Soul’s Destiny Pushes For Twin Reunion. Rare Juno Conjunction For Guided Relationships. Plus, Discover How To Enlist Your Counterpart’s Spiritual Power On Your Journey…

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include: Tension Between Ideal And Reality. Vulnerability Rises, Room For Confusion… But Major Changes Are Afoot For Physical Twin Reunion – Rare Conjunction Between The North Node And Juno, The Asteroid of Marriage And Partnerships…

Discover more below!

Complications In The Physical

Unfortunately this isn’t set to be the easiest week for close relationships… in the physical. There is potential for misunderstandings and confusion… But there’s also higher potential if you can reach up.

And there are deeper underlying shifts happening to make way for Twin Flame Reunions.

As Mercury forms a square with Neptune, which becomes exact on the 29th, words suddenly grow much more complicated than they need be. Things feel tongue-tied, confused, frustrated… you likely feel foggy headed and unsure of the path forward right now.

It’s also likely there are misunderstandings going on between you and your Twin. Or you’ve misunderstood or been unwilling to follow the guidance that’s been trying to reach you…

Twin Flame Misunderstandings

Remember in cosmic wisdom, when the “outside” seems blocked it’s a signal to go within!

There’s dissonance between thinking and higher knowing right now. Any discussion or trying to “figure things out” has the potential to lead to complete confusion.

And it’s all too easy to misinterpret what someone says.

Feeling Confused? Blocked? Neptune’s Higher Wisdom

What’s really going on right now, is that Neptune is pushing you to stop thinking and speaking so much and go within to align with a higher truth…

Because spirit shows us, when we speak and think we’re creating, aligning, inviting in our future.

So if the thoughts and words aren’t a match with your “heaven on earth”, you could be sabotaging your own efforts for love.

Right now, the universe is blocking you on the outside, to get you to go within and adjust on the inside. It’s doing you a favor right now. You’re being asked to recalibrate, to make sure you’re aligning with what you actually WANT.

Read more about how “the word becomes flesh” and the creation process via the chakra system here and get a Free Chakra Reading for Twin Flames.


Illusions: False Twins Revealed

Illusions can be shown up at this time. Spirit shows us, false Twins revealed (watch a video on how to tell here)

Or perhaps you’ve been showing yourself illusions in some way… Illusions versus fact are highlighted right now.

If you’re befuddled about someone’s motives, unsure about their intentions, there’s no harm in holding back until you feel more confident. Go within.

And neither should you be insulted if someone is a little reserved towards you. It’s actually the wisest approach right now.

Not Sure If It’s Really Your Twin Flame?

You’re likely feeling confused about whether your Twin really is your Twin, or what the future holds right now.

Again, the best approach is to withdraw from the mental busy-ness analysis and go within.

Relax into your soul’s light and you will FEEL the truth. It may be subtle, it may take a while to get a feel for it.

But you will just frustrate and tire yourself out this week if you try to seek the truth and pin it (or anyone) down.

The upside to this transit is it’s an amazing time for connecting with your counterpart’s higher self on the soul planes (use my free tools here) – allowing them to help you uplift, opening the path again.

(Read more about that here in “7 Things Your Twin’s Higher Self Wants You To Know”)

twin flame higher self

Fluidity, Absence Of Judgment = Unconditional Love

Spirit shows us, Neptune is seeking to show us also the nuances of truth and open our comfort zone wider. In spiritual terms, truth shifts based on who is seeking it and what their perspective is.

Keep this in mind – your Twin Flame connection can benefit from this period’s strange wisdom. But it will likely not be easy. You may be challenged to forgive – yourself and others.

Be mindful not to color things in “right vs wrong” and “them vs me” in your mind and words – it will only create more separation.

Pisces/Neptune’s wisdom lies in fluidity. It’s the realm of Unconditional Love.

In order for love to be fully unconditional, we must stop labeling and judging things so strongly with our human minds.

If you can allow this subtle cosmic wisdom to guide you this week, it can bring you closer than you ever thought possible.

