Buildup To 11/11…The Universe Gets Involved To Dismantle Ego Blocks And Open To A Higher State. Activating Your Inner Soul Mastery…


Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:

Mercury continues Retrograde, pressure builds for new state in next week’s 11/11 Gateway, Masculine Ego patterns Challenged to open Twins to Love and Unity in the physical…

What shadow timelines have you aligned with on “default”?

Discover more below!

The Power Of Choice – Re-Aligning Reality

This is set to be a week of tying up loose ends and going through a process that will reach a payoff and break open in next week’s 11/11 gateway.

Tension is building but be careful you don’t buy into the “illusion” of 3D reality.

You now have the chance to re-evaluate the past and habitual ways of seeing and experiencing the world, and to soon “opt out” of an outworn, limited version of self and life.

Use your higher choice this week. Stay in your power of awareness, don’t allow the collective unconsciousness (lack of awareness that we are souls in bodies).

Work to remember that you’re here for a reason, that the universe is really working FOR you even when it seems like there are challenges.

This will help you open to a new state next week, aligning with higher timelines and “upleveling” for the long run.

Turning The Ship Around – Twins Affecting Each Other

Spirit is keen to share with us that when one Twin aligns with a higher timeline, the counterpart is automatically “opted in” to this higher state and path too.

Nothing happens in isolation with Twin Flames. Everything you do, impacts the other.

And the amazing thing is that choices, thoughts, feelings made from a state of love and light are always more impactful and powerful than those made from darkness.

Because light is creative, expansive, whereas “darkness” is contractive.

What state are you and your Twin Flame connection in? Are you aligned with love or affected by the karmic human patterns of “struggle”? Click here to take the quiz and find out.


Mercury Retrograde – Confusion, Identity In Question…

As Mercury is still in retrograde, moving “backwards” through Scorpio, we have a feeling of confusion. You may be questioning previous choices, even wondering who you really are.

With Uranus still opposing the sun we see there’s a reworking of identity in progress.

You may be feeling like you’re not quite sure who you are anymore, what you really want and what would make you happy… Even, whether that’s possible at all.

Don’t worry. Spirit shows us, that this is a part of the process of breaking down and dismantling the “small self”, the habitual human limitations, so the “higher self” can rise forth more and more.

It’s OK to feel confused right now. Let it float away. Relax into the knowing that it all serves a purpose.

Remember that it’s only the human part of you, the “learned self”, who is confused and unsure. Your infinite light self, your higher self, always knows the truth about the path forwards.

Karmic Feminine Fields, Shadow Timelines Triggered For Release…

As mentioned we do have some heaviness and challenges this week, building up to a release with the 11/11 gateway.

Monday Neptune R and Lilith R couple up in Neptune, signalling we’re dealing with karmic material from the past regarding the historical HUMAN feminine and spirituality.

This deals with the shadow material that’s stored in the collective feminine fields we’re tapped into through our biological bodies.

A lot of these are “shadow timelines”, latent grids many fall into out of not realizing they have a choice. In these inherited societal “shadow timelines”, conflict and disappointment are the norm.

Dealing with spirituality, dreams, hopes and wishes, this conjunction is likely to trigger everywhere you feel like true love is NOT possible, where you feel like the universe doesn’t help you or listen to you, that males are supported, loved and have an “easier life” than you…

But remember, this is the past speaking. (Read more about Timelines here)

Do not let it become a self fulfilling prophecy by allowing it to express through your body and attract life experiences that resonate with that disappointment and betrayal.

Above all, don’t accept the collective identity of “biological woman” or “biological man” as the truth about you. Because this is how it becomes active in your field.

You are so much more, you are an infinite soul!

One Soul In Two Bodies

Spirit reminds us, Twin Flames are ONE. Forget about men and women and backgrounds and genders.

We are identical, in fact, on a higher level we are one consciousness divided – one soul in two bodies.

If things are turning to the historical human stories of “man vs woman”, i.e. infidelity, letdowns, betrayal, lack of responsibility, the female working hard while the male seemingly doesn’t bother…

…It’s your system working to show you that these “karmic recipes” are active in your field.

Do make sure you clear those “blueprints of opposition” so you can lift your journey into a state of harmony and love the way you came here to do. Don’t get stuck playing out the old human stories and timelines, because we are here for so much more!

That’s why it feels so heavy and frightening when we get into those loops. Our whole system is crying out that it’s “wrong!”

I take you through clearing it here and we enlist your Twin’s higher self’s help and support for your journey back to a physical reunion.


“I have done the new union session 2 weekends in a row now and it has truly made a huge difference…me and my Twin are laughing together again…we had been arguing for so long…now I feel there is new fresh energy running through my body and I feel like I’m floating on air every time I do the unity meditation…it is so beautiful…thank you so much…” – Diane

Click here to learn more and download

Issues That Were Never Really “Yours”

Happening in Pisces, this challenging conjunction means your dreams are likely to show you where this has been affecting you.

