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Weeks ahead of Sexual Healing for Twin Flames now we’re in Scorpio territory, plus a potent Full Moon reminds us to keep an eye on our secret behind-the-scenes manifestations until next month’s 11:11 New Moon.

Coming out of four weeks in Libra, the Sun is now firmly in Scorpio’s domain – sign of death and rebirth, sexuality and the subconscious.

For Twin Flames, this past month’s intensive Libra energies have pushed for a continued equalization process of the masculine/feminine energies both internally and in the Twin Flame pair. Like a pair of Libra scales we’ve been prodded to release anything keeping us out of balance.

Beneath The Surface

Now, we move onto more specific matters. With strong Scorpio energies, we are assisted in healing those issues that have been repressed. Often, we approach healing from a conscious point of view and believe that this is “enough” but the human psyche is multifaceted and deep, with unconscious beliefs and patterns that must be examined closer in order to heal and resolve.

Scorpio energies help us with this. Expect a month with deeper realizations of what’s been going on beneath the surface in your Twin Flame dynamic. Healing and transmuting issues based in past wounds that were buried so deeply you didn’t know they were there.

Inner child healing is extremely powerful right now. Meditate on seeking what your inner child wants you to know. This is a powerful method, used not only in metaphysics but in mainstream psychology. Often, trauma is locked in parts of our psyche we’re not fully aware of on a day-to-day basis.

Sexual Detox for Twins

As sexuality is the domain of Scorpio, ruler of the Sacral Chakra, we are being nudged to address any imbalances and repressed negativity in this realm over the next month. This is intensified right now, as Pluto – ruler of Scorpio – trines Venus/Jupiter in Virgo. Plutonian energies tend to push for a detox, purging anything unhealthy that needs to go in order for full health (energetically and physically) to be restored.

If issues around sexuality crop up this month, go deep – look below the surface, ask yourself questions. Where is this coming from? What is it I’m afraid of? Where do I feel lacking? What is this trying to tell me? In any tough lesson, there is a gift waiting to be unlocked.

And once you learn the lesson and release the negative patterns, you are free to move on. We never have to re-learn any tough lessons once we have fully understood and released.

Releasing the Sexual Past

Keep in mind that much of the energetic baggage we carry related to sexuality and the Sacral chakra are ancestral issues. If things don’t make sense to you and your situation now, that could be why. You are the genetic result of thousands of generations of people thinking, feeling and fearing. We are only a few short generations into the relatively safe, comfortable modern society we now live in – but the energy we carry in the deeper energetic layers often stems from way before that.

If you feel that you could use some help in resolving negative emotions and patterns individually or in your Twin Flame dynamic, have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Energy Program I’ve created for Twin Flames. It focuses on giving you day-to-day tools and information for you to shift out of anything that’s holding you back, lifting your vibration and moving you to Twin Flame Harmony and Union with ease and speed.

Death And Rebirth on the Twin path

Halloween is the perfect Scorpio holiday – a night when the “dead come back” and we celebrate the thinning of the veil between this world and the next one. Themes of life and death abound right now – nature is shedding her “life” in the northern hemisphere, “dying” now only to come back again in spring.

These are eternal themes, reflected in religion and cultural traditions worldwide. All of existence is a series of deaths and rebirths. The old fades, the new arises out of its ashes – an age-old symbol for Scorpio is the Phoenix rising.

We on the Ascension path are fortunate to experience the “death of the old self” and the “rebirth of the new” while we are still on this earth. This is a true gift! If you feel stuck and low, know that you are simply in one particular phase of this process, the rebirth and the inner feelings of light and expansion are eventually to follow.

The Twin Flame journey is full of seeming death, followed by glorious new births as we let go of old negative patterns and attachments and welcome in the new. In order to join together in unconditional love, to be ready for the final merging of the Twin Souls, we must let go of any old outdated permutations of what we believed Love to be.

Still time for Twin Flame Magic

Venus and Jupiter are still conjunction in Virgo, with Mars close – we are still in a potentially magical time for love. I’ve been shown that the most potent way of utilising these energies, is to simply be open to the highest version of what this could mean for you.

Try to not set your mind on a particular situation that could happen, but send out the intention to the universe that you are open to “love miracles” showing up in some way for you and your Twin. This aligns your energy field to receive and experience.

Super Moon Manifestation

We have a Full Moon this week on the 27th October in Taurus – it harmonises the earth energies from the Virgo triplet (Jupiter/Venus/Mars), plus it is positively aspected to Neptune and Pluto. In other words – there is a lot going on this time.

