Moving Backwards Into The Mystery Of Your Connection – Where You Become Your Twin and They Become You. The Dangers Of Sharing A Deeper Mind With Another….


Another big week for love: Venus has now moved backwards into Pisces on her retrograde journey – we’re moving through the past of the Twin Flame connection.

First through Ego terrain dealing with perceived personality and gender differences creating division, and now into deep unconscious emotional territory.

Pisces is where we tap into the collective unconscious, where you “become your Twin and they become you”.

(This is a heightened time for energetic entanglements in love – to cleanse out any potential triggers between you and your twin, such as feeling residue of your Runner Twin being intimate with others, go here.)


Have You Been Reacting To Your Twin’s Own Insecurities?

In this transit we’re going back to tidy up the past and the inner world of emotions relating to love.

The indication is, on some level you might have picked up on negativity your Twin is feeling toward *themselves* deep down.

If you’ve been angry with your Twin Flame or feeling sad about how they always disappoint you, or thinking badly about them and their traits – it’s likely that this is you reacting to *their own feelings toward themselves*. This can be a big eye opener.

So, say this reveals that your Twin is perpetually disappointed in themselves and feels ashamed of how they’ve lived their life, like they don’t deserve you…How does that change things?

How do you feel now, knowing it was them feeling repulsed by themselves, or them feeling like they would never live up to your love, never deserve you?

Can you forgive them in a different way?


How This Time Can Change Everything

This time has the potential to change everything, because perspectives can revolutionize our experience of ‘reality’. Our hearts can open deeper, wider…

Spirit is highlighting the fact that the Twin Flames are one already.

That the pairs are in reality one soul in two bodies, and that this impacts everything that goes on between you. The Twin Flame Mirror isn’t merely an expression.

If either of you have resentment towards yourselves or feel that you don’t deserve love deep down, this creates an energetic repulsion between you and your Twin Flame. This is the truth about where “running” and “separation” come from.

Read more about the Twin Flame mirror here, so you can change things around and call forth the mirror to shine back love and acceptance to you. It might sound tricky, but there are effective “game changers” for this.

I was recently guided to create a special session focusing on the Heart Chakra, cleansing and re-opening the Twins’ heart-to-heart bond and helping you embody the programming of self love and acceptance. This will smooth your path and align you with Reunion on all levels… Learn more here.


Sharing Unconscious Memories and Feelings

Venus retrograde in Pisces also lights up how twin flames share certain unconscious aspects memories, like an ocean that unites you. Psychoanalyst C G Jung created a map of the unconscious. We’re all “built in layers” of consciousness.

The deeper we go the more universal the feelings, content, fears and motivations become.

It’s becoming more and more clear that Twin Flames share unconscious material to a heightened degree compared to “regular human beings” – expect to notice signs of this now. Their memories, tastes, feelings, thoughts flashing up in your awareness…

Both the deeper and the higher we go the more we are the same, one being. In essence, it’s only on the physical human level and in the ego mind that we appear separate.

You can read more about Twin Flames’ Higher Selves here


Twin Flames – The World’s Greatest Experiment In Love

Alerting yourself to this perspective might change things more than you’d realize at first. Knowing that you are your twin and they are you has the power to lessen resistance and open up to more harmony.

Because the truth is when you’re working against your Twin Flame or sending negative intentions to them, you’re pushing against yourself – sending negativity to yourself. Creating distance between the two of you.

In this way, Twin Flames are the world’s greatest experiment not only in love, but in the laws of cause and effect and karma. Everything we do impacts one another.

I know this can sound heavy and disappointing to many but spirit shows us this is only a “problem” when we see ourselves as separate and tally up actions, thoughts and intentions as being one Versus the other.

It’s only a problem from an ego perspective. When applied to love, it’s a miracle.

It means more and more love, more and more bliss – a powerful site of transformation that has the ability to create “heaven on earth” for both.


Venus Shows You Why The Problems Came Up

Venus in Pisces is highlighting this ever flowing connection between the Twin Flames, and now moving retrograde it’s being shown up to us where the snags and blocks have been.

