Twin Flame Love Karma In Focus. Cosmic Process Of  Transformation Works To Reveal Your Highest… But, Are You Listening To Your TF’s Soul Guidance To Get You Together?

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies.

Before we get started –

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Highlights include:

Venus Retrograde continues, heightened time for “lost love returning” and karmic relationship reevaluation.

Plus, the spiritual Twin Flame connection heightens. Are you paying attention to your counterpart’s higher self and their guidance?

Discover more below!

Lost Love Returning?

We head into this first full new week of 2022 with a powerful stellium in Capricorn, involving Venus Retrograde.

This means we in a MAJOR preparation for a new beginning – a detox/transformation process.

Love karma is up for resolution and there is still a heightened chance for “lost love returning”.

The karmic recalibration/purging process of old relationships hurts and patterns in love asks you to cut outworn cords and soul contracts to open to unity.

Purification For Soul Love

We are being pushed to release the past, old fears, programming and negativity that have been blocks to love…

So that we are fully open for Mars/Venus rare reunion in February and into March (a time of heightened Twin Flame connections and likely reunions – if we are a match).

With Juno, asteroid of soul relationships, joined with Venus, this week is a powerful time for Twin Flame relationships.

Going Deep On Guidance

We are pushed to confront inner fears and blocks, so we open our full ability to receive and give and SHARE love, without barriers.

Venus Retrograde trines Neptune, so we see that if you listen, if you go within and take in the wisdom your guidance and your own intuition are working to bring you…

You will be guided through this process gently and with flow.

But it CAN be challenging when we’re NOT approaching it in a guided way.

For help with this, go here (class 2, 4, 6 and 8).

Un-Doing Old Manifestations Not Serving You

With Ceres and North Node both retrograde, teamed up, we see that there is an UN-doing of past outworn, “lesser” manifestations and phasing out of shadow timelines happening.

In short, it’s about this:

Earlier in life, before you understood yourself and had certain experiences… You were aligned with a certain VERSION of the future.

You may have been living out an ancestral pattern.

But NOW after you have reconnected with your Twin, or have awakened spiritually, or have experienced things that changed your perspective or have gone within and recognized blocks and cleared them…

You are beginning to align higher, with a different “destiny”.

Old Cycles Returning

You may be shown old cycles that have recurred in your life…

So that you get to recognize them, get insight into the underlying emotional habit or perspective or core factor that had them “locked in”…

And release them.

This means, it would be HIGHLY helpful this week if you pay careful attention to the larger THEMES and CYCLES going on in your life.

Moving Higher

Work to especially recognize outworn habits, thoughts, perspectives, habits, persons, places, situations that you can see no longer fit with where you want to be going.

Make sure you release them now (I’ll take you through it here.)

Because a lot of people stay stuck because they don’t fully release blocks, so they keep repeating the same cycles. 

So much is stored in us on an UN-conscious level, so we need to use deeper methods to truly shift. 


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Releasing Societal Ideas

You are also encouraged to shed OTHER people’s limited ideas of love and what is possible for you.

Mercury just entered Aquarius, which tends to make it easier to take a higher perspective this coming month.

This helps with the purification and purging Venus is bringing us through.

Mercury in Aquarius helps you stay detached, see the connections and release the past more easily… So you can open to a new and more positive state.

Do keep an eye on yourself Monday-Tuesday initially, as the Moon transits Pluto and then Saturn, because these tend to bring up unconscious heaviness.

Transcending Challenges

You may FEEL bad and your perspective may be clouded by past disappointments.

So use Mercury’s zest to lift you up and ask yourself, “is this really something I want MORE of?”

Do I want to STAY in this state/feeling/thought pattern? Will it bring me good?

If not, what can I do to lift higher NOW? And then take some steps in that direction.

(Get started here).


Seeing Differently

We also have Sun trine Uranus all week, which tends to bring new perspectives and a fresh approach to our identity and lives.

It will help you SEE yourself differently, which can change SO MUCH for the better.

Combined with Venus retrograde and North Node/Ceres, there are major shifts working to happen.

And they are arriving via your PERSPECTIVE. When you see differently, you allow and “invite” different things in your life.

Deservingness In Focus

You may realize now, for example, that you truly DO deserve all your dreams come true and there is nothing in the way of it on a higher level…

And therefore you’re unwilling to continue a toxic friendship or take advice from family members’ limited point of view anymore…

And therefore your approach to life changes and your whole “destiny” begins to shift for the better.

So this is a MAJOR time for positive change… but it likely comes via YOU.

New Excitement, Fun

This will be a time for positive shifts and new beginnings, if you’re open. And it can bring new excitement and fun if you’re not too dragged down by the retrograde.

(If you are, go here for Free Support). .

Mercury in Aquarius also means you’re able to express your authentic self more freely, and expand your social setting.

Others will appreciate your uniqueness, and it will benefit you to show your true self in some way – including with your Twin.

Brilliant Inspiration, Ideas, Solutions

Because Mercury still is affected by Pluto, the ideas and insights incoming, can help you resolve deeper underlying issues.

The un-conscious is expressing itself, and this week, you’re likely to receive messages from your counterpart’s soul or unconscious deeper self…

But in a more obvious, outwardly directed, sudden way.


Deep Re-Ignition Of Love

Venus/Neptune’s interaction means you’re more able to reach into the spiritual side of your connection and unconditional love.

And in fact, you may experience a deep re-ignition of your connection on the soul level…

Including or especially with their higher self.

