Twin Flame Epiphanies… “Supernatural” Events, The Mission Kicks In. A New Chapter Begins – But Are You Ready To Live In This State Of Openness?

Highlights this week include:
Rare Stellium in Virgo continues – heightened time for the Twin Flame connection, challenges open to profound revelations. Plus, the universe gives you one final choice. Are you really ready for this?

Discover more below!

Encouragement For Your Spiritual Journey

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Continuing Themes From Last Week

So onto the cosmic energies at hand! We start this week with a continuing rare transit from last week. The Stellium in Virgo, which is a heightened strength of focus combining multiple planets.

Joining in are the Sun, Mercury, Mars and Virgo and the asteroid Juno.

Spirit shows us, this intensive transit creates a gateway very similar in feel to eclipses – there’s a massive purge happening, in order to push the collective to “uplevel” into a higher timeline for the long run.

Not just our personal timelines, but collective timelines. This is a key time for the consciousness and elevation of energy on the planet!

Make sure you work to stay in a positive frame of mind this week – put a reminder on your phone or a post-it on your desk – as it will powerfully help you rise into a higher path for the long run. As always, energy work is key to this “upleveling”.

(Learn more in “What You Need To Know About Twin Flame Timelines” here)

Heightened Time For Twin Flames…

With Venus/Mars and Juno so close, this stellium creates an incredible spotlight and push in the realms of marriage/partnership, communication, action, self and love.

I’m sure you can see how this is a heightened time for Twin Flames! In fact, this is the first time I’ve seen such a strong focus on love in one sign in the cosmic energies since I started the energy reports on this site!

With Mars/Sun and Mercury joining in an exact conjunction we see a new clarity in terms of where we want to be headed and how to get there.

Mind, willpower and energy are all focused in one direction.

And all this is happening in Virgo, sign of service – shining light on the Twin Flame mission. Spirit shows us many unawakened Twins are set to have epiphanies and “opening the doors of perception” in this period.

In particular, tying in Neptune R, they are set to recognize and realize the incredible uniqueness and spiritual power of the experiences they’ve had in the past with their counterpart.

The Reason Why Unawakened Twins Just Didn’t “Get It”

If you were frustrated that they didn’t “get it” – how different and palpably “supernatural” your connection together was…

It’s like they’ve been blindfolded in the past but now they have sudden realizations that seem to surprise them.

And spirit says, you weren’t “crazy” – they were just full of ego patterns so they didn’t sense it or understand. However, this transit is set to open their eyes.

If you need some help dealing with an Unawakened Twin Flame,
have a look at this article


Transformations In Physical Reality

The stellium in Virgo also sets off a grand trine in Earth tying in Uranus R and Pluto R – indicating that there are subtle yet transformative changes happening in your physical reality.

Above all, it’s about un-creating what may have been getting in the way of your joy and of “heaven on earth”.

We see that you may feel frustrated with how slowly things seem to be progressing, but these major planetary energies tell us that the world wasn’t created in one day… And that what they are assisting you with is a ***fundamental change***.

Destroying the reality that didn’t serve you, to make way for another.

A New Chapter Of The Shared Path…

We’re shown in particular un-doing the reality you aligned with on automatic based on what 3D society told you – the “standard version” of events… So that your higher reality has ROOM to rise forth.

(I help you with this here in the newest Twin Flame resource – “Divine Breakthrough: Inviting In Physical Change In The Twin Flame Connection”)


These powerful planetary energies promise us that “heaven on earth” is not just an expression, it truly is what Twin Flames are here for and now we are stepping into a new chapter of the SHARED path. The Twin Flame mission.

This stellium, which is in effect throughout the week, shows us an immense focus on unleashing the SOUL’s path, there are contracts set to come into effect for a new chapter.

Old Soul Contracts Being Phased Out

Those who have been doing their inner work and phased out the old karmic “learning connections” with former colleagues, friends, family and places in recent years are set to advance into a new phase.

If things feel lonely, strange or isolated these days for you, remember it’s because you’re being shifted into a new space!

First, what was, must be phased out. Then, when your vibration reaches a higher state, the new world begins to show up.

Meaning, a higher state of unity with your counterpart, new soul friends, a new way of life. You are headed in the right direction.

Why So Many Twins Backtrack
– There’s No Such Thing As “Impossible”

Do not doubt yourself, says spirit. Listen to what FEELS right, that’s your compass.

Be mindful not to think something is wrong and get back with old things that have outworn their purpose, or go chasing for things that don’t truly serve you.

Hold firm for what you truly desire and deserve. The universe will deliver on your promise, are their words.

Challenges Regarding Spiritual Perspectives

When I said this stellium was a key event, I wasn’t joking. In addition to all the above, the stellium sets off a T-square with Jupiter and Neptune R. As these bring in spiritual and higher perspectives, we see that there’s a challenge.

T-squares indicate stress and tension – the universe pushing for growth.

This T square is asking you if you truly are willing to live a different life than what you have grown accustomed to. It’s as if the universe is giving us one final Free Will opt-out, for those who are unwilling to leave the past behind.

Feeling Lonely In Your Awakening? The Purpose…

We are shown that living as fully awakened beings can be lonely at times, because most human beings are not in that state of light and infinite awareness.

And that once you become conscious, you cannot un-do that process. Yes, it is why we came here, but we are shown, we CAN stay in the “3D” world if we want.

Some Twins seem to be choosing this by default simply because their systems are so ingrained with the separation and conflict programming (you will notice this when you speak to people and they refuse to give up on blame and drama).

