Powerful Star Portal Open, Twin Flame Soul Activations Lighting Up… What Latent Codes And Content Is Wanting To “Switch On” To Get You To The Next Level?

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:

Lion’s Gate portal opens to major “behind the scenes” shifts… Soul remembrance, activations.

A “New self” and Twin connection working to emerge – “Faux Mercury Retrograde” pushing for a blackout/changeover…

Discover more below!

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8/8 Code – Sirian “Star Portal”

We’re headed into a heightened time for soul remembrance and Twin Flame unity – with the Lion’s gate star portal at its most open and active this week!

Also known as the Sirius portal, this time has been celebrated since Ancient Egypt and before. Pyramids were constructed in its honor as this special star aligned on 8/8 each year.

(The pyramids of Giza align with Orion’s belt, including Sirius).

Known as a time of bridging into higher realms, this time was said to bring a direct connection between the earth plane and the divine…

Opening To A New Beginning – 8/8

So it is a heightened portal of not ONLY manifestation and spiritual power…

But remembrance and bringing “online” facets and gifts of the soul and the highest aspects of self – and the higher dimensional Twin Flame templates.

We start off the week with this energy opening and blossoming gradually and increasing throughout and into next week.

The Lion Goddess

This spring, quite a few months ago, I was shown several visions of the Egyptian Gods lead by Sekhmet the Lion Goddess, accompanied by powerful synchronicities and signs (in the physical).

I was given the specific request to channel a star activation ceremony for the Twin Flame collective, to release at this time.

A gateway ceremony with deep activations of latent soul gifts, coding and light origin link-ups, and the ancient “forgotten” Masculine/Feminine 3D physical union template…

Click here to read more about the Twin Flame Star Activation Ceremony

Your Etheric Wings? Fire Letters?

We go through so much powerful deep work, including:

Activating your etheric wings as a pair, your fire letter “inscribed soul promise” to one another made before birth…

Bringing online your soul protection, higher codes of unity, dropping out shadow timelines, downloading and integrating the fully balanced Masculine/Feminine 3D unity template which has lain dormant since the ancients, and so much more.

In short, it’s a ceremony to take you through opening to more of your highest, as a pair, and to bring you closer together.

I am so excited to hear from you about your experiences with this!

As I’ve done it myself repeatedly, I’ve felt really exciting and deep shifts in closeness and “soul gifts” switching on and I can’t wait to hear from you about this!

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Timelines Shifting

This year we also have a New Moon in Leo on 8/8, which adds to the immense spiritual potential of the “Lion’s Gate”!

We are opening to a new beginning, says spirit.

There is a massive shift in the Ascension project working to reach through. A “new self” and “new” Twin connection wanting to emerge.

Ancient wisdom reawakening. IF we release the past and open to a higher state.

Use your choice, your awareness. “Opt in” to your highest.

(Again, as mentioned before, if we could just sit back and be completely transformed without personal input at these gateway times, the whole planet and everyone on it would be living their bliss, and be awakened spiritually…

And that’s clearly not the case. Read more about how to make the most of this time here)

Manifestation Challenges

We do have a potential challenge at the beginning of the week as the Moon, Ceres and Lilith connect.

This indicates that you’ve likely been feeling disheartened about your manifestations or your future path in some way.

You especially may be remembering times in the past when your desires did NOT come to fruition (Lilith is retrograde)…

Or a “toxic female presence” is projecting onto you that you can’t succeed in your wish fulfilled because THEY did not experience it in the past.

So keep an eye on yourself and don’t listen to anything shadowy that seeks to pull you off course – including any of your own inner doubts.

Don’t Listen To The Shadows

If doubt, skepticism and other negativity crops up, make sure you clear it, so it’s not there in the background negatively affecting your manifesting “behind the scenes”….

This is ESPECIALLY related to manifesting or calling in your Twin Flame unity or soul mate true love relationship, as they all oppose Juno – the asteroid of soul mate relationships and marriage.

Don’t listen to the shadows, is key.

(For help with this, have a look at my article “How To Deal With Sabotage And Negativity On The Twin Flame Journey”)


Identity In Focus – “Mini Mercury Retrograde”

The good news is, Juno moves direct this coming Monday. So we see that IF you can stay in charge of yourself and DEAL with any negativity that seems to “tempt you” or “coerce you” off track… Love and unity will follow, in turn.

We also have a highly significant event as Mercury conjuncts the Sun this week.

It shows we have an intense focus on identity, self and how we communicate ourselves to the world.

We tend to lose perspective or have a tricky time “seeing”/perceiving/communicating/thinking clearly when this happens.

Rethinking How We See Ourselves

We could describe the effect of this as a “mini Mercury Retrograde”, and it’s a recurring theme in 2021 – the interplay between Mercury and the Sun.

The purpose is to get us to rethink how we see ourselves, and to release any false limitations we have accepted into our lives.

So we’re open to our higher capabilities and ideals come to fruition.

And this ties in powerfully with the Lion’s Gate, echoing themes of soul empowerment, awakening to our true light.


Ego Flare Ups

Spirit also highlights that Ego issues may flare up at this time, as Leo energies can tend to cause drama and conflict…

Plus, Mercury/Sun tends to add to people’s inability to see anyone else’s perspective but their own.

So focus on staying calm and listen to your intuition.

Allow others time to speak and remember that there are as many truths/perspectives in the world as there are people.

