Time for commitment in Twin Flame Love as an energy wave opens to make “wishes come true” using a special form of manifestation, and a Peak Time for sowing seeds to reap later in the year when “luck enters the house of love”.

We enter into the last week of 2015 with a lot of Capricorn energies around – both the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Pluto are all in Capricorn, a time with potentially somber undertones (Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, whose energy denotes responsibility) but if you can align yourself with the powerful positive sides of this energy you can get a lot done.

New Year’s Eve 2017

Capricorn energies support long-term building, commitment, strategy and creation of empires small and big. Set goals now and take action steps to get there – you might want to spend some time thinking about what you’d like to create or do during this next year.

Visualize next New Year’s eve and who you’ll ideally be with, what you’ll be doing, what you’ll have accomplished, how you will feel. Get into the excitement of this ideal. 

Uprooting Limitations

With Pluto present in the mix right now, there is always an element of detoxing – Pluto has been in Capricorn for years now and is staying put for the time being, as it’s the outermost planet with the biggest orbit.

This means our processes of manifestation and long term creation are given a deep overhaul these days. Limiting beliefs and outdated habits are being uprooted so we can create relationships, lives and businesses that serve us better.

Pluto stimulates the Sun in particular this week, which means time for detox of the self, perhaps even physical detox after the holidays. Your ego and your body have the need for some deeper work – and you might have picked up other people’s “stuff” during the visits and parties of the season.

Stability and Commitment in Love

Themes in love now deal with building for the long term, and commitment, especially as Saturn trines both Venus and the Moon this week – indications of stability and positive togetherness in love. Relationships that are set to last for life, or more.

If you and your Twin are on the same wavelength emotionally, this is set to be a time of safety and contentment as your journey to Union is grounded into the “real world” through these solid earth energies.

If things have felt sketchy and unstable between you and your Twin lately, these new energies will bring a sense of increased stability and a feeling that things make more “sense” now. Confusion and negativity settles, like dust to the ground so you can see that there was something good there all along, no matter how it felt in the heat of the moment.

Saturn pulls aside the fog that’s been blocking you from seeing and feeling the intense glow of love that radiates from the very core of the connection between you and your Twin.

Energy To Make Dreams Come True

Another strong transit still in place and shaping the energies toward the end of the year and the beginning of 2016, is Pluto in Capricorn trine Jupiter and the North Node which are tight together in Virgo right now – this is shown to me by spirit as an energy wave you can “ride” by option, to make your wishes come true.

It’s all about going deep inside in order to make “miracles” happen.

I was intrigued and was given a download of how this works – how you can use this to create “miracles”: When these two planets’ energies come together they create a current of energy that helps you align with magnetizing the very core of your being to your desires.

Recipe for Creating “Miracles”

The trick is to forget that your desire is something outside of you, and instead align with the truth that it’s existed inside you all along. We tend to look outward for answers and happiness, forgetting that we are energetic beings who can connect to and shift our energy in any way we choose.

Try it right now: Think about something you desire as if you already have it (no matter what the “real world” situation is like) – close your eyes and feel your Twin Flame with you right now, all love, all happiness – you’ll feel the energy of this. You are now experiencing your wish come true. The energy of it is glowing inside you.

So you are now experiencing the truth of the desire, how it will feel when you achieve it. In other words your dream come true already resides inside you.

You can use this on your Twin Flame journey too – focus on what you desire and think it, speak it and feel it. Learn to enjoy the feeling of having it now, even before it’s shown up in the physical. You can have a lot of fun with this by remotely interacting with your Twin’s soul (who will be delighted you’re taking an interest). Experiment with and enjoy meditation and astral adventures.

Speeding Up The Dream Come True

This is what is meant by “If you can believe it, you can have it” – it’s all about energetic alignment. When we match our energy to something, it is drawn to us and we to it. And the deeper our belief and feeling of it being real, the faster it reaches us because there is less (or no) resistance to it showing up.

In other words, we already have the experience of whatever we desire inside us – the energy of it exists in you already. Tune into this feeling often, and these energies will magnetically draw it to you and you to it because you’re now in alignment with it.

Our Souls’ Future Depends On It

Humanity is now being taught about this – in fact, the message is that it’s essential for our souls’ evolution in this day and age, a part of how humanity as a collective are being asked to develop.

There is a sense of positivity and encouragement from the universe, as if someone is reminding us that things aren’t as dismal as we here on earth often tend to think. We just have to think differently about things – move out of the limiting beliefs we have boxed ourselves in with.

