All About the Masculine – Universal Energies Support Return to Soul’s Identity. But Did You Unwittingly Force your Twin into a Corner? Letting Go of Historical Female Pain to Open up to Twin Flame Reunion…

We enter into a week that is very much centered around support and uplifting for the Masculine polarity Twin.

As always, know that this can be the biological female in the pair, but highlighted in this period is physically male persons – due to the nature of the collective fields…

There is still a powerful Grand Trine in Fire in effect supporting the “Masculine” in rediscovering “his” true soul’s identity after having lived under the veil of forgetting so far in life (read more about this from last week’s forecast).

If your Twin has been unawakened thus far, they are in a deep process right now of being roused to awareness. Be gentle with them, as this process can trigger Ego flareups when the old identity feels threatened.

Change can be frightening.

For a session where we gently assist your Twin in awakening, by letting their own soul activate inner light codes in their system with their own free will, go here.

twin flame awakening

We also cleanse both your chakra systems of old 3D programming and fear energies, plus reignite the heart bond between you and anchor you into the new crystalline grid of 5D/7D so you are lifted up above the chaotic energies of the human collective and your path runs smoother.

This actually shifts and changes your timelines to align you with Reunion in the physical. Discover more here.

Although this session was launched less than two weeks ago, there are already so many exciting unsolicited testimonials coming in:

“After I did it, he messaged me! Someone actually bought it for me! I knew it was the Universe trying to tell me to stop trying so hard and to just focus on furthering myself. BAM! Just like that – got the meditation, did it, and there he was.” – Indi, New York

The absolute most intense healing I’ve ever done – it completely blew me away. I saw my Twin Flame completely change overnight. The change in him was the biggest I’ve seen in him to date. I’m so grateful for your tools, and I’m merely without words on this latest one. It really was the answer to my prayers.” – Sarah (via Facebook)

“Thank you Cassady! It was AMAZING and HUGE. Back home, on track in 9! And we spoke finally again!” – Daisy (via instagram)

“I did the energy clearing and afterwards I felt telepathy after a long time. And after this session I had a dream of us together hand in hand calmly talking.” – Natasha, Serbia



Human Relationships Upgraded

Throughout this week we have an exact sextile between Jupiter and Saturn, the strongest time of this energy which has been in effect throughout the year. This transit has to do with the uplifting of relationship structures for the whole human collective.

Twins aren’t the only ones who have been struggling – many couples, including Twin Flames are re-experiencing ancestral negativity as the collective fields are purging old negativity to uplift and harmonize the very templates of romantic relationships.

The historical model has been one of conditional love – bartering, power structures, inner conflict especially between male and female.

The new model is harmony, unconditional love, mutual support rooted in recognizing the eternal soul within, no matter gender or body. And as always when things are in flux, defenses and Ego responses can run high.

For an article on how to assist your Twin in rising up out of Ego, go here.



Mercury Retrograde – Inner Mirrors Into The Outer

August 31st Mercury Retrograde moves “backwards” into Leo. The message is, there are inner issues we need to resolve before going out into the world to come together. For Twin Flames this again has to do with the “masculine”.

For many Twin couples, the message is that outer Reunion will keep being stymied until they reach inner unity between them as souls first. (Read more about this and the Twin Flame Mirror here)

Get things right on the inside – spiritually, mentally, emotionally… And that becomes the blueprint that will usher in the physical unity of Twin Flame Reunion.

To facilitate this process and shift into the unconditional inner love that will usher in your outer bliss, use this Free Guided Meditation to connect with your Twin Flame’s higher self on the soul planes.




Conflict Between Masculine And Feminine

With Saturn conjunct Lilith Retrograde this week there are likely to be some challenges you’ll benefit from talking over with your Twin’s Higher self (discover how to do this here)

This particular transit spells out in intense terms, the re-experiencing of conflict in terms of the Feminine/Female feeling pushed down, let down or betrayed by the Masculine in the past…

Lilith/Saturn conjunctions are usually tense and heavy, and these two have been joining up intermittently throughout 2017 – happening mainly in Sagittarius, which spells out that the Feminine Has Been Experiencing Ongoing Feelings of Neglect and Betrayal due to the Masculine Being “too free”.

Unfortunately these conjunctions will continue throughout 2017 and into next year, but using the Free Energy Cleanse tool here will help you a lot.

Because the big thing with these Lilith and Saturn conjunctions is, if you’re feeling these feelings of neglect or betrayal by your Masculine Twin, or like they always let you down or that men betray you… you’re likely to be reacting to things that might not even be your “own” stuff.



Ancestral Betrayal And Letdowns – 7 Generations Pain

It’s likely that you’re reacting to ancestral/collective material. I’ve seen this over and over in my work that people carry the genetic residue of their ancestors’ pain – as we are in essence created from their matter into physical bodies.

