Twin Flame Soul Sex And Passion Rising… Apologies Forthcoming. But Is Your Inner Child Calling Out For Healing, Stopping You In Your Tracks? Re-Evaluation, Self Union In Focus. 

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies.

Highlights this week include:

Mercury Retrograde moves through Libra, connecting Jupiter R; re-evaluation, call for self love and unity. Plus: Chiron opposition Sun, inner healing…

Plus, Pluto/Venus connect, passion rising and Twin Flame Soul Sex in focus. Missing Pieces Of “Togetherness”.

Discover more below!

“Not That Bad”?

We enter into the week with Mercury just having gone Retrograde.

Turning in Libra, in a trine to Jupiter Retrograde, we see that a major theme to this coming three week Mercury Retrograde will be “things aren’t that bad after all”.

We’re set to be going over old ground and re-discovering things on a different level.

Our perspective is being asked to change.

Gratitude and SELF UNION is a HUGE key to this retrograde, spirit shows us.

Finding the treasures in what you thought was nothing. A deepening of your experiences in general.

Quiet Spiritual Wisdom

Awakening to spiritual wisdom — but not of the loud, shock and awe, conspiracy, out there, woo woo, mystery kind. Simply, becoming awareness in itself.

The quiet appreciation of what IS, which comes through seeing with the eyes of eternity.

Sinking into the perspective of the soul. When everything around you becomes illumined.

A true inner happiness over “nothing much”, that creates a COMPLETE change of alignment for a higher state down the line.

Keep in mind “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”.

Finding Deeper Meaning

Keys over this coming three weeks are: patience, gratitude, wisdom, “slowness” and recognizing the beauty in seemingly ordinary things.

Further, the focus of this whole period will be amplified in terms of relationships, thanks to the number of planets in the sign of Libra — including Mercury Retrograde.

The universe is working to show us that the most powerful path to a healthy and rewarding relationship goes through SELF love.

INNER wholeness is in focus.

Who Sets The Tone?

By healing old scars and turning your focus back onto yourself, you’ll be able to set healthy boundaries and to begin to give YOURSELF the love you long for…

Which has the power to change everything for the better.

Self love and healthy boundaries, healing old wounds are CRUCIAL for Twin Flames. And it’s something many Twins’ souls are waiting for, before the next chapter can be “activated”.

Because remember that the way we treat ourselves and speak to ourselves sets the tone for ALL of life’s relationships with others.

It’s the core template.

This is a challenge for so many of us, so if you could use some help have a look here.


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Apologies Forthcoming… But Not How You Think?

Mercury Retrograde travelling “backwards” through Libra has important messages for balance and harmony – and relationships.

Venus in Libra encourages you to express yourself with diplomacy and deal more gently with any perceived conflicts – including with YOURSELF. 

And Mercury retrograde adds to the theme of… You may have “forgotten” to be good to yourself. 

Going over the past to make amends is also key. (And others may apologize to you).

There is a chance many Twins have been “demanding” and not so nice to deal with, and that when dealing with struggles, you may have been harder on others than was “fair”.

A Hard Look In The Mirror

This is definitely a time to take a good look at how WE have been in relationships and with others.

It’s likely that the change we’re asking for, must involve US adjusting our approach.

And it’s OK. We all get caught up in drama and stress sometimes.

The question is, how aware are we, and can we shift into a higher way of dealing with things?

Shadow Mirror Effect?

Spirit shows us, that the mirror is being revealed strongly.

So that we have to get to grips with it.

Ultimately, the outside connection in the 3D physical is always reflecting back our inner state. Even if it’s been happening unconsciously.

So if you have not been experiencing the love and unity you desire, now is a key time to start using a proven framework to shift into a higher alignment.

Shifting The Connection

Consider now: Could it be, that your counterpart or other people have been reflecting back your inner shadows, such as anger, fear, conflict?

No judgment. Be honest with yourself.

And if so, it’s time to make some changes.

On the INSIDE. Then, you’ll get a different reflection in your “real world experiences” and relationships.

