Are You Avoiding Your Own Power? The Planets Beckon Us To Face The Truth And Open To The Highest Path Of Love… Plus, A Revelation – What You Didn’t Know Your Twin Was Feeling…

Welcome into a new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:

Eclipse gateway is still open, aftermath of the weekend’s energies. “Heavyweights” challenge you to release the past and the “small self”…

Plus, Mercury joins Sun in Sagittarius – a new beginning is yours if you’ll accept it!

Discover more below!

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What Did You Repress To Avoid Feeling?

We head into this week during the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.

This means, if you’ve felt stirred up, like things are not going well or others aren’t being particularly nice the last few days – that’s why!

It’s old baggage, unprocessed emotions coming up to be released.

Spirit tells us one of the major themes of this Eclipse is we are as a collective being pushed to deal with emotions we repressed at the time they happened.

As this Eclipse happens in Gemini, the emotions that were dominated and repressed by the mind and Ego, are finally building to be released.

The Past Speaking…

So don’t be surprised if people seem to be overreacting to things that don’t seem that big a deal…

Or if YOU feel something all of a sudden that seems to not make sense in the current situation at all. It’s the past “speaking”. Unhealed emotions calling to be processed. 

This is all about emotions that have been dominated by the mind – as the Moon rules emotions and Gemini is the domain of the mental faculties. Spirit says “ego is losing its hold”, there’s a purification and re-balancing happening.

“The heart is reasserting itself, after eons of having being suppressed by mental desires and the ego personality. The heart is the portal of love, and the gateway to unity.” So for Twin Flames this is a key time.

(For more on how to best deal with eclipses, have a look at this brand new article).

Intensity Building

 Eclipses involve a purge collectively, so make sure you shield yourself, keep a cool head and process the emotions that come up in a healthy way.

Journalling is set to be healing – and of course do make sure you use the Free Energy Cleanse Guided Meditation here where I take you through a clearing of your whole chakra/aura and infusion of new light.


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Belief And Emotion Is Key

This Full Moon Eclipse kicks off the Eclipse Gateway, which will be open until mid December. Happening between Sagittarius and Gemini, belief and emotion is key.

There may be anger, irritation based in opposing perspectives above all.

Mars retrograde this fall brought a purge and release of old karmic templates of separation and polarity consciousness – the “3D reality” or historical human model of self vs other…

The Eclipse is a culmination of emotions around this. The end of an era of opposition.

Spirit warns us we may see clashes in society, which are not due to CURRENT situations but are in essence a phantom from the past. Unhealed material coming to the surface.

The Soul’s Truth Rising…

We are asked to remember we are all ONE. Every soul alive is a soul of light from the same source.

Only on earth is there seeming separation, opposition, conflict. In the realms of light there is no conflict.

So when conflict comes to the surface, we know there is a purge of the HUMAN baggage.

This process is part of earth’s own ascension we’re told. Just like WE go through purging and healing old baggage and wounds, earth itself has an energy system which is now being “upgraded” to rise into a higher frequency “reality”.

Recognizing Self In Other

And this is all about the state and the perception and the interaction we’re in. The “old” reality was conflict, opposition, inequality, hurt based in not recognizing the oneness of all things.

The “new” reality is unity, compassion, love, harmony based in recognizing the “self in other”.

The difficulties, the problems rising, have been expressions of the past, the karmic reality of hurt and suffering coming to the surface to be released.

So again, this Full Moon Eclipse is another key event in this year’s major shift in consciousness. Not just for Twin Flames but the whole human collective.

Twin Flames Lighting Up Unity

We unfortunately see many Twin Flames still physically apart as this happens…

But we’re shown that when Twins long for each other, they “light up” the non physical connection points that create the new state of unity.

Where separation no longer exists energetically. Which then opens to this being a physical state.

Spring 2021 Opening To More Physical Togetherness

We’re shown spring as a time when things will begin to open more and more but in the mean time do what you know how to do – be with your counterpart on the soul planes (I take you through it here).

We’re told it’s not by accident that Twin Flames have this ability to be “together” in seeming separation. It is by design.

