Are You Moving Forward Or Back? Mercury Retrograde Brings Unfinished Business… But “Soul Collaborations” Show Up To Help You Along The Way. Plus, Massive Karmic Recalibration…

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:

New Moon in Libra pushes us to see a secret team effort working to help the Twin Flames, and open to love. 

Plus, Mercury Retrograde continues and Mars/Sun bring a massive infusion of energy. But are you using the momentum wisely?

Discover more below!

Feeling A Bit Weird Lately?

We have a very busy and impactful week ahead, with two planets going direct, a “double new moon” and HUGE energy and intensity…

Mars and the Sun are currently “teamed up” in Libra and it can trigger irritability, stress, conflicts “over nothing”. 

It’s a similar energy to Mars Retrograde and you may even experience feeling extra tired or amped up – or even your tummy feeling upset.

This is because Mars rules the Solar Plexus, and it’s being stirred up strongly right now.

Recalibrating The Solar Plexus

Old material and outworn programming is being pushed up so we get a chance to release it and move forward on a higher level of wellness, harmony and light.

The solar plexus and Mars also deal with separation and self vs other programming, so clashes can unfortunately happen.

It can trigger issues for Twin Flames, so keep a cool head!

For best results clear your chakras consciously, so you don’t get shaken up with purging and flaring up of separation based problems.

It’s important to  note that if we act on the old baggage that comes up or “buy into it”, it unfortunately stays in our system and connection.

We have to consciously make the shift happen in order to fully release.

(Have a look here for more on the solar plexus chakra)


Double New Beginning In Love

Keep in mind, we are still in Mercury Retrograde, and this colours the atmosphere this whole week as well.

It means people might be upset – but it’s not about the now moment… It’s the past being stirred up. We may be faced with incomplete projects, reevaluation and other situations of “tidying up loose ends”. An ex may even show up during this time…

We’re being given a chance to adjust our state – so we don’t manifest problems, stress or dissatisfaction on repeat.

(More on Mercury Retrograde and its effect on the Twin Flame connection here)

Therefore, this is a good week to go within…

Mars/Sun: You OK With This Many “Horse Powers”?

However, because the Sun is conjunct Mars as mentioned, it will likely be harder than usual.

This transit is like going from being on batteries to being plugged into 100 extra horse powers!

Mars is the planet of action, aggression, initiative, courage and the Masculine and in his highest form he brings inspiration, creativity and forward momentum.

However, it can be tricky to channel, as it’s intense.

Things to watch out for are arguments over “nothing”, unnecessary conflict and irritation.

(For help, use the Twin Flame Harmony Healing)

Complete harmony Healing Tool

Click here to read more

Major Forward Strides

But at its BEST, this transit will help you make major strides forward.

It’s a good idea to channel it into something concrete – projects, exercise plans, creations…

Especially something incomplete from the past, because of Mercury Retrograde.

Focus on something constructive…

So you don’t inadvertently have things blow over into arguments or “battles” — because everyone ELSE will be responding to this energy too.

Tread a little more lightly than usual, because you and others might have a shorter fuse than you normally do.

A-Ha Moments, Revelations

In good news, Mars conjunct the Sun also indicates we’re being SHOWN our own Ego patterns, they’re being highlighted.

So if you get triggered, angry, irritated or something else unpleasant or negative this week, don’t just let it bother you.

CLAIM the gift in it!

Write it out. Journal on it. WHY is a person/situation upsetting to you? What’s the DEEPER issue, fear or perception?

For example: If you feel angry at someone in your life holding up your progress with their lack of understanding or effort…

Let’s go deeper on that. What’s the belief under it?

(It’s likely a fear that time will run out, or that you will miss out on something by being slowed down…)

Secret “Soul Favors”

In their essence, these are Ego fears.

Because you are an infinite SOUL, and when you focus on time as running out, that’s exactly what you tend to magnify in your experience.

So from that “divine perspective” can you see, that the slow or annoying or XYZ person…

Might actually be doing you a SOUL FAVOR by highlighting the inner issue?

By mirroring this inner shadow fear to you?

In other words, their soul is showing up something that you need to become AWARE of!

And by doing that, you can now release it, clear those fears and you will no longer be attracting more of those cycles of feeling blocked or stopped by others!

(For more help with this process, go here, where I take you step by step through deep inner work to heal your connection – gently, and with light and love.