Material from the past, especially your female relatives and how they “showed you” what it meant to be female.

Pay attention, because you can really untangle any lasting challenges right now. The key is, they were never really “yours”!

They were “passed onto you” by other females who didn’t know any better. Those who were “unawakened”.

And if you’re the biologically male Twin, know that any challenges right now are rooted in the feminine Twin’s programming pushed onto them by the “old world”.

Hold the intention for them that they are free from this, that they are an infinite being of light and that you love them no matter what. They will FEEL it even if they don’t realize what’s going on.

Challenges Directed To Open Masculine Twin To Love…

Come Tuesday but active in the background the whole week, we have a square between Mars and Pluto – from Libra to Capricorn.

We’re shown that the universe is working to eradicate the UNDERLYING factors that have kept many males in a state of social “lack of loyalty”, where they have been “programmed” to seek intimacy from a state of ego satisfaction…

Pluto shows us, those behaviors which have become common for many males – a “recipe” or “blueprint” of self – and indeed have become a stereotype that locks them into that very behavior…

Those behaviors have come from an inner state of not feeling ENOUGH. That they have to impress others, especially other men and authority figures.

The bravado and machismo comes from an inner feeling that they are not enough as they are. That they have to PROVE themselves worthy through dominance over others, especially females.

(Read more about the Higher Truth of the Masculine in this channeled Message From The Divine Masculine)

divine masculine twin soul

How Is The Universe Rattling Your Counterpart…?

We’re shown especially that the universe and this transit is working to dismantle the DEEP misunderstanding and illogical habit of perception that so many men share…

Which is the 3D perception that LOVE means to be WEAK in some way.

The planets are practically shaking their heads, at how destructive and wrong this belief is … And how much hurt it brings to both the person operating from it, and others involved.

In this period, we’re actually shown many males being brought face to face with their own mortality in some ways, in order to re-shape this belief.

Some may experience family members sick or passing away. Some may observe an accident on the freeway, see a news clip with refugee children suffering. Some may be brought to a state of feeling that they are about to lose what’s important to them…

If your Twin has been living out of that old ego state, KNOW that they are experiencing something to this effect in this period. To wake them up from Ego.

Dismantling Masculine Ego To Open To Love

The purpose of all of this is to rattle their misunderstood belief. To shake them up on a deeper level to let go of that old perception that love is weakness.

To prod them to FEEL on a PRIMAL deep level, that LOVE is all that matters.That LOVE is strength, the only true eternal power. That LOVE is the truth about who they ARE.

To dismantle from an “underground” state, the hold of the fear-based Ego self. And with this process, to bring them into contact with their own heart again.

Because their heart has been TRYING to guide them to their counterpart. To true, lasting, blissful, satisfying love. But they have kept the heart closed out of fear and this belief that love is weak.

The goal of this transit is, that when the persons are brought face to face with the feeling of losing what’s important to them, they will RECALIBRATE and tap into what truly matters.

And this will then show clear as day who is not really a love partner, who is there for convenience, what goals they have been seeking due to ego fears, and so on.

Detoxing Beliefs To Rise Into Higher Knowing – The True Infinite Self

And as this light is re-ignited in their heart, they will recognize their true counterpart more and more. Begin to gravitate toward them.

To help them with this process and avoid the ego triggering, helping them rise into a state of light without all the resistance breaking out, have a look at this article with resources for dealing with an Unawakened Twin.


Pluto “shows us” that what is happening with the Masculine in this period is instrumental in dismantling the Ego power which has effectively obscured their higher knowing.

This is yet another part of the breaking down the old and outworn, so the new and higher state can rise forth.

If you are an Aries or Aries dominant, you will likely experience themes of this in your own life. It doesn’t have to be dangerous, but know that the universe is working to show you what truly matters right now – by shining the light on what does not.

Clashes With Authority – Who Has Had Your Counterpart Tangled Up In Battles Behind The Scenes?

There is a confrontation set to be happening this week, likely with an authority figure in the Masculine/Aries Twin’s life.

The Masculine Twin is set to be feeling emotionally vulnerable. If they lash out, it’s due to inner fear, not anything you’re doing wrong.

Power issues are flaring up. The universe is blocking the Masculine’s old ways of interacting with others.

It’s as if the Masculine Twin has been transported back to a childhood issue – spirit shows us, that an old issue is “replicated” in the now world around “him”, triggering the old emotions and hurts – so that he can release it for good.

We see that this has to do with the emancipation of the Masculine. Helping them to ascend into a higher state, as the divine self (learn more about this here).

Many men have conflict with their fathers as they feel denied the position of authority in their own lives as long as the father figure lives and holds judgment over them.

What Is Holding Many Masculine Twins Back From Fully Awakening…

As long as the Masculine is locked in this childhood power struggle with another male (perhaps authority figures in general) he is not fully available and open to the love that exists with his mirror soul.

This issue must be resolved. It’s as if half of him has been tied up in an ongoing battle, and it’s kept him in the dark, in conflict energies and resistance.

