twin flame awakening

5D Love is set to blossom as Twins are groomed for Union later in 2016. Masculine Sleeper Twins are being prepped for a “soul takeover”, while the Feminine learns lessons about inner unity.


March is set to be an extremely eventful month – we have two powerful eclipses and the spring equinox coming up, and heavy Pisces energies contributing to an increase in spiritual or metaphysical connections.

Opening to Twin Telepathy and 5D

The Sun has just moved into Pisces – traditionally the 12th house of the unconscious, extrasensory phenomena, spirituality and the “higher octave of love” – unconditional love. Keep these themes and the “parallel realm” of life (5D) in mind this month and use metaphysical tools to help you tap into the non-physical bond you share with your Twin.

For Twin Flames these next few weeks present a unique opportunity to strengthen the soul bond, telepathy, 5D remote interaction and the heart connection from soul to soul. 

The energies present now create a thinning of the “fabric of reality” as we perceive it – especially for Twins. You can expect to notice your connection more palpably now compared to previous months.

Even as little as 5 minutes a day of sitting in meditation, helps to open you up to messages and to attune to this. Twin Flames have an “inborn” connection to each other, but in most cases it’s not open or utilised fully because the mental mind (the “ego”) is so active with thoughts and perceptions that we can’t perceive it.

Consider it like a phone line from Twin to Twin – if your “line” (your mind) is busy with your own inner discussions and buzzing questions and concerns, your Twin’s messages can’t get through. 

Meditation can work wonders to open you up to both your own intuition and to your Twin. Try it now – there’s a free meditation here specifically designed for connecting you with your Twin – the energies at hand will be supporting you.

Getting Clear on Your Soul Path

As the Sun in Pisces conjuncts powerful Neptune – the ruler of Pisces – this week, these soul connections and the metaphysical communication realms are wide open more than any other time.

The Sun/Neptune “team” also oppose Jupiter, indicating that we’re being stirred and challenged by the higher realms right now – to remember above all, why we’re here. If you’ve been feeling unclear on your “mission” or your life’s direction lately, expect to get some clarity now.

Saturn’s involvement indicates that finding your soul path might first involve cutting ties to what is OUT of alignment with you – in other words, you might find your way to your own self by first figuring out what has NOT been working. 

Old outworn identities, beliefs, ideas… Try taking an overview of your life from recent years and evaluate what makes your heart sing versus what drains you.

These are heightened times for astral journeys, dream exploration, creativity. If you journal or create music or other art, expect to receive more direct input from your soul now. This can be a very intensely “spiritual time”. Take some time to center yourself and explore the expression of your inner self.

Being Groomed for Twin Flame Union

The Feminine is still learning to “stand on her own two feet” in pioneering Aquarius this week, and she’s now receiving support by the cosmic “heavyweights” Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in her learning – a continuation of the upgrade of the Feminine energy polarity on the earth planes. (The Masculine is going through “his” own upgrade too).

Love is in the process of being reformed and refined. First of all, the negatives and hang backs must be released and cleared away, so that later in the year when “luck and high vibrations enter the house of love” (Jupiter in the 7th house of Libra, the sign of the scales and harmony) there will be room for the new and uplifting energy influx.

Twin Flames are being groomed for Union, each and every step of the way.

Lessons of the “Sacred Feminine”

It’s being shown to me that a big lesson for those who are incarnate as females in this lifetime or have an excess of female energy, is to learn to stand alone, be independent and focus on themselves first and foremost.

The collective energy field of the feminine carries in it karmic patterns of being “caretakers”, feeling responsible for others, being compelled to help others before ourselves. This often leads to overwhelm, exhaustion and paradoxically removes our power to truly help anyone. 

In recent years there have been heavy pressures from the planetary energies, pushing the feminine to make a stand for “herself”. A lesson here is that our life is our own journey and we are only ever responsible for ourselves. Others must walk their path. We can assist them but never walk for them.

When we have found our own inner equilibrium, self acceptance and self love, our very existence becomes a help to others as we function as living examples.

The Undercurrents of Change

While learning and challenges continue for the Feminine this week, the Masculine is involved in his own “drama”. Mars is being strongly challenged by Mercury – the message here is that the Masculine is struggling to make sense of and communicate (even to himself) what’s been going on inside lately.

