When Will You Realize How PERFECT You Are? Twin Flame Soul Connections Boosted With Light – But Past Misperceptions “Demand” Your Attention…

Welcome into a brand-new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:

Key time for Twin Flames as Venus/Sun/Chiron work to heal and uplift love! Plus, Mercury/Neptune bring higher guidance and Twin connections, and Jupiter supports the Masculine’s advancement…

Discover more below!

Soul Path Highlighted — Healing Themes

We start off with a continued theme from last week — self, beauty, shining your light and love are in focus with a rare Sun/Venus conjunction in Aries.

However… past hurts around feeling “not good enough” are likely triggered due to Chiron’s involvement.

It signals that healing is in focus… So that you can open to your true magnificence!

Spirit shows us, old wounds from where you were told you were “wrong” for who you were, are likely being stirred up this week…

This is key to clear, because who you are, is PERFECT for your Twin Flame!

An Important Time For Twins

But when you’ve been raised to repress your TRUE self on any level, you lose the magnetism that’s meant to bring you together in love.

You end up getting distortions and struggle in the connection – which aren’t really meant to be there.

Venus/Sun/Chiron also tie in positively with Mars conjunct the North Node.

So it means what’s going on this week is of MASSIVE IMPORTANCE for your long-term path and the Masculine Twin’s awakening…


What Is Your Inner World Attracting Back?

Art and creativity are also set to be healing now. Music, or being around animals or in nature is healing. Following your soul’s purpose is healing.

You are being asked to resolve inner wounds and ruptures, and take action on your soul’s path. Your truth.

Heal any inner wounds causing fear, doubt, worry, shame, guilt and more… Because THAT’s what blocks love.

This will help you reunite with your counterpart — especially if you’re the feminine Twin, this is in focus for you.

The Real Reason For Twin Troubles

Any outer problems are just “reflections” mirroring back to you those inner issues.

That’s why energy work is so key to Twin Flame harmony!

Watch a video on how this works here.

When Venus and the Sun are “teamed up” in Aries, there’s an air of new beginnings!

The “spotlight” is shining on you, your appearance, your goals, your bliss, your love…

But if you’ve had past wounding around self perception, especially in love, this is likely stirred up – so you can release it and open to a higher state.

What’s Your Relationship Template?

So keep an eye on your dreams, as you’ll be receiving flashes of insights and symbolic guidance as to where there are blocks and causes of negativity affecting your life and Twin connection.

Make sure you address it now. To open your connection on the deepest innermost levels of the inner child consciousness, because that’s where we store our core “relationship templates”…

… and it can severely block the Twin Flame bond if there are disruptions.

Go here for a specially made Inner Child Healing for the Twin Flame connection.

Skewing Toward Positivity?

Even with Chiron’s involvement we’re sensing encouragement and positivity in the air.

It’s as if there are two processes happening at the same time – positivity and the “limelight” are reaching you…

But where may YOU feel undeserving or “wrong”?

Go back to where you “learned” that you weren’t “enough” and clear those things right now – it will open the door to positivity you may have thought was out of reach.

Assume The Best

Really, your light is shining bright right now, whether or not you’re aware of it!

And you’re WAY more appealing to your counterpart than you may have thought!

Know that your perspective may be a bit warped toward negativity due to the past – and work to adjust.

ASSUME that things are BETTER than you may have thought – because right now they truly ARE!

Heightened Attraction

Guidance shows us, use your magnetism right now. You really have the power to DRAW in your Twin Flame magnetically if you just shift into the right state. Be in a state of ATTRACTION.

BE the one who is the “ideal vessel” for your desired experience (that’s how “magick” works).

In order to receive a goal, you have to be available to it, the ideal “receiver” — in other words… You have to be in alignment.

We can’t be in fear and want to call in love – as they’re opposites. So, our work, is to get into a CONSISTENT state where we are a match to our desires, on all levels!

(Meaning, just going there in your mind for a few minutes doesn’t work – it’s about core vibration and embodiment)

For help with this process, have a look here:


The Heart Takes the Lead

Towards the end of the week, Venus “overtakes” the Sun and leads the way, meaning you’ll benefit from listening to your heart.

If you feel pulled in a particular direction, out of light and a sense of love, it’s positive — it will work out.

Listen to this “inner compass”.