Spirit suggests assisting your Masculine Twin at this time by addressing their inner child directly. (Go here for a specially designed Inner Child Healing for Twin Flames.) This will help them heal the wound for good, and unconsciously discovering you to be by their side and caring about them, they will open up in a whole new way.

With the feeling of another Masculine figure constantly pushing them, they kept their heart closed out of self defense.

Helping them to open up will help both you and your Twin.

Nothing Is As It Seems – The “False 3D Reality” Flaring Up In The Face Of Light…

Remember again, that this week’s challenges are designed to bring things to a head for a new state to rise forth in next week’s 11/11 gateway. When “darkness” senses light incoming, it can flare up.

This is happening with the “old reality” now, as we prepare to lift higher. Old issues seem to flare up. Fuel up with light and release density, judgments, heaviness and conflict.

Don’t “buy into” what’s going on right now. Clear your energy and your Twin’s of any density and ego material rising (I take you through it here), and focus on a higher perspective. Remember you are both infinite beings.

Supernatural Twin Flame Experiences On The Rise

Thursday-Friday and over the weekend we have a strong current for “supernatural” Twin Flame experiences as the Sun trines Neptune R from Scorpio to Pisces.

Dream activity, astral experiences, telepathy and more is heightened. However, this time we’re facing some complications.

Because during the transit, we also have Lilith in conjunction with Neptune, bringing the “disappointments of the karmic historical feminine” into the picture again, as in early this week.

Plus, the Moon conjuncts Chiron the wounded healer at the beginning of Aries, which tends to trigger unhealed wounds regarding self vs other and past rejections….

Opting Out Of The “Human Stories”…

Take a deep breath and know that there is always a higher state available to you. Have a look at this article, which will be a helpful anchor right now – “What If Everything Was Perfect Exactly As It Is?”

Don’t buy into the “stories” around. There IS a higher perspective and a higher state of being.

You truly can “opt out” of the drama. Be mindful not to “buy a ticket to” the typical human stories of hardship, male/female conflict etc.

How do you do that? You choose to not judge.

Because when we judge, we anchor into something. When we accept something as true or inevitable, we “accept” that version of reality into our field and it begins to play out as “real” in our lives.

We end up with negative attachments (learn more about that in the Vibrational Alignment Program class 8)

vibrational alignment program module 8

Are You A Starseed? Twin Flame Mastery And The Reason You’re Here…

Be mindful right now that you are only engaging with what you want more of. Neptune “shows us”, make sure we don’t make the same mistake as others have done, by expecting that pain, disappointment and hardship is inevitable or are “just how life is”.

We Twin Flames are here to guide humanity into a new era of unity consciousness.

We are not here to re-experience humanity’s old “recipes for living”.

In fact, we were enlisted and volunteered to come here BECAUSE we had already mastered unity consciousness, forgiveness and love, in other states, in other places of the universe.

(If you are a so-called Starseed, so is your Twin, and you are both here SPECIFICALLY to assist humanity to rise into a higher state.)

Your Soul’s Eternal Inner Wisdom

The journey becomes hard when we mistake ourselves for being limited. When we forget that we are infinite.

Inside of you, your soul has already prepared for your union, for your love and your illuminated life as an “awakened” person. (Learn about how to tap into your soul’s blueprint, the path there)

The life of a truly awakened person is filled with light and positivity. That is who you ARE deep down. Your Twin too, no matter what they are experiencing and how they think of themselves as a human being.

11:11 – Why So Many People Are “Waking Up” Spiritually

We live in a universe made up of energy. Nothing is truly solid, that’s a scientifically proven fact. (To go deeper, read this article). Life is so much more malleable than most humans believe.

Consciousness is creative – when we believe something to be true and inevitable that’s what we create “by default”.

We are here to do more, to be more, to rise into a higher state than humanity has ever seen. That’s why so many of us are “waking up”. But many fall off the path of awakening, and end up entrenched in the age-old 3D ego conflicts of self vs other.

Right now, we are being rattled to remember.

This is a pivotal time, where we are being confronted with the darkness and the illusion of humanity’s stories, to wake us up to the truth about who we REALLY are. Light. Eternal. Infinite.

As we approach the 11/11 gateway this coming week, it’s all about alignment and knowing of self.

11:11, the Awakening Code. Remember who you are.

Cassady x

“I started with your free toolkit and immediately felt results so much that I had to get the Vibrational Alignment Program and wow! I’ve been doing it consistently and I love the energy clearings and exercises. I feel lighter and my twin and I are so much closer. Every day gets better and better. And since my vibration has become higher and higher, I’m attracting in wonderful opportunities and amazing abundance as well. I’m so grateful for your work, Cassady. Thank you!” “

– Jessica N. California, USA

twin flame program

Want more? Download the Free Twin Flame Help Kit to get info on the awakening code 11:11 and the Ascension process going on across the planet right now, plus a deep Alpha Level meditation to connect with your Twin Flame on the soul planes!

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