Powerful Cosmic Duo Re-Ignite Guided Love And Passion – The Twin Flame Connection Gets Fired Up Again! Are You Ready For A New Beginning?

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include: One of the most enjoyable weeks of the year for Twins – powerful positivity rising with Venus and New Moon in Leo, retrogrades support a return to “all is well”, plus the Masculine Twin searches for true lovereturning to unity!

Discover more below!

Reignition Of Love

We enter into this week with a nice conjunction between the Sun and Venus increasing – Venus has just moved into Leo and is edging rapidly closer to the sun.

This is a highlight of the year for positivity and love!

It feels like the sun is shining brighter than usual, and you’re likely experiencing a subtle underlying feeling that the universe is on your side and things are going in a positive direction…

Leo is the ruler of the heart so when the planet of love visits this sign we have a wonderful reignition of romance, inspiration for creativity and passion.

Why It’s Never Too Late For Twin Flames

With a square to Uranus, we see that what might make you the happiest right now is to do what you’ve always loved doing. To not do something new, but to stick with what you know.

Indulge yourself in what made you happy as a child, revisit old friends, focus on the experiences of how things used to feel in the beginning of your relationship…

And the “miracle” is that you tap into that, feed it, nurture it and align with that positivity again. It can be powerful for your Twin Flame connection.

It’s as if the atmosphere is warmer and more glowy between you than it’s been in a while. Above all, your hearts are calling out to each other to come closer, spirit shows us.

Enjoy this feeling experience of closeness, tap into it and it will draw you together like magnets.

Another indication for some readers is that moving away from your Twin and trying to find another partner is not generally guided at this time.

Your heart wants what it wants for a reason – it really is possible for you to reunite no matter what’s happened before!

The universe is working hard to show you this right now.

I take you through how to open your path and reignite the “magic” in your connection in the new Divine Breakthrough session!
“There is always a way.
If it looks like there isn’t,
you just haven’t found it yet”

Powerful Conjunction For Marriage/Partnership

As we still have Mars in conjunction with Juno, the asteroid of marriage and partnership, we see there’s a real desire in the Masculine polarity Twin of finding “the one” or reuniting. (If you’re an Aries or Masculine dominant it could also be referring to you).

“He” may not be outwardly taking action on it yet or even fully admitting it to himself, but we see that his heart is calling out for his counterpart!

Nothing else will satisfy him. He has had enough of others, of the ego world, of the surface.

He wants the bliss of that heart to heart connection that defies all else – the feeling of connecting in unconditional love (even if he doesn’t know what that is).

With a trine to Jupiter Retrograde from Mars/Juno, we see that it’s likely the Masculine Twin is realizing that he has gone “wrong” in the past as regards love.

Masculine Twin Wanting To Reach Out And Make Amends…

“He” realizes that he could have had his counterpart in the past, is what the cosmic energies shows us, and that he likely “blew it”.

He may be struggling with this, but in time it’s highly likely he’ll reach out to you again to make amends, to see if you will give him one more chance. (Especially after Mercury goes direct on July 31st)

If not then, it’s highlighted for when Mercury returns to Leo on August 11.

(To give “him” that extra little nudge to actually commit and actually take action, have a look at this article “7 Essentials For Dealing With An Unawakened Twin”).


Their Heart Like A Searchlight Scanning For You

If you’ve not yet met your Twin, know that they’re out there looking for you in this period and an encounter is imminent.

Their whole heart is seeking you like a searchlight, scanning for you. They are ready. (To draw in a tangible encounter faster, have a look at this session)

If you and your Twin are already together, this week is set to bring even closer bonding and experiences of joy.

You may feel like making it official, celebrating your love, moving in together, getting even closer, planning your future together!

Retrogrades Working To Help You Reach Inner Peace

This is set to be one of the most enjoyable weeks of the year for Twins!

Yes, there is still a record amount of planets in retrograde but in this current cosmic climate it feels like it will be more a call to go within and enjoy the inner bliss of love and togetherness…

Some may experience intensified lessons and be called to “clear up old lessons” (if you need some help with this go here), but on the whole it’s like the universe is asking you to relax, go within, enjoy the good things in your life…

To slow down and be happy in the now moment. (Read here about why that’s so powerful “The Twin Flame Reset”)


Keep An Eye Out For Glitchy Communication And Technology

One potential issue until July 31st (or August 1st if you’re in a Western time zone of the USA) is Mercury retrograde, so do keep an eye on your mind.

