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Blow-Ups Ahead – Instinctual Masculine Battles The Soul For Dominion. But You Can Actually Use This Intense Time To Uplift And Deepen Your Love Connection… Discover How Here


The dust is still settling after this weekend’s powerful Solar Eclipse and the gateway is now closing. As the week progresses you’ll notice feeling a little more grounded, like your energetic system is calming down – however, there’s another transit that’s set to impact this week strongly. More on this further down.

What happens during Eclipses and other gateway times is all your “stuff” and baggage (and if you have a lot of heavy baggage you’ll feel it more) begins to get stirred up from your system.

This can feel incredibly uncomfortable so always shield yourself and do your best to keep a cool head at eclipse times. Blowups often happen at these times because we get flooded with old emotions.

So if you’ve been feeling the intensity this weekend, make sure you use the Free Energy Cleanse Audio here to clear out congestion and old energy so you can uplift into a higher state and open up your Twin connection yet again.

So many Twins have written to me to share how their Runner Twin got in touch again after they used the Free energy cleanse audio – it’s happened so much that if you have a Twin Flame Runner and you haven’t used the cleanse yet you’re really missing out….

It’s the only proven method I know of to remedy this. No one else out there has a Free Tool that you can use to shift your energy so powerfully so quickly, so make sure you take advantage of it! Go here to download now, for free.

Or, if you want to go deep, resolve long standing karmic issues and make Reunion happen on all levels, have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program here.

Taking Back Words Said In Anger

The energies have been heightened lately and I’m shown that many Twins will be regretting what they said in angry or sad moments during the Eclipse gateway in recent weeks…

If this is you, and you maybe sent some irate words of blame to your Twin whether it was telepathically or in real life, know that all is not lost. Ask them for forgiveness, and set the intention you forgive them for any negativity they caused you.

You see, forgiveness helps us release negativity. When we hold on to grudges we’re hanging onto toxic energy and emotions in our being. Read more here.

We go through a smooth forgiveness process and opening up the Twin Flame heart bond on both sides in the Higher Heart Transformation Journey here.


Lightning Strikes Hard

Now onto the strong transit coloring the energy this week. This is a doozy, so pay attention. You have likely noticed it already as it’s been stirring up old survival instincts and fears from the Solar Plexus.

For about 5 days, peaking on February 27th, we have a huge impact conjunction between Mars and Uranus. This is happening in Mars’ home sign, which amplifies this – it seems the Eclipse “stir up” has been hotly triggering male Twins and those with a Masculine emphasis (including Aries natives).

This translates into rage, “explosive” situations, anger and resentment at feeling stifled and like someone is trying to control them.

This is powerful, volatile energy impacting the physical body vessel. Short-circuiting. Sexuality which is explosive but unfulfilling. Desperation for validation (most likely through sexuality and power over others), especially for males.

In visual terms, Mars in Aries conjunct Uranus is lightning striking a tower, or a warrior knight out in battle – so angry he can’t see straight.

Lashing out in attack, going overboard with stimulants, desperation for “action”… In an attempt to feel “real”, to feel in control, to feel validated, to feel like existence is worth something, to feel good enough.

This impact on the tail end of the gateway actually serves to release some pent up negativity to open the Twin pair up to love if the person is willing and able to detach (when we engage with negativity, we unfortunately hold it to us and it can’t leave).


Blow-Ups Between The Twin Flames

But when we’re in the middle of a rage, it’s not the easiest thing to relax and let go of what’s bothering us…

Right now, it might be wise to let your Twin have their space. Let them come to you. Do your inner work on your side to assist them in releasing negativity, open up.

Or if you want to interact with your Twin, go straight to their higher self, who resides above the human emotions of anger and resentment. Read about how to do that here.

As this extremely potent Mars conjunction is happening in the planet’s home sign and directly opposed Jupiter in the house of relationships – this does not bode well for the Twin Flame connection.

I like to put a constructive spin on everything I interpret in the charts, but this is different.

There is no denying this is set to be a tough time for Twin Flames, perhaps one of the toughest of the year. This spells conflict with no abating.


The Universe Isn’t Helping Or Hurting You – It’s All About Frequency

Keep in mind there’s no “person/being” triggering these upgrades and purges, what really happens is that the electromagnetic signals from the planets are stirring up the energy centers in the body.

This transit deals with the human Ego Instinct of survival directly opposing Harmony and Love. Setbacks now are dealing with deep underlying blocks which have kept Twin Flames from being open to Reuniting.

This is unconscious stuff which relates to the body – to fully clear these fear based aggression and ego energies, it’s essential to go in and recalibrate the frequency at the basis. We cannot just wish that it will go away. Awareness and energy clearing is essential.

