The Planet Of Love Returns Home – New Beginnings And Reignited Romance. But Full Moon Pressure Builds, Who Made You Feel “Not Good Enough”?

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:
Mercury Retrograde continues, the planet of love returns “home” – new beginnings and reignited romance in existing connections.

Discover more below!

Mercury Retrograde – The Past In Review

We’re still in Mercury Retrograde, which is casting a sense of confusion and “static” over the next couple of weeks still. Remember this is all about activities and “lessons” regarding words with “re” – such as reviewing, reconsidering, redoing.

We’re also dealing with things from the past making a second appearance – it could be your own thoughts and creations, people or situations or “life themes” from the past.

The cosmic purpose of Mercury Retrogrades? To help us release what doesn’t serve us so we can live our highest potential – our “best life!”

(Read more here about retrogrades and what’s REALLY going on when a planet seems to be moving “backwards”)


Intuition, Guidance As A “Superpower”

Make sure you don’t try to do everything with logic and mind as your approach – using your heart and intuitive guidance will likely be much more effective for a few weeks still.

On March 4th Mercury moves “backwards” into Aquarius, bringing a new (old) theme to the proceedings. Now, we go from a focus on oneness/spiritual issues to issues regarding uniqueness and identity.

Again, we’re rethinking, tidying up the past. Spirit shows us, keep an eye on what feelings and thought patterns are triggered or show up.

How IDENTITY Affects Your Twin Flame Connection…

It’s highly beneficial to look into IDENTITY issues right now – because this is a blueprint of what we unconsciously allow into our reality.

So how do you see yourself and your capability? Is your identity aligned with what you’re wanting?

Are you the “kind of person” who experiences love come true and reunion with your Twin? Are you (and your family – because this is childhood programming) the “kind of people” whose lives are happy and easy?

Are you the “kind of person” that people are good to and that the universe helps?

If you felt icky about any of that, it’s a sign your inner unconscious identity and alignment is tripping you up. To re-program your deeper inner mind to start bringing you more of what you want, instead of keeping you in limitation, have a look at this.


The amazing thing is, you just have to listen along. Check it out and let me know – did it feel irritating and like a lie to start with?

If so, that’s a HUGE sign it’s beneficial to you. Because it means you don’t believe the positive affirmations, and that means you’ve been blocking reunion and your answered prayers from showing up.

Love Returns “Home” – New Beginnings

Also on March 4th, Venus returns to her “home sign” Taurus. With each Venus return we have the beginning of a brand new yearly cycle for love and its ruling planet.

As this happens along with Mercury retrograde, we’re dealing with the chance to start over in terms of the beliefs and habits we’ve been bringing to our love connection.

This week really gives us the chance to tidy up our inner world and what we believe and project into love, self love!

We have the chance to shift into a new and more positive self perception. Which will then shift us into a new and more positive dynamic in love!

(Watch this video on how it works – The Twin Flame Mirror)


Getting Back In Touch With Nature, Romance And Creativity

While Mercury Retrograde continues to stir up static, this is a great week for tending to non-analytical things.

Enjoying love in all its forms – walking in nature, tending to plants and animals, painting, singing and expressing yourself creatively, especially in a physical way with your hands and body.

Celebrate yourself right now! You may re-discover an old passion, talent or enjoyable hobby you had let go of (Mercury Retrograde).

Or, you may re-connect with an “old love” (due to the Aquarius influence this will likely come via the internet or in a group setting)!

Indulge your senses and show YOURSELF love, as this boosts your energy and helps you feel loveable and positive about yourself – bringing you into an energetic alignment with receiving this from others!

Shadows Of Judgment And Criticism

We’re yet again reminded of the crucial role of self-love and self-acceptance on the Twin Flame journey. Inner harmony as well as harmony with the other-self.

Being in a state of self-love is magnetic to attracting and maintaining harmony with your divine counterpart.

If you’re not really feeling self-loving, try starting with acceptance: “You’re allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress at the same time”.

A complicating factor late this week is that we have a Full Moon in Virgo on March 9th and throughout the end of the week, energy and emotion is building to a peak.

Virgo is the sign of the healer, purity, the martyr and of service. The shadow aspects deal with judgment and “impossibly high standards”.

So you’re likely to experience a flare-up of issues around this – being wounded from others judgment. Especially in relationships (including with family and friends) – and it’s coming up to help your Twin Flame connection.

Powerful Full Moon In Virgo

Sunday evening we have a Full Moon in Virgo, and old hurts are set to be lit up and brought up so we can let go of them for good.

Some of the deepest wounds and blocks we carry come from others’ words and perceptions of us. Others’ judgment of us as “not good enough”.

(Have a look at this session where I take both you and your Twin through clearing old hurt and negativity, cutting cords to outsiders in alignment with Free Will and more. It will help both of you shift into a higher state and a more love filled dynamic)

The shadow aspects of Virgo can create deep wounds around judgment and feeling “not good enough”. And the ideal of perfection is often misunderstood. Everyone’s idea of “perfect” is different.

When we are judged as “wrong”, it creates trauma. Relationships where we have felt rejected, judged or “not good enough” are often brought back karmically in adult romantic relationships and friendships because they form templates for our adult functioning.