In addition, this is a so-called Super Moon – meaning, it is very close to earth and has an extra strong magnetic field impact on earth; on the tides and our emotions (human beings are “water beings”, so much of our bodies consist of water).

Taurus as a sign is all about practicality, creation – the home sign of Venus, planet of Love. The Full Moon in Taurus speaks volumes about manifestation – don’t give up if things haven’t happened just yet.

I am conducting a Live Energy Clearing Call on November 3rd for Twin Flames, where we focus on clearing blocks to Manifestation and blasting through blocks to receiving Abundance and Love, plus we download new energy blueprints to ready you for Twin Flame Union in 2016. You can sign up here.

Lessons of Patience

Taurus energies are attuned to deliberate, patient manifestation and reminds us that like with a flower planted from a seed, there is quite a lot of growing that has to be done below the ground before we ever see the plant emerging over the surface.

So if you’ve been working on manifesting something that hasn’t yet shown up – don’t lose hope, your manifestation could be just out of visibility. Keep nurturing those “seeds” daily and you’ll manifest surely and quickly. Doubt, skepticism and so on disrupt the energetic attraction and just makes it take longer. You might also want to address any blocks to receiving.

Manifesting “Good” or “Bad”?

Full Moon in Taurus and the current Scorpio energies also call for a check-up on what you’re actually manifesting lately. We don’t just manifest consciously. All of life is an exercise in constant manifestation. Both consciously and unconsciously.

So take a good look at your thoughts and feelings from the last few weeks – the true indication of what you’ve been drawing closer – have you been focusing on what you want or have you been stressing out about negativity or perceived problems?

This is emphasized by the opposition between the Taurus Full Moon and the Sun in Scorpio – our conscious intentions and our underlying feelings and thoughts are often opposed, therefore it’s important to check in and find out what’s going on beneath the surface. The subconscious mind is responsible for over 90% of our mental activity at any given moment – this is where the true manifestation happens.

Reality Check Coming

We manifest when we consistently send energy and emotions and thoughts out, in a particular vibrational match with what we desire. Needless to say, if our subconscious feelings and thoughts are revolving around stress and fear while we consciously desire to manifest joy and love – it’s not going to be easy. We’re fighting ourselves.

We’re given a reality check with this Taurus Full Moon. If you realize you’ve been drawing in negativity, you can cancel and clear this. When you notice yourself thinking and feeling negatively, state “cancel and clear that” to stop the energy transmission. This helps a lot.

The 11:11 New Moon

Check in now with any intentions you’ve set before – what you would like to bring about in your life. Have you been taking any action to make it happen?

The Full Moon is all about reaping the results of this past moon cycle, so if you’re not happy with the state of affairs right now, you have a chance to manifest differently these next 28 days until The 11:11 New Moon in Scorpio (occurring on 11/11 at 22:44 UTC).

Until next time, sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

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  1. Dear Cassady, thank you for this amazing insight! Please could you do a Q A about the different ‘energy layers’ we have like the emotional body and etheric body etc, and also what a ‘light body’ is and how it affects twins… xxx

    1. Reading these comments guys… i dunno… i believe a TwinFlame pairing is a magickal experience that most people dont get to have. Perhaps it may require us to step out of ourselves and how we would ‘normally’ act in a relationship and have some perspective on the underlying situation thats causing the behavior, such as; the releasing of negative ennergys. Perhaps doing some clearing/healing/meditation would be beneficial, before cutting off yr beloved…??

      1. I agree in doing the clearing/healing/meditation and I am continuing to do it. If the tie is real it will never be broken and when he is ready, if it’s meant to be, we will unite. Our story has been going on 7 years, and his behavior was unhealthy and too negative a force to have directly in my life. I actually think this is part of the process. I don’t suggest everyone cut someone off, but I also don’t believe in being a doormat.

      2. Interesting point, Kimberlie! It’s how I’ve experienced my journey – anything negative that’s come up, I’ve cleared and healed it and it’s worked amazingly both with my Twin and in life in general – but spirit has also shown me that sometimes it can actually be easier for people to clear/heal the negatives if they get some distance from their Twin; so taking some time to themselves may help them heal <3


    2. Hi Angel, yes! I will for sure – we could actually do a clearing call where we go through clearing all the energetic bodies (there is one corresponding to each chakra) and address the role of the light body in Ascension, what these things mean and how they work! Great idea x <3

  2. This part about death and rebirth speaks to me. I had a difficult experience over the weekend and I made the decision to cut off ties with my TW because he was lying to me and wasn’t valuing me in his life. It is painful. I am trying my best to let go and I’m hopeful that by letting go and releasing, the universe will bring me to where I’m supposed to be. This isn’t something I expected to happen and I thought things between us were getting better, but his actions were not matching up with his words. I am sad but I stand by my decision to end things between us. I know that energy never dies, and if we are meant to come together than perhaps this is part of the process. Regardless, I must let go.

