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The Truth About Twin Flame Ascension – Powerful Full Moon, Why Your Happiness Is The Universe’s True Priority. Opening To Visions Of Twin Flame Bliss And Reunion…


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We start this week off with a wonderful transit that is set to help you tune into your intuition and reach beyond – causes of hope and optimism come through your higher dimensional self communicating with you.

Expect visions, flashes, vague feelings of epiphanies and euphoria… This is your higher self and your Twin soul’s higher self trying to communicate with you and encourage you – that yes, there really are grounds for hope.

Yes, your dream of love is really possible. Now make sure you stay the course.

As Mercury stations to go direct while the Moon conjuncts Neptune Retrograde right now, we get an intense connection from the higher faculties to the spaces of emptiness in the mind.

In other words, we must stop the thoughts and the “outer busy-ness”. It is in this vacuum we receive “illumination”. We cannot receive higher insights if our minds are occupied with thoughts.

This is also how Twin Flame Telepathy works (read more about this here) – it is in the “empty spaces” communication comes through.

If our minds are filled with thoughts and impressions from social media, daily events, worries, attempts at analyzing things, there is no room for solutions, insights, communication from our Twin soul and our own higher faculties.

We’re shown a glowing seed of light coming into the head during quiet times.



What Does It Mean? “Illumined Twin Flames”

Key here is meditation, or if you’re uncomfortable with that word and the connotations, spending some quiet time alone. Do try to get some time to silence your analytical mind this week as this is a unique opportunity.

Use my Free Guided Meditations here, which now have binaural beats music added for a more immersive, deep experience.

If we can use the opportunity we have early this week, we’re shown, we can create a permanent “bridge” to the higher faculties, opening up to lasting “illumination” and stepping into our higher power.

Becoming more than “human”. Rising up above the 3D reality.

With this, comes greater mastery over self, emotions and manifestation – as well as an inner peace and ability to maneuver circumstances with love.

“You have been warned” – this gift is there for us to take but no one will make us. It’s up to us now.



Why So Many Healers And Lightworkers Have Been Wrong

With Mercury going direct, we get a new flow of communication opening up later in the week. Misunderstandings can be corrected, things that have been tangled up will begin to go more smoothly.

As the Sun in Virgo opposes Neptune retrograde this same day and Mars enters into Virgo, we see that there is a corrective process going on as regards our identity.

We’re shown that many lightworkers, Twin souls and “starseeds” – those with a “mission” to fulfill on earth… have been gravely mistaken in their approach.

While attempting to go out and heal the world and uplift, they have been doing so from a “human” standpoint. This causes fatigue, overwhelm and lack.

They have been feeling like they as a *human being*, bear the responsibility to heal others and the world. But this is false. This has been a big misunderstanding due to an alienation from their true higher faculties.

We are being shown that in reality, we as humans incarnate have no burden, no mission, no work to undertake for the collective.

At *all*. In fact, our human bodies are meant to be happy, to follow what passions we have and enjoy life.



The Truth About The “Mission”

Because *this*, the happiness and positivity, opens us up to be energetic gateways of light. It is the *higher self* and the spiritual energy which is meant to heal, to uplift, to assist, to upgrade for the collective.

We are merely meant to *facilitate* by being in a high enough vibration for it to happen. This is an epiphany even for me as I write this and am shown the connections.

Many of us who are awakening feel that it is up to us to fix and uplift this world which is full of problems, suffering and struggle. And this feeling in itself holds so much heaviness.

“Burden”, spirit is saying, showing that we do not let ourselves be free to actually enjoy our lives this way. No, this has been a mistake. A misunderstanding.

And we’re shown, no worries, it’s not surprising that we’ve felt and thought this way as culture has set us up to do so. But now, we have the chance to correct course and see the truth.



Why No One Can Or Should “Save” Others

If we burden and weigh ourselves down we won’t actually be any use to ourselves NOR others. The collective does not at all benefit from Lightworkers struggling to “save” and “enlighten” others.

No, we are meant to be so happy and blissful in our own right that our mere existence opens up to the higher energies and consciousness accessing the earth plane through our physical bodies. That our happiness becomes an irresistible beacon for others to follow.

We’re in essence meant to just allow light to flow.

No rescuing others. No duty. In fact, spirit is keen for us to stop using the word “mission” altogether because of the heavy connotations.

The true way we help others, is to stop trying to help them – and focus on being happy ourselves.

Otherwise we block the flow of energy.

Did you know that when you go to a healer, they’re not the ones healing you? *You* are always the one healing you. Always.

Because what’s healing you is your own system *allowing* pure source energy to flow through you. If you do not allow it, it won’t work.

This is why some people do not seem to get better, whereas others do.

***You and source energy are the “healers”. No one ever heals someone else.***



How To Reach Up Into Eternal Bliss

Spirit shows us very strongly – they hooked me back as I went to have a break from writing – that *it is when we become energetically clear* that we become an effortless channel to source energy.

If we ourselves are full of “baggage” we just get triggered from the power of light trying to reach through because it stirs up our inner “darkness”.

This is what Ascension is about and why it’s so important to *clear* the negativity and heaviness that comes up.

This is what I’ve been attempting to show you and empower you to do with my own methods – that it’s the only way to permanently resolve the negativity (Running/Chasing/Separation) caused by the Twin Flame “purge”.

And I know it’s why I was chosen to communicate with the Twin collective, because I had no prior vested interest or dogmatic alliance as regards Twin Flames and beliefs – so was open to receiving insights like this without judgment.