You reach a deeper layer of your being where you share passion, whereas before maybe you were in your mind so much they weren’t able to reach you.

Frustration With masculine Twin

A challenge is that Mars squares Neptune, which shows us you might feel frustrated that the Masculine Twin’s ego self is NOT living up to their spiritual self’s devotion and love.

There is a challenge between the physical 3D situation and the spiritual POTENTIAL of love.

If this is the case for you, don’t give up. You really CAN make a difference in this, and their soul may be waiting for you to do so.

Have a look here at the Higher Dimensional Anchoring and Awakening session for powerful help with this.

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2022 Plans

Things might feel unstable or “up in the air” as there is a lot recalibrating, but as Mercury conjuncts Saturn this week, your mindset will be strong and you’ll see better how to  approach your forward path.

If you focus on planning, or sticking to a routine, you’ll find it easier than usual.

Saturn’s influence can pull you into pessimism, but he “loves” responsibility and long term strategy. So focus on something productive.

Managing Criticism

But you may also be extra hard on yourself and others, so work on being gentle.

And don’t pay much attention to your connection if it’s not in a great state already, as doubt and fear may loom large.

Instead, focus on your GOALS, self improvement, plans for 2022 and progress to make the most of this period.

New Year’s Resolutions

If you approach this time wisely you CAN make major progress and affect your own future for the better.

It’s an excellent time to plan the coming year, work on clearing blocks and taking action on your manifestations, as your insight and attention to detail is sharp.

You’ll have enough focus and judgment to do what you otherwise might find boring or a chore.

Power Illuminated

January 6, Sun conjunct Pluto brings some challenges.

You’ll be more powerful, noticeable and magnetic during this transit… But it can get intense and cause conflict.

Pluto illuminates our passions and brings a desire for control and getting (back) into power over your life, which can be tricky due to the square between Mars and Neptune.

Your deeper power is being brought up… But there can be frustrations around the outer world not responding – or feeling unsupported by the “higher realms”.

Evolution Of Self, Collective Karma

This is another part of the “purification project” in advance of the Second Reunion period, shows spirit.

This is all about evolving you OUT of seeing yourself as SEPARATE or SMALL/INCAPABLE. To open you to unity.

It’s about showing and ultimately DISMANTLING the ancient human mis-wiring that blocks so many Twins, of being separate from each other/love/the universe.

This is karma, but on a COLLECTIVE scale. So know that any challenges you are experiencing now are part of humanity’s own lessons.

Keep this in mind, and you’ll see how it relates. And for more help with this, go here.

Transforming Toxic Connections

In good news, your will and determination are on a high, and you will likely feel more vital than ever, and that fuels you to transform your situation for the better.

This is a KEY opportunity to let go of a bad habit or toxic relationship dynamic/self perception, and make choices and take actions that are more aligned with your authentic self.

So let go of what doesn’t resonate with your soul.

Shadows Speaking

Will it be easy? Not necessarily. But you will be able to MANAGE it more easily now. Major changes can happen.

However, as Pluto is triggering others as well, you may face ego battles and power struggles along the way.

For best results, know yourself and be willing to face your own “inner demons” – so they don’t get projected back onto you by others, including the Twin Flame Mirror.  

Change Of Plans?

At the same time, Mercury squares Uranus, which could bring sudden changes of plans or instability.

You might receive unexpected information that will push you out of your comfort zone, or force you to deal with a change in plans.

You’re being asked to be flexible and open up your perspective.

It also means you might receive info that goes against what you hoped or believed, including in the Twin Flame connection. Keep a cool head, and know that not all is how it seems right now.

There could be misunderstandings or mis-perceptions, or karma clouding the situation. 

Healing Wounds Of Rejection

Mercury ties in with support to Chiron, ruler of healing and resilience. This means it’s a great time to resolve conflicts and hurts through communication.

Old wounds related to feeling rejected by others or when expressing your feelings can resurface… So that you now get a chance to resolve them compassionately.

But it will likely re-trigger old wounds. Spirit highlights, this could be happening for your counterpart, so be gentle. Past hurts are surfacing.

Know that being compassionate and a good listener, can bring you much closer now on a human “3D” level.

Closeness In Unity, Soul Love

Lastly this week, the Sun and Neptune connect, amplifying the spiritual connection and higher love between you. It tends to make us more open to forgiveness, unity and our souls’ togetherness.

We see your counterpart – and/or you – may be tired from the deep “detox” process that has been going on in recent times.

They have been fighting or dealing with their own “demons” and inner ego masks, and are now exhausted.

Telepathy, Spiritual Signs On High

Remembrance of deeper love is now more able to surface in them. There are glimmers of light, and you may notice this.

But they are feeling vulnerable, so be gentle with your approach.

With Neptune’s influence, art and music can bring you closer. And, you may “hear” telepathic songs and messages from them, and vice versa.

Your psychic abilities and intuition will be “on”. Dreams and synchronicities will be extra active, so pay attention to their meaning and symbolism, as those are messages.

(To start tapping into divine support and guidance, go here – class 2, 4, 6 and 8).


A Week For Gentleness

Neptune encourages you to flow with your journey and allow love to evolve, releasing doubts and overthinking that can otherwise cause blocks and delays.

At best, this week will help you go deeper into your soul purpose, realign your path and re-ignite the connection between you.

 Be gentle, and remember others are likely more vulnerable and wounded deep down than you may have thought.

When wisely approached, this time can be the seed that blossoms into 3D physical harmony. Listen to your intuition.

Until next time, as always I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey <3

Cassady x

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