Powerful Aries Full Moon Asks – Are You Being True To Your Soul? Push For Healing Of Masculine Twin… But Have Misunderstandings Got In The Way?

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:

Mars Retrograde continues, Saturn and Pluto both turn direct in Capricorn, signalling progress beginning in the world at large.

But, powerful Full Moon in Aries asks – are we really being true to ourselves? Are we really heading in the direction we want? And Venus entering Virgo puts the pressure on for the Twin Flame ‘mission’…

Discover more below!


This is set to be an intense time, so remember to use your Free Twin Flame Resources (and if you haven’t already downloaded, you can do so here)

Solar Plexus, Karma And Astral Realm Purge Continues

As in recent weeks, Mars Retrograde is happening in the background throughout this week – until November 14th. As the “ruler” of the Masculine, this has big repercussions for the Twin Flame connection.

This is a period of “upgrades” and processing for the masculine collective, Aries natives and our action, sexuality and karmic blueprint…

Mars rules karma, the astral realms and the solar plexus chakra, so many are experiencing strange dreams, flare-ups of “old issues”, digestive trouble and fluctuations in energy/insomnia lately…

Have a look here for more on what Mars Retrograde means for Twin Flames.

Masculine Twin Troubled And “Lost”

This week, we have a powerful transit activating Mars Retrograde – an opposition with Mercury.

The message here is, you likely don’t KNOW what your counterpart is going through or have gone through deep down.

They seem to have had difficult experiences, karmic baggage they may FEEL but not fully understand… And it’s above all about feeling unloved, by people perhaps but mainly by LIFE and the Universe.

Feeling Alone…

It’s weighing them down and they feel really alone about it. There is a karmic process going on here in their part of the journey.

Their soul is guiding them closely through this immense challenge and we see the efforts being made to open them up to actually being able to receive love fully.

Because the past patterns have been deflecting love. To help them, have a look at these resources for dealing with Unawakened Twin Flames, or here for resources to help a Twin Flame Runner.


Awakened Twin “Misunderstandings”

We see in this period that the “awakened” Twin may be acting very hard on their counterpart.

You may be projecting onto them and likely not having sympathy for the deeper reasons why they’ve been the way they have. There are deep painful experiences in their system. Healing is needed.

Above all, love, is what will unlock them into a higher state. A trine to Venus reinforces this message. They long for love, but feel that it’s denied. That it’s out of reach. Even if you think you’re giving it to them.

Go to their Higher Self, as they know how to unlock this situation into harmony and wellness.

They will show you what’s really going on with their human “ego self” and how to bring things back to unity and love.

What Are You Really Longing For?

As Juno the asteroid of marriage is conjunct Mercury, opposing Mars R, we see that perceptions of marriage and physical relationships figure into this.

They seem to be pushed onto the Masculine Twin. They are not being brought out of invitation or love, but imposed. From an outside motivation of demand.

If you want marriage with your Twin Flame, the universe is asking:
What is your true motivation? What would a romantic union give you?

(Hint, it should be to SHARE love and happiness TOGETHER, not to have someone else “fix” you or give you happiness…)

How To Unlock True Twin Flame Love…

If the answer is that you’re longing for marriage or togetherness to get love… the unfortunate fact is you don’t yet love yourSELF enough to call it in! So the universe is pushing you to recognize this and resolve it.

Because when we seek love from someone else as if we’re missing it, we only get more “seeking love” – not HAVING it. Inner wholeness and self love is a key to unlocking “outer” love.

If you want togetherness or marriage for security or to control, the underlying motivation is fear… and this nearly always causes disruptions like running/separation and difficulty.

When we want or long for something for fear of not having it, we push negativity and distortion into it.

To resolve this and other issues causing disruption in your Twin Flame connection, have a look here:

The Twin Flame Mirror And Its Purpose

The Twin Flame mirror is in many ways “ruthless”. For the highest divine good. We are being taught something important.

When we call things in out of fear or worry, we get more negativity. More absence

On the other hand, when we do our inner work, reach a higher state of wholeness and wellness within… We call in outer harmony on “default”. Because we are effortlessly aligned with it. (Learn more here)

Many Twins get worried when they feel themselves “needing” their counterpart less, but this is often the key to unlocking lasting outer unity.

