twin-flame-scorpioLove In The New World. Has “The Great Divider” Got Under Your Skin? Spiritual Bypassing And Inner Shamanic Journeys For Unity…

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:

Powerful Full Moon in Scorpio pushes for deep healing of repressed shadows, North Node enters Gemini, and Saturn goes retrograde in Aquarius for the first time in 38 years… A week for major transformations, opening to authentic wholeness and love…

Discover more below!

Heading Into Uncharted Waters

Things are starting to feel unsettled over the next couple of months – still we have the major planetary forces Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter huddled up between Capricorn and Aquarius, pushing for deep and lasting changes…

That we in essence bring the world into a new and brighter era. Where harmony and love are in focus.

And as you may remember from earlier articles on this site, that’s exactly what we Twin Flames are here for.

We are here as emissaries of light, to seed in high vibrational light codes of unity consciousness on earth.

To – mostly unnoticeably – guide humanity into a new era of unity. This is why we as one original soul chose to divide, because we knew the journey would be one back to each other, to journey to unconditional love…

From separation to unity. The exact cosmic lesson humanity is learning – to see the connectedness in everything. To see the self in the “other” and to embrace this unity in forgiveness and light.

Discover The “Great Divider” Vs “The Great Unifier”

If you can forgive your Twin and hold them in unconditional light right now, you are doing what you came here for. And you will notice physical reality beginning to mirror this back to you more and more.

Love is the key, love is the path, love is who we are. It’s all about love. Love is the great unifier.

Fear is the great divider. When we align with fear, judgment and anger, we “invite in” separation. When we see the self in our Twin, when we forgive, when we embrace them for all they are, no matter what they are…

Seeing the light in them beyond the ego… We activate and invite in and make love the only reality. This is what it’s all about.

Know that we came here for this. This is the mission.

Union Of Heart And Soul

This is the solution. This is the way into the “new earth”. The choice of unity. To clear out the old karmic conflict content that can make this so hard to do, to cleanse away the programming that may have kept your counterpart away from you…

And to experience true union of heart and soul… Go here. I’ll show you, step by step. Your Twin’s Higher Self is waiting to support you more and more back to a shared experience of blissful love. Reunion.


“I have done the new union session 2 weekends in a row now and it has truly made a huge difference…me and my Twin are laughing together again…we had been arguing for so long…now I feel there is new fresh energy running through my body and I feel like I’m floating on air every time I do the unity meditation…it is so beautiful…thank you so much…” – Diane

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Changing Minds… Gemini Influence

This week, we have a number of major cosmic transits. The North Node moves into Gemini and Venus is about to turn retrograde in the same sign. This causes instability and changing perspectives.

You want to feel free, and a moment later you wonder why can’t you get closer? People are full of contradictions at the best of times – the way past this is to strip away the superficial and examine what your feelings really are.

The true purpose of this transit is to help us release the stuckness of mind… To release attachment so we open to a higher state. New ways of seeing things.

Spirit comments, to discover we are not quite who we thought we are. Opening to more.

Deep Full Moon In Scorpio

On May 7th we have a powerful Full Moon in Scorpio, which is one of the deepest, most intense and transformative Full Moon cycles we have in the zodiac.

You’ll likely notice the buildup of pressure a few days to a week beforehand as the density in your system is triggered to stir to the surface for a release at the Full Moon.

If you feel bad, remember to use the Free Energy Cleanse tool here as it will work wonders. It will clear out heaviness, and infuse your system with new light.

Free-Twin-Flame-Help-KitI receive so many messages from Twins who’ve experienced “miracles” from this simple 9 minute tool – including countless runners getting back in touch or returning after this was used.

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Secrets, Jealousy, Fear… What Shadows Are Showing Up?

The Full Moon in Scorpio tends to drag up deep secrets and fears we’ve been hiding and repressing – so that we can release them once and for all.

Jealousy, fear, shame, sexual issues, power abuse and secrets are notoriously icky areas of the Scorpio domain.

If you think back over the past few days you might realize there’s been an undertone of this around, especially between you and your Twin Flame.

A push and pull between the conscious, physical reality and the unconscious emotional content we all carry around with us whether we realize it or not.

It’s as if the universe is forcing us once and for all to release some of the heaviest and most uncomfortable emotions and secrets we have been holding onto.

(Read more here in the Twin Flame Mirror Paradox)


Dealing With “Spiritual Bypassing”…

Darkness of all kinds are likely to rise up. The ugliness we may have been pushing down in our OWN selves… The resentment, the anger, the disgust, the judgment… Scorpio’s wisdom is, we can’t just pretend something isn’t real.