Keep an eye on yourself under this Full Moon, as emotions will likely run high. (If you’re struggling, read this article to help shift your energy and perspective)


Holding Up the Twin Flame Mirror

Spirit shows us a “blinding” of the analytical logical faculties, as Mercury turns and the moon hits its peak. The unconscious self may be expressing trauma that’s been repressed.

Again, Twin Flame relationships trigger ALL wounds to come up for clearing, so that the Twins can reunite in Unconditional Love.

If there’s a person from the past or a trauma regarding “not feeling good enough” lurking in your background somewhere, any turbulence you’re going through right now is almost certain to be related to that in some way.

Again, in this universe there is no such thing as imperfect. Everyone and everything is perfectly imperfect for its specific role. You are the perfect you.

You and your Twin’s relationship is a “perfect” expression of your energies.

If there is trouble, it is “perfectly” created for you to understand what wounds and hurts are blocking you and release them.

In the face of the demanding energies of this Virgo Full Moon, remember that Unconditional Love is the cure. To love no matter what. To love yourself no matter what.

To open up to palpably receive your Twin Flame’s Higher Self’s unconditional love and support on your journey – have a look at this session.


“I have done the new union meditation 2 weekends in a row now and it has truly made a huge difference…me and my Twin are laughing together again…we had been arguing for so long…now I feel there is new fresh energy running through my body and I feel like I’m floating on air every time I do the unity meditation…it is so beautiful…thank you so much…” – Diane

Click here to learn more and download.

Are You Your Own Biggest Source of Hurt?

On the Twin Flame journey it’s as much about your own inner Alchemy as the one unfolding between you and your Twin. It’s never just about “them”. Everything we hold inside becomes reflected back to us in the Twin Flame Mirror.

Loving yourself is essential to the Twin connection – but most of us grow up with the opposite habits, of self criticism, self doubt, self loathing.

So a wonderful thing to do this Virgo Full Moon is to take a few minutes and apologize to yourself for any harsh judgments you may have made along the way. You didn’t deserve for you to be so hard on yourself.

You deserve love, you deserve to be unconditionally accepted and treasured for exactly who you are.

And you know what? That love is wanting to reach you, every day – start shifting your vibration so you come into range with it.

If we’re on a low frequency, we’re out of tune with Love. It’s there, but we can’t feel it. Shift your energy to open up to it once more. (Test where you’re at in this free energy vibration resource)


Feeling Pulled In Different Directions?

This is set to be a week that will feel quite confusing. It’s as if we’re being pulled in two directions at once. On one hand, love is entering a new cycle and there’s a fresh “spring” in terms of relationships and passion…

But on the other, pain from the past is being brought up to help us fully BE in that newness and to start that new fresh chapter.

The universe is seemingly opening the door, and yet hanging onto us pointing out there’s some unresolved skeletons in the closet.

The good news is, if you resolve those deeper wounds now, you’ll be aligned with more positivity and RECEIVING love and reunion – particularly when Mercury goes direct soon.

Are You Running From Your Own Shadows?

Otherwise, if you just kept running from the “shadows” of old wounds and fears, they would keep playing out in your reality as your soul tried to get your attention.

Remember, when we have inner wounds and fears, the Twin Flame connection “automatically” triggers them to come to the surface so we can clear them and reunite in unconditional love.

Remember, the Twin Flame connection is in its essence pure love. The running, the separation, the hurt – those are expressions of the human “baggage” affecting the Twins.

You’re not “supposed” to be struggling. If you are, it means negativity is affecting your connection. (Read more about that and find out how to resolve it here)

Look at your life and Twin Flame connection currently. Are you ecstatically blissfully happy? Is everything what you dreamed of and more?

Why So Many Twin Flames Struggle

If not, it means there are deeper wounds and negativity playing out in your connection and affecting your experiences together. If you leave it to time to resolve this, in elaborate “lesson learning”, you could be waiting for years, decades.

In our new era, the new energy shift on earth, we have the gift of clearing and uplifting on a higher level!

We don’t have to “live” through things the hard way anymore. We just have to claim our power as co-creators and begin to “upgrade” our systems!

(Watch a video on that here)

twin flame video

Remember this when you see information on Running and Separation as natural or guaranteed stages of the Twin Flame journey. They’re not.

No one is out there “deciding” that Twins have to be apart.

It’s the “virus programming” in their systems, causing a deflection of their energies.

Twins Who Wait 20 Years For Their Connection To “Magically” Change…

I’ve had clients who came to me after they had waited over 20 years for their Runner Twin to change, to come back, for things to be different.

The reason nothing had changed? Their energy was still stuck, the connection was still blocked.

Nothing changed between them because nothing changed inside them. “As within so without”. As time went by, the separation just became more and more entrenched in their systems and situation. And the more entrenched a situation gets, the more is needed to shift it.

Please don’t end up like that, sitting on the sidelines and hoping for an outside event or force to resolve things for you. You could end up really disappointed.

When you accept your power as an infinite being and begin taking guided action to lift up your inner state, things can change literally overnight.

Just look at these Twins’ experiences.

Remember, your inner state always attracts back to you an outer “match”. For the Twin Flame dynamic this is even more heightened, as we are “one soul divided”.

Unconsciousness, Healing Shadows

This week, we’re being pushed by the universe to stop looking for an outside “savior”, and instead to go within and get things right on the INSIDE so the rest of the journey flows smoother.

To face our own shadows so we can heal and open to a lasting reunion. Remember:

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

C.G. Jung

As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

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