Have a look here for the Oneness Activation Session where I take you through connecting with your Twin’s Higher Self step by step and they reach through with their message and help for you:


“WOW! This felt like the answer to my prayers! I’ve been noticing so many signs and it just feels like everything is aligning! This was so beautiful that it made me cry! Thank you so much for creating this meditation! Thank you thank you!!!!” – Cheyanne Wood

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“I have done the new union meditation 2 weekends in a row now and it has truly made a huge difference…me and my Twin are laughing together again…we had been arguing for so long…now I feel there is new fresh energy running through my body and I feel like I’m floating on air every time I do the unity meditation…it is so beautiful…thank you so much…” – Diane

“The Union session is great – I can feel the connection. Feel like my twin wants this as badly as I do” – Dream Queen

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Feeling Sensitive?

This week there’s above all tension between mental PERCEPTION, DESIRES/WISHES and REALITY. Chances are that you’re also a bit on the sensitive side emotionally right now.

It’s only sensible to protect your interests, but it’s likely you’re not seeing (or feeling) things clearly. Spirit also highlights you’re sensing OTHER people or COLLECTIVE emotions in this period. Shield yourself.

It may be wise to avoid committing to anything for a short time – focus on yourself. Let decisions wait a while.

It’s too easy to misjudge situations and hurt someone’s feelings under this influence, and in a couple of weeks’ time you’ll have a much better idea of how you stand.

Why You ALWAYS Know The Truth About Your Twin’s Situation

If your Twin has not been honest with you, ask yourself why. Are they afraid of hurting you? If so, that’s a kind of love…

Spirit’s message is you know the truth no matter what. You’re them and they’re you. You can take a step back and assess the situation from a calm space within.

Click here to learn how to read the energy in your Twin Flame connection and get any being to tell you the truth no matter what (class 4). 

It doesn’t help that Venus making a sextile to Neptune on the 30th can cause everyone to feel insecure about how they come over in relationships, and indeed how they look.

You might feel like you’re not “good enough” but remember everyone else is likely feeling the same way even if they don’t show it – especially your Twin. (Read more here in “Can A Runner Change For Good”)

Twin Flame Runner

Ideal Opening To Disappointment

This week you are also likely to feel disappointed in love because your counterpart keeps falling off the pedestal you put them on.

(The wisdom in this is, seek their Higher Self, not the human person – when you connect with their Divine Self you activate it more and more in the human self.)

Perhaps you or they complain about not being appreciated, about being treated like a doormat and taken advantage off. While, of course, that could be true, it’s also likely that you aren’t seeing things completely clearly right now.

It’s really the past that’s been stirred up – childhood wounds of feeling unloved or unseen… Remember that you and your Twin are always mirroring your inner wounds back to each other.

They’re responding to YOUR inner shadows – read about how this works in “The Truth About The Twin Flame Mirror”!

twin flame 1111

The Spiritual Truth About Current Negativity

The spiritual purpose of this transit is actually to get you to connect with the “heavenly” potential in love and bring it about in the physical.

So if there’s a discrepancy between your aims and reality right now, know it’s meant to fire you up to seek something more…! With your energy above all.

When we have a strong desire born from contrast (NOT feeling happy about something) it powerfully signals to the universe. It invites in solutions.

Discover how to help your Twin awaken in full alignment with their Free Will here…

Soul’s Path In Love Partnerships – Twins Rushed Together

Another highly significant transit this week deals with the North Node and Juno joining together at the end of Cancer. This deals with love, marriage and relationships – from a point of soul’s growth.

We’re reminded that we always have partners “lined up” along our path – and our Twin Flame is the key life partner we’re always with energetically even if they’re not physically present.

This particular transit and spirit shows us that many “outworn” “non-spiritually guided” relationships are set to fall apart in this period…

To make way for the higher soul relationships that are truly to the “service of humanity’s evolution” (North node).

