twin-flame-girl-1111Twin Flame Love In Dreams And “Bridges” In The Unconscious… Masculine And Feminine Brought Together. What Has Really Been Going On – Beyond The Waking World?

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies.

Highlights this week include:

Eclipse Gateway continues, as well as Mercury Retrograde: highlighting Twin Flame unity.

Plus, soul path and your “destiny” is lit up – have you been “listening” to guidance? 

Discover more below!


Eclipse Gateway Until 10th June

So onto the energies at hand! We enter into this week with some continued transits from recent weeks coloring the mood.

We’re still in the “Eclipse Gateway Window” until late next week so there is a lot changing still. Do your best to not take things at face value right now, because we’re in a period of intensity.

Instability and confusion is somewhat “normal” as so much is stirred up in the collective fields and individually. Timelines are pushing to shift.

We are being pushed to release past negativity and blocks, so we can be open to a new and higher state – and future.

Deeper Facets Of The Twin Flame Connection

As well as this, Mercury just went Retrograde. (Read more about that here)

Happening in Mercury’s OWN home sign Gemini until June 22nd, it’s a heightened period even more than usual Mercury Retrogrades.

As the sign of the Twins, we can see this as a period of re-evaluation in the Twin Flame connection.

A key point is, being shown and recognizing that you are not just “two people” or love partners… You are already ONE on a higher level.

“One soul divided”. Always affected by and affecting each other.


Soul Path In Focus

Open your mind to the higher facets of the connection, and work to release any limiting ideas and beliefs you were told on the “Ego level” by people in the human world.

The SOUL is working to reach you in this period…

Especially because the Sun is still conjunct the North Node right now, meaning Soul Path and “divine destiny” is in focus.

Be very aware of the inspirations, ideas and insights that show up from your intuition and guidance. You are being guided to your highest now – and that means you may be guided away from what is not serving you.

Are All Twins “Destined” To Reunite?

So… Does it mean you’ll ALWAYS end up where you’re “meant” to go? Well, that depends how you look at it.

So many Twins ask me — are all Twins destined to reunite?

Yes, in divine truth they are MEANT to.

But Free will unfortunately means so many get in their own way and veer off course.

In this period, expect to notice your Soul’s guidance on this – how to get to your unity, your highest… And where you may have gone “wrong” in the past.


Confusion, Blurred Perspectives…

You’re being nudged the direction of your highest, your soul purpose, and of unity, even if you’ve resisted in the past (and so is your counterpart).

In fact, you may be re-presented with opportunities and choices where you went in the NOT guided direction before.

I know it can be tricky to know what’s truly guided and intuitive versus based in fear or Ego desire… Especially during Mercury retrograde, with the collective static and stress that tends to be around.

Here is an article that explains how to opening to guidance reliably – and knowing how to avoid ego interference and other common pitfalls.

And if you want to learn the most powerful methods I was shown on my journey — including a “truth verification tool,” plus rare info on Twin Flame guidance teams and how to work with them, and more…

Click here to learn more.


Filtering Perceptions — Heart Messages

If you’re struggling with decisions or your sense of direction with Mercury Retrograde these next few weeks, a key piece of advice is to first get it all out on paper.

Get things out of your MIND, as the situation/choice will become somewhat clearer.

Write down a list of your mental perceptions in the matter, and then write another list of what feelings you have around the situation.

Feel with your heart and don’t judge what comes out. (Don’t be surprised if these impressions from the mind and the heart are quite different).

The more you can do this exercise, the more you’ll realize that your soul and your heart are speaking to you all the time.

It’s just that you might not have been fully LISTENING/PERCEIVING – because the mind has been “running the show” (and not to your benefit). For help with this, use the Free guided meditations here.


Collective Re-Direct

If your mind has been running riot with you, don’t feel bad, because it’s how our whole society operates and how we’re taught from childhood — to be led by the mind.

And now, we’re being redirected for our own good. As individuals, and in the whole human collective.

Especially because Venus is “leading the way” ahead of Mercury, we see that the heart is TRYING to lead us to our ideal even when the mind thinks it’s “impossible”.

We’re also being shown, as spirit says, that we’re in a period of experiencing lessons around the idea that “truth” depends on who is defining it.

In other words, there are as many opinions as there are people in this world — and we are exploring how to deal with this to the highest good.


Putting Divine Feminine Wisdom into Action

Pallas conjuncts Neptune still in Pisces, showing us that the Feminine Twin is receiving inspiration and guidance for conscious leadership in society in this period.

A trine to Mars also shows us, she is being asked to put this into ACTION. And in many cases, it deals with specific info on how to reunite with, or call in, her Masculine Counterpart.

As Venus moves into Cancer on June 2nd, we enter into a new mood in love and romance for the coming month.

