Jupiter Brings A Boost To The Physical World Journey, Activating Wisdom From The Divine Feminine, Plus 22:22/11:11 Activations Working For Unity…

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Jupiter In Capricorn, Code Activations…

So now onto the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include: Jupiter moves into Capricorn – progress in the physical, 22/22 and 11/11 code activations, guidance from the Divine Feminine and more…

We’re hitting several 11/11 code activations this week. We are moving closer to a major “change of worlds”. The “mission” activating for many.

Themes you were experiencing around November 11th are being brought back as reminders to keep you on track, says spirit. There are higher states working to reach YOU, so you’re being nudged to stay open.

The Divine Feminine – Wisdom Working To Reach You

The first 11/11 activation hits as the Sun and Pallas meet at 11 degrees Sagittarius. The asteroid Pallas (Athena) represents the higher self aspect of the Divine Feminine, eternal wisdom.

When the Sun and the Divine Feminine wisdom join at 11/11 we’re reminded that nothing has really been left to accident on this journey we’re on.

As long as we align with light, we are safe, we are guided back “home” to love.

The issues crop up when we become embroiled in the “karmic 3D collective” systems and identities. Unawakened Twins are those who have not yet remembered who they really are beneath it all.

So if you’re experiencing problems right now, can you see that it’s because of this human historical patterning and identities?

In this period, know that you truly can have your desires, your reunion, love – and that you as the awakened one can make that manifestation happen for the two of you when it’s to the highest good

(PS: it’s always to the highest good for Twins to reunite, the only issue is how and when!)

Staying In Mastery

Make sure you keep your mind centered in the fact that as the awakened one, you are the captain of the ship. Set strong intentions.

Use mental discipline to stay in a state of positivity. Don’t let the mind run away with you. Don’t let others bring you off track with their opinions if they go against your desires.

You are here to travel your path, no one else. Your soul is always working to assist you, but in today’s increasingly busy daily life which is so saturated with information and stimuli, it can be hard to perceive it.

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Twin Flames Journeying Forward Together

A theme for this whole week is:

Your inner wisdom and soul of light is strong – IF you can start focusing in on it and releasing the “illusion” of polarity, conflict and “wrongness”.

Like a ship sailing through smooth waters, you can make great progress, but make sure you are sailing with the current not against it.

Another key is TRUST YOURSELF. As the Sun continues past Pallas, the message is YOU HAVE ALREADY BEEN GIVEN THE STEPS/SHOWN THE DIVINE PATH. (It lies in choosing love instead of conflict).

You know the WAY to your divine destination, now it’s up to you to journey accordingly. (If you need some help with this, you can get my step by step method here)

Staying Out Of Skepticism And Doubt

Also this week, we have Venus travelling over the asteroid Ceres. Ceres was the ancient roman goddess of the harvest, and is associated with manifestation.

In other words, your love manifestations are in the spotlight. Don’t disbelieve love right now, don’t doubt your manifestations.

Keep the connection. KNOW in your “gut” and your heart that it IS happening. Your mind may be fretting but that’s the illusion speaking. Tap into your eternal wisdom.

Your guidance. (Read more here about the highly paradoxical signs that show your manifestation is on its way. Feeling terrible? It could be a sign the universe is preparing you for receiving…)


Love And 2020 – Major Shifts Coming

Into the week, Venus progresses towards Saturn and Pluto in advance of their upcoming MAJOR transit conjunction.

Saturn only conjuncts Pluto once every 35 years or so, so this is an epoch defining moment in the cosmic energies – happening in cycles throughout 2020. It’s all about the end of one “world” and the beginning of a new one.

Venus moving toward this point means, LOVE is a KEY part of this “new era/death/rebirth of one epoch/world and beginning of the new”.

