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Big Changes In Sleeper Twins as Sudden Influxes Of Light are Set to Finalize “Schedule Of Full Awakening”… Plus, The Deepest Wound Of The Masculine – Cause Of Ultimate Separation


Welcome into a big new week in the cosmic energies – we set off with Mars opposition Saturn Retrograde, which deals with a slowing down of action. There’s something in the past that’s blocking progress.

There’s a challenge the Masculine, active energy polarity Twin is being asked to deal with before progressing. It’s a reminder that “he” has responsibilities to consider.

Remember that the “Masculine” Twin can be the biological female – many Twins incarnate into “opposite polarity” bodies to assist in balancing energy templates. Some embody both polarities in a relative balance.

Twins are here to break through human limitations and uplift through bridging gender boundaries with love.


Apologies Incoming

We’re seeing Saturn Retrograde in a supportive trine to Venus at the same time, so this deals with the Twin Flame pair, the Lovers. The Masculine is being pulled back energetically to remember his counterpart.

In particular we’re dealing with tidying up something imbalanced from the past – some perceived misdeed by the Masculine, which needs to be rectified.

We’re shown apologies being made. It’s as if the universal energies are blocking the Masculine from moving forward until “he” has faced up to the past and how “he” has hurt his counterpart.

This energy seems strong and don’t be surprised if your Masculine counterpart says something to this effect to you in this period – an apology in some form. Through a dream, a telepathic message, a song you keep hearing…

Make sure that you spend some time regularly connecting with your Twin soul to soul to really tap into the deeper truth of what’s going on between you and your future path.

You can use the Free Meditation I provide here – or to elevate and open up your connection further, take the Vibrational Alignment Program where I teach you how to open up your telepathic and heart connection, how to clear karma and end old relationship attachments that might be keeping you and your Twin tied to others and “unavailable” to Union… Have a look here.


Balancing The Twin Flame Pair

Saturn’s wisdom – and reason for holding back progress – in this is that the Twin pair’s future path can only truly run smooth when the Masculine twin takes responsibility, makes amends and the two can forgive and release the past.

Now, a new chapter can begin. Because this will allow the old negative patterns to leave for good, otherwise you’d keep the old cycles around.

Another insight is that under the surface, the Masculine Twin has been harboring unforgiveness toward “himself” for the actions hurting “his” counterpart. If you can connect with your Twin soul to soul and ask them to forgive themselves, this can open up the relationship.

Someone who’s holding themselves in guilt and blame isn’t able to open their heart – and the heart is the core of the Twin Flames’ journey.

Above all the energy and intent of “blame” must be eradicated between Twins, is spirit’s message – Twin Flames are “one soul in two bodies”. From this perspective, it’s unthinkable to blame or hold guilt or shame toward the mirror self. Blame only exists in ego, the human world of perceived separation.

We are welcome to keep seeing each other as opponents, is the somewhat strict message, but we cannot then expect to exist in harmony. You cannot point the finger at another and expect them to come running to you with open arms of love.

When we open up enough to the spiritual side of the connection and use clearing tools to remove ego patterning, the ego based boundaries and guilt/blame blocks are dissolved. Love flows forth.

In the Complete Harmony Healing for Twin Flames, we go through clearing out the residue of old hurts, cleanse both Twins’ chakra systems and update and unify your shared timelines – lifting your future path into the highest vibration possible at this time, shielding the two of you in a protective bubble of love and gifting you a beneficial energy for your onward journey. Read more here.

Complete harmony Healing Tool



Epiphanies Incoming – Unawakened “Seeing the Light”

A few days later, on May 31st, Mars runs into a more supportive sextile with Uranus, signalling changes on the way.

New energy programming is hitting the Solar Plexus chakra and our physical body’s functioning – survival based fear blocks coming to the surface, anything that’s been stopping you from taking action, such as fear of the future, fear of things going “wrong”…

But there’s also a high indication of new communication from your Masculine Twin, that their perspective changes, that they “see the light” if they’ve been seeming to move away from you in recent weeks.

The veil of illusion drops and “he” is able to see the truth beneath the stress and separation mentality of the human 3D world. “He” is able to, likely in a flash of insight akin to an epiphany, feel palpably what it was about all along.

Love. Remembering above all in feelings what you’re here for. Remembering who you are to “him” and the love you share.

As Mercury trines Pluto Retrograde at the same time there’s again an emphasis on this, the deeper inner knowing of truth. Something deeper that had been hidden in the unconscious mind – now the connection is made and conscious awareness increases.


Breakthroughs In Love

As we make our way into June we have a powerful conjunction between Venus and Uranus in Aries, reactivating the energy point from February’s intense Mars/Uranus interaction here.

This conjunction will usually spell out intense volatility and sudden changes. But with Venus here, there’s a smoother edge to it. In this case, we’re dealing with breakthroughs in love – new ways of looking at things.

Spirit shows us the connection to the previous transits described for early this week – there are big changes happening in the Twin Flame pair, in terms of the Masculine’s approach.