(You can read more about this in the science of epigenetics here)

In the bible it’s described that someone carries the sins of their ancestors 7 generations back… It’s all about energetic residue. When our ancestors experienced Masculine/Feminine conflict and negativity patterns it’s a part of our energetic “baggage” and will come up for resolution as a part of the Ascension process.

Again, we chose this as pioneers of unconditional love, to help heal and transmute this separation and conflict.

If you’ve been struggling with this, connect yet again into the truth of the Twin Flame connection. It’s all about love. As *souls* you have nothing but love for each other. It’s the *human* stuff that causes problems.

Spirit shows us that this conjunction unfortunately spells out the Twins unconsciously playing out the old “human roles” of male abuser/runner and female victim/chaser.

Be mindful of the deeper truth of love. Step back into your inner power. Catch yourself before you spiral into negativity.

To shift out of this tricky dynamic (the runner/chaser, betrayal/victim dynamic) for good, I created a complete energy healing session for Twin Flames where we clear karma, negative attachments and more. Have a look here

Complete harmony Healing Tool



Stepping Out Of Old Roles

With the Sun trining Saturn/Lilith this week we see there’s a mistaken identification with the past in terms of the Feminine. “She’s” been aligning with the collective plight of females – matching her energy to it, which unfortunately draws it in.

Aligning with negativity only recreates it over and over.

This regards the collective stories of men/the Masculine as letting you down, being cheaters, runners etc and you the Feminine as the victim of this.

The truth is, it’s not who you are. If you’ve been experiencing these themes in your life, beware. It might not even be “yours” to live out.

Stop aligning with these stories and societal perceptions above all, as it just keeps struggle around. Spirit’s highlighting that this has been a secret roadblock for many Twin Flame pairs.

To clear out many of the deeper belief and identity blocks that keep so many Twins stuck in separation, go here.

The truth is Twin Flames are identical as souls, one original consciousness. The body and the male/female divide is a human “story”.

Spirit encourages: please stop getting together with other females to discuss why the male/masculine Twin is doing such and such.

Go instead directly to your twin themselves. As a soul. This is where you’ll get the true answers.

To do this, use the free guided meditation here.



Love Is “On Pause”

As Venus is unaspected this week, we again receive confirmation of these themes. Many are set to feel isolated and alone. It’s about the inner situation. Right now, love is all about getting your inner situation right.

We’re allowing room for the “Masculine” to find back to “his” true inner identity, to form a platform for self love, and the Feminine is being encouraged to step out of the collective roles to make room for aligning with love.

So in this period romance is being asked to take a back seat until the inner situation is more balanced.

With Mercury Retrograde supported by Neptune and Pluto, this means a period of deep purging of damaging speech, identity and communication patterns.

We’re receiving help to uplift our speech and thoughts as the Throat Chakra and communication is the first step of creation.

The message is: If we speak negativity into our Twin Flame connection (even if this “speaking” is writing on the internet), we set things up to fail from the start.



Where Have You Pushed Your Twin Into A Corner?

Spirit indicates, look back and be honest. Is there a possibility that your current struggles actually stem from negative communication and belief structures you yourself have pushed into the connection?

They indicate that many females are taught to expect problems from a relationship, and that this talk-centered negativity is causing big damage to their love connection.

So right now, do what you can to begin to speak positively about your connection, focus on the love and the good things there. Write down 10 positive things you’ve experienced with your Twin Flame on your journey. And to get more inspiration for the positives – have a look at this article.

If you feel you need some help with clearing out old struggle, and manifesting a higher state of love, go here for an in-depth session on manifestation where we clear out old hurts and negative programming and enlist support from the light to live, breathe and attract love on all levels.





The Real Causes Of “Narcissism” And Neglect

This Mercury Retrograde period a powerful detox – a push for refinement around how we communicate about love. And we see, as Mercury conjuncts Mars now too – the Feminine has unfortunately been hurting her other self via communication.

If you you have been calling your Twin a “runner” or a “narcissist” or “irresponsible” or an “***hole” and so on, you’ve been pushing energy into them, causing hurt and more of the same.

So make sure you clear old negativity like this now, to give your Twin a chance to actually step into their best self, to awaken, to be their full soul self. They can’t do it without you, is the message we’re getting.

Twin Flames always impact each other. Your Twin isn’t a “narcissist” or a “runner” or a “cheater” because it’s natural to them. If they display these behaviors, it means deep down they are afraid and feeling unloved.

When you can go within, cut through the outer negativity and show that you accept and love them for the soul of light they really are – and that you believe in their good…. you completely change the energy alignment between you.

