The Universe Is Trying To Show You Your Power… Awakening To A Higher State, Lessons Of Patience, Major Shift For The Masculine Twin.

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:

Collective reform, shifting into a “new reality” for 2021 and beyond. What the Universe is trying to guide you to…

But will suspicion and secrets get between you and your Twin Flame?

Discover more below!

Energy “Hangover” From 2020

We head into the first full week of the new year with some intense energy around.

Things will begin to lighten into the coming weeks but we’re still dealing with a feeling of almost having a hangover from 2020.

There are residual energies. One of the keys is the Saturn Jupiter conjunction, which has been getting gradually milder since mid December but is still highly potent.

Having moved into Aquarius, this is like a massive push from the universe to get going on the “new reality”. (For help with this, have a look at this new resource)

A Line In The Sand…

Major changes and reform are happening in the world, it’s as if we’re forcibly not being allowed to go back to the past. A line in the sand has been drawn.

Things can never be the way they were. However, that will be to our benefit – in the long run.

Right now, we’re having to make an effort and CREATE that new and better state in many ways…

But once we’ve made that effort and created a new system, established a new timeline and reinforced that new state… It becomes easier and easier. Flow is coming, but you first have to claim the state of being that allows it.

Returning To INNER Light…

You may still have to work extra hard on your inner stuff, on alignment and mindset, but it won’t be long until it becomes second nature…

And then, you’ll flow easily at a higher state than before.

A square to Mars says, it’s not really about DOING much on the outside, it’s about returning to our INNER soul’s truth and nature. Light.

To release the outer beliefs, habits, the human static that’s caused distortions in life previously.

For Twin Flames, it’s about returning to the Twin Flame soul song by releasing the baggage we took on in life, that often has created problems.

Have a look at this brief video for an explanation of how it works in simple terms.

Extra Power On Your Side!

With Mercury conjunct Pluto you have immense willpower on your side to make these changes.

Integrating new habits, even taking up exercise or learning new skills such as mastering your mindset are heightened right now.

This will have effects that boost your entire year and your Twin Flame journey beyond.

Have a look at my full step by step program for Twin Flames here, for a powerful method to unity, involving energy mastery and major mindset shifts so many Twins usually miss out on.
twin flame program

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Beware Suspicion, Secrets, Shadows…

Spirit says, this transit is about reclaiming your power. Make sure you use the energy around right now for your benefit, as otherwise Pluto/Mercury can end up submerging you in suspicion, vengeance and other underlying fear based negativity.

In fact, the square to Mars shows this can end up happening with many Twins. Suspicions may rear their heads, ideas of secrets and betrayal… Remember it’s a “detox”, underlying toxins of some kind surfacing.

Pluto tends to reveal secrets, fears and power imbalances/abuse, for the highest good.

If you have bad dreams involving your Twin Flame at this time, know it’s likely expressing underlying fears in your system.

Clear out the fear, and you’ll feel and be able to receive the true love in the connection once more.

Read more about interpreting Twin Flame dreams here.

twin flame dreams
Artist Irina Vitalievna Karkabi

The “Real World” Blocking Your Highest Desires?

Coloring the mood this whole week we have some challenges between Jupiter/Saturn and Neptune, and the North Node.

This tells us there’s tension between spiritual guidance/soul path and responsibilities in the “real world”.

Spirit highlights, that many look at the world or their physical situation and see only how hard it looks to reunite… Or they see how far away their dream come true seems.

This is all about perception. And we’re shown we don’t always have to FEEL guided or know the exact truth about the situation.

Sometimes, we DO have to focus on simply taking the practical steps in front of us. Action. Trust.

The Next Best Step…

To physically implement what we’ve learned or have been shown previously.

And to have faith that guidance will show up again and there’s a reason for it. To make the best of what’s right in front of us.

Sometimes, the next best step is simply to go within. To be good to yourself.

To do what’s necessary in your life here and now, whether that’s to handle your taxes or clean your house.

To keep taking action on your inner work, knowing it will begin to create outer shifts even if they’re not instant.

We do live in the physical world. If we can embrace that, our journey flows because we stop resisting…

Guidance, Intuition.

I know it can be tricky to stay in touch with guidance and really know what your intuition, your guidance is telling you and nudging you toward.

So I created this powerful oracle resource for Twin Flames, with channeled messages and shifts, to help you stay on track.

These challenges with Neptune and the North Node also indicate that you’re best served by following your intuition and proven methods.

There may be disruptive, negative sources of info that have gotten into your mind and caused confusion or blocks.

You may have taken on beliefs about Twin Flames that are causing blocks, or gotten involved with Twins online who may be pushing you away from your true soul’s path.

Listen to your hunches. You know what this is regarding. Stay in your light. (Again this ties in with Pluto, revealing secrets and power issues).

Major Shift For The Masculine Twin

On January 6th Mars enters Taurus, completing his almost year long time “at home” in Aries.

This last cycle has been incredibly intense for the Masculine polarity and Aries natives.

It’s been a long time of reform and “purging/upgrades”, and now there is finally a new phase. Something has hopefully been learned and reconfigured.

We shift into a state of more stability and gentleness now.

Especially as Venus then enters Capricorn two days later. With “Feminine and Masculine” both in earth signs, we’re set to have more groundedness and stability in love and the Twin Flame connection.

Looking Ahead To May 2021…

Spirit shows us, anchoring in recent experiences, integrating the immense shifts that happened in December.

By May in particular, the situation is set to look completely different. Brighter. We see new beginnings ahead.

Also January 8th, Mercury enters Aquarius, joining Saturn and Jupiter here. This bodes for an intense time with inspiration and mental activity.

You likely are involved with or may encounter groups of people, new ideas and solutions – particularly via social media or the internet.

Many new ideas are incoming, but the challenge is to integrate them into physical life and to use discernment.

Saturn’s Wisdom…

With Saturn so present, chances are you’ll see all the pitfalls and the problems ahead. Or you may see negatives or be told about how hopeless things are ahead.

But look again, it’s just a challenge, a learning experience. Even if things seem tough. You’re being asked to claim your mastery.

To CLAIM your love, your Twin Flame unity, to claim your happiness – and to attract and take the actions that lead to it coming to you physically.

Saturn’s wisdom is, if you just take responsibility, step into your power…

If you just focus on your goals and take one step at a time to reach them, you will go far.

Creating Momentum

The key is willingness and action. By the end of this year, you’re set to be in a completely different “world” if you apply yourself and make the most of it.

Right now, you may not feel so supported by the universe or your Twin, but that will open up more and more as you get going.

When you create your own momentum, you take giant leaps in development and power. And that will benefit you not only now in 2021 – but for the rest of your life and beyond.

If you want to join me in making a major positive shift for this coming year on your path, have a look here.

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

“This has been truly amazing, every time I use this my Twin Flame texts or calls me immediately afterwards. It’s really crazy! And then we always get to some kind of different level of communication. We are continuing to heal. It’s amazing that I can do this type of thing and my Twin be so affected by it as well!”

– Teresa B., USA

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