But here’s the gift that Jupiter and Neptune promise us:

That once we pass through the gate of awareness, once we experience the “new reality” we will experience bliss, it will be happy, it will be an amazing experience.

What If I Said Everything Will Turn Out Amazingly?

With this transit we’re also asked to look inside and resolve any doubts and fears we still have about the future. Do we truly believe that something better is possible?

If I told you today, the universe promises everything is going to turn out better than you ever imagined…

What is your reaction?
Do you believe?
Does it raise skepticism, anger even?

Those are the key issues that are BLOCKING everything from actually turning out OK for you!

They are the underlying beliefs that are steering your reality in a direction of “not OK”.

Those reveal where you have already made your mind up about what the future holds, and in energy terms it means you’re creating it.

Secret Factors That Cause Twins To Experience Pain…

So be good to yourself, light up those places where anger, skepticism, blame, disappointment, sadness have pushed you into aligning with an unhappy life.

Clear this stuff using energy tools – you’ll free up your journey to a whole new state. Make sure you begin using the Free Transformation Kit and the energy cleanse tool as it really has worked miracles for so many Twin Flames!

And you’ll FEEL so much better on the inside!


“Hi Cassady, I have been using these for around last 2 months and the results are truly amazing. Each time I do this session, something special happens in my physical reality.”

Sally, New South Wales, Australia

“My Twin Flame is a Runner and something amazing happened today… I’ve done the clearing two days in a row so far, and guess who called me this morning after doing the meditation and energy cleanse? Yup, you guessed it… he called on his own without prompting from me! I am so darn happy, it’s a miracle!”

– Kristine D, Mass, USA

Stepping Into The Infinite Possibility Realm Of Creation

Accept that in this infinite universe, it truly is possible for you to live a happy life however that looks for you. It truly is possible for you to reunite happily with your Twin.

Just accept the possibility. You don’t need to know the exact steps.

But once you’ve set the intention, once you’ve accepted the possibility, you’ll begin to notice subtle guidance and indications of the path there…

As the wise man said, the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

When you get out of your own web of beliefs (which may have been pushed onto you by other people) and open to something new, the universe always responds.

11:11 – Calling All Twin Flames

Tuesday we have a conjunction between the Sun and Mercury at 11:11 degrees of Virgo.

The twin flame mission kicks in. We see the higher self shining light in the human consciousness. Codes activated…

As Venus and Mercury move into an opposition with Neptune R on Tuesday we see you’re likely feeling like the divine is not responding to you lately, that you’re not receiving help. That your “heaven on earth” will never happen…

(To open to actually perceiving and receiving the help that’s working to reach you, make sure you connect with your Twin’s higher self as they are waiting for you to make the choice!

In the Oneness Activation Session they take you through stepping out of 3D separation paradigms, and into the unity of the higher consciousness realms where you originate from as a pair… bringing the journey into a new and higher chapter)


Does It Feel Like You’re Not Being “Helped”?

You may actually feel angry with the universe or the divine this week – like you’re being forced to experience hardship or not being helped.

Remember this though: We ARE the divine. There’s no “boss” out there imposing experiences on you. It’s all about your energy, your system and your chosen path.

“As within, so without”.

(Read more about this here in “Twin Flame Q&A: Does The Universe Test Us?”)

Death/Rebirth Process In Love

Later in the week, but in effect all throughout, Pluto joins in with support from Capricorn. You truly ARE being supported, but at this time it comes in the form of detox and a death/rebirth process in love.

You will likely feel challenged. Pluto is positively affecting the Feminine Twin especially, but it can feel overwhelming.

Sexuality is intensified, the sacral chakra is being triggered and we see there’s a strong process of “upgrading” the Feminine Twin’s relationship between sexuality and love.

How do you see it? Is sex and love the same? Are you able to fully open up to your counterpart? Have there been issues between you? What is the power state like in your connection – do you feel powerless?

These are all issues Pluto is working to help you with…

Awakening Your Power, Opening To Love

The challenge is that “his” method is to push for the ROOT causes of imbalance to be purged.

Like with a physical world detox, you may feel triggered and upset as the damaging content works its way to the surface…

But if you clear it and resolve it (get my tools here) you will feel FUNDAMENTALLY better and your whole alignment with reality, self and your Twin will be lifted to a higher level of harmony.

Above all, Pluto tells us, he is working to awaken your own power again. Especially in terms of relationships. To wake you up to your own strength. Childhood is highlighted as the cause of any imbalances in your Twin connection…

How To Clear Fears From Blocking Your Connection

Pluto urges us to not try to run from the darkness, but face it in the knowing that we are beings of light…

When we recognize this, the darkness cannot stay present in our lives any longer. When you shine a light in the dark, the darkness “disappears”.

An Old Chapter Ending – A New Beginning That Defies What You Thought Was Even Possible…

This is not set to be an easy week, but there are deeper transformations happening.

An old chapter is ending but the new era which is about to rise forth is set to be brighter than you could ever have imagined from your old perspective.

Be brave, and know you wouldn’t have come here if you couldn’t handle it!

You are here for a reason! I believe in you! But right now, you’re being asked to believe in yourself.

Feel into your sacral chakra above all (It’s right below your belly – read more here) – do you FEEL powerful and capable? If not, there is some work to do.


Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey <3

Cassady x

“The Higher Dimensional Anchoring was the absolute most intense healing I’ve ever done – it completely blew me away. I saw my Twin Flame completely change overnight. The change in him was the biggest change I’ve seen in him to date. I’m so grateful I’m merely without words. It really was the answer to my prayers.”

– Sarah (via Facebook)

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