How To Approach Difficulty Right Now

In this period, it would be really helpful to send love to the hurt and wounded part of the Masculine Twin. Work with them to heal the past pain, and they will begin to blossom.

Be merciful. Be gentle with them. Again, there are things you likely don’t know about.

They are not a bad *person* deep down. They may have been damaged and have been acting out that inner hurt. They may be operating off negative influence, so-called “entities” (we clear that here).

It’s not truly who they ARE. That’s the truth. The faster you forgive and have compassion, the faster you release negativity.

Twin Flame “Supernatural Experiences”

Tuesday we have Moon conjunct Neptune in Pisces, showing us that their HIGHER self is working to show up.

You’ll likely have more “spiritual” experiences with them in the non-physical than at other times.

On Wednesday-Thursday a conjunction between Mars Retrograde and Lilith in Aries signals the presence of the shadow karmic feminine. The big thing here is, make sure YOU are not the shadow presence…!

Twin Flame Biology…

The fact is, it’s not just the unawakened Twin who’s to “blame” when things aren’t working out.

Their “awakened” counterpart often has karmic patterning in their system, such as female historical energies of being cheated on, disrespected, unloved and so on…

Even if it’s not fully theirs, they’re tapped in by the biological collective fields. “False karma”

So if your Twin has been “running”, mean, bad to you – they may have been reacting to YOUR system. “As within, so without”.

Rise out of the old karmic reality, and you both become aligned with unity. I tell you more about that here

Unlocking Your Situation To A Higher State

To help them rise into their higher self in the physical world, make sure YOU allow it to happen!

In other words, have you pushed onto them that they’re a “runner”, “ghosting” you, a “bad person” or anything else that’s negative or limiting?

If so, you’ve unfortunately been entrenching it and making it harder for them to Ascend and Awaken. So clear the limiting energies you’ve pushed onto them…

They’ll actually have ROOM to open up. Spirit shows us, those outer perceptions and judgments can create an energetic prison that keeps someone locked in being exactly those negative things you may have thought about them.

If this has happened, don’t beat yourself up about it. It’s the most common mistake I see Twins making. And I take you through clearing it here

Aries/Masculine Twin’s Deepest Need…

Moon conjunct Mars Retrograde on Thursday shows us, the Masculine Twin needs LOVE.

They feel really UNLOVED as who they are. They may not have been fully loved in childhood, or they don’t feel that love will ever truly be there for them.

When someone feels unloved, they begin to act strange. They stop caring about others.

They feel like they may have nothing to lose by being grabby and mean to other people, perhaps including you. When you bring in love, everything changes.

Saturn Direct – Lessons To Learn…

On September 29th we have some positive news, as cosmic “taskmaster” Saturn finally turns direct after months of teaching us responsibility by making us look back at where we’ve gone wrong in the past.

Saturn is a tough teacher who is above all honest. You get what you put in. You get what you’re aligned with, is his “lesson” for Twin Flames.

In essence, if unity is not happening, you’re not in alignment. It’s as simple as that!

Try my free energy cleanse tool here to connect back to pure light and shift into a dynamic of harmony– that’s where love lives! (Or to go deeper, have a look at the full program here).

Full Moon In Aries – Masculine Emotional Breakdown…

On October 1st we have a powerful Full Moon in Aries, conjunct Chiron the wounded healer.

We see here that the tendency of this lunar event will be – whether or not you know it from the outside – a complete emotional breakdown for the Masculine.

An unwilling return to the depths of hurt and feeling UN-LOVED, in order to somehow transmute it on that deep inner level.

It may be that everything feels lost to them in the outer world. But most of all it’s an inner return to the deep hurt. To the core wound. It could be infancy related… Deeply unconscious.

Most likely, it will be an outer “phantom” event or trigger that causes a reliving of the old painful emotional experience… So that it can be healed somehow.

Transformational Lunar Culmination

You can help your counterpart with this and actually use this time to heal and strengthen your connection:

1) Send them love at this time, tell them in meditation (I take you through it here) that you forgive them, that you love them no matter what…

2) Go to their higher self, spend time with them because the more activated the link with their higher self becomes on the earth plane (via your system first) the stronger it becomes in them.

It means, YOU really can awaken them from the inside out by interacting with their higher self.