(For my step by step program where I guide you through the inner shift to harmony and vibrational alignment with love and unity, go here.)


Challenges With “Darkness”

 Mercury Retrograde will be strongly affecting the “cosmic atmosphere” for the next few weeks and ties in a number of themes as “he” goes.

This week he moves into a square with Pluto, and it brings challenges.

It again shows us that there’s a fair chance many have been demanding someone ELSE to “fix” their situation/relationship/Twin Flame connection…

And avoiding the inner work the cosmic energies are pushing for.

How? By running from your fears, instead of healing and clearing them, for example.

By denying responsibility. By not embodying the kind of energy YOU want to attract from others – especially your Twin.

Attract More Bees With Honey Than Vinegar…

Because in universal terms it works like this: What you push into a relationship, you get a reaction in accordance with. This is what creates the ‘dynamic’.

Remember a person displays different sides of themselves depending on the approach of who they’re interacting with.

As C. G. Jung said, every relationship is like a chemical reaction.

Not many people would come running with open arms if the other person is demanding or angry, for example. (Even if there was a reason for their anger).

This is an issue right now. “Starting over”, and forgiveness, are key.

Surprise Insights — The Past Calling

Pluto deals with detoxing and unearthing secrets, primal fears and shadows.

So this is likely a time where you’re shown shadow traits and what has REALLY caused issues from within YOU… (Likely it’s fear and past hurts).

PLUS, what past trauma those shadows are based in.

For example, to continue the above scenario… If someone is pushy, it’s often because they grew up being shown that they had to FIGHT to get love or attention.

And it becomes the “blueprint” they bring unconsciously to adult relationships…

And a lot of people “run” away from a partner who is demanding and forceful. It doesn’t feel good when someone DEMANDS love or attention from us.

Deep Detox Process — For Freedom And Love

But when the person HEALS that inner trauma of feeling unloved or uncared for from CHILDHOOD, the pattern begins to dissolve. And their counterpart stops being “deflected”.

So how does this work? First, by discovering the TRUE root cause. Then, by releasing it. Alchemizing.

And once you do this kind of work your whole system begins to shift — and your Twin Flame connection.

Because the dynamic between you changes. So expect the deeper ROOT causes of Running/Separation and other Twin Flame struggles to be shown to you this week.

(The Inner Child session resolves this kind of inner issue once and for all)

Dreams, Flashbacks And Visions

Pay attention now, because your dreams will likely show up those deeper roots of now moment separation, running and other Twin Flame struggles.

Make sure you clear those issues on the energy level, because they won’t go away by themselves.

Trauma is embedded on multiple levels of our being, especially when it relates to unconscious childhood wounds — because our awareness of self was not fully developed at that time.

This means we need to work in a particular way to resolve it.

For help, go here where I take you through healing your own inner child, and your Twin Flame’s — in full alignment with free will.

Are You Nice To YOURSELF?

You’re also being asked to check in with how you treat YOURSELF this week — especially on the unconscious level.

Do you criticize or berate yourself? (And do you judge and criticize others?)

These are all patterns that unfortunately only attract more reflections of negativity from your Twin Flame and other people.

So this is an excellent time to acknowledge those toxic patterns of behavior that may come out in your relationships… And to heal old emotional wounds that CAUSED those patterns to begin with.

Because remember: no one is BORN talking down to themselves, feeling unloveable or hating others.

Tired Of The Inner Work?

Healing is in focus, as throughout this whole week the Sun opposes Chiron, the wounded healer.

This shows us that healing is required BUT you are likely RESISTING the inner work and healing that is truly guided.

Sun in Libra says, you would rather be out and enjoying life, having fun, living the perfect romance with your perfect partner…

But Chiron “says”: hang on a minute!

In order to GET to that point, there are likely inner wounds you must resolve.

Twin Flame Preparation For Reunion

This transit will likely bring up past wounds around feeling rejected and unloved by others.

And yes, it may not be the most fun and entertaining thing to deal with, but it will be WORTH it.

It will help you lift into much more harmony and ease on your journey and in your connection.

