Have You Felt Like Giving Up? Your Soul’s Crucial Message For You! Masculine “Secret Awakening” – Massive Push For The Twin Flame Mission Reignited… But Are You Willing To Listen?

Welcome into a brand-new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:

Why Twin Flames tend to face so many challenges and darkness… The soul mission, collective resistance in focus. “Secret awakening” of the Masculine…

Discover more below

Shine Bright!

We start with a continued transit from recent times. As the Sun and Venus travel together throughout this entire week, we see you are literally shining right now, whether or not you realize it.

And as Ceres is also joining this “dream team” of Sun and Venus, it’s a HUGE boost to your manifestations.

Happening in Aries, it’s likely you’re receiving or working on something that will become an amazing benefit down the line — because Aries is the sign of beginnings and initiative.

New Beginnings in Love

This is therefore also a time of new beginnings in love, and in terms of self-image and appreciation. Spirit describes this as a new lease of life, as if your REAL life starts now somehow and the past was just a “warm-up!”

Happening in Aries, we also see that the light of love is illuminating the home of the Masculine.

So, we have an energetic process happening behind the scenes in the Twin Flame connection.

A balancing of polarities is happening with Venus in Mars’ home sign — reaching into unity.

Softening the Masculine lower paradigms in society as a collective. Behind the scenes, they are being “softened” by compassion, love, empathy, thinking about long term effects and cooperation — unity…

Divine Feminine Rising

Venus and Ceres together symbolize the divine feminine rising, and the Sun is a spotlight shining brightly.

In other words, the feminine Twin — especially those who have Ascended into a higher state of consciousness — are very visible right now.

They are being “spotlighted” in society as leaders for the next chapter.

Furthermore, Venus trines Jupiter and Mars, so what’s going on in this period is divinely guided and supportive of the highest good of the Masculine.

How Are They Really Feeling?

Spirit highlights, so many males and or Masculine dominant people feel unappreciated, and unworthy…

And are in essence just forcing themselves to go through life fulfilling responsibilities, doing the best they can in a ROLE they’ve been given.

In this period, it would be a huge benefit to your connection to reach out and showing them your appreciation somehow — even “remotely.” Telling them how much you value their uniqueness.

Because remember that a masculine or male person is
1) not necessarily the way they seem on the surface,
2) any lack of love they show, is due to them feeling unloved THEMSELVES on the inside.

Many males are denied access to their heart’s full functioning, is spirit’s message.

Learn more here and help them awaken gently by removing the layers of ego distortion that were pushed onto them:


twin flame awakening

“The Higher Dimensional Anchoring completely blew me away. Not only did this seem to impact me on an enormous level, I saw my Twin Flame completely change overnight. The biggest change I’ve seen in him to date. I’m so grateful for your tools, and I’m merely without words on this latest one. It really was the answer to my prayers.”

– Sarah (via Facebook)

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LOVE Is the Answer

With Ceres asteroid of the harvest and manifestation, involved, we also receive the message that LOVE is what is needed for the forward path.

For humanity. For Twin Flames. For ourselves.

It sounds simple – but spirit comments that hardly anyone on this planet is actually EMBODYING love, acting from a place of love daily.

Keep an Eye on Your Alignment

Mostly, it’s because we’ve been shown the opposite. We’re taught to close off due to fear and perceived danger.

For Twin Flames the journey of awakening and reunion goes through releasing fear programming (the 3D paradigms of survival) and rising into love (the 5D consciousness of unity).

Sure, this is a work in progress. But keep an eye on yourself at all times, because this truly does stake out your Twin Flame connection and your path.

Are you aligned with fear?
Are you focused on opposition, blame, conflict, problems, them vs you?

Or are you aligned with love?
Focused on unity, peace, commonality?

(Take the channeled test here to assess where you’re at.)


What Is Your Inner World Bringing to the “Mirror”?

Another key issue this week is, Twin Flames are here to ignite the templates of unconditional love, unity consciousness in the collective fields.

That’s the true purpose, the soul mission we share together.

So, this is a heightened time for this work, and the cosmic energies are powerfully supporting you.

Read more here in “What If You Were Here To Save The Planet?”


Why So Many Twins Face Darkness

Spirit also reminds us, this crucial soul mission, which would change the collective fields on this planet for “eternity”…

Is WHY many Twin Flames face so much “darkness” and problems on their path!

Because the “darkness” (collective unconsciousness that is afraid of facing itself) is scared of the power Twins possess.