You may “win” more this week from letting your counterpart feel like they’re “the boss”/“the best” than trying to fight them on it.

(For help with harmonizing your Twin Flame connection in general, have a look here)

They Feel Bad About Themselves, Not You

Of course, you don’t have to change your convictions if you don’t want to… But allowing them space, will keep harmony around at a volatile time when conflict is otherwise likely.

Another key in this is the opposition between Mars and Jupiter Retrograde.

The Masculine Twin is likely being confronted with their own shortcomings in some way, and they’re NOT feeling good about it.

Especially as Mars and Venus are both in Virgo this period, there’s a lack of self worth/self love being triggered.

So keep in mind they may be touchy right now… and if so, it’s not about YOU.

Phantoms From The Past

It’s because they feel like a failure deep down. Somehow they have not succeeded at what they wanted, or have in some way not lived up to their own hopes…

They may not love themSELVES, and that is why they may be unable to show love for you. (For more on the Twin Flame Mirror have a look at this)

Because Jupiter is Retrograde, it’s more about past “phantoms” and inner perceptions than reality… But be aware they are likely feeling this deep down.

Whether or not it’s actually true.

(Mercury conjunct Sun says, they might be completely “wrong” from an outside perspective, and yet they STILL FEEL like a failure or not good enough on the inside…)

Inner Child Calling

It would be helpful to deal with their inner child at this time and help them release any childhood beliefs they took on, which make them be so hard on themselves.

Because if they feel “not good enough” on some level, it means they’re unconsciously deflecting love…

And they’ll often react to love and the Twin Flame connection by trying to get distance and escape (i.e. Running/Ghosting).

Have a look here and together, we’ll help them heal and open up to love.

Perceptions Of Smallness

Because Mercury conjunct Sun happens in an opposition to Saturn Retrograde, we see that any challenges right now are based in the past and childhood.

We may be stuck in an outdated identity of “smallness” or not being capable…

And we are being pushed to clear any LIMITING habits of perspective and beliefs about ourselves once and for all – so we can open to more of our highest capability.

When we do this, we uplift our timelines, our Twin Flame dynamic, our manifestations, our alignment…

In short, everything we experience is affected by how we see OURSELVES. So this is key work on the Twin Flame journey.

Have a look here for more, and I’ll take you through resolving any lingering limitations that may have been blocking your highest from actually reaching you.

New Light And Higher Potential

As the Lion’s gate opens and the New Moon hits on Sunday 8/8, we see that massive new light and higher potential floods in…

However, there may be challenges, as we have several oppositions still.

We’re shown the following by spirit:

Not everyone WANTS a new and higher reality.

Not everyone WANTS to release their old way of doing things, the “3D” reality, conflict, ego consciousness…

Some people and parts of the planet are VERY COMFORTABLE in the drama of regular life and the unconsciousness of perceiving life as being out of their hands and blaming others.

Advanced Spiritual Phases

We’re shown that dealing with this, is a part of the spiritual journey. We cannot convince everyone.

We have to allow others to EXPERIENTIALLY learn things, we can’t always push them with our words or even with opposition.

But when we hold LIGHT in our system, when we hold the vision of a “new” and harmonious reality… It affects everyone. It can awaken people, just from being around you.

Even those who are skeptical, cynical, angry, and wounded… Who want to stay in their darkness.

So we are shown, our only “job” is to hold light. We are not being asked to rescue or convince others (especially those who are not ready).

Allowing Positive Ripple Effects

When we just allow light to lift us higher, to allow more of our soul’s gifts and wisdom to activate in our human life…

…We cause massive positive ripple effects in the field. On the planet, and for our Twin Flame connection… And the Twin Flame collective.

This is how we awaken others, without ever having to come into contact with them directly. (For more on how this works with an unawakened Twin Flame, have a look here)


Updating The System

So this Lion’s gate/Leo New Moon portal, focus on yourself. Focus on soaking in the highest YOU can align with.

Allow YOUR system to update, clear out any old baggage that comes up, and know that YOU are supported.

Everything else can wait. Go within at this time above all, because there is much wanting to reach you. Divine illumination. Twin Flame unity on a higher level.

(Have a look here for more on this)

Dreams, Visions, Guidance Incoming

We are shown there is so much support wanting to reach you. You may have significant dreams at this time.

You may hear words or get intuitive flashes of insights, you may see visions or encounter synchronicities more than normal.

Possibly from your Twin Flame’s higher self, but most likely from guidance you may not have encountered before – a higher level of your connection.

You ARE supported. You are here for a reason. You have not been forgotten.

Above all, your SOUL is coming online more and more. And this is a key time. Ancient gifts may be lighting up in your system. Illumination happening from within.

Illusions May Tumble

And in this, the old illusions you were told about who you were, may crumble. You may feel challenged as old identity structures are pushed to shift out.

Stay in your power. Know that this is happening, and it will flow a lot more smoothly.

This is set to be a week of inner transformation.

What is happening right now may not have immediate outer effects, but we’re shown that it will continue to affect the whole rest of these next 12 months and your path.

Go within and allow support and your soul to reach you.

There IS a way, and it goes via the heart.

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your journey <3

Cassady x

“Your Vibrational Alignment program and Harmony Healing have been so valuable to me and I use them daily. I also use the Higher Heart session weekly. Thank you!!! My Twin Flame and I reconnected again in a way that was better than I ever could have imagined.” – Joy, California, USA

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