The Divine Wisdom Of Retrograde Season – Heightened Time For Twin Flame Unity Approaches… But Are You Open To What The Universe Is Trying To Bring You?


Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:
Love approaches as Mars/Venus’ rare conjunction next week brings heightened time for Twin Flame unity…

But first, are you open enough to let the planets replenish your strength, power and vitality? Can you trust the Universe enough, to deliver your highest to you?

Discover more below!

Twin Flame Unity Approaching

**Before we get started today, I wanted to ask you a question.

What if, a year from now, you were in a completely different place with your Twin Flame connection?**

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Retrograde Season — Going Within

Now onto the energies at hand: We’re officially in “Retrograde season”!

Major planets are moving “backwards”, including Neptune, Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn. In cosmic terms, this means we’re being asked to go within more than usual.

It can feel hard to progress and get things “done” right now — it’s as if there’s a background process of sorting through baggage we didn’t realize was there.

Taking time off from our regular schedule is a great idea, and be gentle with yourself (and your connection).

These Retrogrades in essence push us to de-clutter, streamline and uplift our emotional processes, our attitude to spirituality, possibility and authority — in an effort to assist us in reaching higher into our full potential as souls.

(Read more here about what Retrogrades are really all about and how to benefit from them rather than struggle during this time)

Check Up Yourself

Within the next few weeks, things will be brought to a head so you can eventually move forward with more clarity and purpose.

Saturn deals with responsibility, karma and long term creation, Pluto with power, sexuality and death/rebirth, Neptune with spirituality, unity and the unconscious, Jupiter with goals and reaching higher.

Retrograde activity is traditionally linked with karmic energies, so:

– Where are you due a second look into these areas?
– Where is the past distorting your view of the present?
– Where might you or your Twin Flame connection be imbalanced?
– How are you maybe holding YOURSELF back?

Secret Allies, Strength, Guidance

One of my favorite things to do during these periods of increased introspection, is to connect with my soul and guidance – especially the animal guides!

They have been such a powerful part of my own journey and have helped me so many times in countless ways – in fact, I work with them every single day and they are able to cut through with help and powerful guidance even during times of challenge.

Unfortunately, most Twins miss out on the real power the spirit animals have to help and guide you to unity, harmony and especially physical togetherness…

Because you have to be available and aware of their guidance – and fully open on the energy level.

Little Known Twin Flame Helpers

To help as many Twins as possible make dramatic positive shifts happen on their journey, with the guidance and power of the animal spirits – your Union Totem – I was asked to create a session especially for this here!

(Also includes deep clearing work on your Twin Flame pair systems)

This session is perfect to use during retrograde season, so to help as many as possible tap into the spirit animals’ power and help during this time, I’m giving everyone 20% off.

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“Hi Cassady I have been following this meditation for around 1.5 months and the results are truly amazing. Each time I do this meditation, something special happens in my physical reality. Your tools are amazing. :)”

– Victoria, UK

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Giving Yourself A Break

Retrogrades always bring chakra purge/upgrades, which tend to be taxing, so don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Go within instead.

It’s a good time for a break, because with Retrogrades there can tend to be complications and delays, as both we and the world in general are pushed energetically to slow down and review rather than keep moving in the same old track.

A good idea can be to write down your goals for the coming year and see what habits and beliefs might be holding you back…

Then go within and allow your intuition to show you ways to shift into a higher state.

When the planets start moving forward again, you’ll get the chance to move on from a new and healthier perspective – thanks to this time you’ve taken to reevaluate and gain clarity now.


Changing Your Approach

We have a significant transit at the beginning of the week as Mars opposes Saturn, while in a trine to Chiron, square Uranus.

This says: change your approach.

Don’t take action according to the old way you used to – especially what you were taught in your upbringing, the “traditional human mode”.

And if things don’t seem to be working for you, go WITHIN and clear the blocks causing this.

Because you may think “you” are the reason things aren’t flowing the way you want… But it’s not. It’s the “baggage”!

For more on how this works, have a look at this brief video.

Twin Flames’ Shared Experiences

July 6th Venus moves onto the same point, showing us that both Twins are — probably without realizing it — going through the same exact themes in this period.

Mainly it’s a frustration and irritation that the outside world isn’t responding the way you want…

And feeling “is it me”? Am I the problem?

Does the Universe/people not love me? Are good things not “meant for me”?

When the real issue is, “baggage”. And it wasn’t yours to begin with.

You’re being shown in this period that any problems you’ve had with your Twin soul aren’t because of who YOU both are.

It’s “false programming” you took on in life.

The Real Underlying Causes of TF Issues

That’s the problem! Not you.

So make sure you clear it, heal it… Because then, you will get a different result on the outside.

Highlighted now is, you could have been carrying ancestral wounds in your system, which have been “projecting” into your aura and causing a negative response from others, such as your Twin.

And the message is – it wasn’t YOU they were rejecting…

It was an unconscious reaction to that “baggage”, such wounds around unworthiness, being unwanted, not supported by the universe, and more…

(This happened to me, and it causes a HUGE shift when you clear it)

Spirit highlights, that so many of the issues you feel you’ve had in life are due to this. ****You were EXPERIENCING the outer mirror to the BAGGAGE, not to who you truly ARE!*****

Make sure you clear it now, so you can experience more positivity, ease, joy, togetherness with your Twin.

(For more on how this works and how to resolve it, go here.)


