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New Year Cycles Starting In Areas of Love and Communication… What Is The Core Value Determining Your Reality and Relationships? How To Ensure Your Future Path Is Uplifted Into Its Full Potential


We’re headed into an intense week full of transformative energies: First, our focus in love and relationships moves into a new area as Venus enters Taurus for the next month period.

We’re now entering into a more stable period for love – a restart. Taurus is the home of Venus, and there’s a sense of heaving a sigh of relief after having been through the intense terrain of Aries since early this spring.

Venus in Taurus is the heart returning to itself. This coming period will involve a lot of grounding into and anchoring in recent months’ energetic explorations. Integrating new codes – tuning into your true desires.

This month, we’re asked questions like:

Who do you really want to be?

Are you being true to yourself and loving yourself? If not, how can you fix this now?

What is your ideal love relationship?

And what might you need to clear out of your life (beliefs, people, energies, habits) in order to get to that point?

If you’re ready to uplift and get going on a new path of increased love (including self love, which is crucial for the Twin dynamic)- have a look here for the method that brought my Twin and I to Union within 18 months of our first encounter

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New Cycle In Love And Communication

Spirit shows us that with each Venus return to Taurus, we begin a new phase for love and relationships. So this time – Venus enters Taurus on 6th June – is highlighted for setting intentions and cutting outworn ties to the past.

So what would you like to experience over this next year period? What has been going on lately that you could do without? What old attachments can you clear now to uplift the future?

As Mercury is also returning to “his” home sign of Gemini on the same day we have a cycle shift in communication and thinking also. So this is a heightened time for intention setting, releasing the past and looking toward the future. Especially when it comes to love.

We create with our words, so see if you can “upgrade” your language in this period – complaining and blaming is toxic and destructive. We can really destroy our own manifestations and pick positivity apart that way. Make sure you stay “up” with how you speak and think. It makes a world of difference.

Write down a list of positive intentions, “I now invite in the following or better, to the highest good of everyone involved…” then write down your highest and most heartfelt wishes. And don’t let “realism” limit your focus.

At the end of your list, write “And so it is. Thank you.”

This sends out a strong energy signal to the universe, activating people, places, energies, circumstances to move toward you in a different way.


What Would You Want to Leave Behind?

Now onto those things you’d like to leave behind for the next year period. Make a note of them. You don’t have to go in depth, as this would activate the signal again. But briefly note down the elements you’d like to shift away from.

Now clear these using energy tools – this will remove the electromagnetic charge from your system, recalibrating you into a higher state capable of holding the energy of love and a lasting unity with your counterpart.

Essential here is the cutting of cords to past situations and people and traumas you want to leave behind.

We go through simple yet powerful cord cutting in both the Complete Harmony Healing and both the full energy clearing sessions, as well as the Vibrational Alignment Program (here I also take you through ending outdated soul contracts and clearing negative entity attachments).

When we cut the cords, we remove the negative signal that’s been locked in your space.

We allow the past to be the past, shifting us into a new and higher state where we can uplift into higher levels of love and harmony, attracting positive experiences.

Spirit recently guided me to create a test for Twin Flames to get an accurate assessment of where they’re at on the vibrational scale. Check here with the Free Quiz (you don’t have to give your email) if you’re really in a high enough vibration to be open to the love and Reunion you desire.



Full Moon – Culmination In Spirituality and Love

Towards the end of the week, 9th June we have a number of powerful transits coloring the cosmic atmosphere. On the same day as Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, stations to turn direct – we have a Full Moon in this same sign.

This is another huge signal that we’re closing the door on the past energetically. We’re moving into new territory – the completion of a phase.

As Jupiter has been moving retrograde through the sign of relationships and marriage these last few months, it’s a powerful signal that we’re being asked to be “done” with a particular phase in love and relationships.

That we’ve been tidying up the past, resolving issues and now we’re seeing the culmination of this cycle.

Energetically, we’re being asked to be “finished” with recent themes. The Full Moon will be bringing these themes to a high, and we’re especially dealing with the release of everything that’s kept us from the freedom and happiness and lightness of love.

If you’re feeling emotionally pressured or like you’re “up against the wall” – know that this is what’s going on.


Why Take Things So Seriously?

With Jupiter turning direct and this Full Moon in Sagittarius we feel a clarion call from the Universe saying it’s time to stop being so serious!

Life and love is meant to be fun! You are here to be in Heaven on Earth. That really is the Twin Flame mission (read more about this here)

The seriousness, the hardships, the suffering … it’s all an outer symptom of the human “condition”, alienation from the infinite self.

The wisdom here is: Shift your perception and your energy frequency, and your outer reality begins to shift as well.


Did You Forget Your True Self?

