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What The Universe Is Trying To Tell You – Discover What 2021 Holds For The Twin Flame Connection…

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:

 “The Age of Aquarius” – massive power now focused in the sign of the humanitarian, technology and higher knowing.

Plus, Full Moon in Cancer brings emotional pressure and childhood patterns to a peak – are you ready to become your most powerful self?

Discover more below!

Immense Foundational Shifts

Welcome into the beginning of a brand new year!

We head into this week with a continuation of the massive energies from last week, and this is setting powerful themes for the coming year.

As well as the continued “great conjunction”, which has been at its closest in 800 years over recent weeks, Jupiter and Saturn now fully move into Aquarius at 1 degree this week.

It means there’s immense change happening on a fundamental level, even if you don’t see it yet.

There are seeds about to burst from under the ground, preparing to emerge.

Facing Old Karmic Lessons…

With Jupiter and Saturn (and Pluto) in Capricorn these last few years we’ve had an intense period of going over the old karmic reality, tying up old connector points.

Facing old lessons we thought we’d learned, says spirit.

Old historical and personal timelines of suffering and conflict were brought up to the surface to give us a chance to in essence “opt out”, to seal them over.

Heightened for Twin Flames were the “battle of the sexes”, “love as pain” timelines from the human collective – which many Twins have been “living out” even though it wasn’t truly theirs to begin with.

(If you’ve been having these issues make sure you clear and seal them over now to fully move into a higher state for 2021. I take you through that here)


Instant Miracles?

We have a new beginning now that Saturn and Jupiter have moved into Aquarius, from the “old reality” of karma and heaviness into a future focused reality of unity.

Sure, it’s not that society and our lives are miraculously transformed overnight…

But the deeper energy templates are shifting. It’s as if the recipe we’re creating reality with is changing. The “train tracks” we’ve been riding on as a society, are different now.

A new template, new grids are active now. The old are phased out.

There are major parallels to the Christian parables of the second coming and of the “new Jerusalem” – a rebirth of light, connectedness to our highest self… And a “new reality” of a higher consciousness.

(Read more about that and get a powerful sovereignty seal, locking in the Twin Flame Crystalline Unity Templates here)

A Year For The History Books!

Again, not on the outside to start with, but energetically.

We’re standing on different foundations now compared to previous years – major changes happened this last year to create this immense shift.

And the outer changes will become more and more manifest over the next few years.

2020 has been a year for the history books, not just because of immense changes in society and the virus situation, but energetically.

This has been a year of massive transformation. And in 2021 we’re set to move more and more into the new state. More of a sense of freedom, ease, forward motion.

Will You Release Old Struggles For Good?

But, as spirit says, we’re never blocked from carrying the baggage with us. In other words, we can “re-create” old struggles if we choose to stay aligned with them.

It will be easier to “opt out” now but to fully ensure you flow into the higher state being made available more and more, make sure you do your inner work still.

You’re never here to be a passenger, you’re here as a powerful soul, and when you take action you can create massive shifts and positive experiences above all on your Twin Flame journey.

If you want to make 2021 a year of beautiful experiences and growth, have a look here at this powerful booster of support for you.

The Soul’s Path

On Monday-Tuesday the Moon travels over the North Node, now moving direct.

This means you’re set to be noticing a pull toward your soul’s highest path at this time.

So to benefit for the coming year, notice what you sense, feel and receive inspirations on at this time, including your dreams.

It’s pointing the way to your soul’s path. Your journey of true fulfillment, including with your Twin Flame. Remember the Twin Flames ALWAYS “belong” together, and therefore are MEANT to be together.

Receiving Guidance On The Twin Flame Path

You’re being given pointers in this direction now. Make sure you go within and take some time to meditate or be in stillness so it can show up for you.

When we’re preoccupied our analytical mind deflects these important insights because there’s so much static.

And remember – although Twins are meant to be together, we ourselves often get in the way of this.