“I began to use Oneness Activation every day. I began Saturday because I have felt so heavy lately. Immediately I felt better. Then I ran into my TF by “accident”. He called and texted and came over later that day. I continued to listen and meditate with this practice and still he is reaching out at a much higher level. It had been months the last time we spoke. Thank you so much!” – Julie (via Facebook)

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New Moon in Cancer

With the New Moon on July 9th get a fresh start – the Universe hits the “reset button” and a new cycle begins.

Falling in Cancer, this particular New Moon is all about an emotional restart. Beyond what we may be fully consciously aware of. The past is being left behind (unless we hang on), and a new phase begins.

Letting go of “victim stories” and old attachments that may have felt safe but are actually limiting us, and embracing the healthy creative expression of our emotions, are key now…

In essence, the Universe is saying “it’s time to let go of old emotional filters” which you’ve been perceiving reality through.

The old emotional patterns that have held you back without you even realizing it.

(For more on this, have a look at the Inner Child Healing for Twin Flames)

A Restart in Emotions

Cancer is the sign of the “Mother”, the family, the moon, emotions, the feminine, creativity — so the New Moon in Cancer signals a restart in all of these areas.

Cancer energies tend to be past-oriented and emotion-oriented, so right now we’re being pushed let go of past hurts for good.

As Mercury also enters Cancer on July 11th, we have an amplification of these same themes — communication goes deep.

This coming period it’s more about what’s under the surface, what is being communicated or perceived on a feeling level, NOT what is out in the open.

Communication Goes Deep

You may notice dreams that seem to be trying to communicate information from your Twin Flame or your soul or guidance… You may notice childhood themes symbolically showing up…

The deeper self is working to reach you in this period.

And remember in this period that others are often NOT being clear on what deeper intentions they have, including your Twin.

They may be feeling differently deep down than they show on the surface. And, spirit says, their emotions may be clouding their communication and intellect.

Be aware that emotions are a big part of interpersonal connections in general this coming month — and keep an eye on your own filters too, as mentioned earlier.

Getting Clear on Subconscious Fears

The remedy for any issues — to help you move out of old blocks and heal heart wounds so you can open the Twin Flame connection in its true radiance — is first of all to become AWARE of the issue.

This gives us a chance to resolve it for good so we don’t “call back” the situations/feelings/blocks with our energy in the future.

A practical, actionable way to become aware of blocks and move out of them is to write out how you feel from the unconscious, allowing any fears to come up.

Get out a piece of paper and begin writing down everything you’re worried about or afraid of in terms of your connection.

You might be surprised by what comes up, but allow it to. It’s better you KNOW than that it swims around in your unconscious mind under the surface — sabotaging without you knowing.

Lunar Intensification

Once you have written down all the fears and negative beliefs, clear them! (I’ll take you through it in the Free Energy Cleanse here).

Then get out a new piece of paper.

Now, write down positive statements to counteract the negative beliefs and fears, and tear up the list of negatives (or burn it in a safe place).

This helps “reprogram” your unconscious so you move out of the patterns that may have been deflecting love and unity.

Or, use energy clearing for a deeper effect with much less time and effort spent.

This journaling release method is often used for Full Moons, but as we’re in the lunar energy current of Cancer the next few weeks, it’s a powerful tool to use for this period in general.

Positive Transit for Twin Flames

July 13th we have a highly beneficial cosmic transit set to boost your Twin connection – and your life!

As Venus and Mercury meet, both in a trine to Jupiter in Pisces, we have a powerful positive current of intuitive wisdom — especially regarding love and reaching your highest goals, your soul satisfying blissful path.

Watery wisdom and intuitive connections are key words.

You’re set to feel guided and loved more than usual, protected by the Universe.

Things are highly in flow.

You may receive inspirations, dreams, the feeling experience of your Twin’s soul being with you and loving you…

You may even be guided to each other in the physical and have other amazing synchronicities and positive experiences happen. (Especially as Mars and Venus are nearing their rare conjunction).

Divine Flow Opening

Guidance and an experience of being supported might also show up more strongly in your divinely guided career or passion projects, such as moving home. Again, things are in flow.

As long as you trust your true guided intuition and pay attention to what transpires, you’ll cruise through this period.

Again, Venus and Mercury are both headed closer and closer to a conjunction with Mars next week — symbolizing a meeting of the Masculine and Feminine…

Whether it’s a re-ignition of love in the connection, or an actual physical reunion, exciting things are happening!

To make sure you’re in alignment, release any “3D baggage” that may have blocked unity in the past so you can RECEIVE togetherness.

I take you through this, and receiving the INNER templates of union here so you’re an outer match with harmony and unity.

Growing Closeness in The Twin Connection

This week, expect to feel or sense glimmers of love approaching.

Remember to stay in touch with your counterpart (as a soul, if you’re not physically together) as this will help you call it in.

Do your best not to put pressure on yourself or the connection, because it can block things.

(Discussing the prospect of reunion or worry around the subject with other Twins, can cause blocks as this is such a high-pressure subject for the collective.)

Work to stay in your heart, stay with guidance, stay in love…

Go to your Twin’s higher self (I help you with that here). And listen to your true intuition, because it knows the way.

More on the exciting Mars/Venus conjunction and heightened Twin Flame Reunion Period next week (the exact date is July 13th)!

Until then, I’m sending you love and light for your journey <3

Cassady x

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