Again, you may be familiar with the Twin Flame Mission, that we are here as “teachers of love” to show humanity the way into a new era of unity based consciousness…

This transit shows us two important things for Twins:

1) The mission is set to kick in, where the LOVE and UNITY part of our journey comes to the forefront more, as the old negative systems are broken down more and more…

2) It means the connection is being strongly activated over the coming year to get us into “position” to be able to do this, to activate the energy grids and light networks of unity. Major changes are coming to make this possible for those who have mastered unity consciousness.

Karmic Cycles, DNA And Incoming Light

Spirit shows us, the old 3D karmic grids of density and conflict have been purged of a lot of old heaviness over the last 5-10 years and Twin Flames have had a key role to play in this.

They show us, purging the DNA of recurring karmic cycles of un-forgiveness and woman vs man patterns that humanity has struggled with for eons.

Now, our systems become more activated with light. You will begin to notice yourself feeling more in a state of equilibrium over the next few years – but 2020 is set to be intense energetically.

But if you’ve been doing your inner work, you may notice that while “regular people” around you struggle with the immense changes going on, you naturally adjust and feel the purpose.

Spirit shows us, your counterpart coming to you in a time of crisis. The Twins reuniting to join together for the next chapter as “teachers of unity” in some form.

The “Secret Key” To “Impossible” Twin Flame Situations

They show us, if things feel like they’re so stuck you could never end up together physically, forgive them. This is the “secret key” that will open things again.

No matter what’s happened. Remember that they are you and you are them.

Forgive them. Understand that they have acted out of the programming and “human baggage” they took on in life. Tell them you forgive them and that you hold no harm toward them.

Release it, breathe into light.

This is a reset that will help you re-calibrate the whole connection. Sit with that state for a while, and begin to notice within days, weeks, the ripple effect into your whole field and your whole being. This is the path.

(Read more here about why forgiveness is so powerful, and why it’s not about allowing someone to treat you badly, but actually the most helpful thing you can do for your SELF)


Challenges To 11/11 – Shadows Rising

Our second 11/11 activation happens as the Moon enters Pisces at 11:11am pacific on Tuesday December 3rd – in preparation for an important encounter between Neptune and Lilith.

Lighting up the latent memory of unity. So that you can stay in that state to align with the highest timelines possible…

Because like one last test before day breaks, we have a snag as the Moon conjuncts Neptune WITH Lilith, the “shadow karmic feminine”. This can bring up those types of feelings of man vs woman, feeling victimized, mistreated and so on…

Please remember you are already past this. That’s a human story. Don’t pay attention to it because when you do, it begins to play out as “reality” in your field and in your connection.

Release it and feel the love that’s there when you remove that immense historic block (I help you clear those stubborn karmic patterns here – it truly opens your path to a new and higher state)

Divine Guidance Working To Reach You

Don’t fall back into the trap of the human illusion/karmic feminine, the human stories of men and women as opponents. Your higher self is activated now.

You remember who you really are. You know better than to engage with that kind of debate and mindset. Take a higher perspective.

Don’t let this time faze you, even if density gets triggered. You’re set to be “coached” through this, the cosmic divine guidance putting in extra extra effort to help you sail through this, KNOWING it’s an illusion.

Be mindful that this test may be tricky, something that’s dragged you down in the past: things like seeing an image that reminds you of a past infidelity on your Twin’s side, other strong and “automatic triggers”.

Remember to CHOOSE DIFFERENTLY this time. Remember you are both infinite beings.

That stuff is like a play that’s been enacted, based on a “human recipe” that’s not really who you are.

22/22 Code Activation – Unity Rising

Expect to be tested, but you stand every chance of passing this test with flying colors if you put in just a little bit of effort to remember who you are and what you’ve now learned.

And that is: Love is the truth. Unity is the truth.

This Lilith/Neptune/Moon conjunction happens in a 22/22 code activation, which is the unity in mutual love.

Do not let the “shadows” tell you you are separated or against each other. That is a lie.

Invite the truth of love to show itself and it will. Your Twin’s higher self is likely stepping back to allow you to learn this major soul lesson right now.

Meaning, they will not likely help you directly, because you are meant to learn to stay in this perspective and remember the truth.