Consider this, we live in a universe made up of energy and we are energy. Like attracts like, that’s the law of energy.

Deep down Twin Flames share an identical energy vibration. As souls. Our core essence.

But as we live our human lives and get tangled up with collective beliefs and blocks, we often end up way off match… And we end up attracting problems and separation instead.

The 2021 Reset

 At this time, make sure you give yourself the chance to reset for the coming year.

Go within, align with your soul’s truth and the Twin Flame soul song so you’re a magnet to your counterpart the way you’re meant to be.

Deep down you’ll always feel if you’re in flow, in alignment with unity.

If things are staticky, you’re not perceiving your Twin’s love for you and things are difficult between you, it means there’s something “wrong”.

You’re out of alignment.

This is why energy is so important for Twin Flames, and why I was guided to create the Twin Flames Vibrational Alignment Program to help as many pairs as possible reunite.


Have a look at these testimonials from others who have taken the program.

Resistance Toward Soul Path – Savior/Victim Paradigms

An added complication this week is Venus opposes the North Node throughout. This shows us, the Feminine Twin is particularly adverse to accepting responsibility for the forward path.

It shows that she is resisting taking charge of her experiences. As if she’s still waiting for rescue or outer intervention.

But the truth is we are here to learn, as souls. One of the MAJOR lessons is to embrace our power as a co-creator of reality.

When we resist this, we get stuck in cycles of difficulty and problems. Learn more here in “Why Your Soul May Be Blocking Your Twin Flame Connection”.


True Guidance Going Against Your Preference…?

It can truly be a JOY to embrace your soul’s power, to consciously manifest.

We also see that Venus is square Neptune at the same time, so this means you’re likely resisting the spiritual guidance you’ve been receiving.

An example could be, you’ve been shown that forgiveness is necessary to move forward – but you feel like holding back still because you’re mad…

Or you’ve been shown you need to heal old wounds but haven’t done it so things aren’t shifting…

At this point, true guidance may go against what your ego self (your human identity) wanted or wished to happen.

But the truth is, you’ll just stay stuck if you don’t listen. Listen to what you know in your heart to be guided. The repeated messages.

The Importance Of Willingness…

They are coming to you for a reason. To create change, to bring what you’ve asked for. But it won’t happen without your participation and willingness…

Get more clarity on this by using my Twin Flame oracle resource here.

When you get deeper answers and reassurance, it may be easier to embrace the shifts you’re being asked to make.

You are truly so loved. Help IS trying to reach you. Every single day.

The Twin Flame Oracle Card App Click To Read More

Repeat From Early 2020

On December 29th we have a Full Moon in Cancer, the last lunar culmination of the year.

This is a “repeat” of the FIRST Full Moon in 2020, which was also in Cancer – we are completing a cycle, sealing over a chapter of our experience.

Or rather, this whole YEAR has been one giant completion phase of an earlier state of being.

A state of consciousness we’re now “graduating from”. Moving out of polarity and opposition and into unity.

And this Cancer Full Moon is highlighting INNER unity with SELF is called for. You may feel emotionally triggered leading up to this, extra sensitive.

(Make sure you use your Free Energy Cleanse here, so you actually release the negativity rather than just hoping it will get better!)

Challenge Between Comfort And Higher Desires

The Full Moon is happening opposite not only the Sun but also Mercury.

So there’s a push between emotion and intellect, between the past versus the future, between what’s comfortable versus what’s good for you for the LONG RUN.

Logic versus subjectivity figures strongly.

In particular it’s to do with releasing the child identity, the constructed early life self. (Get an Inner Child healing for Twin Flames here)

Twin Flame Childhood Wounds…

What we were taught in childhood about who we were and what was possible for us. The cosmic energies are pushing us to rise into more of our HIGHER self!

If things have been hard with your Twin, can you see that this is a part of it?

The Twin Flame connection always triggers childhood wounds, in order to help us release and rise into a higher state of love.