Anchoring in harmony on a higher level)

twin flame

twin flame cassady testimonial 2021

Mirror Of Healing

October 6th we have a powerful New Moon in Libra…

Libra is all about our relationship with others. Partnership. Harmony. And we’re shown that we can improve our lives right now, if we shift this one tiny thing:

If we can realize that others are actually trying to HELP us as souls…

By showing up inner shadows, so we can face and HEAL them.

In this way, we can begin to see that challenges may actually be SIGNPOSTS. Outer mirrors, which are actually trying to HELP us.

And as you may know, this is exactly what happens with Twin Flames in the Mirror dynamic of the two counterparts.

Twin Flame Mirror Exercise

For this New Moon it would be HIGHLY powerful to go through this.

– How is your Twin (or someone else) triggering or challenging you?
– And what underlying belief or shadow is it showing up for you?
– Who gave you that belief originally, or where did you take it on from?

Now RELEASE it – to open up to more harmony, love, ease, your desires… (For help with this, go here and use the Free Twin Flame Energy cleanse)


If you deal with the connection from THIS perspective it becomes an invisible COLLABORATION.

It becomes team work! And that’s exactly what Libra is all about.

Powerful New Moon In Libra

With this New Moon we have the chance for a new beginning in relationships…

But forgiveness and seeing that we are not truly opposed with other people, is key. Look for the “soul collaboration”.

This opens to the harmony and balance Libra “wants” for us. In fact, it can open up your entire path where things have been stuck.

Allowing Differences

We’re shown that Twin Flame wholeness is in this period being nudged to come through ALLOWING your counterpart room for their OWN experience.

Allowing others their space to be different.

Be aware that this might be tricky right now, however, because of Mars conjunct Sun. Separation and opposition consciousness may be triggered due to Mars being so strong, so make sure you clear it.

(I help you with that here)

Because conflict/opposition/judgment unfortunately only bring more of the same.

Pluto Direct — “Lightening The Mood”!

Also on October 6th, we have Pluto going direct for the first time in months.

This is good news, as the healing process will become less intense and it will be easier to make forward progress again.

Pluto Retrograde tends to bring a deep “self detox” where we are pushed to confront our own shadows,repressed fears and issues…

So that we don’t keep repeating the same negative cycles based in old wounds.

Now, the “phantom traumas” will become less intense — provided you have done your inner work.

(If you have kept repressing them and opting for “spiritual bypassing” your outer situation won’t be able to fully shift, even now, but it may take time for you to realize that… via OUTER blocks…)

True Spiritual Work Vs Bypassing

Pluto “reminds us”: Shadow work is ALWAYS part of the spiritual journey and indeed life. We cannot pretend our way to wholeness, love and wellness.

Where there are inner toxins, there are outer problems. So hopefully you’ve resolved any inner causes now, so your outer situation shifts into a higher state.

Remember: “As within, so without”.

For help, get a FREE quiz here to determine what energy vibration you are really in and what deeper wounds might be around — are you open to love and unity? Or aligned with struggle?


New Themes In Love — Venus In Sagittarius

October 7th we shift into a new chapter in love and relationships, as Venus enters Sagittarius.

This brings a less heavy mood than this recent month.

Venus in Sagittarius is all about adventurousness, fun and reaching for the stars. We’re shown a theme these coming weeks, is remembering how short life is.

 To not stay on the sidelines waiting — but to aim your highest and work to make your dream happen.

Taking risks for love. Betting on yourself. Believing in yourself.

Themes are freedom, optimism and higher perspectives. The wisdom Sagittarius imparts, is that optimism is far from foolish. In fact, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Freedom vs Commitment

As Venus moves through Sagittarius, we could be facing a challenge, though:

How can we be in Love and “committed” in a relationship without becoming tied down and limited?

Boundaries and expectations are put to the test now.

Really, we’re dealing with an expansion of love and relationship programming – shifting out of the “3D” into the “5D” (More details on what that means here)

Lovers’ Paradise

And we may be reminded that loving someone from a place of need or control, is actually a low vibration attachment which holds back the Union/Reunion process.

True love comes from a place of giving and joy – the high vibrations. Confidence in the love and the connection.

The answer to this push and pull lies within – it’s all about perspective.