But to do this you have to step out of the habitual “3D Twin Flame thinking” of 3D, the forums, other people’s opinions, the old way of looking at things.

You have to look beyond. Go within.

Clear the negative energy around the two of you, use metaphysical tools to erase the misunderstandings and conflict patterns… and now, love has room to blossom.



Why Change Might Feel “Impossible” Right Now

Before, love was pushed into a corner. And the important thing here is, if you feel hopeless reading this article, like “sure, it’s a good insight but I don’t see how things can really change” – that’s because the *negative energy* is still there.

You haven’t cleared it yet.

Once you clear the heaviness with energy tools and only then, you open up to a profound shift (use my Free Cleanse tool here). When the veil of old negativity is gone, you become able to see love, feel love, feel into your Twin’s highest potential and to how love was there all along.

Right in line with Mercury Retrograde’s wisdom – we see that trying to “think” your way there won’t work. In fact, if things aren’t going so well it’s the thoughts and words that have created the whole mess.

If you can start to remove the congested cloud of thinking, and instead *feel* into what lies beyond the surface, you can truly begin to transform the dynamic between you and your Twin in this period.

No matter what’s happened before.



When someone begins to work on and uplift their energy and their core beliefs the whole dynamic between them and their Twin Flame shifts profoundly.

I’ve seen things change for the better for so many, and I really want to see you enjoy the love and unity you really desire and deserve.

So do make sure you download my Free 4-Part Transformation Pack here. No personal information required, no cost, and you can even sign off the newsletter afterwards if you so choose…

The important thing is you give this a try – it’s worked for so many other Twins, and it can work for you too. Go here to read about some of the amazing experiences other Twins have had with these tools.

I believe in you! And until next time I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x


“Cassady, Your tools have continued to be a direct link to my healing. Thank you for the love and continued information. Your tools have helped me more than anything I’ve done to heal my karma and pain. Love to you “

Karen, Arkansas, USA
twin flame program

Want more? Download the Free Twin Flame Help Kit to get info on the Awakening code 11:11 and the Ascension process going on across the planet right now, plus a deep Alpha Level meditation to connect with your Twin Flame on the soul planes right now!

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  1. Thank you for this, I really felt my twin much stronger than yesterday, I felt him looking at me and just “there”. I’ve had an extremely rough time this past week and especially weekend and just wondered if it might not be him, finally awakening. It is hard to tell at times!! I feel I’m in alignment with my feelings of love for him but I continue to struggle desperately with purpose. It’s like eating away at me and I’m just not getting “it”!! Which in return makes me not feel prepared Bc I of course want my life on full track. Is there a way to see clearly into that? Ideas pop off and then they kinda die. Thank you, so glad your post lined up very well with my feelings of now.

  2. Cassady, I just have to tell you how profond your latest energy clearing and meditation is. I can’t believe how intense it was for me. I have done other energy clearings before, but nothing of this caliber. I could feel my twin’s soul there with me like never before. The amazing shifts started to happen weeks before I bought the session and even since I was guided to buy the session more and more positive things have began to happen. I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the work that you do. You are a true being of light. I also want to thank you for encouraging us to go within and to listen to ourselves. I got very caught up in searching online for answers and watching youtube video after youtube video with no changes in the external which left me feeling frustrated. When I decided to listen to myself and trust myself, everything started to change. Thank you <3

  3. I understand that we tend to label others and judge them in our relationships from ego fears but I’ll be wary of including a discussion on narcissisism and related behaviour and abuse in this. Already the suffering partners experience guilt and doubt about their abilities to be discerning regarding emotional abuse. I do understand the concept of love transforming all barriers but it is too traumatic for those who have experienced narcissism to discern clearly.

    1. Hi Tanuka,

      Thanks for your input. To specify, I did not mean to encourage anyone to interact with someone dangerous or hurtful. Of course, common sense must be used at all times – each person has to evaluate their own unique circumstances.

      However, Spirit was very clear on wanting me to include the paragraph about this issue – as it is imperative for many to shift their perspective and understand that it serves them better to step out of the habit of using shorthand terms like “narcissist” or “runner” – because that perspective and intention does more harm than good.

      Someone who has experienced emotional abuse must of course evaluate what serves them best in this kind of a situation. But know that sending love and seeing someone through the lens of forgiveness for seeing who they are as a soul beneath any hurt, is something we can do from a distance. We don’t have to be physically present with someone to do this.

      I do think you might want to rethink your perspective as you’re emphasizing separation mentality in your comment – remember that twin flames are two aspects of one consciousness. It is the “other self” we are interacting with, not an outside villain.

      If you’re interested in reading more about this subject, have a look at this article we did a while back: “The Real Reason Why Your Twin Flame Hurt You”

      Sending you love and light <3 x


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