    1. Dear acquagal, reading your comment was shocking but comforting at the same time as the exact same thing happened to me this weekend. It made me really question if letting go is the answear as i am in the same situation.

      1. I’m happy it helped you starlight. I hoped to get a response from someone who might be going through something similar. This was very unexpected, and while I stand by it, I’m sad that this is what happened. I think that letting go is always the answer, for everything. If fate brings my TF back and his actions match his words, I will cross that bridge when I come to it. This only just happened less than 2 days ago, but I have spent 7 years waiting for my situation with him to fully manifest into the relationship I wanted. His behavior was unacceptable to me and I couldn’t ignore it and pretend everything was fine any longer. We must love ourselves first and foremost.

        1. I just reread the runner/chaser paradox manual and the part that says “union will not happen until the twin flames are in vibrational alignment” makes sense. I will continue meditating and working on my alignment.

      2. OH , I see I am not alone in these , Last two weeks were agony for me too, however,it was my own fault,my feminine needs ,personal issues had that “need” to put a strait label of what we have, You can imagine what happened,runned of the hills,angry like 2 yrs old child trowing stones at me,feeling shattered,here we go again,I thought, I pulled too hard, I admit,it was EGO,stupid Ego ,yes, I was angry at first,dont know ho,but probably my self more, I love my twin as my own soul,even if I didnt knew I can do it,Now I know,he teached me to love and to love my self, I am so grateful ,I can love no matter what! Best way is letting go with love and work on healing self and twin, we all are one,and we reflect each other, what was I thinking,I am not ready yet ,I still have ego based thinking,blocks and fear .. I believe we all are runners and chasers.For me best healing is meditating ,going to Merkaba,inviting there my twin and we are soo happy,blissful place to be..all the 3D issues disappears.. Love heals,thats for sure, anger ,fear -all that rubbish has to be let go!

    2. Although my TF and I didn’t cut ties, I also had a negative experience over the weekend with him. Sometimes I find him to be overly critical, but I will always try to look at myself when someone tells me something they don’t like that I do. Anyway, I had texted him in the morning and didn’t get a response. An hour later, I texted him and said, “Guess I won’t get a response.” That evening, he texted back, “I was out, had phone on charger at home. Why do you turn everything into a personal attack on you?” I didn’t respond. Didn’t hear from him all day yesterday, so I turned off my phone. He texted me later that evening and asked why I wasn’t posting anything on Facebook. An hour later, he took my words and shot them back at me, “Guess I’m not going to get a response.” I didn’t bother responding until this morning and we did two texts and that was it.

      1. I’ve had lots of experiences like that with my TF. That is part of the clearing of negative behavior patterns based on ego and issues from past I think. The reason I made the choice to cut ties (unfriending on all social media etc) was because he was being dishonest with me and misleading me on what his intentions with us were. It was shocking and a bit dramatic but I finally came to the conclusion that as long as I continued enabling his behavior, it would continue. So I have to move on with my life even if that’s without him in the physical right now. What happens down the road is up to fate. I’m continuing to do the meditations though to work on my own alignment.

        1. My ties with TF was cut in early September. I was very much in pain then and felt that cutting ties will somehow clear my energy. It did for a week but on the 2nd week, I started having dreams about my TF. Dreams I had mid year on the depression TF will go through. I felt bad last week if I don’t tell or even warn him about it. However, I found out he blocked my calls and text. I tried to visit his office today but he left even before I arrived. Today, I also discovered that the next highest ranking official in his office will become a victim of a crisis their office will go through in the near future.
          Perhaps this period is really about clearing energies and regaining the alignment.

    3. Oddly enough, me and him had an upheaval last weekend too. Only in my case, its deja vu. He did the same thing a year ago this time. I met him a year ago in August and I feel as if I covered the circumference of a circle with no step forward. I read many articles that say ” just when you think you’ve gone backwards, you have actually gone forward,” Cassidys article is about swxual and I have been abstinent for 2 or so years. I can’t even picture kissing him anymore. We never did! And he used that fact to allude that we are nothing or have nothing. One of his last emails to me were “everything is fine.” Thats the farthet from the truth in my eyes.

