What Is In Store For 2022? Clearing Of The Path – “Twin Flame Destiny” Activates More And More… Key Themes And Timelines For Love In the 3D Physical And Beyond


Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies.

Highlights this week include:

Venus continues Retrograde, “shadow voices” coming to the fore. “Who” is trying to speak for you? And how are they affecting your connection?

Plus, overview of themes for 2022 – a year for spiritual awakening, major changes and physical love anchoring in… are you ready?

Discover more below!

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Venus Retrograde

We enter into this week with Pluto conjunct Venus Retrograde still colouring the cosmic mood in a powerful way.

Karma is a big theme, and it’s about love and relationships above all.

With Uranus Retrograde in Taurus, Venus’ home sign, and this powerful Pluto/Venus conjunction we see there is a big clearing of the path working to happen…

In order to ready the counterparts and the WORLD for true love. This can be intense in the now moment


Love Detox 

Because it means that FIRST, the old baggage, distorted belief systems and the old patterning of conditional love, fear, infidelity, need, exploitation and old wounds around this are being cleared.

Your chakras are purging a lot of un-conscious material.

And, you may end up receiving an apology from someone from the past, possibly your twin soul, wishing to make amends for a past chapter.

This can come through a dream or a vision, including through repeating signs.

(Learn how to open your channel, understand your divine support system and get reliable guidance on your journey here – class 2, 4 and 6)

twin flame story

Someone Asks Forgiveness…

They are wanting to make amends, in order to move forward.

They want your forgiveness and they want you to know they UNDERSTAND that things have not been right between you on some level in the “old reality”.

This was so that you would on some level know what love was NOT. So that you can in the next chapter lift into a higher state.

You are being encouraged to go to their higher self if you’re feeling troubled at this time.

They will show you TRUE unconditional love and help guide you to a better state.

For help with this, go here…

Confidence On The Rise…

With the Sun moving through Capricorn and this week positively connecting with Uranus Retrograde and Jupiter, we see that you are becoming wiser and more confident.

Stronger in your approach to life.

You KNOW what you deserve, spirit says, and you are not willing to settle for less.

Good for you! This is a HUGE part of the love connection and attracting true harmony – including within the twin flame connection.


The Magic Of Self Love

Being whole within and valuing YOURSELF will ALWAYS attract a higher state of love and mutual respect…

Including a more positive dynamic with another person, or a more beneficial partner who understands that you are worth more and deserve love and respectful treatment. 

In essence: the more whole you can be within, the more aligned you are with outer love and harmonious expressions of this. 


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The Lies You Were Told

With Venus retrograde moving backwards over Pluto, we see that unfortunately you may have been taught something COMPLETELY different in your upbringing.

I.e. that you did NOT deserve true love, respect and being treated with kindness and understanding.

You may have been shown, that you were meant to sacrifice your wellbeing to “earn” love, or that love could be taken away from you unless you were “perfect” or “deserving” in the eyes of others…

Whether or not it was deliberate from those around you…

Unconditional Vs Unconditional Love

These are expressions of CON-ditional love and the old human separation reality, and this is why it’s being brought to your attention.

In short, if you haven’t felt comfortable around others and haven’t experienced harmony with friends and love partners – there are DEEPER things going on!

Childhood issues. So make sure you deal with this now.

I help you in a gentle yet deep process in the Inner Child Healing for Twin Flames here, to resolve any unconscious deflections on both sides of your connection.

“I don’t think I could have survived my relationship without this. It’s been a key part of my spiritual journey, and the change has been just profound.” – Emma, UK

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What It Means If You “Still” Feel Stuck?

If you have been trying to heal and still feel there are issues, don’t worry. It simply means you haven’t found the core pattern or wound. It’s most often not an overnight process.

The core block is THERE, and when you find and heal it, you will feel so much shifting for the better – including tangibly in your physical reality. Because your whole alignment will be different.

Your heart will be whole and well and others will begin to respond to you with more harmony and kindness – without expecting things back.

And above all, your Twin Flame will come closer and be drawn to you, from a place of true love and unfiltered devotion…

Healing The Deepest Self

Your Twin won’t be deflected anymore by your own inner patterns of expecting and feeling unappreciated, mistreated, unloved or other aspects of childhood baggage. 

So this is a key time to resolve those inner issues. For help, go here and I’ll take you through it in the inner child healing for Twin Flames…

Or for a deep, comprehensive shift into a higher state for love, go here for the 10 module love blueprint where I take you through a complete “upgrade” of your system step by step, to be aligned with a higher state of love and harmony.

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All you have to do is listen along. 

“Shadow Voices”

Tuesday and the rest of the week, Mercury joins in with Venus Retrograde and Pluto.

At this time it is HIGHLY likely that deeper hurts, shadows and wounds are “given voice” and you begin to express things you may have pushed down.

In other words “shadow voices” are highly active at this time.

A key tool at this time is journalling and energy work!

Otherwise you may end up purging verbally and getting into altercations with others in your life, who are ALSO purging their underlying hurts and wounds. 


Did YOU Hurt Someone?

You may be surprised to hear from family members who tell you YOUR behaviour or lack of warmth has hurt THEM, or in some way have your prospective on a situation flipped… 

With Ceres retrograde and North Node bridging Taurus and Gemini, we are shown that this time will work out best if you can FOCUS and prioritize your goals…

And anchor into the knowing that what is happening right now is a PART of getting you to your ideal – true love made physically manifest.

How To Handle This Time

Work to not get drawn into feeling bad about any challenges that are showing up, especially from your own emotions and wounds being triggered.