Because they are resistant to LOVE.

Because the light of love means, the shadows of fear can’t hide anymore.

Unconsciousness can’t exist on that level of openness. It means being free from fear. So, fear tries to pull us astray, so to speak.

Where the Problems Often Come From

As a soul, you can’t ever be harmed in truth.

But this is why so many Twins end up with a lot of heaviness, negativity and seemingly inexplicable problems no matter how long they try on this journey.

And its why energy work is so key, because it gives us the ability to clear out this negativity and shield ourselves from being pulled off course. (I take you through it here)

Remember do not listen to fear. Fear is the illusion, the unconsciousness. Your soul knows, only love is ultimately real.

Because we ARE all love – as souls. Fear is love that cut itself off from itself, forgot who it was. And this happens due to trauma.

Why 11:11 Repeats — Reminders!

This is why 11:11 is so important and why we’re shown it over and over again.

It means: Remember who you are. An infinite soul.

It’s trying to remind you came here to awaken to love, to rise beyond the illusion of fear and trauma.

To recognize the soul, to see that we are all made of the same fabric of the universe. We are all part of one whole.

This is why forgiveness and the mirror are such repetitive lessons for Twin Flames.

(Recently I released a session that helps you with this process, to step out of the mire of repeated issues and the karmic human reality, and rise into a higher state for the long


Repeating Experiences? Feeling Stuck?

Exact on April 9th but active for over a week before and after, we have a significant trine between Saturn and the North Node.

This is about clearing up any unresolved karma that has kept us blocked from moving forward in life.

Have you felt stuck in repeated cycles of the same kinds of experiences over and over?

That’s karma. It’s not there punishing you, it’s an unhealed trauma that keeps you in a loop — so, to resolve it we need to use a special method. (I take you through it here)

It Was Never About “Others!”

Saturn is also asking us to take responsibility for our own path.

Growing up, in essence. Realizing WE are the boss in our lives and our reality and fully USING our power of choice, alignment and manifestation.

We’re shown, our issues were never REALLY about someone else. It was about us and our approach. (“As within, so without”).

An example would be: Have you been stuck in an identity of victimhood, wanting others to save you or feeling victimized by the world?

Cycles Of Trauma Repeating… Or Not

If so, you’re being pushed to break out of this because the truth is you are an infinite, powerful soul!

I’ve been there, so no judgment… But it will unfortunately only pull in more and more experiences of feeling powerless...

Be willing to examine YOUR role in your life and the past right now — you’re open to seeing it more neutrally than usual.

Clarity, A New Start

Under this transit, you may cut people out of your life, make major commitments to passion projects or undertake major life choices such as deciding to go for your dreams.

 Saturn may show up what’s been holding you BACK from your true purpose.

And he will give you the strength and above all CLARITY to make the necessary changes. Be willing to release the past modes of being/thinking and start over with discipline in this period.

You truly CAN have your dream come true… But it may require for you to adjust your approach.

Breaking Through Old Identities

Friday, we have a conjunction between Lilith and Uranus — this signals breaking out of old female karmic programming. (Lilith tends to highlight the biological historical female, so that’s key)

It’s about identity, spirit shows us. Identity affects everything in our lives and our Twin Flame connection.

So, what were you TOLD about women? Or what did you observe growing up?

Do women tend to have their dream come true?
Are they treated well?
Do they get to experience unconditional love?
Is life easy for them?
Are they supported or appreciated by others?

Twin Flame Timelines in Focus

What were you told about yourself? Were you shown you are the kind of person who has your dream come true? Are you unconditionally loved?

These are ALL issues to look into now.

In essence, your IDENTITY paves out your timelines to such a massive extent it’s a key place to alchemize your Twin Flame journey.

If you feel you’ve tried and tried and nothing seems to be changing — look to IDENTITY.

For more on Twin Flame timelines, click here.


Powerful New Moon in Aries!

Finally, this week on April 11th we have a powerful New Moon in Aries, echoing this point. In essence, it says, we are who we CHOOSE to be!

Release any limits the world put on you. Be your most powerful self!

It “says” stop caring what anyone else thinks or told you!

The only limits are those you accept.

The New Moon in Aries tells us to stop messing around, stop listening to others and their opinions about us, and remember what we are really here for and who we really are.

