Unexpected Information And Events Push The Physical Connection Forward. Plus, Activating The Twin Flame Soul Song – Are You Honoring Your Uniqueness?


Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Key themes include: Embracing the unusual and unexpected, new thinking “pays off” – plus, what your counterpart is really trying to communicate…

Discover more below.

Uniqueness Is Key – Twin Flame Soul Song

We enter into this week with the mood affected powerfully by Sun and Mercury teaming up in Aquarius. Uniqueness is key, and being true to yourself is encouraged – no matter how “out there” that may be.

Untraditional information is set to reach you, and right now it will benefit you to be open to what you might usually dismiss.

With a semi-square to Venus and Jupiter in Sagittarius it’s highlighted that some insight or advice you’ve been disregarding can actually help you out a LOT in love and relationships – your Twin Flame connection.

It’s likely something that’s reached you online or in a group context and it seems untraditional, even unorthodox. This information is something that can change things tangibly for the better.

Spirit says, new thinking is what will pay off in love right now. You’re being challenged to open up.

And remember that when you align with your uniqueness, you activate the Twin Flame soul song, which is like a clarion call to your Twin.

Long-Term Positivity From What You Previously Dismissed

Keep your ears and eyes peeled because what you learn this week will have long-term positive repercussions.

Challenging Venus and Jupiter it’s likely it goes against what you’ve usually believed and enjoyed thinking…

And it might seem “too small” or boring to begin with. But it’s a game changer if you pay attention!

Indicated here is also, don’t dismiss it if your Twin reaches out with a “hello” or another small message or a dream interaction. Even, if you see a lot of swans, 11:11s or other Twin indications.

It actually takes a lot to make this happen and just to reach out to you may be hard for them… Read between the lines and feel into what they really mean – they want to get closer.

They are showing their love for you. Why else would their higher self put so much effort into reaching you, over and over?

(Read more here)

Redirecting The Masculine Twin… Opposition

With Mars square Saturn and Pluto, and trine Jupiter and Venus, we see that the cosmic energies are using a certain amount of force to redirect the Masculine or Male Twin… To get him back to his counterpart.

Opposition, challenges and blocks in “his” physical life are likely. Things seemingly going “wrong”. Frustration… The purpose is for him to be redirected back to his counterpart, to a higher perspective and to love.

He might not understand this, and we see him irritated with what feels like outer blocks and problems… But his soul is well aware.

With Uranus joining in a wide conjunction, getting stronger and stronger as the week goes on – we see change pushing the Masculine Twin, often uncomfortably. He is being rattled to shift out of his old mode of being and into a higher state.

This process will be faster and more effective if you can help him along and clear ego resistance. Click here to learn more.
twin flame awakening

Twin Flames Growing Closer “Behind The Scenes”

All along, Jupiter and Venus interact with Mars – Jupiter being the “guide” supporting the two counterparts in joining together.

There’s a sense that they’re physically apart for now but growing closer in soul and emotion.

Dreams and visions are likely. Above all, spirit shows us, FEELING epiphanies of love and higher insights. This happens on both ends.

(To make sure you’re open to this and fully able to remember dreams and perceiving visions, use my Free Twin Flame Help Kit here – it primes your system to being “online” and available to this divine guidance)

We’re shown the Masculine Twin longing for love and a higher state of togetherness. Strongly. Wanting to find or reconnect with his soul’s true counterpart.

We see in this that “he” Jupiter has a plan. The counterparts are unaware of it but he is guiding them together.

It’s as if he’s whispering in Venus’ ear what guidance she needs. Mars seems unaware, even helpless, but guided nonetheless.

Masculine Twin Inner Child Issues

We’re also shown there are inner child issues with the Masculine Twin in this period. Healing being pushed – through re-experiencing themes of frustration, dismissal and frustration from early life.

There are set to be flare-ups through “phantom” situations mirroring these early life experiences. Spirit shows us, there is above all a feeling of being opposed by others and the universe/God…

This is an inner turmoil that has blocked “him” from being aligned with harmony and being open to love – so it’s being pushed to the surface for healing.

It will help your Twin if you can show them behind the scenes what is going on.Inner child healing can be SURPRISINGLY powerful, as this deeper level of unconsciousness is where a LOT of issues are rooted. Try it here.

A big theme right now is that the Masculine Twin is unhappy with being “grown up”, having responsibilities and living a restricted life… and there are issues around this.

He feels trapped in his life, spirit says, but he doesn’t think anything else is possible.

Your Inner Self Knows How To Heal

Again, you can assist via the inner child healing. Often you don’t need to direct healing when the Twin Flames’ Inner Children interact, all it takes is for your inner children to meet and reconnect – they know how to heal each other.

This is an underestimated and little known healing methodology where we allow the inner unconscious wisdom that already exists in us, to open to immense breakthroughs. Traditional psychoanalysis uses this method with well-researched results.

Click here to learn more and download

Feminine Twin Supported By Guidance

A positive thing for the Feminine Twin right now is feeling more connected with guidance, feeling positively supported by them. Feeling cared for.

We see some being visited in dreams and meditations by relatives on the other side, who step forth for the first time to lend support, advice and love… Again, breakthroughs are possible.

I first began receiving communication from spirit during a powerful Jupiter interaction in my chart. Make sure you go within, so this support can reach you. That is absolutely key!

Because if you’re “out there” in the world with your mind, busy with analytical thoughts and stresses of daily life, the “phone line” is busy. Guidance can’t get through to you.