Enormous shifts and developments have been happening on the Soul level, but the Ego self doesn’t understand yet what’s going on. Sleeper Twins are experiencing huge changes beneath the surface of comprehension.

There’s a sense of shifts having happened already, and more to come, but the full understanding of this won’t open up until later in the year. When the negativity has been released from the collective fields during the Mars retrograde, “he” will experience things as becoming more clear. I’m shown a flood opening of understanding.

Until then, there are still quakes rumbling as the Soul Self and the Ego identity clash. There’s a sense of cracks forming on the surface. There is so much the Masculine has been thinking and feeling, but not fully understanding.

Reunions From A New Foundation

When the time comes to open up and share, “he” will be astounded to find out what’s been going on – that he has not been alone in his experiences, and that he’s not been “going crazy” with the Twin metaphysical experience at all. It’s all been real. Perceptions of Reality must shift.

And his mirror self has been experiencing it too. Later this year, we see Twin Reunions taking place from a new, more solid foundation than before. Increased openness, because old blocks will have been removed.

We are now going through the tough process of removing these very blocks, preparing the way for togetherness later in the year.

I’m shown the Twins’ Soul Selves working closely as a team now on releasing these blocks, even in cases where the outer Ego Selves perceive themselves to be in Separation. Things are not as they seem. 

Sleeper Twins: A Soul Takeover on the Way

At this point, as Mercury moves into Pisces, there’s a sense of a lot of feeling and intuitive information being taken in by the Masculine, new insights about the Twin Flame journey being given to “him” but in such a way that it might not be mentally clear yet.

The seeds being sown, especially in as yet Unawakened Twins. Sleepers are being primed to Wake Up.

In deeper terms, these seeds of insight are preparing a “soul takeover” later in the year, gradually meant to culminate in the union of Unconditional Love.

Accelerating Ascension 

These are exciting times: This year 2016, there’s a sense of Twin Flame Ascension and the journey to Union being stepped up a gear or even ten, as Twins are being called on to activate and step into the Energetic Template of Unconditional Love and assisting the planet’s own Ascension process.

This means an increase in the release of negativity, in order to prepare the Twin pairs for Union with greater speed. Keep this in mind over the course of the year – any challenges are there in order to prepare better things to come.

I was asked to share this message with everyone: On your journey when something appears to fall away, or it feels like things are changing uncomfortably, do not fear.  Because these things are happening in order to make room for what you have asked the universe for, the prayers you have made, the intentions you have set.

Your path might not seem clear right now, but in order to make room for the new, the old must first shift. Have trust that things are working out for the best, because this aligns your energy with it happening more smoothly and quickly.

The New Waves Of Twins

Previous “waves” of Twins might have spent decades to get to a place of harmony, but the new wave of awakening Twins are on a fast track like never before. We have chosen this.

Remember that energy clearing tools can help you release any old wounds and challenging situations with greater speed and ease, so that you can move with the current rather than staying in the struggle of running and separation that stems from negativity being released.

Have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program I was asked to share with other Twins after my Twin and I reached Union, created as a step by step roadmap to union.

Alternatively you can try our Free starter kit

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

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  1. Hmm, coming this far, after having been attracted to this information – my soul and life path are definitely becoming clear. My dream is to produce music and DJ – and opportunities are definitely being presented to me. You can say my ~flow~ is becoming, very subtly. Although, a lot of the times I doubt the connection, or any of this for a reason: I am conflicted between who is my actual soul expansion partner. Sometimes I intuitively feel I’m communicating with one, whereas in another situation I’m speaking with another. I try to forget whatever is happening just to test the waters, it’s impossible. I feel the information and knowledge I have attained is subconsciously embedded in me at this point. I am learning that life is all about “the moment” and time doesn’t really exist. Except, it is very difficult for me to live in “the moment” because I think my higher self is trying to awaken me more.. or I am out of vibrational alignment with my so called “twin.” So yes, as the masculine, I am definitely still confused on WHO it is, what is really happening – but higher self desires it and is pushing me toward it – ego is still there, but dissolving – any clarity here? I tend to hear things in my head, like her voice. I do think I am going crazy sometimes. I am attracted to a certain individual for some reason but I still doubt the feeling is mutual. But I think it’s just a level of 3D attraction and that there are many more women out there and try to forget about it. Let me add that she has blocked communication me. I see the world very, very differently.. even as pure energy. I am trying to get in alignment with my soul contract and getting in flow, I forcefully try to be “okay” without whatever/whomever this connection is with – I guess when things make more sense I’ll become “ONE” with myself, lately though Ive been spending a lot of time on solitude, so I think I’m going through a phase. I would much rather live independently at this point, for the sake of the mission – I’m totally fine with it, but there I intuitively sense a desire to be with the other.. It’s so weird. I understand how complex this journey is, I am just being very careful with it. I’m a capricorn if that means anything.