What I have learned above all is:

You are your own Master, your own Healer, your own Creator, your own Oracle, your own Guru, your own Leader, your own Love.

In this period, expect to either realize and welcome this, or expect be pushed by challenges and circumstances until you do.

If you’re ready to explore my gentle, happy method for energy clearing, accelerating Twin Flame Reunion and reaching up into joy and love – go here.


Why You Really Can “Mess Up” Your Twin Flame Connection

I saw something recently in social media that said you cannot ever “screw up” your Twin Flame connection, and that reunion is destined for all Twin Flames. This is false.

If you put negativity into the connection it will go haywire – try putting negativity into yourself, you have most likely already experienced this. If you berate and hurt yourself, love could not be further away.

Now consider this: Twin Flames are ancient mutual selves. What you put into the connection, is what you get back. You are always impacting each other, creating and affecting your dynamic, your timelines, your “destiny”.

It is not a matter of simply sitting back and waiting for the Divine to magic things right.

We are on a pioneering journey of love where we are constantly co-creating our experience. Not all Twin Flames will come together in this lifetime.

To have a look at a brand new session spirit asked me to channel, to help trigger awakening in so-called Unawakened Twins and uplift your shared timelines to bring about Reunion in the physical – go here.

twin flame awakening



Unconscious Flow Between Twin Flames

Come September 6th we have a Full Moon in Pisces, which turns up the emotional intensity all round.

Pisces is all about unconscious collective energies, so be vigilant with yourself now in order to avoid being pulled down by other people (the collective of humanity) and their emotions.

Most people live unaware of their own deeper feelings and shadows, so when we interact with them we just feel drained, heavy, triggered… Imagine the impact when you apply this to the nearly 8 billion people on earth, most of whom are untrained and unwilling to face their own shadows.

There is so much chaotic energy on this planet.

Many Twins will be picking up on their counterpart’s unconscious emotions right now. We’re now in the terrain where You become your Twin and they become you.

Pisces is in many ways the sign of Twin Flames – often symbolized as two fish who are always tail to head, always impacting one another in an inverted mirror of self.

If there’s negativity on your Twin Flame’s part – fear, shame, guilt, anger and so on – expect to notice this. Don’t mistake it for your own “stuff”

Instead, use the Complete Harmony Healing to cleanse out the negativity to benefit you both. And make sure you shield yourself now.

Complete harmony Healing Tool




Do You Have Inner “Room” For Reunion And Love?

Mercury entering Virgo later this week echoes this wisdom – be more discerning in what you allow into your mind, your world. Your happiness greatly depends on it.

Be pure within yourself, so you have “room” to feel the energies of happiness and love.

When we’re congested with collective energies and tangled up with all kinds of stuff – most often via social media, the internet, TV, and so on – there’s no room for the positivity we’re longing for.

Often, when we ask for love and Reunion, the Universe answers with – “make room for it”. Otherwise you can’t receive.

So in this Full Moon period, what habits, thoughts, feelings, energies, baggage (and spirit emphasizes “other people’s voices/words”) can you get rid of for good to have room to welcome love in?

Try my Free Energy Cleanse tool here to connect back to pure light and clear out this kind of congestion to make room for love!



There Are Always Second (And Third, And Fourth…) Chances

It doesn’t matter what’s come before or what we call it – when your energy shifts, your connection and your situation begin to shift too!

Learn how to uplift your Twin Flame connection into Love and Reunion with this step by step Vibrational Alignment Program I created after my Twin and I reached Union within 18 months of our first encounter.

You can read here about other Twins’ amazing experiences with the program – and know that no matter what’s happened before or what pain you’ve experienced, things really can change for the better! I’ve seen it happen time and time again.

I believe in you!

And until next time I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

“By using your energy healing tools my journey has shifted tremendously in a positive way. I am moving away from fear based energy and centering in the energy of unconditional love. Many blessings from a grateful heart! “

– Mayra, Kansas, USA

twin flame program

Want more? Download the Free Twin Flame Help Kit to get info on the Awakening code 11:11 and the Ascension process going on across the planet right now, plus a deep Alpha Level meditation to connect with your Twin Flame on the soul planes right now!

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  1. I have a lot of success clearing blocks using the karma clearing tool in the vibrational alignment program in the past few days since I have started it. I marvell at how easy it is to access your records like that and clear the emotions. Thank you Cassady. I used to think that I’m not made for meditation but when I used the tool answers came effortlessly and I’m being shown a lion and feel vibrations so that I can be brave in seeing the truth of my past lives.

  2. How do I know if someone is my twin flame? Sometimes the coincidences between me and my boyfriend seem too much, and we are so in tune with each other’s thoughts and feelings that it is creepy, but I do not know a lot about this.

  3. THANK YOU, Cassady, for your welcome input about “mission!!!” I’ve come to kind of detest the way it’s talked about, nearly universally, in the community as this huge…yes, BURDEN…we’ve been charged with, especially when a person has no clue what she’s supposed to do. I’ve beaten myself up badly enough for the last thirty years or so for not knowing my true vocation or calling. The more the “experts” hammer home that I should take focus off the connection and “focus on mission” the worse I feel! This makes so much more sense for my particular situation and temperament. Having been born to missionaries of sorts I was already well programmed to think I needed to save everyone and to feel a burden of guilt for not dedicating my life to a cause.

  4. WOW!!! how accurate this is for me, all of it. I agree with how many healers and lightworkers have been wrong, I have seen this myself and thought this is not right it is from a human point. I’m taking care of a baby kitten and afraid and this is from a human point and I’m knocking out that ego human thought by feeding this baby kitten. I never thought I would do it but I am..

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