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Powerful transits push Twin Flames to release old beliefs and stereotypes about men and women – the goal? To Unite Twins by clearing unconscious blocks that have lead to conflict and separation 

Another eventful week for Twins in the lead-up to the next high vibration gateway coming up. For most of this week, Mars and Venus both opposition Uranus in Aries – the old ideas about male and female are being pushed up to be released, and the message is: our old outdated ideas about each other have to go before we can unite in unconditional love. 

Which Beliefs are Blocking Your Journey?

This particularly regards ideas and stereotypical beliefs around male and female identities. Uranus’ energies are breaking open our old perceptions because they have become blocks on the journey to Union.

As an example, if we’ve accepted commonly held beliefs such as “men always cheat” or “men don’t feel love the same way women do”, or even things like “women are emotionally unstable” or “women just want a guy to have a family with” – these things become subconscious counter-motivations to coming together.

Typical Woman, Typical Man

Twin Flames of both sexes are now being rattled to let go of any stagnant perceptions that block us from seeing the true person inside, the soul to love and be loved by unconditionally. And as always, it’s up to us to learn the lesson and let go – you might realize that your soul has been trying to show you this particular truth for a while in the form of recurring jealousy or other negativity.

This happens in many relationships – are you seeing your Twin Flame for who he or she is as an individual, or are generalized ideas about what the “typical man” or “typical woman” sneaking their way into your connection? 

This uprooting and breaking of outdated ideas about the male/female essence is another step of the journey away from the old ways of polarisation and ego – no matter how “enlightened” a person is, every human being has picked up subconscious information during life from observing those around them and from tv, books and films.

Sometimes the biggest blocks on the Twin Flame journey aren’t “ours” – they’re stereotypes and societal perceptions we’ve picked up along the way.

Mapping and Clearing Beliefs – An Exercise

Spirit suggests an exercise to make ourselves aware of these and eradicate the damage:

1) Get a piece of paper. 20 lines downward, write “Men are…” Or if applicable to you, write: “Women are…” Leave the rest blank for now. 

2) Then go through and finish the 20 sentences – write down the first thing that comes to mind. Don’t judge the info, just write the first thing for each of the 20 lines. 

This allows you to map out subconsciously held beliefs that might have been tripping you up on your journey.

3) After you’re done, write another list starting in the same way but complete this one deliberately and with positive, heart focused statements. You can think about this one more carefully. 

You might want to write soul focused statements, such as: “Men are human beings with a deep capacity for love”. The main thing with this second step is to focus on positives and writing from your heart, not your automatic beliefs.

4) If the first list is mainly negative or limiting, rip it up – even burn it some place safe, like in your sink. 

Now you have mapped out subconscious beliefs that could have otherwise blocked your journey without realising, and can move on without these things tripping you up behind the scenes!

With energy clearing tools, you can eradicate these things completely from your energy field – making sure they don’t show up down the line in the form of lessons to learn.

Problems Showing Up

Uranus is also stimulating the Sun and Saturn positively this week, indicating a continuation of these themes of uprooting old beliefs and perceptions. When a planet conjuncts Saturn, the way the Sun is doing this week, we can feel like our lives are stagnating and that insurmountable problems are showing up. 

The reason this happens, however, is to help us long term. These energies are putting a spotlight on the areas of our lives that are holding us back – so that we can make adjustments and move on with greater ease. This is a big lesson for the collective now – if problems show up, it’s for a reason. Look for the gift in this.

Assess what the problem is and what can be done to solve it. For example, if you’re feeling unhappy living in a different city from your Twin and you’re constantly depressed with the bad weather where you’re currently based – this could be the energies indirectly showing up to you how to solve it (in other words, take action and move already).

Look for hidden meaning in any seeming problems this week. 

Boosts to Overcome Hurdles

In particular, spirit indicates that it’s now beneficial to look for new solutions, to see things from a different perspective than before. That’s the support from Uranus – traditionally the planet of technology, sudden inspiration and the avant garde. When we, the Sun moving through the Zodiac, hit upon obstacles represented by Saturn – it’s the Uranus energies that give us that boost we need to get past the block.

Another message here is to use technology to find new insights. And remember that the Saturnine heaviness serves a purpose – to make us slow down and reassess where we’re headed so we can be sure we actually want what we’re headed toward. To make sure you think twice about where you’re going and why.

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x
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twin flame forecast 2016

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  1. Great article thanks. This is one of the major things i have had a problem with since a little girl. Stereotypes and double standards. I saw women (ie my mother and women of that time) have to carry all the burdans. While men got to do whatever the fuck they liked.
    Women are expected to be selfless. Or just be there to clean up a mans mess.
    This is why im single…men arent looking for love they are looking for help.