And in this time, it is for sure a deliberate step that many are in essence FORCED by circumstance to activate this fully.

It is there for a reason. I teach you how to unlock this here, in class 2, 4 and 6.


Making Way for New Light

With the Eclipse, try to take a step back from yourself and see yourself from the outside, as keeping a neutral standpoint will help you avoid being dragged into old “autopilot” behavior.

Hold off on judgment on any Twin Flame situations and issues until the energies settle again. If things feel tense or troubled right now, it could likely have more to do with the energies at large than with your relationship.

We’re shown that this Eclipse gateway, which is ongoing until mid December, will be bringing up a lot of collective negativity from the Earth itself to “purge”.

From the old karmic fields which essentially are collections of human beings’ thought forms, emotions, energies and experiences from thousands of years.

Shield yourself now as others’ negativity will be more noticeable than at other times because it’s coming up to be released.Connect to the light with the tool in the free kit and allow the light to flush negativity out of you.

(Or, to go deeper and fully release the “old karmic grids” to ascend fully into a higher state of unity, have a look here.)

We’re Being Pushed To Deal With The Past

Right off the eclipse, the moon moves onto the North Node, showing an activation of the soul’s path forward. It’s currently moving retrograde.

In other words, in order to move ahead into your desired highest timeline and experiences, it’s important that you deal with the past.

We cannot repress emotions or use wishful thinking – “spiritual bypassing” – if there are actual unhealed shadows in our system. They are “demanding” to be acknowledged and faced so you can heal once and for all.

(Read more here in The Truth About The Twin Flame Mirror)

twin flame mirror

Deep Healing In Love

Pretending we’re happy or forcing it all the time doesn’t work if there’s negativity lodged on a deeper level.

Clearing and healing the negativity will make happiness our NATURAL set-point.

This is also a major theme for this whole month in love and the Twin Flame connection as Venus travels through Scorpio for weeks to come.

It means we cannot gloss over what is hurting in our system.

For help with this healing process, have a look here.

Facing Our Shadows…

Wounds or fears don’t go away just because we want them to. Often that can make things worse, as we’re running from OURSELVES.

This only makes fear and wounds and hurt stronger, says spirit. When we fear our darkness and run from it, it strengthens the darkness and makes it grow.

The real solution, “says” Pluto the great detoxing master, is to face it and release it once and for all.

Pluto transits always bring a detox process of some kind and right now it’s happening in love and with the feminine.

We’re shown, the key fear is:
What if you end up alone? What if you DON’T reunite with your Twin Flame?

Gauging Your Reactions – Signs Of The Future

How does it feel to contemplate that? If it feels fearful, it means that FEAR is in you emotionally and energetically – unfortunately sending out a signal and attracting that very fear.

If you feel like, “Yeah, so what? I know that’s what will likely happen” – that’s another kind of shadow, it shows you’ve given up.
And that giving up is a signal sent out unconsciously attracting it.

You need to go within, as Pluto shows, surgically (energetically) removing the darkness and heal. So it’s not actually IN YOU anymore. And again like with a physical ailment we can’t just wish our way out of it.

Learn more about vibration and the manifestation/attraction process here.

Purification, Rebirth Process

For the next few weeks still, purification around sex, intimacy, power/victimhood and secrets are key in love and for the feminine Twin and the pair connection.

(And know that the blocks may not even have been “yours” – it’s likely ancestral or collective material working to be released).

By the time this period is over, expect to have “died” and “been reborn” in some way. An old part of you that was wounded may be healed, an old dynamic with your Twin may shift into a higher state.

In some way, transformation is pushing to take place.

We’re “warned” that Pluto’s effect can get challenging when we try to avoid the darkness in our own selves. As the god of the underworld, we cannot simply pretend the dark doesn’t exist.

Pluto’s “Mission” To Elevate The Twin Flame Connection…

But if we take up the mantle and go on our quest to conquer our own fears, we are supported by Pluto. If we seek to escape it, he will push us by bringing it back until we cannot escape any longer.

Mastery, transformation and alchemy are key. Remember who you really are.