    1. Have you spoken to this person and shared your feelings? Perhaps they are feeling exactly the same and just can’t find the words to explain what’s been going on. You may be surprised ??

  2. Dear Cassady, could you please elaborate more upon the “soul takeover” topic? Is it something about “walk-in”s or are those terms unrelated?

    1. Hi Virsa, very interesting question, thank you!

      In many Twins and Lightworkers who are awakening, there is a shift from a predominately ego/earth based identity and consciousness into the “higher” soul aspects of the identity and consciousness becoming ever more active. It’s like a shift from one gear into another, a metamorphosis.

      It’s the often dormant soul part of us that’s becoming activated yet again – therein “awakening” – and in some people this can even seem like the person is changing completely, like they’re becoming someone else. In reality, it’s an expansion and lifting into a different aspect of that person’s soul – they’re not changing per se, but actually becoming more themselves as a soul.

      This article didn’t mean “walk-ins” but I wouldn’t exclude it as a possibility at this time – there’s much more to our reality than we tend to realize, so if you feel called on to look into that, go with your intuition and explore…

      Sending you love and light <3 Cassady x

  3. Thank you, as always your messages are timely and in sync with realizations and epiphanies I’ve been having. I contacted my Twin two days ago after nearly a month of silence. He replied and a nice messaging conversation ensued including “loose” plans being talked of how we might be able to see each other again soon. I feel late March or into April or May. He’s still “with” someone but I remind myself that when the time comes for reunion these “barriers” will naturally fall away as our Higher Selves are “in on this” and with the resources of the entire universe backing up our soul contracts for reunion, we can count on it happening when it’s supposed to. Due to all the energy clearing that has aided in a complete metamorphosis I am in a state of calm assurance that things are on track for physical reunion and I find relief in my focus on the very intense unfolding of business/life purpose which is picking up speed right now for a big launch in May.

  4. Thank you so much for this! My Spirit Guide keeps telling me that our reunion will take place in April. The Mars Retrograde starts on April 17!

  5. This is a huge information ! Thank you so much Cassady. Can I assist and help my twin to wake up? is this the best time to tel him who we are and what we are doing here?

  6. Amazing article and so on point with everything I’m feeling. I have felt very strongly to rise up as feminine and stand on two feet. Apart from leaving marriage and helping the three year old understand, being totally reliable on me and my job is maybe the scarier part. I can feel it though, deep in my bones, that it’s time and it’s been building more and more. My dreams are even showing me this. I guess working in the healing field just doesn’t feel as stable and I’ve always doubted my abilities despite the feedback. So this is a rising up in every sense of the way for me. I can tell to stay in positive and higher vibrations and it’s so nice to hear more confirmation of that! But please guides continue to help me with career!! That’s one of the blocks I’m trying to clear! Thank you Cassady!

  7. This is the first time I’ve come across your website, and what a beautiful first post for me to read! It all makes so much sense 🙂 Thank you for your service. Blessings to your soul x

  8. Thank you so much for this Cassady! It came at a perfect time. Over the past week or two I’ve been looking at wanting to strengthen my telepathy connection with my twin. Also, while I was reading this I got a strong intuitive feeling on how/why my twin will reach out to me. At the beginning of the month, I had another intuitive thought that we would connect on June 3rd, which now I see will be right smack dab in the middle of Mars Retrograde. I look forward to seeing if this does come to pass. 🙂

  9. Thank you so much for tjis, it is comforting to know that the Sleeper twin is undergoing their own transformation even when it appears that nothing is happening

  10. Love this article. Many thanks for all that you share about this twin flame journey. Mine is difficult right now, as we are in 2 different states. And he has just been diagnosed with cancer, which just almost destroyed me to hear about. But I am praying and hoping and believing he will get thru this. And now feel it might just be part of his spiritual journey in weird way. Thank you and blessings to you ?