Choose love, not fear. That is the gateway into “heaven on earth” vs continuing the human karmic loop of suffering and conflict.

Spirit says, the conflict and perception of self as separate IS the hell we describe. The unity and love IS heaven. And that’s what we are here to show the collective.

Jupiter Enters Capricorn – Support For Physical Progress

On December 2nd we have one of the year’s major cosmic events as Jupiter moves into a brand new sign. Entering Capricorn, the sign of physical manifestation, karma and responsibility, this is the first time in 12 years Jupiter has been in the sign.

You may notice recurring themes from that period of your life, but in general Jupiter is the grand beneficent of the Zodiac, the high vibrational expansive, positive influence.

And when he enters the realm of physical manifestation, we receive a huge boost to our dreams coming to fruition!

So what does this mean for Twin Flames?

Key themes are progress towards reunion and love in the physical realm… But Capricorn always asks you to have personal responsibility and discipline.

Can You Stay In Your Light?

You DO have the ability to manifest negativity if you progress with a heavy frame of mind and project disappointment, so to get the best out of this positive current over the coming year, stay the “captain of your ship” as mentioned before.

The energies will work to lift you up but for best results get your inner approach into a state of positivity.

We see you’ll really zoom through the next few months with positivity if you do so, as these two powerful energies support you in your greatness and your divine path.

A key is to stay in faith, belief, reaching high into possibility with your mind and your emotions. Don’t get dragged down by skepticism, doubt, fear and worry – they will only hold you back and keep you manifesting negativity.

Remember you are here for a reason, and we live in an infinite universe. Go within and tap into your soul’s divine guidance, it will show you the way to your dreams.

Chiron: Purification Of Past Rejections, Twins Guided Back Together

Thursday the Moon travels over Chiron at the beginning of Aries – this means old ego wounds are likely being triggered. Particularly past experiences of feeling rejected by others.

Try to see this as a purification process. It’s just the old junk being brought up for you to clear. Stay aware and clear out what comes up.

(Go here and ask what you feel most drawn to. That’s your soul talking to you, your intuition signalling what’s to your highest good at this time…)

This weekend we have a beautiful trine between Venus, Mars and Neptune – indicating Twins being guided together – likely in the physical.

You really are being guided back together. Try to stay relaxed about it and go with the feeling of light and happiness. Release the desire to control, and clear any worries that crop up.

Which Jealous Female Presence Wants To Derail Your Unity?

However, with Lilith R joining Neptune, we unfortunately see OTHER FEMALES (or feminine dominant people) jealousy trying to derail it in some way. Stay aware.

Be careful with sharing your positive love experiences and good luck with others in this period because even if they seem friendly and positive on the surface, they may bring a “taint” to your experiences.

The key is, others being sad/envious because THEY have not had love or experienced togetherness.

The divine truth is, they really COULD experience it if they were open, aligned and willing. If they’re not, that’s their journey and their lesson.

Someone else’s manifestations and journey is not your responsibility. Focus on yourself.

What Does It Mean For The Collective When One Twin Pair Unites?

Enjoy the positive experiences between your Twin and yourself this weekend. You and your Twin joining together, benefits EVERYONE.

For every Twin pair that unites, the path to unity becomes clearer and more solid for the whole collective. It becomes easier for everyone!

Like a pre paved blueprint or recipe made available to the whole. Non-twins too. That’s why we’re here.

Like expert athletes who’d already accomplished wins, we were enlisted to replicate our victories and achievements here on earth so that others could see how it was done and do the same.

Progress For The Long Run…

This is set to be a week full of subtle yet powerfully positive developments on a fundamental level of your journey.

Do your best to stay aligned with light and open to a higher state. Don’t let “darkness” derail you (even if it comes from people close to you, you can choose not to take it in).

There is so much good to come, if you can align and open up to it.

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It’s been two years in the making to help you get you the most powerful support possible for your journey. Have a look and let me know what you think!

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey <3

Cassady x

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