twin-flame-queenMajor Shakeup, Pushing For Unity… Divine Inspiration Works To Break Down Ego and Bring Twin Flame Love. Remember Who You Are!

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:

Powerful shakeup brings bursts of new light, divine inspiration cracking open ego and inviting out a new and higher path. But the shadows of history threaten to bring you into the dark once more… Stay strong, and you’ll emerge victorious!

Discover more below!

Changes In Perception

This whole week is set to be colored by the Sun’s involvement with Uranus, causing feelings of restlessness, frustration, sudden events showing up…

An urgency to change something… YESTERDAY. It may feel challenging, but this current is powerfully working to help you.

We’re being shaken up in order to get us out of the habits we’ve been settled in. Because more is possible! And the universe is working to get us there!

Pay attention to inspiration, sudden insights, ideas and visions that come to you right now – at the very least, make a note of them, because yes they are divinely guided.

Answered Prayers…

Answers to prayers are showing up now – and right now you’re likely the one being put on the spot to take the actions, to make things happen.

The energies are supporting you in doing this, so don’t let this burst of enthusiasm and vigor slip away unused…

This can be the beginning of a brand new brighter chapter if you open to what’s working to reach you. And take action above all.

(Read more here on how to manifest your desires with powerful energy tools.

And learn the secret reason why so many people’s dreams and goals, including Twin Flame unity never show up tangibly – hint, it’s not because they don’t want it enough!)


Historical Karmic Feminine… Shadows On The Rise

On April 27th we have a new focus in communication as Mercury enters Taurus. Taurus rules the throat and singing, and there is an emphasis now on how the voice carries energy vibrations and “light codes”. This is a key time for speaking your manifestations to life!

Monday and Tuesday Lilith conjuncts Mercury, Uranus and the Sun, which poses challenges. Above all it’s a signal to beware speaking gender based limitations and projections into your connection… And onto yourself.

Old karmic collective material is working its way out of your system, to help you and your Twin enter into a lasting union including on the physical plane.

This is a time when powerful shakeups are likely to arrive – often in unpleasant ways. Be aware that whatever is going on right now is working to open your eyes to MORE.

Above all, a higher knowing of who you really are.

How Do You See Yourself? How Is It Affecting Your TF Connection?

To release any karmic projections and old gender based limitations you have had from childhood and have affected your self image, your choices, your Twin Flame connection…

The truth is you’re a being of light and you and your Twin always share eternal love as souls – any problems stem from human programming and karma…

Discover more about karma and take a quiz here – what is your karmic “debt”? And how is it affecting your Twin Flame connection?

A strict message from the cosmic energies is, we SAY we want true love and harmony, but are we behaving that way? Are we really aligned?

Or are we hanging onto the historical models of limiting ideas of men vs women, suffering and conflict?


Ancestry, Body And The Twin Flame Connection…

In order to have unity and harmony, we are now powerfully pushed to fully release the past. And we’re shown that we carry much of it in our ancestral lineage.

Were your ancestors happily married and in love?

Or were there conflicts, suppression, drama, trauma? Marriage based in need, protection? Infidelity, inequality?

If so, you have to clear it out on an energy level because it’s embedded in your system on a deeper plane – the biological physical plane of solidity.

We can’t just “think” our way out of it because it’s programmed physically – we are genetically the end result of our ancestors’ experiences…

I take you through this process of releasing ancient human conflict karma between the sexes here, and help you install unity in its place.


“I have done the new union session 2 weekends in a row now and it has truly made a huge difference…me and my Twin are laughing together again…we had been arguing for so long…now I feel there is new fresh energy running through my body and I feel like I’m floating on air every time I do the unity meditation…it is so beautiful…thank you so much…” – Diane

Click here to learn more and download.

Expressing Your Truth

As Mercury travels through Taurus and interacts with these challenging currents from Uranus and Lilith, pay attention this coming week period to how you speak about yourself, your ideals and your Twin… Because tends to “become” your reality…

Experiment with healing through the voice this week, even if you’ve never done this before.

