Apologies Forthcoming, Sexual Healing – Why Your Twin Flame Feels They’ve Disappointed You. Plus, The Truth About Divinity: Feminine Twin Flame Challenged By Higher Realms.


(Art: Irina Karkabi)

Mercury retrograde is taking full effect this week and this can be challenging. In combination with yesterday’s Gemini Full Moon energies, this is an intense time for all things communication and self expression related.

If you’re feeling the pressure, make sure you use the Free Energy Cleanse Tool to clear out what your system is working to purge – and infuse with new light.

If you’ve been feeling heavy recently, this will really help you to uplift again. And most importantly, it helps cleanse the space between you and your Twin, removing common triggers of conflict and tension – harmonizing your connection. 



Your Own Greater Capabilities

The intensity from the Full Moon will begin to settle down, but as Mercury moves retrograde for the next few weeks the themes of this weekend are set to continue.

As Mercury moves backwards through Sagittarius, in opposition to his home sign Gemini and the point of the Full Moon, the message is:

Don’t be so fast to look to the outside world for information, entertainment and growth.

You have inner capabilities that greatly outdo these. Your intuition and your third eye’s ability to give you all of the above is far superior.

But when we’re busily active with social media, outside sources of communication, constantly taking in others’ information, we clog up our own higher abilities.

Think of it like a telephone line, like with Twin Flame Telepathy – if you’re busy focusing on others’ communication especially the kind of nonstop stuff we get through social media, your system is “occupied”.

Your intuition has no room to come through. Your Third Eye/Brow Chakra will be congested with other people’s stuff.

(Get a Free chakra reading for Twin Flames here)


Challenges In Communication

Did you ever notice that when you close your eyes after looking at an image for a few seconds, you see “residue” even with your eyes closed? And that you might hear someone’s voice as an echo after spending a day talking with them?

This is their energy lingering in your space. It can cause big complications for the Twin Flame path, and block your third eye from “doing its job”.

This kind of congestion block is far more common as a block than the spiritual scare mongering about fluoride toothpaste is for the Third Eye. (For more info on Twin Flame telepathy, click here)

As Mercury retrograde, the planet of communication moves “backwards” through Sagittarius, sign of philosophy, higher education and long-distance travel – there are things you need to reconsider in these areas.

Mercury Retrograde periods are infamous for misunderstandings, mistakes, travel plans gone awry and emails gone missing. Do pay extra attention right now, and for best effects – slow down.

Go within. Go to your heart instead of being in the stress of the mind all the time.

Everyone else’s minds are stressed too, so there’s a lot of static around. Head into the heart, and doors open.


Apologies Forthcoming – Higher Perspective Path

As Mercury R conjuncts Saturn and Sextiles Mars we see the Feminine Twin Flame reaching out to apologize to the Masculine Twin – making amends for harsh words spoken (perhaps telepathically) and negativity sent “his” way earlier this fall.

Forgiveness gives love room to grow, and Mercury Retrograde’s wisdom is there are always two sides to a story even if we haven’t yet discovered it.

To connect with your Twin Flame’s higher self and hash things out with them, use the Free Guided Meditation here.

As Mars sextiles Saturn at the beginning of Scorpio midweek, we see the Masculine Twin gaining stability to recent changes (read more about this here).

Sexuality is set to deepen and grow more emotionally meaningful between Twin Flames in this coming period as Mars moves through Scorpio, reactivating all the points Venus just made.



Masculine/Feminine Balancing

We see that the Masculine Twin Flame gains a new understanding for what his counterpart has experienced… Even if he doesn’t know it, this month’s experiences he’ll be going through are set to mirror the Feminine polarity Twin’s prior experiences.

If you and your Twin are on good terms, this coming month can open up for deeper sharing of intimacy, to open up to unconditional love through physical togetherness.

Spirit shows us, the kind of emotional bonding and mutual sharing of love and understanding that defies words.

However, if there are lingering issues in your connection, they are set to be “uprooted” and brought up to be resolved once and for all.