Another indication right now is there could be larger real world blow-ups relating to “war” right now (Mars and Aries are the god and sign of the warrior).


Ship Preparing For A Storm

Spirit shows me their best advice in the form of an image: A ship preparing for storm – metaphorically close all windows, hide under the table until it’s over.

In other words, do what you can to stay out of harm’s way now.

Gratitude practices, engaging with high vibrational peaceful energies and activities such as meditation, painting, singing, energy healing are helpful now…

All of these soothing, calm activities will help lift you up above this electric storm.

And if you are the Twin experiencing the anger, frustration and blowups, try getting to the gym or expressing these emotions through some creative outlet.

Even if you have to scream into a pillow to let it out or sing along with a powerful rock song you love… Get it out in a healthy way where it can’t create problems.


The Instinctual Masculine Battling For Dominance

We’re shown this period as the instinctual side of the Masculine battling for dominion as the soul has been rising to the fore in recent times.

This is in many ways the “opposite” of the Divine Masculine archetype – we’re dealing with the shadows of fear, need for dominance and power (you read more about this here).

When the ego senses it’s being weakened and dismantled, we can get flare ups of “old” negative material as it rages to get back control when feeling threatened.

There is a lot of suppressed anger coming to the surface now, and we’re shown that after this intense period is over – within the middle of next week – “he” is set to feel exhausted from this battle. As if his own inner shadows and demons wrecked complete havoc on him.

When you feel this, when you feel your Twin soften, return to their more gentle self… that’s when you step in again. Reach out telepathically and simply show that you’re there. That it’s OK and you forgive any negativity that might have erupted.

Now, your Twin is at “his” most receptive. Open, vulnerable. Ready to see the “light”.

Don’t push, but simply show you’re there with love and understanding.


Softening Up – Becoming Receptive

As the Sun conjuncts Neptune on March 1-4th we get this message emphasized – softness comes in to calm the waters after the storm.

Jupiter and Uranus resume their opposition and Mars “escapes” further into Aries on his journey into the calmer terrain of Taurus.

We also have Venus turning retrograde on 4th March, setting the stage for spring’s most significant transit in love – this involves lessons, learning about our own inner power and releasing the shackles of “smallness” as well as facing challenges in relationships.

To read about how Venus retrograde is set to impact Twin Flames, download the Free Yearly Forecast for 2017, which goes into this transit in depth.

Mercury conjunction Neptune on March 3-5th lends added assistance to reaching harmony again. Emotional understanding, Twin Flame telepathy, shared dream experiences and connecting with higher guidance is heightened.

Again – reach out to your Twin now and let them know everything is OK. That you forgive them. There’s a sense of embarrassment and shame on “his” part for recent behavior.


Sunshine Returning – Love Can Grow

If you can forgive and let live now, you’ll be stepping onto a whole new plateau for your relationship together. You’ll be “proving” to your Twin that they’re safe to open up with you in a way that no one else has.

Their heart will now be receptive to fully open to you, their inner child aspect feeling more inclined to bond with you at a human level if you interact with them.

As souls we are always connected, but this spring sees strong turmoil as we’re being prepared and pushed to open up the bond as humans above all. That means – we’ve asked for a 3D physical reunion, now we’re being pushed to do the work required.

And that means traversing the levels of the psyche which have been shrouded in fear, closed off from others.

This now is a time when much can change between you if you can appeal to your Twin’s deeper self and show them that no matter what bad experiences they had with others in the past… You’ll be different. You’ll be safe to open up to. You won’t reject them.

These are heightened themes right now, so take your steps consciously.

We see the sunshine returning as the storm settles. The landscape looks different now. Love has room to grow. Before, it would have fallen on stony ground. On some level the doors have been shut, whether you knew it or not.

Make sure you cleanse the channels between you after this rough period – so you don’t have to feel your Twin’s desperation, anger or residual energies of old sexual interactions with others that likely surfaced during this intense period.

For a guided transformation session that takes you through effortlessly cleansing the cords between you and your Twin and uplifting your timelines and energies into the highest dimension possible for you at this time, have a look at the Complete Harmony Healing for Twin Flames.

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey!

I’m so honored to be on this beautiful path alongside you. <3

Cassady x



Want more? To discover the methods that got my Twin Soul and I to Union within 18 months of our first encounter, have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames. You can also read about some of the amazing experiences other Twins have had with my methods!
Alternatively you can try our Free Transformation Kit for Twin Flames!

twin flame program

“I started with your free toolkit and immediately felt results so much that I had to get the full program and wow! I’ve been doing it consistently and I love the energy clearings and exercises. I feel lighter, and my lover and I are so much closer. Every day gets better and better. And since my vibration has become higher and higher, I’m attracting in wonderful opportunities and amazing abundance as well. I’m so grateful for your work, Cassady. Thank you!”