“Spiritual Bypassing” – disregarding negativity that’s in us and forcing ourselves to ignore fear and darkness rather than healing it – is not OK on Scorpio’s watch.

***Authentic light is not merely trying to cover up darkness**.

If darkness, density, heaviness is in us, it’s in us. And we have to clear it, most things don’t disappear at the stroke of a wand or because we want it to. (That’s a major Law of Attraction lesson many have discovered through frustration and letdowns).

This Full Moon is putting the pressure on so we can truly recognize the shadows in us… Because otherwise, how will they heal?

If we’re looking the other way, they fester and affect our alignment in “secret”.

Powerful Time For Deep Healing…

This is a powerful time for deep healing. It may not be pleasant but it will be deep and lasting, and where darkness is healed, light fills in.

Spirit’s input is that SO MANY Twins are avoiding their own darkness… And wondering why things don’t work out with their counterpart. Well, that’s why. Read more here.

The great news is that this intense energetic push and release around the Scorpio Full Moon will benefit us for the future – holding onto the past was actually holding us all back from moving forward.

In this cosmic project of Ascension, the heavy baggage must be dropped for us to rise up into the vibration of love and be ready for Twin Flame Union and personal freedom and empowerment.

Un-Blinding Your Third Eye And Crown…

May 11th another one of the major planets turns to go retrograde. As Saturn stations, there’s edginess in the “air”. It’s common to feel destabilized and a sense of discomfort, constriction.

Now he’s in Aquarius for the first time in over 38 years, we have a slightly different experience than in recent years. Over these next months, “his” focus is on un-blinding our higher faculties.

Saturn’s effect involves cutting away what doesn’t serve a higher purpose, so he’s famously unpleasant to deal with but now you know what’s going on you’ll find it easier.

Clearing out old “rules” and beliefs we assumed were correct but that were blocking our faculties, such as the third eye and our higher chakras and connection to the divine.

(I help you with this here, to greatly ease and speed up this process, so you don’t have to do this in hard “lesson learning” in your physical life. When you use your divine gift as a soul of light, you can smoothly shift into a higher state without the “real time” hard work).

Opting In To A Higher Reality… New Timelines

Nothing is set in stone, is Saturn’s message. The very reality we live in is being put up for questioning now… So that we can formulate a new truth, a better version of life individually and collectively.

An ancient astrological name for Saturn is “the karmic teacher”, a planet whose energies denote restriction and limitation; for the direct purpose of clearing what has not served us well. Learning lessons.

Spirit also shows us, pre-life karma coming up to be resolved for many. Starseed lifetimes becoming activated in your system. It can also mean positive “memories” of togetherness and latent soul gifts.

(Access this info and power via the Higher Dimensional Anchoring And Activation)

twin flame awakening

Living As “Two In One”…

And with the Twin Flame pairs, everything is double sided – we are both learning lessons and balancing our inner energies as individuals, but also learning and balancing our dynamic between us.

Keep this in mind as any heavy energy comes up to confront you over the next few months – How has this kept me from wholeness, both within and with my Twin Flame?

Since ancient times, spiritual teachers have been sharing the lesson of unity – separation is an illusion.

Give yourself respite by looking up and ahead.

What can you achieve once you learn to let go of the limitations of who you thought you were? What limiting beliefs about yourself do you still have that might be blocking or stopping you from truly opening up with your Twin Flame?

Chakra Upgrades – “New Earth” Ascension…

If there are karmic lessons left unlearned between you, they may rise up again over the next few months but it’s all for a greater purpose.

As earth goes through these powerful energetic shifts, we are releasing the heaviness and stagnation we’ve been unwittingly holding onto.

Childhood traumas, old disappointments, sadness we never truly got over.

We’re reminded that as we experience difficulty in life, we store these experiences as energy in our physical bodies, our minds and in our energetic body systems.

What will be happening over the next few months (and has been going on since the eclipses earlier this year) is an upgrade of the chakra systems in order to prepare us for increased light absorption.

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A Week For Major Transformations…

The focus right now is on cleansing the lower chakras (the root, sacral and solar plexus especially – concerning our physical lives and survival paradigms; sexuality, expression and safety; and personal power, intuition and creation) of any blockages and heaviness from the soul lines and ancestral lines.

This will enable us to lift our vibration higher once this period shifts into a more open and expansive theme.

This is set to be a week for deep healing and major transformations.

Open to the highest conception of who you are – infinite – and observe your life, yourself and your Twin Flame connection from that vantage point.

Now, what do you see? What do you release? What actions do you take?

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

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