When we are free from fear and trauma, we don’t feel threatened by allowing someone else freedom anymore…

And the paradox of this is that when we do, they tend to CHOOSE to stay.

Resolving Distrust and Hurt

If there are issues around jealousy, insecurity, distrust, infidelity or other negatives in your Twin Flame connection – remember these are due to an energetic and emotional imbalance.

You can clear them on the energy level for a massive shift into harmony.

And remember – you can never truly lose your other self. So clear that fear!

twin flame runner

Ceres Retrograde

October 8th Ceres goes Retrograde, signalling that we’re going within when it comes to the manifestation process.

We’re shown, often we end up pushing to manifest something for a long time…

And only when we take the time to go within, do we realize we’re not truly excited by the goal or feel it’s TRULY guided anymore.

Now we’re getting to “go back to the drawing board” and reevaluate our goals and manifestations. And we’re told, it’s OK when this happens!

Re-evaluating Goals

It means we’ve GROWN. It means we’ve expanded our perspective, reached higher into our potential. It’s a natural part of the process.

So go within and get more clarity now. It will serve you down the line.

When you truly feel inspired on a soul level about a goal, it tends to come to you with much more ease…

Than when it’s an “ego desire” that you don’t truly FEEL excited about in your whole being.

For more on manifestation, have a look here.


Saturn Direct, Mercury Retrograde Involvement

Finally this week, on October 10th, we have Saturn Direct!

This happens during Lilith R conjunct Uranus R …AND Mercury moving backwards over the Sun — for the third Mercury Retrograde in a row…

It’s a LOT. Try to take a deep breath and flow with whatever happens this weekend.

This weekend is HIGHLY significant due to all these major involvements.

What it shows us is this, your perspective on yourself is changing, or it is being pushed to.

ESPECIALLY if you’re female. And regarding relationships. Uranus is the ruler of androgyny and Lilith the “shadow karmic feminine”, while Saturn is the “lord of karma”.

Releasing Karmic Identities

So we’re in a KEY time dealing with a release process of old KARMIC identities and timelines. You could even say they are being forcibly broken apart.

Spirit says, we are being guided to enter our own INNER wholeness. Union of our own inner Masculine and Feminine polarities.

Because this is the true nature of the soul. The “Hieros Gamos”

Which makes us a match to Twin Flame unity in the physical.

Consciousness Blackout

So there is a breaking point now, a “blackout” of perspectives and IDENTITY.

With Mercury moving Retrograde across the Sun conjunct Mars, it’s likely you ARE operating on the old karmic identities and the 3D model of perception now in some way…

And you don’t realize it!

That you see yourself in terms of limitation and separation. And it’s because of the past, and society’s messages.

NOTICE how you are experiencing your Twin Flame connection, life, yourself this weekend into next week. Because they are expressions of the past. 

(For help, this is my key recommendation as it clears deep karmic shadow timelines and toxic male/female conflict programming)

Themes For Late November

Later this month when Mercury moves direct, you will likely “see” differently and more clearly. And, as Mercury DIRECT later joins the Sun on/around November 24th in Sagittarius.

In short, there is a refinement of perspective happening – along with a triggering of old karmic templates now…

And the “payoff” or “growth point” is set to arrive over the coming 6 weeks. IF you do your inner work and understand what’s going on.

Root Templates

Pay attention to how you see yourself, speak about yourself and interact with others now, spirit is advising.

This will be illuminating and will show you some of the root causes of any challenges — which have not truly been YOURS to begin with.

They’ve been an expression of the old karmic templates of opposition and separation.

Starting Over

Now, we get to start over.

Make sure you deal with this on a deeper inner level, because this is some of the most advanced energy work we do — working with templates, karma, timelines and ancestral programming.

I help you with it here in this channeled session I was asked to share.

Above all, this is a time for flipping your perspective. For re-framing. Of entering into wholeness on a new level — embracing both your own inner “selves”…

Aligning with the union of the SOUL…

In order to open to lasting, OUTER harmony.

Stay strong and remember who you are!

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey <3

Cassady x

“Your Vibrational Alignment program and Harmony Healing have been so valuable to me and I use them daily. I also use the Higher Heart session weekly. Thank you!!! My Twin Flame and I reconnected again in a way that was better than I ever could have imagined.” – Joy, California, USA

Read more testimonials here

twin flame program

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