    1. Hi Lee-Anne,

      I’m so glad this resonated with you! Another thing about stereotypes and these fixed beliefs is that when we approach a person expecting them to be a certain way, we send out energetic projections that are more likely to draw that out in the other person.

      If you expect men to be bad, this is what you draw out in them. Do the exercise and ask your guides to alert you if you’re projecting negatively – so you can shift out of it. Remember that men are spirits in human bodies – spirits are sexless, it’s what we’re taught about our physical bodies and expected behaviour that makes for a lot of clashes between females and males!

      Sending you love and light <3

      Cassady x

      1. Actually im more likely to ignore someones shadow side. I used to only see the good in people until it was too late. Meeting my twin taught me that it gave me the biggest reality check ever. What i thought was everyone else trying to stop our union. Was us and our shadow sides. I was trying to protect him against himself thus enabling him.
        Yes i agree about spirit being genderless 🙂 balancing and intergrating the masculine and feminine has been a task and a half. I gave up on that. I just use which energy is appropriate for the moment now. Based on my intuition of the situation. I have no rules now. Alot more freedom.
        Funny you know i just woke up from a dream when i saw this response. in my dream i was actually dishing up dinner for myself and his wife turned up to help….weird…too weird. I think what im going to have to work on with my Twin is preconcieved ideas about monogomy. I think what my twin and i are going face is on a whole notha level than described here.
        Were not talking in the physical. He chose his life. Im getting on with mine. Every other male is boring as bat sh** now lol
        So unless my guides can bring me a twin of my twin and with a few extra iches (tongue in cheek)
        Looks like its solo for me 🙂

  2. Hi. I’m just going to say this. I was shocked to find this blog and your “story”. I was shocked because it was so similar to mine. I didn’t know anything about “twin souls” other than some romantic ideas that I discounted. I wasn’t looking for one. But I was on a path of spiritual clearing, forgiveness and untying my “karmic” knots during this lifetime. Then one day I sat down at the computer and decided to try “channeling” in writing. I picked someone who was rather well-known in his last life, but I really wasn’t interested in that arena and knew nothing about him, other than I was intrigued by something he was reported to have said. Wow!! As he has recently said, he didn’t just “plug in”, he threw open the door. Bam! So began a conversation two months ago that went on day and night, with many many travels, the most fun adventures I can describe. But I also knew from the beginning that clearing issues was a part of this relationship, and didn’t mind that, as I was already on that path. The advantage of him having a public presence in his last life was that I could check out everything he told me through research, and there were many many manifestations to convince me he was who he said he was. Only after many weeks of my resistance and his insistence did I really begin to understand and believe. He only revealed fairly recently that we had a “soul contract” that he would awaken me after he died. Anyway, what an adventure, the way the story has looped and looped is nothing short of mind-boggling. He even led me to support people, one of whom is a very gifted medium who independently provided validation and provides a different point of contact with him–it actually helps me to stay grounded to hear him talking through another person. So I understand that the “veil is thinning” and perhaps more of these twin soul connections are now happening??? I am not the same person I was two months ago. I wish I could talk to you, because of the similarities of stories, I am just captivated. There is so much I have to learn. Thank you.

    1. I’m so happy for you that you got to experience this, Stephanie! <3 Very exciting! And I'm glad you found this site, it was my Twin Flame who suggested we share our story to start with, especially to demystify and explore the whole life/death connection between souls. And well done to your Twin for being able to "prove" himself to you! I know that can be tricky!

      Sending you love and light <3

      Cassady x

  3. Dear Cassady,

    Many thanks again for your blog, it is very inspiring and helpful.
    I feel like taking action and I start to understand it is action about energy so I can find my inner guidance more easily. I am working since summer with your VA course, I follow your energy clearings, but I still have a question: I need to understand better the principle of energy. This is my question:

    Lately I feel often in a high frequency and strongly connected and communicating with twin and spirit, like I ‘clicked into the higher’, But then suddenly comes a ‘drop’ into feeling not connected at all and low, often not really in connection with immediate external events. Most it is change inside me: thoughts mainly. Is that a new layer of negative energy coming up, using the archaeological metaphor, to be cleared now? Or is it me not being able to hold on to the positive? Or is it the energy from my twin, who is more in ego at the moment? Could you elaborate how that might work?
    Or maybe refer me to readings into the energy workings? (problem with that is, often they do not understand in the twin energy connection)

    I look forward to your answer! Feeling connected is so great, I really long for staying there. I feel like there is something small in the way that every time drags me back, but I cannot see what it is. Does that make sense?