Highlighted here, spirit shows us, are Male or Masculine polarity ego insecurities around sexual performance, desirability, status based on sexuality.

(Read a channeled message from the Divine Masculine here)

divine masculine twin soul



Sexual Wounds – Source Of Twin Flame Running

If you’re together (even on/off) with your Masculine Twin, is “he” able to satisfy you sexually? Does “he” feel desired or admired by you?

If not, this is highlighted as a source of hurt and shame on their part, which causes them to push further away either emotionally or physically, or both.

Talking about this openly might not help, but showing your partner how you feel can be done in a gentle and loving way. Be a team, spirit shows us.

To pursue love and pleasure together, sharing intimate moments and moving past the common human interaction of mere physical chasing for the goal of climax. To read more about Twin Flame sexuality, have a look here.

If you approach your Twin through emotion above all, and show them that you are a team no matter what, you can heal deep wounds your counterpart has felt. We see that the source of their pain is other people and from the past, not the mirror self. But the Twin Flames’ reconnecting has triggered it to re-activate.

Progress can mostly be made deep in the psyche in this period – do try to meet your Twin’s soul in the Free Guided Meditation here as it will boost love.

And if you’re interested in discovering more about Twin Flame Sexuality, including opening to remote interaction and learning how to clear the causes of running that’s so often triggered by intimacy – go here.

twin flame program



Releasing Negative Futures

As Mercury Retrograde trines Uranus Retrograde this week, we also see there is an opportunity to rethink the future based on revisiting the past and seeing old events from a new perspective.

A past point of view you had, is now able to be released, and you are more flexible in seeing things from a higher perspective.

This gives potential for incredible healing, as you can go into old hurt without re-activating the pain point. You now have the chance and are encouraged to take a second look at something in the past that’s been shaping your very approach to life.

Something that had you shy away from your dream, from your true potential for happiness.

Whether it’s about being let down in love in the past or turned down for a career you dreamed of, an adult scolding you as a child, a psychic who “predicted” you’d never reunite with your Twin Flame or someone pushing their limiting beliefs about women or men onto you…

Now, you can see this event or belief for what it really was – a choice, an event, a person’s point of view.


New Replicas Of Old Hurts

You can then shift out of the state of alignment where you allowed this past event to shape your future.

Uranus is rattling us to our own good right now, so chances are you’ll first come face to face with a “now moment replica” of the old source of hurt and limitation.

Be aware you’re like an actor in a play right now in this sense. Stay conscious.

Know that this is a “gift” from the Universe showing up a block to you so you can shift out of this limiting state for good. To “uplevel” your future by correcting course regarding the past.

The key to achieving this is to stay aware of the continued themes – to recognize the pattern playing out again in the now situation, observe your reactions and automatic programming… and to clear the negativity so you move away from this for good.


The Real Reason So Many Twins Struggle

Did you know negative karma, fear and energy blocks are what’s really responsible for Twin Flame struggles? It’s not a “divinely decreed” path of pain. Promise.

During the Ascension process, Twin Flames’ systems are triggered to purge everything in their system that’s out of alignment with love – meaning that all the counterparts’ past hurts and fears, past life issues and ancestral limitations are brought to the surface for resolution.

This is where Twin Flame Running, Separation and Suffering comes from.

Watch a short explainer video on this here:

The great thing is you don’t just have to grit your teeth, live through it and hope it’ll get better from divine intervention – or to give up completely.

There are modern metaphysical methods that have proven incredibly powerful to uplift and harmonize the Twin Flame path.

Go here to discover my 10-step Vibrational Alignment Program that I was asked to share with the Twin Flame collective after my own Twin and I reached Union within 18 months of our first encounter.

And, you can read here about other Twin Flames’ experiences with these methods.


Higher Realms Challenging Feminine Twin

We end the week with a challenge between Venus and Neptune – the Feminine Twin Flame and The Higher Realms appear at odds.

There’s a feeling of not being supported on “her” journey, like burdens are being placed on her that she never asked for…

Many a Feminine polarity Twin is set to feel tired of the journey, tired of the challenges, tired of loving someone who seemingly doesn’t love her back or who’s not able to function in a healthy relationship. This is her feeling.