When we live as if we are one already, we can shift this into an ever expanding cyclone of positivity, where we support and uplift one another ever higher.

Ultimately, what determines whether your Twin Soul connection is harmonious or fraught with problems is your energy vibration and your core beliefs. The actual hows and whats of your journey actually make very little difference.

When your energy shifts, your connection and your situation begin to shift too!

Discover what Energy Vibration your Twin Flame connection is really in by going here.  Spirit asked me to create a free quiz specifically to assist the Twin Flame collective – questions that pinpoint what vibration you’re in. It takes about 3 minutes to complete and you don’t have to leave your email address to see the result.

Go here to take the quiz now!


Others’ Fears and Hurts – Impacting Your Love Life?

Another side of Venus Retrograde Pisces is that it highlights where outsiders’ energies might have affected your love life – beliefs, fears, karma and limitations absorbed from those around you in a way that complicates your Twin connection.

In this period it’s highly advised to clear your energy and address any unconscious emotional issues that have created disharmony between you. Spirit channeled the Complete Harmony Healing for Twin Flames with me in order to help with this.

We go through clearing old negative programming and congestion from both your chakra systems, plus we cleanse out the channels between you to remove any triggers of hurt, running and separation.

Lastly, we clear your Akashic records of karma, uplift and unify your timelines into the highest possible vibration for you right now and gift you an energy of positivity to assist you on your onward journey.

Twins all over the world have written to me about the transformative effects of this session to open up the connection, uplift and harmonize!

Have a look here for more.


Intensification of Karmic Lessons

As Saturn stations to retrograde in this same period (he will be moving “backwards” from April 5th to August 25th) we’re set to be experiencing an intensification of karmic lessons and dealing with the past.

Sometimes the current situation is kept on a “loop” because of an unresolved issue in the past.

This is most often how Twin Flames experience Running and Separation – on again off again. This is a clear indication of karma at work, when we experience repeating cycles of what is in essence the “same” situation.

The amazing thing about karma is that it can be resolved and healed – and when we do this it can completely transform a situation.

Phobias, stubborn health issues and sensitivities with no “clear diagnosis” and “irrationally strong” emotions of jealousy, fear and depression are all typical symptoms of karmic patterns at work. Karma is in essence the re-experiencing of an old unhealed trauma over and over.

To read more about karma and how it can impact the Twin Flame connection, go here – abandonment fears, running cycles and separation issues are nearly always rooted in childhood or past life karma.

Discover here how to clear and update karma for both you and your Twin Soul to resolve these issues for good and move forward into increased harmony and love.


Empath? Take A Time Out For Saturn

When Saturn stations – especially if you’re an empath – it’s often noticeable as an uncomfortable heaviness. Almost as if the air is chaotic with jaggedness. If you feel “off” right now, it could very well be this that’s going on.

To feel better, go here to get my Free Energy Cleanse Audio that will clear out heaviness from your space, help you re-center into self love and infuse you with new high vibration light!

As Saturn stations and begins to “move backward”, we have a strong trine between Mars and Pluto, translating into a powerful infusion of ambition and forward motion. This is a time for heightened willpower and an intense desire to progress, as well as a heightened sex drive.

In essence, this translates to a heightened drive in all ways. Use this time to get progressing on what’s important to you, especially if there are projects you’ve been procrastinating on.


Are You Ready To Make Sacrifice For Love?

As the Sun oppositions Jupiter retrograde on April 6th-8th, we have a sense of complications in love again. It’s as if Jupiter (currently moving backwards through the sign of relationships) is triggering us deliberately.

Asking, are you really really really sure you’re ready and willing for this? Are you really really really sure you’re ready to perhaps sacrifice your personal interests for the good of the pair?

With the Sun currently in Aries, sign of self, ego, achievement, this spells out trouble. Issues of “Me vs We” is highlighted right now.

We’re shown that we could very well feel that our personal interests and boundaries are threatened, fears that we might regret opening up to our counterpart, that they might take advantage or hold us back in some way.


How Has Popular Media Influenced Your Twin Flame Journey?