  11. I love this article! I am so excited!

    I have definitely been going through emotional shifts that have been heavy BUT it is for a reason!

    I have taken charge of my life. All of the changes I am making is allowing me to become to person who I am meant to be.

    I’m finally not so much focused on my TF, but I am very focused on me. And that is what will bring us together. I send him love as always though 🙂

    I feel that we will reunite this summer, and next fall will be the time that we get more serious and perhaps enter a relationship. I’m very excited for the things to come.

    Thanks Cassady!

  12. Hi Cassady, what do you mean by reunion later this year? I was recently offered a position in the same city as my twin flame. I wasn’t looking for it, but it was recommended to me. It would involve moving back overseas in April, and I will probably see him again then. I had to leave last year, and he’s since separated from his relationship, and now I’ve been offered a chance to go back… I don’t know if being in the same city will necessarily mean “reunion” right away, but I know that this opportunity was presented to me for a reason. Life is crazy, and so is this journey!

  13. This article resonated with me so much. Now I understand why I have been tested lately on how to – stand on my two feet emotionally. I have a feeling that I am meant to reconnect with my twin flame this year (in the physical) and reading this gives me hope and strength! I try my best to heal and stay positive as I reshift my beliefs and patterns. I’m certain I’m going to meet him soon this spring! Thank you once again for this article. It made so much sense of what I have been going through lately!

  14. This is so exciting!! Definitely feel my “sleeper” half shifting and the telepathic communications have just been so strong these past few days. Lots of cool things happening on my end too in terms of figuring out my soul mission. Great article Cassady, thank you! <3 <3 <3

  15. Hi Cassady, Do you have any advice for the illumined twin Flames who are leading the charge? The week before Valentine’s Day we merged energies, and now I no longer have the experience of missing my twin. We maintain regular communication but I am in the process now if letting go of the imbalance in our (open) relationship where I am the one who initiates any physical contact. He told me that this is a deep-seated issue for him, yet and still I realize that there is no need for me to treat him like he is not fully capable of arranging to see me when he is ready. So I will wait and in the meantime use the opportunity to figure out what I need to stand on my own two feet as you aptly put it. I am also not constrained any more about saying that I love him or sharing this publicly, even though he tends to be conservative with his feelings, and I’m being careful not to remove the energy of my support as I hold space for him to conquer old issues. I guess I’ve answered my own question haha, but if you have anything to add, please do. Thanks dear heart!

  16. Thank you very much for the above energy forcast. It feels so right. Sometimes I feel so close to my TF other times not so. He is working his issues out with someone else currently, giving me chance to learn more bout who I am and realize my worth. Anyway, I asked my tarot deck (Thoth) who ‘she’ was and what she meant to our TF reunion/relationship & pulled 1 card. 9 of swords. I kinda know what it means, but would love some feedback/suggestions/advice from anyone on this forum with regards to this!
    Light and love…

    1. My twin is working his inner issues out with someone else as well. I have a spiritual teacher that told me something that made understand & feel better about this situation. She said that my twin has karma to clear with this person, and more than likely they are working through their internal issues with me, using this person as an intermediary.

      Hopes this helps a bit! Sending you love <3

  17. Hi Cassidy,

    Thank you for writing this article, Cassidy! It totally resonates with me like a lot of your articles do.

    This week, I’ve been getting a lot of signposts from my spirit guides and angels lately through repeating numbers, and it’s very clear to me now what my soul purpose is. I feel very happy with this. 🙂

    Sending love and lights to all Twin Flames and to everyone else! <3

  18. Hi Cassady,

    Again thank you. You had describe my situation as the female twin. I’m standing on my own as independent woman. Doing everything I had to make myself capable of holding my stance. However, I must admit, if I will not allow my divine counter part to fullfill his part, I may run away and create another separation. I love my twin. This love is very different frm what I’ve felt before. I don’t despised men but because I had this trauma in my early youth, I admit I am not truly trusting men back then. However, I managed to remove those feelings and accepted that men are also wounded inside. Now, I could say that I really love to interact with the opposites and felt much comfortable to them especially when I met my male twin.

    With love and light. 🙂

  19. I am so happy to have found this page.
    My new realization of finding my twin has been such an awakening process.
    The ups and downs of my twin flame meeting has made life complicated.
    Especially currently being in a commited relationship with another.
    Thank you for the insight. Peace out

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