The biggest hiccups seem to come from scheduling and bookings, practical affairs, experiencing misunderstandings, technology being glitchy…

But that’s stuff you can fix by staying focused, backing up important files and checking things twice.

The major, inner climate feels better than in a long while. Calmer. “Sunnier”.

If you’re not physically together with your Twin Flame, I’d strongly recommend connecting with their higher self and inviting them to share this transit of heart-felt love and bliss with you. (I take you through it here).

Who’s Throwing Shade On Your Happiness?

This is the kind of week you’ll want to savor and remember for when winter and a new an more intense cosmic climate comes around in a few months.

We do see Pluto and Saturn potentially throwing some shade your way, through the feeling you may have that you’re not “supposed” to be relaxing or enjoying life in the present moment.

That there’s work to do, or that problems may show up if you’re not careful.

They’re wrong. They’re actually mirroring back to you the messages you were given growing up.

If you feel guilty for enjoying life… If you feel bad for having good luck or money or being in a good place, it’s due to a belief system that was given to you and isn’t serving you.

That’s why it’s being shown up.

So remember, no guilt or shame or pessimism allowed this week! If it’s coming up, step into the sunny state of Venus and the Sun in Leo and transmute the heaviness from that place!

(I take you through it for free here in the Twin Flame Help Kit!)


New Moon In Leo – Optimism Meets Contrast

The New Moon in Leo on July 31st is optimistic, but we see you questioning whether things really can be so good.

We see you doubting whether bliss can really last… Whether happiness is truly possible…Keep an eye on your mind.

Remember Fear is just **False Evidence Appearing Real**. And know that your mind can be your biggest saboteur on the Twin Flame journey (Read about how to overcome that here)…

I unfortunately see so many Twins struggling above all because their minds are running riot with fear, worry and doubts, and it keeps them stuck in a loop of attracting and experiencing more and more negativity.

This is such an important insight that the Divine Masculine Collective nearly stopped me from writing an article at all a while back – to get their deeper point across. (Read that here).


A New Chapter Begins – Seeing The Higher Truth

Above all this New Moon is a restart in terms of perception. Especially as Mercury goes direct at the same time. The cosmic energies are working to show you that yes, something amazing truly is possible.

Take the shades off, and see that it’s really that bright!

You may be triggered by belief issues this week, but know that it’s to help you face the glory that can truly be if you open to it!

(To clear out belief blocks and 3D human negativity that sabotages so many Twin Flames’ journeys, click here. And watch a video here on how it works)

Another indication from this particular configuration is, if your Twin is in a relationship with someone else right now, the biggest change comes from you focusing on yourself.

Stepping into your own inner wholeness and loving yourself unconditionally will shift the dynamic.

Unsure Of The Future? Don’t Worry –
You’re Closer To Love Than You Think!

Saturday as the Moon opposes Neptune we see you may feel a bit foggy about where the future path is headed or even where you stand right now.

Don’t worry. Don’t try to go there in your mind. Feel with your heart. You’re closer than you think, is spirit’s comment.

As Venus travels right behind the Sun throughout this whole week, love is in focus in a major way – and guess where Venus is traveling to? Mars.

The Feminine is being lead by the light, positivity, hope… And it will get her to her counterpart!

On August 12th “she” catches up with the Sun, overtakes it… and on August 23rd Venus reaches Mars. This has powerful positive implications for the Twin Flame collective over the coming few weeks.

Watershed Period For The Twin Flame Connection Coming…!

This is set to be an incredibly eventful next couple of weeks for love and the Twin Flame bond! It’s set to be a watershed period for the connection for so many!

I can’t wait to bring you more insights on this next week. For now, enjoy the sunshiney feeling of love that’s around – go straight to the heart, and you’ll feel it.

And if you feel like your Twin will never reach that place in the physical – go to their higher self, there are steps you can take together to make it happen. I take you through it here.

I can’t wait to report back to you on these developments next week!

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey <3

Cassady x

“My Twin Flame is a Runner and something amazing happened today… I’ve done the clearing two days in a row so far, and guess who called me this morning after doing the meditation and energy cleanse? Yup, you guessed it… he called on his own without prompting from me! I am so darn happy, it’s a miracle!”

– Kristine D, Mass, USA

twin flame program

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