Bad Luck is an Illusion

As a side note, these energies also remind us to uproot and clear out any limiting energies or beliefs that have us in a place of feeling unlucky or unloved by the universe, or like nothing good ever happens to us or “miracles” can’t happen.

From an energetic standpoint all these things are illusions – negative energy patterns lodged in your being – the truth is that if you can match your energy to luck, you will be lucky. So clear out the negativity and align with the positivity: It’s all about tuning into the energetic “channel” you want more of.

Some Help For Your Journey

If you feel you could use some help with energy management, manifestation and lifting your vibration out of heaviness and recurring cycles of negativity, have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program I’ve created for Twin Flames.

On my own journey it took just 18 months from my first encounter with my Twin to us reaching Union, and the course designed as a step-by-step roadmap back to harmony with your Twin.

Happy New Year! May it be the most wonderful year yet of your life, with more and more to come. As always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

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  1. Dear Cassidy, I have merged with my Tf in the alchemical marriage and his spirit is wonderful and always around me now. But he still ignores me in the physical as he continues to run. I thought the alchemical marriage would bring us closer to uniting in the physical but it’s been the same. I was told that because our spirits joined in marriage we will soon be together in the physical? Lilly

  2. Thank you, Cassady! I feel this transition happening inside of me. More and more I am challenged by lower vibrations and they just don’t get to me any longer like they used to. It is as if I have awakened from a dream into the dream that was actually the reality all along. It feels like home. The outward challenges are really just potential for growth. If we can see this, our whole perspective shifts. I have felt a light ring on my finger for awhile now. That is one focal point for me in feeling and knowing my Twin and I are already connected. It is like remembering what is real and in that it feels easier than thinking I am creating something that did not exist. That thought erases any self worth issues I have left. Seeing myself as a being of light there is no question of worth, it all simply IS love! I am starting to feel that about my Twin more and more. It always was there I just put blinders on and covered it up. Let the light in and remove those and it seems simple really!

    In gratitude and peace thank you universe for this beautiful existence.

  3. Thank you. Lately I feel this positivity, this encouragement, trust in the truth. Thank you for, as always, supporting my pathway. Love and light. <3 E.

  4. Cassady,

    Thank you for this post. I’ve really been feeling these energies lately. Very intensely positive and like anything is possible and it’s easy to get there. I’ve been keeping up and being consistent with the energy clearings and I feel like I have a very strong positive foundation to work from. I don’t feel I have to question or doubt if my Twin really is my Twin or not anymore. I know it as absolute fact. I’ve also been feeling my Twin’s energy more clearly and intensely lately and it brings me happiness to know she really is always there with me and that the energies are perfect right now for manifesting what I really want and bringing us back to union. Thank you so much Cassady for the clearings and for this post.<3

  5. Hi Cassady, I have a question for your ‘Q&A’ posts.. Do I have to develop psychic tendencies in order to achieve Union with my Twin, or is it only some people who experience that?

  6. Thanks for your great post Cassady.

    Today after my work-out i was walking back home and i was thinking a lot about my twin , like we meeting in the physical again (like a dream) . Then i got online here and i saw your post telling me this amazing insight =) . I was like , syncronicities !!! haha

    Before i was resisting this so much, i was denying my thoughts because i didn’t want to think about it (After watching so many videos and doubt the connection hundreds of times LOL ). But now seems that this thoughts and visions about being together appears more often , like i see the situation of being with her again into a bus station (we live in different cities) holding her very close to my heart and looking in her eyes and sharing all my love.

    So many ups and downs in my twin flame journey, it’s tough but every day feeling better, clearing negative beliefs about myself and others as well.

    That’s the biggest desire that i have right now : be with my twin flame.

    =)) Happy new years cassady <3

  7. I’m feeling a bit torn. For several weeks, despite separation from my Twin and general “sketchy”-ness, I’ve been feeling happy and positive. Communication has been minimal, he’s dating someone else, but I’ve been confident about what we have and what the future will bring. I considered him to be my best friend, someone I knew would be there with me through it all. Today however, I was struck with overwhelming doubt and sadness. Maybe I’m just shedding old crap as the New Year draws near, I don’t know. I’ll meditate and do the Running Energy exercises tonight, and see how things look in the morning.

  8. Thank you so much, Cassidy! And happy new year! I’ve been clearing issues, and my twin had me call him today! We talked for a bit, we finally got to discuss some things between us. It’s the first time we actually talked in almost 3 years. After all this time, we are on the same wavelength, as you mentioned. I’ve been doing so much clearing, and I don’t think that reunion will happen any time soon, but I’m very pleased about us finally getting to communicate about it. I’m very grateful I found this website, it has helped tremendously. Thank you, again.

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