Living on Half Power

If our hearts are full of fear and old wounding, and therefore shut, we end up living life on half power. The messages of the world end up blocking us from living our truth.

We end up dissatisfied, unhappy. And out of alignment with our counterpart. Distortions (running, separation and so on) begin to show up…

So this is a time to wake up and start listening to our SOUL’s message, which comes through the heart.

Your heart is pushing for you to align with your TRUE fulfillment this week. Remember you are an eternal match with your Twin as SOULS. So listen.

Allow yourself to step out of the world’s static and reclaim your Twin Flame magnetism. Again, I help you with this here.

“You Can’t Plant Flowers on Rocks”

On Wednesday Ceres joins Venus, Sun and Chiron — ALL in Aries. This is ULTRA rare to have these all in a conjunction, so it’s highly significant.

Ceres is the asteroid of the harvest, of manifestation. Spirit says, it means: “You can’t plant flowers on rocks.”

In other words, healing your INNER world and uniting with YOURSELF, being loving and appreciative of YOURSELF…

Is what will “magic” the outside to reflect harmony and love.

Recalibrating to A Higher Path

This week it’s as if the planets are bringing you softness, love and encouragement to help you release old wounds and feel better about yourself…

Use this time to recalibrate, because it will benefit you for the long term.

It also affects your Twin Flame dynamic positively on a much more profound level than you may think based on the “surface”.

“Supernatural” Twin Flames

We also have another highly notable transit throughout the week, but exact on March 30th.

Mercury conjuncts Neptune in Pisces, meaning this whole week is full of heightened spiritual communication and “soul unity”.

It’s an ideal time for receiving spiritual guidance and communicating with your Twin Flame – but be aware so Ego disturbance doesn’t show up.

(Learn more about how to fully tap into that here in class 2, 4 and 6 – including rare info on Twin Flame sex and kundalini rising)

Intuition on Point!

With Mercury conjunct Neptune, your intuition is on high, and the “supernatural” side of the Twin Flame connection is set to be extra active.

But make sure you don’t fall into the typical human trap of being so absorbed with thinking and busy-ness that you’re unable to perceive it.

Go within and take some time to relax your mind daily so you are OPEN and AVAILABLE to higher guidance, advice, “the next steps”, solutions to issues you’ve been having… 

As well as your Twin Flame’s expressions of eternal love on the soul level – and their advice on how to bring that forth in the physical…

Mind Vs. Intuition — Logic Vs. Dreams

With Mercury being the ruler of the intellect, we may be confronted with tension between our highest wishes and dreams, versus our thinking mind, rationality and logic.

Be careful not to automatically buy into “realistic” thinking and try to figure out your Twin Flame journey with your mind only.

The Twin Flame’ connection transcends the earth plane and what we’re able to conceptualize based in human science (for now).

Keep this in mind if thoughts pop up that make you doubt ever coming together, or thoughts that you might be making it up, or exaggerating, or crazy…

What Neptune is “Trying” To Tell You

The truth is you came here in order to come together in Love — it’s not impossible, and you both carry within a soul blueprint of how you can join together in Union once again.

Logic and preexisting knowledge are not always “right,” is something Neptune works to teach us.

Sometimes there is insight to be gained from releasing human perceptions of what’s “real” or “correct” and allow our minds to move up a level — this is Neptune’s wisdom.

Flexibility of mind is encouraged.

What Awaits You “Beyond”

When you let go of preconceptions and connect to your intuition, you expand your insights dramatically.

This is especially a gift that will help you on your Twin Flame journey. Your soul is always waiting for you to tune in and listen.

Let go of preconceptions, shift out of stagnant, congested energy, and you’ll be open to really hear the truths that have been waiting for you.

Mercury/Neptune are also trine Pluto, signaling that guidance right now is set to be pretty intense.

Communication Detox

There is CRUCIAL information working to reach you. And, your receiving channels are experiencing a “detox”.

(Work with your energy tools to make the most of this, otherwise your system may be too congested to actually be able to receive this important info working to reach you).

We’re also being reminded this week that being “psychic” or intuitive isn’t just something a few have as gifts!

We ALL have a spiritual connection.

The issue is just, that most of us are congested and unable to use it.