      1. Yeah it was de ja vu for me and my TF too. He is like an immature child who keeps testing his mother to see what he can get away with. And I’m not playing the role of mommy to him. We had an episode in July and again in September regarding his behavior. This was the last straw for me. If his behavior means he still has more growing to do to come into alignment then that’s what needs to happen, but I think the only way is for us to be physically apart until that time comes.

        1. Are you Catholic? Atheist? I’m starting to question my beleifs because of this. I already went through this with someone immediately before him. I swore off men after him. I should have stayed that way. But ” never stoop so low to hate a man” as Dr. Martin Luther King said…

          1. Lol how’d you guess? I was raised Catholic. I still believe he’s my TF and I still believe that love is the bridge between us and everything. But until he comes into alignment himself it isn’t possible for us to be seeing each other in the physical anymore. My situation is different from others though. I gave it many chances and many tries. I just couldn’t allow myself to be disrespected by him anymore.

        2. Hi Acqugal, have you ever beleived in false twins? I read something last night that set me off emotionally because it wasnt positive. I’m very angry. Very. I have no way to express these feelings because hes not responding. This is pushing me right back to therapy. I’ve been through the silent treatment before but it was abuse.

          1. I don’t know if I believe in false twins. I’m sure there are times when people think someone is their twin flame and then it turns out not to be… I think it’s a knowing that deep down inside only you (and your twin) know. If your twin is running they’ll only stop when you stop chasing. I would try to focus on yourself and the meditations. I used to go through times when id panic, or be filled with rage, jealousy, and fear but now I understand that those are all lower vibrational energies. Corinthians helped me too. Read and understand the words. If this is not how you’re feeling, then you aren’t feeling love.
            Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never fails.

          2. Well right now as I write this, no, its not love I feel. Based on Corinthans, I beleive in that, but dont feel. He was definitely someone I could fall in love with when I met him. But I feel the connection is ruined by both of us. I can’t tell him anymore then what I have already. I’m at a brick wall.

          3. I was new to spirituality and finding my way back to the light when I met him after some serious life trials. I thought it was mentally stronger. I’ve lost my footing. This shook it up. I’m afraid .

          4. Sorry to chime in Kim, but I think there’s no such thing as “false twins”. Everyone, including everyone!! are mirroring back what we believe/assume, they are nothing but a physically visible reflection of our buried subconscious fears, doubts, wounds, and so forth. As such, there’s no such thing as a “false” mirror – noone has the choice but to mirror back your perceived reality to you. Just because this reflection is not nice, it doesn’t mean that the mirror is false, it just means that there are issues to work on, buried within ourselves – in order to create a better reflection seen in the mirror! This law is even more magnified in the case of twin flames, like tenfold compared to the normal , other relationships we have, I think. I think for our Ego it is easier to believe when our twin (or anyone) “misbehaves” and hurts us, that they are not our real twin, or they don’t really love us – than to believe that they behave exactly how they “have to” behave based on what we are attracting. Thus, I don’t believe in the existence of false twin flames, rather that we attracted that kind of behavior from others, may they be normal relationships, soul mates or twin flames. The more it hurts the more it’s a proof to me that it’s a real Twin Flame relationship. We have to go through massive growth, purge and healing, after all. And that’s supposed to be painful to some extent, letting go our former selves and growing into the new. If there’s no pain, I am almost certain it’s not Twin Flame relationship..ironic that most of those sources try to prove the existence of false twin flames, based on the amount of woes they cause to us!..Of course not talking about abusive situations here. Deep inside we all know innately whether the person is our twin or not, and we can also compare our story lines to the typical attributes of twin flame relationships, and see if the overall pattern is the same. I would not read anything that tries to plant fear/doubt in my mind about what I know to be true. More fears and doubts mean more self-inflicted separation and pain, because we’ll have to undo even more damage in our subconscious. Sorry to chime in but this is what I believe now, after soooo many years of gut wrenching struggling with trying to understand..Blessings be with you! Hang in here!

          5. Thank you. Beleive me, I love reading your description and comment compared to what I read last night. 100% self inflicted. You are right. It sounds like you’ve been involved with this process longer than me? Its been a year for me.