So meditation is highlighted – to make sure you receive the guidance trying to reach you.

Try my free guided meditation here to start, as it’s easier to focus than “classic” meditation.

Love Reaches Forth In The “Silence”

This positivity and support reaches a peak as Jupiter and the Moon join up in Sagittarius Tuesday-Wednesday.

You’re likely to feel uplifted, see solutions and positivity – including seeing your Twin and your journey in a brighter light… Forgiveness is possible where you thought there was no way.

You’re also highly likely to benefit from energy work, harnessing this high vibrational current to shift your timelines for the long run

Venus next joins in a semi square to Sun/Mercury, while trine Mars and Uranus.

This shows us that love happens when you’re NOT paying attention with your mind. In the silence, in the spaces beyond your thinking and perception and talking… you are always connected in love.

It’s as if the more attention you pay to the connection the worse things feel, in some paradoxical way (read more about this here, in “Why The Twin Flame Journey Is An Inside Job).

twin flame mirror

Knowing Vs Feeling – Feminine Twin Challenge

So this week it’s crucial to seek inner peace – to find time to go within. We also have a challenge between knowing and feeling for the Feminine Twin.

Emotion is key, and Spirit jumps in to show us that there are different types of emotion – you are being shown by your soul that to enjoy a happy journey it’s essential to learn this DISCERNMENT.

TRUE emotion vs FALSE emotion.

TRUE emotion is a “messenger”. It stems from an accurate, intuitive reaction to energy – a thermometer tapping into and “reporting back to you” about something.

FALSE emotion is what is a reaction to “influence” and “implanted” input – OTHER people’s energy/thoughts, reactions to beliefs presented to you as real, from social media, even influence from negative entities…

What is “manufactured” by coming into contact with outside material.

So keep an eye on yourself and ask – where is this emotion coming from? Pay attention.

Notoriously Heavy Moon Transit

Friday-Saturday you’ll do well to keep this in mind as Moon conjunct Saturn in Capricorn can make everything feel heavy and seem hopeless.

If you’re sensitive you may want to put a reminder on your phone so you can keep a healthy perspective.

Especially as Lilith the “karmic shadow feminine” conjuncts Mercury and the Sun in Aquarius at this same time…

We see here two highly likely scenarios for this time:

Best potential – you carry out soul searching and realize you need to make some changes to reach the happiness in life you’ve been hoping for. You make notes on specific things to do, adjust and take action on from now on.

Worst potential – frustration with your situation causes you to lash out and “vent” about everything you see as wrong right now and in the past, especially casting blame on your counterpart… or with even men or women in general.

Taking Charge Of Yourself

Remember that it’s an illusion. Although everyone has the right to be treated with respect and equality, pointing the finger never helps in the long run. It only entrenches negativity.

The cosmic energies show us: careful that any intention of uplifting females doesn’t become a chase to blame males, as this will only cement more negativity into the situation.

You will benefit from “parenting” yourself this weekend, the way you would a child.

Distract yourself if you notice heavy emotions coming up – do your taxes, tidy the house, listen to happy music, take a transformational energy journey to a positive state…

This is a challenging transit but you can make the best of it by keeping an eye on yourself, staying in a higher perspective and doing some conscious inner work for the future.

For help with this, click here.


Purification, Planetary “Heavyweights”

After doing this work, we see you feeling lighter and better than before – because you now have clarity and have been able to release certain burdens and fears once and for all.

Pluto and Saturn “seem pleased” that the majority of the minor planets have now been through their purification process… Travelling across their currents over the holidays and before.

Much has shifted since summer 2018 – especially if you took conscious guided action along the way.

By the time the planets travel over these “heavyweights” influence again in a year’s time, you should be in yet a brighter space. If you do your inner work.

Remember things don’t go away just because we think or hope they will… We have to go in and consciously change our alignment. This is also how Twin Flame union comes about – we must be in alignment with it.

Watch a video on how this works here.

Past Life Connections Show Up – “False Twins”

As Venus enters Capricorn late this weekend, we enter into a new theme in love. Stability is highlighted. You likely feel the need to get clarity on your long-term journey. You’re no longer OK with just taking things as they come.

A desire for commitment is highlighted. Capricorn also deals with karmic love and past-life relationship contracts.

You may have had past-life connections with others than your Twin and you’re likely shown up these connections in some form now for learning and for healing purposes – for you and them both.

Sometimes “False Twins” show up so that we can re-experience the connection in this lifetime and end it for good – because we never got the chance to in the past.

Because did you know that when we have commitment contracts with others, from this life and beyond, we are unavailable to complete Twin Flame Union?

Because it means we’re pulled in a different direction, connected to someone else.

Read more about this here. And have a look at this session where I take you through it.

New State, New Shift!

This is a week where you’ll benefit from going within and connecting with guidance.

And if you feel like you don’t usually get anything out of meditation – it means you need cleanse out stagnant energies and blocks in your system to actually receive the divine guidance waiting to reach you.

I take you through how to safely connect with your guidance team here – including giving you effective tools for how to discern between ego, negativity and genuine high vibrational divine guidance.

Read here about why this is so important – and my own terrible experience with doing this the wrong way… :/

Things may feel challenged, but behind the scenes things are shifting…

This is set to be a week where you get a chance to see yourself and your connection from a new perspective and to step into a new state. I believe in you!

As always I’m sending you love and light <3

Cassady x

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– Teresa B., USA

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