This is mainly what we’re dealing with. Some big and sudden change likely comes from an intense realization on behalf of the Masculine – and he’s likely to communicate this to his counterpart somehow.

And we’re shown very clearly that the Twins’ Souls are always interacting with one another.

In an energetic chain reaction, the Feminine receives a powerful high vibration signal of “awakening” – Uranus is often called “the great awakener” – and channels this through to her counterpart to stir him to full awareness.

The Twin pairs have agreed pre-life about a “schedule” for awakening for each Twin. This time is highlighted as a final push for Awakening for many pairs.

We see that the Masculine might after this be in the outer “shell” habitual perception of his old self but it will just be going through the motions – after this period it is a matter of ego, choice, and preference.

He is in fact becoming fully “awakened” – and it’s simply a matter of time before he shifts fully into a living, daily awareness of this.

However, remember that this can be frightening, especially when “awakening” shows up that some current life relationships and situations are likely to break apart… Some awakening Twins choose to hide.


All Souls Scheduled For Awakening

Spirit’s message is that 2017 is the year when the “third wave” of Twin Souls are scheduled for “awakening”.

(You can read more about this in the yearly forecast where spirit explains the “schedules” – sign up below to get the full 25 page forecast sent to you).

2016 was a time of bringing the second wave who had already “awakened”, fully online and equipping these with the capability to function in Ascension – to lessen the load and assist them in functioning as their soul selves, clearing old baggage.

We’re shown many butterflies emerging from the cocoon – now getting more and more used to flying, functioning as healthy, thriving butterflies.

Now it’s the third wave’s turn. Those who have as yet been “Asleep” and those who have been coming in as soul exchanges. These are now ready and scheduled to wake up for good.

Compared to a year ago there is only a slight film of forgetting around these souls… meaning, they are nearing full awareness.


New Light Codes Incoming

As the Sun trines Jupiter and squaring Neptune on the same day, we see that there is much new info and downloads coming in from the higher dimensions – dealing with self perception and shifting into a new way of functioning.

As Mars also enters Cancer this day, we’re shown the biological Masculine returning to the open arms of the “Divine Feminine”.

Spirit’s visual representation of this is very strong, there is so much emotion here. The Divine Feminine welcoming the Human Masculine “home” with full acceptance.

No matter what’s happened before, there is love. Any human flaws of “sins” are released. “He” is forgiven, he can always return to this haven of love.


Resolving A Core Wound of the Masculine

We’re shown that this is a healing theme for the coming period – resolving one of the core wounds of the Biological Masculine.

The unconscious human trauma of being separated from the mother (Cancer, ruled by the moon, is the “home” of the mother archetype, the core of the family unit, the mother-child bond).

From spending 9 months in the safe haven of the womb, each human baby is born into the world of separation – from unity to division.

From safety and interdependency to separation and feeling the energies and fears of the world…

And for the biological Masculine this is a wound that we’re shown gets reactivated in every interaction with Females/The Feminine. The wound of feeling rejected on an unconscious level.

The wound of never being able to return to that complete acceptance from “her”.


Reactivating Old Trauma

Now, in this month of Mars traveling through Cancer, we will be reactivating this core wound which we’re shown the Masculine trying to heal with each sexual interaction, and we’ll be asked to resolve this. This is such a deeply unconscious trauma that it’s a body trauma above all.

The physical body carrying in it the memory of perceived “rejection” from the mother’s body – rejection from the “feminine”. This is a big block to love. To unity, above all. A core aspect of the feelings of separation between the sexes, between the Twins.

Again, as spirit has mentioned before – unconscious wounds can be hard to “figure out”, but when we clear the energy, the feeling of it, we deactivate the electromagnetic charge that’s kept it in our field. This is how we harmonize, unify and elevate our timelines.

Spirit shows us this male/female wound deals with the deepest aspects of the human psyche. When you clear this wound, and show the biological Masculine that he is unconditionally loved and accepted no matter what, you can revolutionize your connection on a human, physical level.

As two aspects of the same original consciousness, you can clear this for your Twin and their energy will be positively impacted.

Try the Inner Child Healing, the Complete Harmony Healing and the Higher Heart Transformation Journey for different modalities that all assist in this same core heart felt wound that could likely be blocking your Twin from feeling safe to open up.

Spirit shows us (222) that sexuality is a key arena for this healing work. In the Vibrational Alignment Program I take you through “remote sexuality” for Twin Flames – including Kundalini activation. Have a look here.


Becoming The Safe Haven For Love

When you can show your Twin Flame that you are their safe haven, that you accept them truly and unconditionally – “you will have sealed the gap”, are their words.

They show us the Twin Flame connection like a crack in ice… jagged. Some places the gap is big, some places it’s just a thin line in the ice.

When we seal up the hurts, we unify the connection more and more. Until there is all harmony, all unity, no dissonance, no conflict.

And that – the *lack of resistance*, *lack of conflict*, *lack of fear*… that’s heaven. When we remove the causes of the split, we allow the TRUE love and the true bliss of the connection to come forth.