It’s the number one way to awaken a twin flame “sleeper” counterpart. The method we all planned for our journey to earth. Read more about that here.


Karmic Feminine “Attacks”

During the Full Moon we also see Lilith still conjunct Mars Retrograde, this indicates a feeling of very specifically being attacked by the shadow karmic feminine and being confronted with negativity.

It could be a karmic balancing that comes through pain.

It can be old hurts resurfacing, bringing you face to face with where YOU rejected or abandoned yourSELF or your soul’s truth. Perhaps where a toxic negative female influence pushed you off your soul’s path…

(To learn more about your unique “soul blueprint” click here)

Online Twin Flame Discussions?

And on the other hand, the energies show us:

Be VERY careful what you project onto your Twin. They will ONLY get worse if you project that they’re no good, in whatever words you may use.

Know that it is NOT loving to discuss your counterpart, your other self behind their back together with other Twins online.

It is NOT aligned with love or the highest good to berate them or criticize them. Unfortunately, that will only bring back pain, like a boomerang effect.

Spirit’s Request: More Gentleness Needed…

Love is to recognize the soul, the self in the other person.

Love is to go to their essence, their soul, and respect yourself and them by interacting with the highest guidance. Not human drama.

Be honest in this period, what have YOU been putting into your connection?

Spirit shows us that many FEMALE Twins have actually been acting out the shadow Masculine “3D” traits of anger, aggression and lack of empathy, without realizing it…

The Awakened Twin Flame’s “Superpower”

More gentleness is needed. Your counterpart will always mirror gentleness and love back to you, when you hold it within and interact with them from that frequency.

You are in many ways, as the awakened one, setting the course for you both. Don’t let the shadows drag you into conflict. You KNOW better.

They may not, but you can pull them in a positive direction…

Remember that when we are calm, we bring others into our calmness.

When we are angry, we tend to attract conflict back.

Work to release the negativity, and you rise up into attracting harmony with others.

Venus Enters Virgo – The Twin Flame Mission

As Venus enters Virgo on September 2nd, we’re reminded of this. The “Twin Flame Mission” (learn what that is here).

In this period, the focus in love shifts to themes of purification and being of service.

Issues of RECEIVING blocks are likely to be shown to you in this period. In spiritual truth, if you’re only GIVING and not not receiving love, it’s an issue in your system.

It’s not because others are withholding – we are always attracting people, circumstances and dynamics as an “outer lesson” to resolve inner issues.

If we are aligned with receiving, good will always come on the “outside”.

(To address this issue, have a look here)

Key to Twin Flame Union

When Venus journeys through Virgo, we are reminded that self love is often a challenge with Virgo energies, so do your best to bring more self care and self acceptance now.

It doesn’t have to be expensive, the main thing is to show yourself some care and love independently of how anyone else is behaving.

Meditation, home pampering, journalling and working on uplifting your energy are all key activities that will help you.

Because remember that ultimately, your Twin Flame journey starts and ends with YOU!

Your relationship with YOURSELF is the blueprint, the CORE TEMPLATE for love that all other relationships relate to.

So make sure you’re as good to yourself as you want others to be to you.

Pluto Direct – Something Has Been Destroyed…

Lastly this week, Pluto moves direct in Capricorn on October 4th. Something from the past has been destroyed for good, is the indication.

Pluto direct doesn’t have immediate effects but over the coming weeks and months his motion will begin to support us more and more in acting on our power in the physical world.

The retrograde period was a “detox” of old power imbalances and issues around sexuality and the unconscious.

An ending has happened. The toxic traits in us have been challenged to rise so we could clear them. Whether we did or not, was up to us. We’ll get more chances next time he goes retrograde in spring 2021.

A Week For Major Transformations…

This week is set to bring major transformations and breakthroughs – if you allow it.

Major themes of returning to the soul’s truth and our divine purpose are in focus, with Mars Retrograde and the Full Moon in Aries. Stay aware of yourself. This is all happening to help you – no matter how challenging it feels.

Above all, there are deeper processes happening, so go within and spend some time connecting with your soul and your Twin’s. Otherwise you may miss the bigger potential that’s available to you right now.

Remember you are both souls made from love, it is your natural state. Disregard the outer illusions. Open to a higher truth. 

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

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