As Venus Retrograde squares Saturn Retrograde the very next day, we’re shown that the reason we feel that way is because of what we’ve observed around us in the past. Family, friends, society, tv, magazines…

They’ve all shown us the downsides to relationships. Rarely have we been shown the ideal model of unconditional love and support. But the truth is that it can exist.

Spirit shows us in this way that our vision of what it means to be in a relationship, is a core block to many Twin Flames coming together.

So this is a perfect time to check in with your deeper beliefs. What is a relationship? What do you believe about relationships?

There are many secret shadows surrounding this. Many hidden fear-based beliefs.

Spirit shows us:

You might have been frustrated at how things have been going on the outside, when the real truth is that it’s likely to have been your own deeper self sabotaging you all along…


Sabotage – Is Your Ego Trying To Protect You By Keeping You Apart?

Look at it this way: If you believed that relationships are doomed to fail and that they end in hurt, wouldn’t your deeper self be doing you a favor by keeping you away from that hurt?

And because the Twin Flame connection is the most intense love, it would be the most intense hurt of your existence if things broke down between you. So your Ego “helps” you by finding ways to block the whole thing.

This is how the Ego works. Always trying to protect you from hurt.

The problem is that when we block out hurt, we also block out love. This is why it’s essential on this journey to explore our deeper beliefs so we can clear them, open up to a new truth and shift into a happier and more fulfilling experience…


Why You’ve Been “Wrong” About Your Twin Flame

As Mercury turns to go retrograde from April 9th to May 3rd, this is yet again emphasized. You might have been “wrong” about why the situation has been as it has. The real reasons and “faults” might lie within you and your own system all along…

Ask your soul to show these belief blocks up for you in the gentlest way possible so you can clear them and move on.

Get a pen and paper, connect to the light, your higher consciousness (you can use the free energy cleanse tool here to do this) and begin to write, whatever comes to mind. No editing.

– The reason I’m afraid of coming together with my Twin Flame is…
?-The real reason I’m not happy/satisfied/together with my Twin is…
-The secret fear I have about love is…
-The deepest fear I have about my Twin Flame is… ?
The secret fear I have about myself is…

Now, you recognize the blocks. Now, you can resolve, clear and untangle them energetically – recalibrating your system to be able to move on in more light, love and harmony.

Attracting unity instead of disappointment.


Until next time I’m sending you love and light – I believe in you! <3

Cassady x


Want more? For my step-by-step “roadmap” to Twin Flame Union, created after my Twin and I reached Union within 18 months of our first encounter- have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames.

Alternatively you can try our Free Help Kit for Twin Flames!

twin flame program

“I’ve been following Cassady for almost a year now and I have to say the information she provides is simply life altering! She gives both the knowledge and tools to not only bring higher awareness, but also help shift your vibration. I have been blessed to be guided to this information during some very challenging transitions. Her insight has really helped me move through deep soul work that my partner and I have been moving through towards. Thank you Cassady!”

– Jeanine, California, USA

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  1. thank you so much for the activity in the article. I was shocked by what I wrote, but I know it to be true. I felt some answers so much I wrote them in huge letters and underlined them. And that for was my biggest fear about him: that he would destroy himself loving me. Why do I feel that way? Is it because it’s true? It seems congruent with how he acted towards me, his running had always felt self-protective. Past life karma maybe? I just want to be the partner he deserves. I know I am that person. How else can I explain such a strong fear of not just hurting, but destroying someone you’ve never actually been in a relationship with? (We are former coworkers).

    That said, now that it’s identified, I can work on it. I will only destroy him if I give in to fears. I will only not open up completely to him if i allow myself to remain closed. Thanks, Cassidy

  2. I recently had a very vivid dream where my twin died too, as it happened I felt the absence of Sonething in my heart, and I was crying and crying mad at myself for ever doubting we had that connection. the sadness was unbearable, and after I woke up , still crying, it took me a few moments to realize that had been a dream and he was still alive, and I could and can still feel his presence in my heart. At the time I was tying to deny our connection, but there’s no denying it even when I want to.

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