– Jessica N.  California, USA


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  1. I don’t normally comment on anything, but this post has really hit the nail on the head! As an Aries woman the last few days have been a complete nightmare where I flew into a rage with my twin (not in the physical, thank goodness!) but did end up screaming into a towel! All this suppressed anger and resentment just came flooding out. It shocked me so much! I even ended up going out and getting really drunk, putting myself in danger by walking home alone and became very confused about strong sexual feelings for another man. So completely unlike me!! I have NEVER wanted anyone else but my twin since we met in 2012 and have done so, so much energy work. I’m usually in such a place of unconditional love and acceptance. I felt so disconnected with my twin, it was the worst feeling ever! All this happened after a period of feeling better than I ever have done about me, my life and the connection (and the universe/ my twin’s higher self, sending me multiple signs and syncs every day). It really threw me for six! Just when I thought there was nothing left to clear, my deepest, darkest fears came to the surface. Thankfully, I spent much of yesterday working hard with a forgiveness prayer and clearing my energy. I dreamt of my twin last night and feel much calmer today. Thank God! I am feeling the connection again and really hope that something huge shifted. I feel exhausted!

    1. I’m so happy you’re feeling better Rose, the good thing is when we work through these things we shift into a whole new level of understanding and capacity for love.

      I think of a human being as a vessel, and we can be filled with love – but when we have fear in our system there’s no room for love. So when we purge that old darkness and get to recognize that it’s been there and how it’s affected us, clearing it – we create room for more love!

      I get the insight that sometimes sexual attraction for another can be a “misinterpretation” of our Twin’s energy around us. When you were feeling upset and drunk, your twin’s soul would have tried reaching out to comfort you. When we’re intoxicated our energy boundaries grow weaker, so we feel the soul level energy communication more

      It’s not uncommon for unawakened twins especially to misinterpret this kind of thing for a physical attraction to a person who’s around us at that time. Even though it’s really a feeling energy of warmth/attraction/love being attempted delivered from our Twin on the soul level. Does that resonate?

      Sending you love and light <3 Cassady x

  2. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I have a feeling that I have been acting more like the “sad/angry twin” :-). I hope it is because I just released a huge, huge block! I had just finished writing my sincere apology for my poor behavior when I started reading your segment here on asking for forgiveness. It was a bit chilling but so incredibly comforting and so appreciated.

  3. Hi Cassady, what’s the main difference between the higher heart transformation and the complete harmony healing? I’m drawn to both, more so the higher heart transformation but wondering if complete harmony healing would be more appropriate. After a long separation, my twin and I are in contact and beginning to move closer towards each other with more honesty, openness and communication. I really enjoyed and utilised the time apart being with myself. And now i feel a little more ready to have my twin in my life and try the energy clearing tools! So any insight would greatly assist, thank you!

    1. Hi there,

      Thanks for your question!

      I would usually advise starting with the Complete Harmony Healing for all Twins, especially those in separation as it goes in to open the connection between you again for each chakra including the heart bond. It allows your twin’s soul to release any negativity they’ve been dealing with in their own system, so it shifts the whole connection.

      The Higher Heart Journey is a longer session which goes into the heart chakra and manifestation above all. I would suggest starting with the complete harmony healing and then have a look at the higher heart journey later…

      Having said that, do listen to your intuition – if you feel drawn to the heart session it’s likely your heart chakra is in need of upgrades and a deep cleanse right now… And your guides want to alert you to the joy of positive manifestation.

      Your own system will always be “calling out” for what it needs : )

      Hope this helps!

      Cassady x <3

  4. Glad it resonates VJ-Kammi! Yes, it’s been kind of intense for many… Good thing is, when we move through it releasing negativity we grow and uplift so much! <3

    Sending you love and light x : )

  5. Thanks for being here and for commenting, Karen!

    I’m glad this resonates, and thanks for sharing your perspective and experiences : ) Because you know, one of the biggest things I’ve kept being shown on this journey is that emotions and negative energy are above all what holds people back and keeps us from our full potential both as individuals and on the Twin journey…

    It can really distort our perspective when feelings come along and pull us down, so knowing energy tools is a life saver! Long term it really begins to revolutionize our whole path, shifting our timelines…

    Sending you love and light! <3

    Cassady x

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