(Find out more here)

The Habitual Self vs the Real Self

We’re told we need a shift:
To let go of old identity structures that created the past negatively — which affected our lives, our self-image, our wellbeing, and above all our Twin Flame connection…

We need to shift the INSIDE to get a different mirror reflection back – especially in Twin Flame love.

Because the Twin Flame mirror deflects anything that is not authentic to the SOUL.

The Twin Flame soul song is our core frequency. And the earthly identity is often masking it, distorting that frequency.

Who Is Your “Real” Self?

It’s all about this: As we grow up here on earth people constantly tell us who we are — from the moment we are born, people assess us and attribute personality traits to us…

…and at some point, most of us lose track of who we really are underneath all of that.

When we first meet our Twin (our souls reconnect) the frequency is re-activated.

It begins to rattle loose all the human “false” identity structures — what is NOT true to us — and this is where ascension symptoms and the “Twin Flame Rollercoaster” comes from.

(Watch a video on it here)

Inner Passions, Truth

To get back to your core, and activate the magnetic Twin Flame soul song attraction once more, consider this:

What makes your heart beat faster with excitement?
What fires you up?
What would you do with your life if money was no object?
Who would you be if no one else was around?

This Aries New Moon will help you tap into your deeper purpose, but it’s your choice if you are willing. (Here is a session to help you with this)

Spirit comments that in essence, if you have “stories” about who you are — and who your TWIN is as human beings…

Those are blocks to the highest unfolding of your soul’s path. To reunion.

Challenges are Meant to Snap us Awake

Try writing it out, all the “facts” about you and your Twin, and feel into what’s the SOUL and eternal truth…

Versus what’s a life construct pushed onto you and them by the world, peers, parents, even by other Twin Flames online…

This is likely to be eye-opening. And now, when you have spotted the limitations, use the Free Energy Cleanse Session here to clear them! This will massively help you to open your path to a new and more positive state.

I hear every week from Twins who have been stunned at how this simple seeming free session makes a huge difference to their connection.

Just have a look at a few of their comments here

Detoxing Beliefs

Echoing these points, Pluto interacts with the North Node during the New Moon.

We are being challenged to “detox” our ideas and beliefs around our life path and our Twin connection.  We’re being shown the “toxins” in the way of our harmonious forward path and lasting reunion…

But many of us are trying to rationalize or pass blame on the outside world.

Pluto’s message is, we cannot have something happen unless we are aligned with it on some deeper inner level.

And so, if things haven’t been happy, these outer things are trying to SHOW you the INNER material keeping it around.

The inner wounds, fears, beliefs that keep negativity around.


Core Timelines in Focus

This transit shows we are uncomfortable with the toxins, the unconscious stuff coming up. It’s happening for society and for us as individuals – and its soul path related.

We’re dealing with the key forward journey, and with our core timelines for this life.

It means we’re in a heightened time of being able to shift these…

But it requires HONESTY with self and willingness to shift. Being willing to FACE our fears so we can heal them.

Pluto is showing us the places we were pulled off our path or ALLOWED ourselves to be, or were talked out of pursuing our dreams our true bliss… including our Twin Flame.

Did You Give Up Based on False Guidance?

If you’ve tried leaving the Twin Flame connection (or another dream) but your soul just doesn’t seem to “let you,” there’s something important to address.

Your soul is trying to say — it’s NOT IMPOSSIBLE!

You gave up when you weren’t MEANT to.

You accepted a belief that it wasn’t possible or good, when it WAS.

You were meant to stay and “fight” for your dream, not stop trying…

Now is the time to stop listening to the human “stories” and step into your soul’s true power.

Twin Flame Wake-Up Call

Now is the time to be brave. To listen to your SOUL, not society or other people.

Remember — if something hasn’t happened yet, it doesn’t mean it can’t.
It just means you haven’t found the way… YET.

If your soul TRULY felt it was impossible, it wouldn’t PUSH you anymore!

It’s a wake-up call. Release the old beliefs and your inner light will shine the way. If you could use some help with this process, have a look here.

This week, open your eyes, because you’re being shown what’s truly possible…
if you start listening to your soul instead of the world’s old stories of limitation.

Don’t give up before your time.

I do truly believe in you.
And as always, I’m sending you love and light for your journey <3

Cassady x

“Your Vibrational Alignment program and Harmony Healing have been so valuable to me and I use them daily. I also use the Higher Heart session weekly. Thank you!!! My Twin Flame and I reconnected again in a way that was better than I ever could have imagined.” – Joy, California, USA

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