Soul Contracts Coming Up For Resolution

So many Twin Flames are in this period being firmly guided, nudged, pushed together. If your Twin has been involved with someone else it’s likely to hear news about it ending, or them expressing the need for something more (you)…

You might be the one who’s unwittingly had active soul contracts with others from past lives or your earlier years (I take you through clearing all of that in this session)

This stuff is being triggered for a reason – keep an eye on your dreams… It’s occurring to push to make way for reunion.

Spirit says remember that it is in the highest interest of the universe and the human collective that you and your Twin Flame unite in love! “Everyone” is on your side! Allow guidance to show you the way there.

And if you want to tap into that guidance and feel that support every day on your journey, click here.


Building Openness To Invite In Love

We also have a significant opposition between Mercury and Jupiter at the end of the week which brings open-mindedness and more optimism – it feels easier than usual to open to the unknown.

This plays into Neptune’s “plan” for earlier in the week – building the openness in you that unconditional love requires to make its way into the physical.

Things may not be there YET for you, but the situation is palpably shifting behind the scenes.

Feeling Blocked From Your Twin In The Physical?

The Feminine Twin is also being subtly guided to her Twin Flame…

But it seems “she’s” being potentially steered away from her REAL LIFE counterpart and to his highest potential, in order to help bring it about in the physical…!

Many Twins are being stalled so they will get to know their counterpart’s higher self, is the message from spirit.

Because this is a part of a crucial energetic process that clicks it in for the physical connection.

If you’ve had issues with your Twin, don’t seek them in the physical, is spirit’s message! Go to their Higher Self and know that it’s who they have always been and can be.

This will change everything and your souls will begin to open your path in the physcial again too.

Indication Of Long-Term Commitment

We see that a major process this week is in 1) tying up old outworn relationships and ending them to ready the pair for Reunion…

And 2) to assist the “awakened” Twin in aligning with the highest blueprint potential of their counterpart (their higher self)…

So that the reunion becomes lasting, high vibrational and complete. This is especially the case for Twins desiring to reunite physically.

Karmic Connections Activating

On the 31st Venus trines Saturn, emphasizing this. The universe is working to help you get together, not just on and off, but for the long run.

It also highlights karmic connections with your Twin, and connecting with their archetypal  Higher Self.

Venus trine Saturn is sober, reliable and a classic indicator of marriages, engagements and commitment for the long run.

It can be a wonderful time if you’re on solid ground, but beware you may feel disillusioned with your physical situation if things aren’t in a good state already.

Don’t feel like “everyone else” is in love or enjoying romance while you’re not – this is Saturn’s influence working to help you let go of old hurts and illusions. Do your best to clear any negativity that shows up – you can use my Free Energy Cleanse tool here.

Plus, read more about what the Higher Self really is here.

Emotions, Passion Running Deep

When Venus trines Pluto on 2nd June, be prepared for emotions running deep and passion between you. Hopefully, you’ve prepared the ground enough so you can enjoy this short period.

These two transits indicate powerful, deep experiences in love. Especially if you can connect to your divine higher counterpart.

If you stay in the doldrums of physical conflict or disappointment, these transits will make you frustrated with seeing only the negatives around you.

Instead, use their power to reach higher, connect with “heaven” and anchor divine love into your physical life.

Spirit shows us that when you do this, you activate latent codes in your shared field with your Twin, triggering it in them in the physical too. You will make divine love available to them, and it will shift your dynamic powerfully.

A Week For Rising Above

Despite the shaky start to this week, you have the potential to get your love life into better shape than it’s been for a while.

There are major developments happening behind the scenes this week – in a few months time you’ll look back and realize just how important this week was.

Remember you’re an infinite being! You wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t possible to reunite in love – I believe in you!

And as always, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

“I started with your free toolkit and immediately felt results so much that I had to get the Vibrational Alignment Program and wow! I feel lighter and my twin and I are so much closer. Every day gets better and better. And since my vibration has become higher and higher, I’m attracting in wonderful opportunities and amazing abundance as well. I’m so grateful for your work, Cassady. Thank you!” “

– Jessica N. California, USA


twin flame program

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