To learn more about how to deal with this process smoothly, including channeled messages on Pluto in Capricorn’s effect on Twin Flames until 2024, have a look here.

Positive Energy “Injection”

On December 1st, Mercury enters Sagittarius and opens for a month of increased focus on higher thinking, optimism and belief. Use this increased positivity to your benefit!

Spirit comments, you’ll see solutions and higher perspectives more easily now.

If you’ve been feeling stuck, take a second look now as you’ll likely see the possibilities rather than blocks!

This “magic ability” of inspiration and higher perspectives will also increase as Mercury begins to form a trine to Neptune later this month. If things have seemed hopeless lately, solutions and openings are about to show up…

Reworking Love Programming

Tuesday and Wednesday, Venus and Mercury oppose Uranus Retrograde and Lilith. This signals a cosmic process to rattle loose old karmic gender programming and historical wounds around love.

Uranus is travelling through Taurus pushing for an upgrade of our love programming for many years still, and when he is joined by Lilith the focus is on the “shadow karmic feminine”.

So again, know that any shadows you’re facing right now may not even be “yours”. They may be historical baggage in the feminine collective fields.

Be mindful you don’t identify with them – if they’re there it means you accepted it in at some point, likely in childhood.

Karmic Shadows…

To journey forward in light and enjoy love and unity with your Twin Flame, it’s important to clear them, to cut those cords to the karmic pools of consciousness.

Because it will only bring more of those old shadows.

The woman vs man, victimhood/oppressor, blame/conflict paradigms where the female is usually suffering. I take you through clearing it here.

Guidance Is Working To Help!

During this transit, Venus trines Neptune at the same time. This shows, guidance and the Universe ARE working to help. Make sure you listen. Because you have a choice.

Don’t listen to history, shadows, other people’s disappointments and anger and the karmic gender stories. Go beyond.

Remember what Uranus is doing in Taurus, he is breaking apart outdated love programming. It’s to help us, long term.

This means, if something is triggered now, that’s what’s going on. Clear it, so it doesn’t stick around and bring trouble in your Twin Flame connection.

Twin Flames Getting Closer…

Mars and Venus are still far apart, indicating physical distance in the Twin Flame connection, but we see them united in their common goal – whether or not they know it.

Both want love. Both want a higher love. True unity.

True completion. Something more and better than the “old mode” of humanity.

Spirit tells us, when two people both work to manifest the same thing – each other – it happens in double time. It’s like a tunnel being dug from two sides.

Even if you’re apart, you are getting closer. And remember separation is an “illusion – it only exists in the physical. For the soul there’s no such thing.

Friday: Letting Go Of The Past…

On Friday we see emotions and old modes and habits of feeling/being may cloud your vision.

As the Moon in Cancer opposes the powerful Stellium in Capricorn, there’s something from the past you’re being asked to let go of, in order to move forward.

Most likely it’s a habit of emotion or a familial perspective on the world.

With the heavyweight effect from Capricorn, you would benefit from becoming more logical, applying discipline and a can-do attitude to your journey.

Wallowing in emotions and daydreams will not cut it in this period.

In fact, has it gotten you what you wanted yet? Saturn “asks”. You’re being beckoned to come be methodical, to embrace your power of creation. To grow up a bit.

Embracing Your Eternal Nature

You may think that sounds boring or scary, but Capricorn wisdom is that life is created one day at a time. You can reach immense heights of love, happiness and more if you just apply yourself.

Don’t think you’re small. That was just a story from your upbringing or human culture. You don’t really need someone to rescue you. Negative feelings are just “old stories” talking in your system…

The constructed identity you were given. Open your eyes and realize how magnificent and powerful you really are.

A Week To Embrace Your Power

We may have some growing up to do this week. Be willing to release habitual modes of being and emotion above all.

Be willing to catch yourself and go:

“I don’t want to continue this loop. I don’t want more of these same repeating cycles. I’m ready for something new.

If this cycle of emotion or these habits didn’t work for me before, I am willing to use a new approach.”

Release the past, embrace your potential. Be mindful, be your own master. Take action and face the shadows, clear the fears. It will pay off massively for the long run.

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

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