Because your inner state is always attracting back an outer mirror reflection.

(And this is part of the purification “prep” for the Mars/Venus conjunction in February 2022 – the “second Twin Flame Reunions”)

Extra Motivation At Your Disposal

We do have some good news into midweek, as the Sun and Mars trine Saturn.

This positive aspect will last far into next week and gives you strength, vitality and MOTIVATION to do the inner work the other planets are pushing for.

It also means you’re more willing than usual to postpone “meaningless pleasures”, for what is truly worth something to your soul long term.

This goes for the Masculine Twin too. Even a Runner will have their focus directed more toward the future and what they desire for the rest of their life.

(Learn more here about how to deal with an Unawakened Twin Flame)

Doubts Rising

We do hit a challenge around September 25th (and 3–4 days before and after), as Venus in Scorpio squares idealistic Jupiter.

Venus also trines Neptune at the same time, so we’ve got a somewhat contradictory and confusing mood of emotions.

You may feel HOPE – accompanied by WORRY.

Glimpses of bliss, followed by doubt and fear it can’t last or isn’t real…

It’s likely you are receiving soul experiences of being blissfully loved by your counterpart, and they may indeed be “romancing” you STRONGLY as a soul — with spiritual embraces signs, angel numbers, flowers on your path, visions, songs in your mind and more…

Don’t Miss Out On Love

But we see that it’s likely you’re focused on the idea that it’s not “enough”. Because you are so focused on a set goal such as PHYSICAL togetherness.

Be careful you don’t miss out on the love that’s there, because it differs from your exact expectations.

Spirit says:

What if, opening to the SPIRITUAL love with your whole heart, is what will magic that physical connection and harmony you dream of?

Allow the spiritual connection to uplift and heal and harmonize you.

“Be in the moment”, is their advice.

Twin Flame Soul Sex?

In fact, this spiritual connection and the passionate romance that your counterpart’s soul is directing your way, can be powerfully TRANSFORMATIVE for your connection.

As Venus sextiles Pluto, these are themes in focus and it brings a whole new depth to your connection.

You may not have realized how powerful this is. Your sexual and heart based connection can be healing, activating, transformative.

(If you deal with any triggers that come up)

It seems you may have missed the importance and power of the “soul romance” between you… 

(Read more about that here — and learn more in class 6, 2 and 4 here)


Remote Interactions

Also, on September 29th, Venus moves out of her opposition to Uranus, which has been bringing instability into relationships. Things will settle a bit now.

And with Pluto’s power involved, the key is to go to the soul. Go deep.

Spend time with your Twin on the astral planes (I take you through it for Free here) and interact with them.

Discuss your connection. Tell them how you feel. Ask them for the best next steps. Talk, spend time with each other.

Twin Flame Magnetism

Be open with your Twin’s soul. Be honest with your feelings and perhaps confess things you never dared to talk about before.

You may not realize how strong your connection can grow from this. And the huge effect it has on your physical “3D” experiences.

Remember to connect with them, because if you never check in or interact, it’s as if you are not “home” to the connection and the love you are asking for.

So are you really fully available? Or are you “outside of yourself”, chasing online or with other Twins discussing your connection, instead of going to your counterpart or their SOUL?

“Grasping At Air”

This is set to be a week for rethinking things, changing perspectives and being brave enough to take an honest look in the mirror.

Because ultimately, if we don’t see the truth, we cannot ever fully change things.

This week can bring deep healing, self discovery and a re-ignition of romance.

But you have to be available to it.

A Week For Courage

If you have been running from your own fears and shadows, too caught up in conflict to see your own toxic traits…

You may miss out on the powerful benefits wanting to reach you right now.

Do your best to slow down. Disconnect from the noise.

Be real with yourself.
Open to love. From the inside out.

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey <3 

Cassady x

“I have done this 2 weekends in a row now and it has truly made a huge difference…me and my Twin are laughing together again…we had been arguing for so long…now I feel there is new fresh energy running through my body and I feel like I’m floating on air every time I do this session…it is so beautiful…thank you so much…” – Diane

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