Venus in Cancer is tender, compassionate, deep and caring.

Now both Mars and Venus are in the same sign and growing closer, we see there’s an unspoken inner understanding between the counterparts.


Positive Twin Flame “Unconscious Sync”

Your dreams are set to be more aligned, “synced” spirit says. (That means “shared dreams”/astral interactions are highlighted).

And even if there is emotional baggage preoccupying either of you on an unconscious level, glimpses of the Twin connection are set to shine through – eternal love.

What does this mean? Well, in essence, the clearer you are, the calmer your own unconscious mind, the more you’ll pick up on the higher truth of the connection…

You will be set to receive signs of their love, their unfiltered inner emotions toward you rather than any guarded Ego responses…

And if you’re in a relationship you’re set to be effortlessly in sync emotionally, enjoying closeness and intimacy on a heart level.

Feeling safe and good in each other’s world.


Opening to Deeper Love

However, if you’re carrying childhood wounds, past baggage of betrayal, fears about the future and other common emotional triggers… This will cloud up your link.

It will deflect connection, rather than open to it on the primal, unconscious level.

So, it’s imperative to deal with this, and stay clear and open so you can be receiving the love and togetherness you desire.

Think of it like this, if you have a glass full of clear crisp water, you can immediately taste a drop of lemon in it.

But if you have a muddy glass of dirty water, full of multiple flavors, pieces of fruit, tea leaves, ice cubes and other debris, it will be a lot harder to discern anything new in the mix.



Does “The Work” Affect Your Counterpart?

Our energy works like this: The clearer we are, the smoother the Twin Flame journey tends to flow.

Many Twins ask me, does energy work impact their counterpart even if they’re running or not open?

Yes, absolutely, because as “one soul in two bodies” originally, you share a field. You’re on the same core frequency. Learn more here.

Shifting The Twin Flame Connection Into Harmony

Really, it doesn’t matter what’s come before or what we call it — when your energy shifts, your connection and your situation begin to shift too!

Learn how to uplift your Twin Flame connection into Love and Reunion with this step-by-step Vibrational Alignment Program.

Or, you can try my Free Transformation Kit for Twin Flames — the energy cleanse tool here has worked miracles for so many Twin Flames!

Every single week I hear from someone whose Runner Twin got back in touch after they used the Free guided resources.


Read more testimonials here.


The Real Reason for Running…

These coming few weeks, the focus in love is on what is NOT being said or shown on the surface. It’s about emotion, the UN-conscious and deeper wellness.

And whether you feel safe to open up around each other. (This is especially heightened as Mars opposes Pluto R the next two weeks).

Unfortunately, if either Twin feels afraid of opening up on a deeper level, it causes an unconscious DEFLECTION.

Remember any issues with Running are not due to a Twin not loving their counterpart, it’s because of fear!

Read more here and know that any work you do this month to resolve underlying emotional blocks and Running issues is set to be even more powerful than usual.


Mother/Father Wound in Focus

If emotions run high in this period, trace them to their root. If someone is afraid, find the very first moment it happened – that’s where the trauma is locked and can be released most fully.

If there are male/female conflicts, look to the mother/father relationship in childhood.

Go deep, and you can resolve MAJOR underlying causes of problems this week. For help, go here.

It will help you avoid decades worth of delays.

(Unfortunately, there are Twins out there who wait and wait for years for things to magically improve, without anything changing. We’re meant to take action, not sit on the sidelines).


Going Beyond

Friday when the Moon conjuncts Chiron and Lilith joins Uranus, the Feminine Twin is being called on to go beyond any old identity structures of “smallness”/powerlessness (based in being female in particular).

To transcend any old wounds and hurts. To reach into the soul.

To start over from a new conception of self and a new perspective on the Twin Flame connection.

Because again, as said at the beginning of the week — you are being STRONGLY asked to remember that you ALREADY ARE one.

Gemini is all about balance in polarity, embracing duality and not allowing it to entrench into separation.


You Could Be Them, They Could Be You…

Remember, you and your Twin chose so many of your life’s circumstances together.

You could easily have been born in their stead, as their gender, in their body… And if you were, you would in essence be them.

They could easily have been born in your stead, as your gender, in your body. If they had been, they would in essence be YOU.

Nothing is as it seems from a surface perspective on this journey.

Nothing was truly left to chance.


A Week for Soul Realignment

Your counterpart’s soul asks: Will you stop listening to the world and its opposition and conflict?

Will you start listening to love? Will you listen to your souls?

 They promise, that if you can release the human habits and stories of what men/women/relationships/life is “supposed” to be like or “has” to be like, and instead listen to love, listen to them…

…everything will change for the better.

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your journey <3

Cassady x


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