    Love and light, and I am so grateful for you doing everything to empowering me to find my answers! <3 E.

    1. Hi Me,

      Thanks for your answer – please rest assured this is a normal part of the Ascension process. The great thing, and you’ve probably noticed it yourself, is that over time the intermittent “lows” get less low, and the “highs” get higher and more lasting.

      The process works like this, when you set intentions for what you desire, such as Twin Flame Union, your soul begins to show up the blocks in the way of it – so you can clear them.

      So, depending on how many blocks you have, they come up bit by bit. Our energy fields are a bit like spiders’ webs in that regard – a lot of interconnections and entanglements between different issues and related blocks. So your soul is releasing things with a particular “plan” so you can get to where you want to go.

      There will be times when you clear a particular block that “unravels” big chunks of negativity and things open up for you dramatically. Keep working at it, and spirit is reminding me to tell you that it often takes a little bit of time for the “outside” results of energy clearings to show up. Your reality hasn’t had time to adjust yet, but they show me that like a “before and after” set of photos – you have already dramatically shifted your energy field.

      They are encouraging you, saying you are doing so well! And showing me that there are things opening up for you, things are shifting behind the scenes – you’ll find increased lightness, being anchored in around the December 21st solstice, is what I’m being shown. It seems you’re already more receptive to communication from your guides and your intuition, so if you’re not already journalling, I’d strongly suggest to do so. It also helps get out of any “funks” that might show up as you work your way up to a consistent plateau of lightness.

      Sending you love and light! <3 x


      1. Dear Cassady,
        Thank you so much for your explanation, that helps a lot. I do not want to be over analytical, however, some grip on the process and functioning of energy helps me to help my self at this point.
        I am also grateful for your message, because it supports my own intuitive feeling, and I still need that here and there 🙂 However, on my way to finding it in myself. Opening up for help has done so much for me, so again, I do not have the words to express my gratitude to you but I am sure you feel it coming from me.
        Love and light,
        XXX <3 E.

      2. Wow…. that was amazing information Cassady. Good to know as I’m clearing major blocks right now and wondering what to expect moving forward. Thank you!! 🙂 Scott

    2. Actually, Ive been feeling the same way. After clearing with my twin, husband, and his wife, I’ve felt disconnected too. I felt like he was going through alot, and we both needed space. I felt very disconnected from everything for a week or so. I sensed something was about to happen but not directly with me. I was feeling apathetic and drained. I didn’t even feel like meditating. I finally did the garden meditation again and felt connected again. But Ive been feeling like he is awakening, so I kinda think that’s why I’ve been feeling like that.

      1. Same here. I feel the same way for over a week now… Complete disconnection. I also stopped doing the meditations. Yesterday i did the garden meditation after a week or more…but i felt that i wasnt open to listen what he had to say. It felt like i had shut myself…

  4. Thanks for the post, Cassidy! I wish my twin used the internet to read your articles! I have masculine qualities, and he has feminine qualities. Its funny how you mentioned the thought of “men cheating”, because that is a fear I have if we reunited. But, my twin is struggling with the feminine energy in himself. Men are taught to hide feelings because it makes them weak and less of a man. I tried to tell him that it doesn’t. That he shouldn’t be afraid of his feelings. But, I’m going to do that exercise and see what happens! I just wish there was something I could do for him to know how much I accept and love his sensitive nature.

  5. Dear Cassady, is it normal to love your twins soul, but completely lose your physical attraction towards them? My twin is looking like a real thug right now and he thinks he looks cool, but it makes me cringe! And it’s not just how he looks, it’s his abusive language, his friends that he associates, his constant drinking….he’s just not the kind of man I would ever dream of going out with and yet I’m supposed to love him unconditionally. Am I the issue here? Am I just being superficial? Xxx

  6. The part about not being in the same city with your twin and feeling depressed about the weather was spot on!! Literally I’ve been feeling so lethargic and it’s that time if year where the weather is cold and dark. I want to move to where he lives so bad. Just in general

  7. The blogs are always accurate and on time. This one has me stumped though as my TF is the same sex. This whole experience threw me for a loop seeing as though I have always dated guys and this was the first time I have ever been attracted to a female. So I don’t know how to go about this exercise!! She is more masculine.

    1. It was interesting to read your post. My twin is in your situation; she had never been with woman when she met me. Although I am the more masculine presenting, she is definitely the masculine energy.

