NEVER TOO LATE.

A Week For Powerful Spiritual Breakthroughs

Do make sure you don’t miss any guidance in this regard.

Go within, use this resource to stay in touch with their higher self, and stay connected with guidance using this “translation tool”.

They love you unconditionally.

This is set to be a week of immense shifts and potential for spiritual breakthroughs that will change your journey forever after.

If you open and create room for it, a higher truth will reach you. Things will never look the same after this.

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

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