Pay attention to the effects of your voice and your words and the sounds you make. Feel how the simple act of humming influences the feeling in your body.

This is why monks chant, why “OM”, the “sacred syllable of all existence” is used during meditation – it has a waveform vibration that sends a high vibration frequency into the very cellular structure of the body.

Are You Aligned With Your Twin Flame Soul Song?

Binaural beat audios (like the ones in the Free Twin Flame help kit) are great at utilizing this for healing, but right now it’s especially about using your own voice.

Spirit suggests this – when you hum, does it feel good or a little awkward? This is a good indication of whether you’re in alignment with yourself and your Twin Flame Soul Song.

When someone is aligned with their Soul Song, they sound resonant and pleasant. Aligned with themselves.

When someone is out of resonance with their truth or blocked from being openly expressing their soul, on the other hand, their voice makes us feel on edge.

The Magic Healing Of Sound

Science shows that cats soothe and heal themselves with purring – sending vibrations into their own bodies – and ancient cultures had temples for sound healing. Experimenting with this now is set to be very fruitful.

Expressing our truth through the throat chakra is part of our healthy functioning, so if you have issues with being able to speak up or share your voice with the world, you most likely have blocks here.

(Have a look at this affirmations audio to help you re-program your system to align with positivity and call in a more harmonious Twin Flame bond)


Opening Up To Your Full Potential

The throat chakra first develops during childhood (approx. 8-12)…

So if you had any challenging life events around this time, such as changing schools or not fitting in, or parents so busy with divorce that you felt ignored or not heard, or you’ve felt like you’ve had to keep a lot of secrets you most likely have some healing work to do with this chakra.

Similarly if you were born with Mercury retrograde in your chart.

When energy gets stuck in particular chakras, it blocks the free flow of our spiritual potential – clearing our energy uplifts our journey in so many areas at once, as doors that were once closed come open.

(Click here to read more and get a Free chakra reading)

twin flame chakras

The Divine Feminine As Leading Voice In The “New World”

As Pallas enters Aquarius on April 29th, we see a new voice rising in the collective – leadership. Ideas, strategies and forward momentum for the future coming via the Divine Feminine polarity, the higher self.

This is a key to opening the “new world” and bringing online the crystalline unity consciousness for the long run.

Expect to notice new female or feminine energy dominant thought leaders gaining prominence with ideas and directions that deal with oneness and moving into a higher state of consciousness on the planet.

(Read more here in “Divine Mission: What If You Were Here To Help Save The Planet?”)


Groundbreaking Info Working To Reach You…

As these powerful energies affect communication so strongly, bringing in “bolts of lightning insights” from above – know that your higher self and your Twin are always working to reach you through your voice and your inner mental commentary.

The key is to open to it, and to discern between true guidance versus ego projections and negative consciousness.

This is an amazing week to get started with this kind of divine communication – to open once and for all.

Because there is so much working to reach you! Things that you would never have expected! Things beyond what you ever thought possible in this life here on earth… But you must go within and give this info a chance to show up.

Use the Free Guided Energy Meditation to connect with your Twin soul to soul here daily, and the connection will open more and more.

In addition, have a look at this article on Twin Flame telepathy and how to know what is True Guidance versus ego and congestion…

twin flame telepathy

A Week For Major New Bursts Of Light

This is set to be a really exciting week with power that brings immense energy to break open old blocks and allow for a new burst of light.

But it requires for you to be open to ride this current to its highest. If you stay in unconsciousness and focused on conflict, right and wrong and the past, it will feel unpleasant.

But when you remember who you really are, an infinite soul, you can recognize what’s truly going on and access the new light that’s incoming.

Release past perceptions and the human “stories” about men, women and relationships. And allow a new and higher path to unfold before you. It will blow your mind.

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

Do you want to make the journey to Union and beyond lighter and more positive? Take the path forward with me as your “personal” guide with the Vibrational Alignment Program!

twin flame program“Thank you so much Cassady! This has truly been a life changer!!” – Rebecca B.

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