Spirit shows, this week is a time when some will experience spiritual guidance and their Twin reaching through remotely for the first time!

An Invitation to More

And when this communication “shows up”, know that it’s an INVITATION.

It’s just the first glimpse. There is more, if you follow the thread.

When you can receive your Twin’s higher self’s guidance and advice and support every day of your life, everything is illuminated with love.

You truly begin to live in “heaven on earth,” no matter what’s happened before. Imagine having unlimited support, unconditional love and expert advice every step of the way.

How much easier would your journey to union be?

I show you how to open the “superpower” of intuition here.


“Don’t Give Up On Your Twin Connection!”

Another notable transit this week is Saturn trine Mars, square Uranus.

This says, not so fast with drastic life changes, and don’t keep changing your approach, don’t change your mind all the time. Consistency wins. That’s where you’ll get results.

And for many Twins, this is a message to not give up on the connection!

You’re also alerted to be mindful of how much time you spend online and with technology because it tends to stop you from taking action…

And be careful who you trust and what you believe via the internet and in community/group settings – because it can negatively affect your whole Twin Flame dynamic…

Remember fear/division/ego “creates” separation, love/forgiveness/compassion calls in unity.

Celebrating the Masculine

Saturn is the god of karma, authority, time and tradition, and he encourages the slow and steady approach. Trust. Build for the long run.

When he’s interacting with Mars the ruler of the Masculine, we’re shown the Masculine has passed a test somehow…

They have been growing. They have been learning, on some deeper inner level.

What The Masculine Really Wants

They have experienced what they do NOT want in life, and that the surface level is not truly satisfying to them. They are gravitating toward MORE. TRUE LOVE. (YOU!!)

They themselves seem to say to us, OF COURSE!!! What did you think?!?!?!

They ARE YOU on a higher level. Of COURSE, they want what you want!

They seem to have been full of outside static and others’ energy… From an early age, absorbing it without realizing it, and acting out those patterns of negativity.

They are aiming higher now. They want more. They are aware of what is NOT working in their life. More than ever.

Support for The Masculine Twin

Jupiter is also supporting Mars, which shows support and encouragement for the Masculine/Aries Twin.

There’s wind in their sails, especially as they follow their SOUL’S guidance. Things are speeding up on their path.

Lucky openings and opportunities designed to get them to their “place,” spirit says.

To help speed up this process, help them clear the old limiting grids that have held them back from remembering.

I take you through it here:

twin flame awakening

“The Higher Dimensional Anchoring completely blew me away. Not only did this seem to impact me on an enormous level, I saw my Twin Flame completely change overnight. The biggest change I’ve seen in him to date. I’m so grateful for your tools, and I’m merely without words on this latest one. It really was the answer to my prayers.”

– Sarah (via Facebook)

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Mercury Enters Aries!

April 3rd, we have another major shift in energy for the coming month as Mercury enters Aries.

After a month in watery Pisces, this is a faster, more intense, go-getter energy!

Life is set to speed up, especially communication. But patience will be in short supply and tempers may flare.

But when handled wisely this fiery power can help you reach for the sky, get a LOT done, and be brave to move into areas you would otherwise have shied away from…

Fiery Power at Your Disposal

So this time can help you get your dream come true…

If you feel called to reach for something, go boldly after it! Listen to your heart.

Know that you are so much more powerful than you’ve likely believed, and the universe is on your side!

Step out of old hurts and expectations of rejection and problems… And you will go so far!

You’re closer to your goals than you’ve realized.

Recalibrating, New Beginnings!

This is above all a week for recalibrating into your soul path, your bliss, and moving into a heart lead momentum for the long run.

Celebrate yourself, as this will activate your magic.

There are new beginnings in the air.

Make the most of this heightened time, because right now you are staking out the course for the far-reaching future!

Know that you are here for a reason.
You are uniquely you because you are PERFECT, deep down, for your soul purpose and your Twin Flame…

Listen to your heart and your uniqueness. Forget what the world may have told you.

Let the call of love pull you forward.

I believe in you! <3

Cassady x

“Your Vibrational Alignment program and Harmony Healing have been so valuable to me and I use them daily. I also use the Higher Heart session weekly. Thank you!!! My Twin Flame and I reconnected again in a way that was better than I ever could have imagined.” – Joy, California, USA

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twin flame program

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