But we see there’s a miscommunication going on. Her upset is based in the perception that the divine is somehow running the show, that there is something dictating to her, controlling events…

The truth, we’re shown, is that she *is* the divine.

And in this we’re shown – she is never burdened beyond what the weight of her own past baggage is placing on her.

We see that it’s not the Twin Flame connection that’s the “problem” – it’s the human perspective she’s been taught by the world.


Deliberate Blocks: To Realign With Inner Love

It’s as if the higher realms are silent deliberately, yet again in an effort to make her go within and discover her own power. To realign with her inner wholeness.

If you’re feeling exasperated lately, like you’ve had enough – know that it’s highlighting an inner imbalance above all (read more about this here in Why The Twin Flame Journey is An Inside Job).


Do try to find a sense of inner peace, even if it means stepping away from focusing on your Twin Flame connection for a period.

If you keep approaching things when you’re in an inner state of dissatisfaction you’ll only be drawing out complications and “stress” with your connection.

Go within, regroup, raise your vibration on the inside first, then move forth once more – you’ll be aligned with attracting more openness, positivity and love.

(Have a look here to read more, and get practical suggestions for how to do this)



Why Taking Action Remedies Heaviness

And we’re shown, from this state you’ll more easily be able to get intuitive insights and feel supported by the higher dimensions.

When we’re down in a funk and frustrated or upset, it’s very difficult for our guidance team and our Twin Flame’s higher self to reach us – because their own vibration is so incredibly high.

For an explanation of this, go here to read about 3D/5D And What it Really Means – Inter-Dimensional Interactions

One insight we do get is this: When you’re feeling down or disheartened, one of the best things you can do is *take action* on something to move out of the pattern of heaviness.

Spirit’s suggestion is the Higher Heart Transformation Journey, which is active, fun, revealing the true content of your heart and helping you plant happy seeds of manifestation for your onward journey.


We begin manifesting for you increased abundance (money worries can be a block to love, spirit shows us, as we don’t feel safe to relax and open up), calling in opportunities, some juicy self care from the universe, solutions to what you might be struggling with right now, and more…

Have a look here for more.

Shifting Perspectives

This week is set to bring potential for deep inner healing, but it will require for you to be open to shifting your perspectives. Above all, we’re in a phase of learning to step back into trust for ourselves.

Be gentle with yourself in this period and be aware that your Twin’s feelings and thoughts will be shown up to you in some form now. To open to mutual understanding, balance and uplifting into a higher state of consciousness on both parts. 

Be mindful you don’t just impose your views on your connection, be willing to “listen” and perceive what is going on within for your counterpart too.

Often, we are so engaged with our particular experience of a situation that we forget others might be dealing with an alternate “version” of that same experience.

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

“Completely blew me away. Not only did this seem to impact me on an enormous level, I saw my Twin Flame completely change overnight. The biggest change I’ve seen in him to date. I’m merely without words. It really was the answer to my prayers.” – Sarah (via Facebook)

twin flame awakening

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  1. Thank you! I haven’t seen my twin in the physical for a year and we haven’t had any contact. I heard he moved away and is in a relationship. Lately I’ve been realizing he loved me unconditionally and my insecurities got in our way. Last night I dreamt I saw him and it was like slow motion walking towards each other and everyone else fell away. He picked me up, held me in his arms and we hugged for forever. We got food together and talked about everything. It was so real! Then in the dream I was at my family’s for the holidays and my mom was explaining to the children why he was back and he walked into the house and our eyes met just like it used to be. This is the first time in a long time I’ve seen anything positive from him and it was seemingly out of no where. Like you said, my channels are open and no social media or stuff from anywhere else is blocking me, I have no evidence in the physical that we will reunite but I just know we will.

  2. Thank you for another great article Cassidy. I just have a question on strong sexual energies when twin flames are not together. My twin is in another relationship now and does it mean that he releases his strong sexual energies with his current date? Or how else would it manifest in physical life?

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