We’re being asked to release what doesn’t serve us. The heaviness, the hardship, the struggle… Above all our damaging and limiting belief systems.

Keep in mind that if we choose to hang on to the old baggage, no one will stop us. Identification with something means it will stick to you. Negativity won’t go away as long as you insist on believing it to be true or “real”.

Highlighted here is victimhood mentality, blame, conflict patterns – you yourself must make the choice of aligning with something different if you want things to change. If you are blaming others (most likely your Twin) the universe will keep mirroring back to you reasons to blame – you’ll always be on the back foot.

Take back your power now once and for all. Be responsible for your experience. When we believe something we’re hanging onto it. Making it our reality – so write a new story now. Choose your beliefs – don’t just accept those family, peers and popular culture pawned off on you through your upbringing.


What’s Your “Story”?

I cannot tell you how many Twins I encounter who complain about their Twin running or things “never” working out – who really harbor an underlying belief that love isn’t real, or that relationships don’t last, or that men are cheaters or that people always abandon them… And so that’s what the universe and others keep mirroring back to them. Keeping them in a vicious circle.

It’s important to go deeper and be honest with ourselves about the beliefs we really hold.

The most unhappy people I see are the ones who insist on holding onto their negative “stories” (read more about this and how to resolve it here).

Take a good look at your beliefs in this period and work to shift them to what serves you better – it can really revolutionize your whole life path and love connection.

In order to fully release we must be conscious and willing. The most effective thing to use is metaphysical healing which recalibrates our frequency to allow the negatives to simply drop away which work instantly without having to immerse ourselves in lengthy mantras or rituals.

When we do this, we use our power as beings of light to return to a state where energy management is easy, as it was for us as souls before we entered into the state of 3D.

The veil of perception has kept us believing that happiness and love are difficult and that it must be hard and time consuming to change things around – or, worst of all, that we don’t get to choose.

Things can be so much easier, but are you willing to believe that? If you believe that things are hard – how can they ever not be?


Happiness Comes From …

As Venus sextiles Mars on this same day of the Full Moon and Jupiter direct we see that this culmination and moving into a new cycle powerfully deals with love and relationships.

Happiness comes from releasing the past, from understanding that things truly can be different – but that it’s our choice to make it so.

If we keep reactivating the same feelings, thoughts, energies, conflicts – we’ll keep experiencing the same thing over and over.

This truly is a pivotal week where you can set the course for a new and brighter future – remember to set your sights high, higher than you might have ever been allowed to believe was “realistic”.

Clear the past and other people’s opinions and beliefs, the human “rules” out of your system so you can truly experience, live and breathe the love you came here for! Make the most of this time – it will have a powerful impact on your future path.

Spirit suggests the Higher Heart Transformation Journey for this time, saying it’s perfect accompaniment for clearing outworn “issues” from your system, re-opening the heart bond between the Twins, planting positive seeds of manifestation for the future and enlisting added support to shift into a new and higher “version of love and reality”.

Until next time I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x


Did you know that most Twin Flames’ struggles are rooted in negative karma and energy blocks? To find out more about how to shift your Twin connection into harmony, have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames here, and read about other Twins’ amazing experiences with these methods.

Alternatively you can try our Free Transformation Kit!

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“This has been truly amazing, every time I use the energy cleanse tool my Twin Flame texts or calls me immediately afterwards. It’s really crazy! And then we always get to some kind of different level of communication or we express ourselves in different ways. We are continuing to heal. It’s amazing that I can do this type of thing and my Twin be so affected by it as well!”

– Teresa B., USA

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  1. Hi Cassady, would it be productive to use the higher heart meditation tool everyday, or are you supposed to wait for the shifts to integrate? I use it once a week and absolutely love it, so I’d like to do it more. Thank you so much for everything.

  2. I believe my guides really prompted me to do your Higher Heart meditation last night! They knew it’s a good time to do it, as you said, but also because of this:

    I have been feeling such an extraordinary love and connection to my twin in recent times, that I’ve begun thinking that our Union is at its strongest point! Every day is purely bliss with him and I am amazed to see and feel that it just gets better and better!
    So yesterday I asked my guides to confirm to me if our Union is truly as strong as I feel it to be, by letting me see a pair of swans at any moment during the whole day. However night came without me seeing any. It was then time for me to meditate, and I strongly felt I should do the Higher Heart meditation. You can tell how thrilled I was when at the end of it I heard you asking us to visualize a pair of swans in our Heart Garden! I had completely forgotten that part but it was truly a gift from my guides and from you to hear you saying those words!

    I am elated to have confirmation from my guides and the Universe for something my heart already knows. I wish this kind of bliss to all Twins out there! It is entirely possible to achieve, work on yourselves with a genuine desire to become the best you can be and you will experience it!

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