Any wounds we have from our relationship with parents or caretakers… Again, get help with that here.

Untraditional New Infusion Of Love Power

Uranus retrograde is still involved with Venus, pushing to release the past in various different ways, and so this ties in as well.

The best of it will come from stirrings of unusual new tendencies in romance. A new love identity emerging.

You may actually encounter a new person or experiences, untraditional infusion of energy that pleasantly opens to releasing the past.

It could also be with your Twin Flame.

However, it’s also likely that elements of duty are pushing you. Responsibility, burdens… There’s tension somehow.

Self Vs Other In Focus

It could be family, putting pressure on for you to stay close and be part of the fold, whereas you know your path lies elsewhere.

Lilith hovering on the border between Aries and Taurus, now direct, shows us that issues around self vs other is in focus for the Feminine Twin.

Old programming around what a girl or woman “should be like” and how it’s been unconsciously affecting your journey is being shown up, likely through triggering.

Stay aware of yourself.

Know that the universe is “trying” to help you. It’s coming up so you can release it. To deal with these gender based blocks once and for all, have a look here.

Twin Flame Outlook For 2021

Every year we can read the energies of the cusp of New Year as an indication of what’s to come. Things don’t magically change on the count of 12, but we have themes that strongly color the coming year at this time.

We have Venus and Mars in fire signs, showing a shared harmony for the counterparts this year!

But there is set to be more purging and release of limiting gender content for the Feminine Twin as Lilith conjuncts Uranus in Taurus (the home of love).

It’s set to be the beginning of the Age of Aquarius, as mentioned, and we also have Moon in Leo, indicating a year for forward motion, willpower, passion and enthusiasm.

This is particularly beneficial as it supports the masculine and feminine also in fire.


Your Intellect Will Be Your “Superpower”

As Mercury trines Neptune, and Venus squares “him”, we see that your intellect will be a powerful aid this year.

Inspiration and guidance will arrive via the mind and spiritual communication even when your love beliefs, emotions or past experiences resist.

It also shows that going into your higher faculties will help you, to rise out of identity and beliefs – especially around being female.

Using logic over habitual love beliefs.

With Mars, Venus and Moon in compatible elements, plus the trine between Venus and Mars we can see that yes, things will really be somewhat smoother for Twin Flames this year.

It will likely not happen by “outside design” but will come via your actions, willpower and passion.

The Universe Will Support You!

If you wish to make 2021 the year you reunite, move in together, meet your Twin for the first time or another major goal, you have the universe’s power on your side!

Above all it will support you as YOU take the actions that lead you there.

After New Year’s, spirit shows us, it’s back to work!

Sunday 3rd January we have a powerful event worth making note of. Mercury conjunct Pluto trine Neptune square Mars – this is set to be intense.

You may be focused on secrets, power issues and deeper factors. Paranoia may figure strongly. Especially trying to “figure out” the Masculine some way.

There Are No Secrets To The Soul

The message is, your higher guidance already knows. To your soul there is no such thing as “figuring out” something. There are no secrets. It already knows.

And, when you want something, it is in your power to get it – even if “regular society” has made you feel like it’s out of reach.

You truly can manifest reunion, even if you’ve had problems before.

Twin Flames “belong” together.

But will you pick up the mantle from your soul and MAKE it happen? Often, that’s what’s missing.

2021 – A Year For Progress!

When we claim our power and step into the state of having-ness, things shift in miraculous ways.

This is set to be a year of immense progress, and above all it will come from you.

To get my help with this process, click here.

You are here in life for a reason. As I’ve mentioned before – you wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t possible to reach unity and your dreams come true.

I believe in you!

With all my most light filled wishes for a beautiful new year <3

Cassady x

“Your Vibrational Alignment program and Harmony Healing have been so valuable to me and I use them daily. I also use the Higher Heart weekly. Thank you!!! My Twin Flame and I reconnected again in a way that was better than I ever could have imagined.” – Joy, California, USA

Read more testimonials here

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