See it as the universe guiding you to RELEASE blocks that have kept your dream from arriving…

So that you can HAVE your dream come true. Including Twin Flame unity.

Powerful Capricorn Stellium – 3D Love Shifts

Throughout the week we have a massive amount of energy in Capricorn, including Mercury, Pluto and Venus retrograde in a stellium…

Plus the Sun and Juno, asteroid of Soul love relationships. 

This means there are MAJOR shifts happening in relation to your physical 3D reality, regarding love. The energetic “recipe” that creates your outer experiences, is being shifted. 

The grids, and your foundation are shifting. It means that “reality is preparing to shift”. First, behind the scenes. “As within, so without”.

The more you yourself can consciously be a part of this process, the better the results. For help, go here.

twin flame awakening

In the Higher Dimensional Anchoring And Awakening we go through “upgrading” your reality and timelines, anchoring in unity.

“After I did it, he messaged me! BAM! Just like that – got the meditation, did it, and there he was.” – Indi, New York

Jupiter Re-Enters Pisces

Spirit reminds us that your counterpart doesn’t have to awaken for you to attract them in love.

You are fully capable of manifesting union and togetherness, even if they are not consciously working on it with you in the human realms. 

Another key event this week is that Jupiter enters Pisces again – he was there for a period in summer 2021 but went retrograde back into Aquarius.

Now, he is moving into Pisces “for good” until he reaches Aries later in 2022.

Heightened Sensitivity

This shows us that the collective focus will be increasingly spiritual over coming months. Unity, compassion and the higher realms will be a key theme.

Heightened sensitivity and spiritual experiences are also a facet of Jupiter in Pisces. 

When Jupiter visits a sign there is an expansion of its energy, so when he travels through Pisces, we have an amplification of spiritual activity both within and in society.

Escapism Or Transcendence?

Jupiter’s effect does require that we apply wisdom and sometimes restraint, however, as his expansive potential can cause us to become imbalanced.

Shadow sides of Jupiter in Pisces can become escapism, dogmatic approaches to spirituality, pushing our views onto others who are not ready, avoidance of physical reality and responsibilities…

But at its best, it can boost our understanding, connection and path. 

Indications For 2022

The chart on December 31st and January 1st always gives us a strong indication of the year to come. This year we have powerful themes of reform around love happening. 

A year beginning with Venus Retrograde in a stellium with Pluto and Mercury, shows us that it will be a year of MAJOR changes in love.

A death/rebirth process may happen, and NEW information is set to show up, as Mercury is involved.

Re-Ignited Love, Passion, Project

You may reunite with a past love, enter deeper into self love by healing inner wounds, or have a creative passion or dream be re-invigorated or re-ignited.

It is set to deal with physical reality above all. A new beginning is likely…

BUT only after the toxins of the past have been dealt with.

So we are being pushed to not repress wounds and fears, but to deal with them once and for all. To open to our OWN love, and further, to love with our counterpart.

Increased Awakening

With Jupiter in Pisces “proper” for the first time since 2011, we also have recurring themes from that period, and that was just before Neptune returned to the sign – his home sign.

This means that we are likely sealing over or completing a phase we began back then, in 2011, over this coming year.

Awakening is set to happen on a larger scale, but it may not be an “inner awakening” as what Neptune or Uranus bring… 

But a tendency to intellectually gravitate toward spirituality as a tool and a source of curiosity and self improvement, in society.

More widespread awareness and “successful” people rallying around unity as a concept and way of life.

Twin Flame Relationships In Focus

Juno in Capricorn at this time also shows us that Soul Mate Twin Soul relationships are in focus in 2022 – and the process is to make this PHYSICALLY manifest over the coming year.

Ceres conjunct North Node tells us that we have an active role to play in this, and asks us to have faith in our ability to MAKE our wishes come true. 

Finally, with the Sun connecting with Uranus Retrograde in a trine, we see that a MAJOR key theme will also be that we are changing how we SEE ourselves.

We are being encouraged to shift our SELF perception…

Above all, to recognize how capable and loveable we are.

(If you do NOT feel very good about yourself, it ties back with childhood so that’s key work for you to get started on to open to unity)

Third Eye Awakening

2022 is set to be a time where we are asked to release old masks caused by wounds and other people’s limited beliefs that were pushed onto us…

And to open our eyes to our TRUE soul’s potential.

In fact, as Saturn moves through Aquarius this whole year, our third eye is being refined and opened on a deeper more tangibly anchored in level.

(Spirituality becomes not just “out there” but part of our foundation – if we work with Saturn’s challenges and take responsibility.)

2022 Twin Flame Encounters, Reunions

Our higher belief systems and “filters of perception” are encouraged to purify and recalibrate now, so we can see not the AGREED upon human cultural ideas…

But divine truth. Love. Unity.

And in doing so, our whole reality, love and forward path changes. 

And yes, with Mars conjunct Venus in February and the two “travelling together” for weeks, there is a high likelihood of Twin Flame romance, reunions and first time encounters…

(…Provided we are in a state of alignment and not full of baggage and fear.)

A Year For Massive Change

Above all we’ll see big changes ahead. 2022 won’t necessarily be smooth, and it WILL involve inner work and honesty with ourselves…

But when we work with the cosmic shifts, what is set to happen this year can break us open into a completely new state and reinvigorate passion.

And we are entering into a period for heightened Twin Flame reunions, meetings and deepening connection.

We have an exciting year ahead, everyone! Happy new year!

May you awaken to more and more of your highest potential, love and joy over these coming 12 months!

(If you want a faithful guide with you to make the most of it, have a look here).

Love always <3

Cassady x

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