This fall, from September onwards, we are moving into a transformational new time in Twin sexuality – a year long phase focusing on the 8th House dealing with power, death and rebirth of the sexual connection…

Refining and elevating the human templates of physical sexual love.

To discover more about this, and more of the year’s themes and 5D gateways, sign up here to get the full 25 page 2017 Yearly Forecast:

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Until next time I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x


“Cassady’s teachings and techniques have lifted me from utter soul sickness to greater peace and increasing forgiveness, self love and love for my partner. Now I can greet my fear and anguish with peace and love. I am finally feeling more calm, clear and confident. Thank you Cassady!”

– Kate, California, USA

twin flame program


Want more? For my step-by-step “roadmap” to Twin Flame Union, created after my Twin and I reached Union just 18 months after our first encounter – have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames. And you can read here about other Twins’ experiences with the program!

Alternatively you can try our Free Help Kit for Twin Flames!



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  1. I love how things are really picking up in a positive way and also your explanations about it. To understand what’s going on under the surface and why. Thanks for pointing out asking him to forgive himself. I have told him in the 5D many times everything is okay between us, that I understand what happened even without knowing what was the real reason and that I forgave him a long time ago. Although I feel there really isn’t anything to forgive as we’ve both had a part in how things went. I’ve also told him that I’m actually grateful to him for ‘running’ (that I’d been doing myself emotionally.., so two sides, same coin right?) and giving us the necessary space and time to work on our issues, at that time I was unable to walk away from our connection. But I’m not sure I’ve ever asked him to forgive himself.. I know he’s very hard on himself from things he’s told me when we were still in contact. I’ll definitely ask his soul today!

  2. This is such in alignment with my inner feeling for the upcoming progress in my connection! Just last night I stumbled across some old screenshots of an argument from the first time my twin ran a little over a year ago and wow. There was so much ego and wounding on both ends. I forgave my twin and myselfbut I sense they need to forgive themselves now too. It inspired me at how far we’ve come in a little over a year. Energy clearing really does work! Love and light to all twins ??

  3. Hi Cassidy, every time I am listening to the free connection tool guided meditation, I feel like lingering a bit longer with my twin flame in the tent, as the meditation is coming to an end. I feel sadness and not wanting to leave. I feel pain in my heart and welling up in my throat. Is it Ok to linger there a bit longer.

    1. Hi Athislotusfeet,

      It’s always always your choice! You’re an infinite being! : )

      Stay as long as you’d like but do also clear the sadness energies because they are telling you you believe you’re not able to come together with your Twin in the physical – that your connection somehow ends if you leave the garden…

      Sending you love and light <3


  4. Hi, Cassady! I’ve been reading your blog since last year and this has been so much comforting for me… you have no idea! I really thank you for making less harder to be in separation with my twin! But today something a little bit “childish” had me so upset and down. I think I need HELP! Today I saw my WhatsApp contacts and then I realized my twin’s photo does not appear for me anymore, because he deleted my number in his phone. It has already happened twice but he added me again, despite never saying hello… So, this time is being the third one and I just don’t get it. What’s the point of this. We don’t talk since 2015 (because he started dating another girl, and I started dating a nice guy which is still my boyfriend too). It’s relevant to mention that our interactions before this “separation” was only messaging each other through WhatsApp. That’s why I catch myself looking his contact photo sometimes. And no, he does not delete his photo. I have friends that confirmed his photo is still there showing up for his contacts. So I don’t understand??? Why he does it? I know this is not important, but I think it means something. I just don’t understand what It could mean in this journey.

  5. Thank you Cassady! You are such an awesome resource for our community! Last week I had a discussion with a friend. She said she removed all of her body piercings because she said it disrupts the flow of chi. This is a Chinese medicine philosophy. After my awakening, I left behind any past religious beliefs I had because I can now see them as false. Anything that is fear based is an ego response. My initial reaction to my friend last week was that it was just a fear response, and I just blew it off. I feel a sense of empowerment and confidence from them that I didn’t have before. I love these parts of my body. I have even felt my kundalini energy flowing strongly with my TF. I don’t see a disruption in the flow of energy. I think this conversation stuck in my head from your post last week dealing with Pluto influence on sexuality last week. Am I swimming against the current by leaving my piercings in? What is spirits response to this? Thank you so much!

  6. Thanks for pointing this out Dabble – the focus on the biological Masculine this time is because it is *Mars planet of the archetypal masculine Moving into Cancer sign of archetypal Mother feminine*.

    I study the cosmic energies, I don’t have an agenda when interpreting – spirit shows up the relevant energetic transits. If you have an issue, ask them. You can look up all astrological transits online – you can go ahead and examine these things yourself if you’d like.

    Sending you love and light <3


    1. good for you cassady- you do such wonderful, heart felt, accurate and loving work and you’re appreciated highly for it.

      love and light to you from my heart to yours

      <3 zzzz *those z's came up when i tried to type x's and i figured i would leave them in there as they mean the end of a cycle and would be as relevant to you as they are to me

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