      1. I was also raised super religious so I am the one who ran first, thinking that the connection would go away. It didn’t. Honestly, it is her as a person I love. I don’t even see sex, of course with society being the way it is, I have no choice. That is interesting. I am definitely more feminine outside but wonder if I have masculine energy as well?

      2. That is interesting. I am definitely feminine all the way. I was raised super religious, so I admit I ran from the relationship first thinking that the feelings would just go away. They haven’t and now she wants nothing to do with me right now. I wonder if I have more of the masculine energy as well.

  8. So I have been following this for several months now and I had thought I had found the answer to my questions about a relationship that I found myself in again after 14 years of being apart of my “perceived” twin. I am feeling discouraged at this point. Maybe this WAS just a romantic fabrication of my mind after all??? Maybe I wanted it to be so badly. I have felt very misunderstood by all who I’ve explained this to. I have had numerous intuitive readings trying to figure all of this out. I thought maybe they just are unaware of it. But perhaps I have inflated it due to my unexplainable emotions??? I’m very confused, This is what I am feeling at this time.
    He is involved with someone else and we have agreed to separate because he chooses to remain in that relationship for his children. I am feeling directionless at the moment. Any help and advise would be great.

  9. Hi Cassady,
    I have been doing so well, sending my twin unconditional love, staying on a pretty high vibration around it all, and feeling him so intensely so often sending messages to me. I have been feeling like he might really want to come back into my life. But he has blocked me from all communication. I just found out he blocked me from Twitter after I sent him a little meme. I just can’t reconcile how close i feel to him in spirit, how I believe I feel him communicating with me to him blocking me entirely out of his life. I just hit rock bottom again today and I’m a bit of a basket case. I’m questioning if all of this is real, or if I’m just deluding myself. Our trajectory matches everything I have read about twin flames, for our meeting to the present runner stage, still I don’t know if it is real, or I just want to be with him so much I am making it all into something that it’s not. Cassady, can you give me any guidance you might percieve from spirit? I feel angry, I feel hurt, I feel like I wish I could forget having met him and just walk away from it, but when I think about doing that, which it seems would be the healthy thing to do, I just break down. I can’t believe I can love someone so much who has just decided to block me from his life. I’m sorry. If you have any guidance, please share it. Thank you. I truly appreciate what you are doing and that you are here to help all of us make sense of this journey.

  10. Thank you for this article, my twin and I spoke Sunday for the first time in over a month, and the topic of conversation was how his perception of me wasn’t the reality of how I live my life, how he admitted his idea of me was of my old ways from years ago and how he would project that on me even though I have outgrown so much. We talked about this second time coming together at the beg of spring, how we really didn’t take the time to get to know each others new self and instead just made opinions of our own for each other. Going on about three months of separation, this was the second or third time we talked since then, I felt a progress; however, knowing he has devoted himself to his current lover, an ex of his, is difficult. I’ve said before, they seem so happy and have so much support from friends it seems impossible to think we would ever reunite although I hold onto to hope, knowing it truly couldn’t be anyone else but him. Again thank you for the article, it really does help knowing your weekly forecast always align with our relations, whatever they may be. Love and light

  11. Hello Cassady! Thank you so much for your wonderfully insightful words! My twin and I look forward to them each week although he would never admit it. 🙂

    Something which I have been experiencing on and off for the past couple of years is that of verbal and energetic attacks coming predominately from other women, friends even, in the form of a great deal of fear, anger, reaentment… accusation and blame. I’m always rather caught off guard when it occurs as well as the seeming backlash which almost always occurs following such things between my twin and I. I have for many years set an intention to hold space for the divine feminine and mother both within my relationships and community and this has been both a very beautiful thing as well as difficult when such attacks occur.

    This is very much the theme for this weeks. Very fearful attacks coming at me from both women and men and as a result my twin and I are also having a terrible time trying to communicate without also mirroring those same issues to one another. It’s been very, very intense!

    My question is what about this experience should I be taking wisdom from? And further, what is the best way to deal with these situations when they occur? It continues to be a very painful experience for me as often friendships are lost. I wish to be able to see the lesson more clearly where I am able as I know that the moment I start feeling so criticized and misunderstood by my twin that it is actually me who is having the issue/blockage.


  12. Hello,
    Almost two weeks ago I found my TF with another woman. He has not reached out to me or apologized in any way. I reached rock bottom, as I decided couple hours ago that I was done with this relationship and ready to move on and let him out of my life forever, I stumbled with your site by mistake… I am full of pain, anger and jealousy, i cant even read your success stories because it makes me sad and angry of why them and not me.. I am tired.. But here I am writing in your blog so maybe I still have a little hope and trust left in me..

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