          6. 15 years for me, Sister…We’re in it for the long haul but it’s worth it in the end <3 This is what we came here for..Must love ourselves out of pain. I think there's no other way. Must focus on self-love and any and all joy we can, to endure and remain strong. It is tempting sometimes to give up when it gets really really painful! However what I found is that when I overcome pain and choose joy and growth and love – things always, always turn around. Had I learnt this long ago, it wouldn't have been 15 years. I knew nothing of twin flames back then so i had no idea what it would've taken to shift the energy to come back together sooner. I am trying to earn my twin flame "girl scout badges" through the challenges now. 🙂 Pain used to consume me to the point that i could barely get out of bed, trust me 🙁 but then I decided to take this path like a path of challenge, how to respond in love and from a divine perspective, even when it hurts. And it works. Every time. It's like I turn on the radio and it plays something I don't like – rather than getting depressed about it, I just experiment with cranking it to the station of divine love..Considering everything, we are together after lots of hurdles- even though we can not be together in the physical dimension permanently, and I have no idea where it is going, nor worry about it too much anymore..I just wanna love him and send him that vibe, no matter what – he still hurts me many times (he is so wonderful at showing me my subconscious wounds, it's amazing!!!!) so I know there's plenty of reason why we're physically apart. I will heal myself out of these wounds with self-love, not to bring him to me physically but to be of better service to the world – when I have no buried issues to mirror back to me because I am soaked with divine love from the inside out – he will have no choice but to reflect that back to me 🙂 Until then I am trying to transmute the pain into peace, and eventually love and joy..Easier said than done but in the long run it's the only way <3

          7. Well I blocked him on fb today. I’ve spilled my guts to him, alluded to him how I’m at a crossroads and I want my old self back and he still reads the messages I see, but doesnt respond. Maybe hesin love? I think he is. So today starts my new freedom. People in the tf world say they come back? Well right now I hope I forgot this happened. Its like a bad dream. Did you feel like this in the beginning?

          8. Well we were together in the past for 3 years and for the most part, he ran..He wouldn’t respond to my messages for a week, he’d disappear and refused to talk. I broke it off with him, thinking that i will regain my freedom – but my heart has never healed. Deep inside I couldn’t move on because i knew we belong together. My advice is to really examine your heart and be honest with yourself. I wasn’t. I tried to forget him desperately. I got married soon afterwards to someone else i barely knew. I didn’t know anything about twin flames back then, i kept dreaming of him for years, I kept thinking of him daily, but we had next to no communication..for about 9 years!!! 9 years later in the great big year of 2012 we reconnected. Bam! I always knew I made a mistake but it caught up with me then..I would suggest, please make it triple sure to not to act out of spite. Only out of love. I acted out of spite and it nearly ruined my life and made our twin flame union in the physical dimension not possible – at least I don’t see anymore the hope for that, but i accept this too with love at this point, because only love heals..and I humbly put my story, heart and desires down to the wise hands of the Universe at this point, just focusing on raising my vibration and working on universal love towards him, and myself – and everyone, really. Listen, this is the only way. I believe he is your twin flame but even if he wasn’t, this is the only way. Please learn from my horrible mistake and do not act out of pain, anger or resentment. It can make your journey much longer and harder 🙁 Ultimately at the end of the day you will have to come to the point where you immerse yourself in this Love. Sooner or later but we all are “forced” to face that this is the only way. Might as well start it now. Anger and pain can cause problems to your twin flame, in my experience, and there WILL come a day when you will regret causing that to him – because you are One soul and thus it will hurt you too, and it will be awful when you realize this. Divine love, on the other hand, will light up your life and his too. Please don’t hold onto anger and resentment about him. Please try to remember that when he doesn’t respond, he does it because of something within your subconscious that makes him act so. Running away from it doesn’t help and will catch up with you and him badly, based on my experience. It is not to say that you can’t reach for your freedom and live your life, but it has to come from the place of Love, and not resentment or hurt. It is a very hard thing to do and I made all the potential mistakes, because again I had no idea what was going on and what this is all about. I understand now and I know for a fact that if you don’t set him free from the place of genuine, selfless, higher love, it will not end well. You will reconnect for sure, when the time is right – but your earthly options for reunion may be much more difficult, limited, or near impossible at that point, and it will hurt. 1000 times more than the pain he puts you through now. I m not saying to endure the pain now – but to act in the name of love, send him love, meditate, find self-love and find peace and joy about this all, if possible. Your priority should be you, but not out of spite..rather, out of divine love that understands that this is what the whole journey is all about…<3

          9. He is causing me pain, not vice versa. Hes dating an older woman, has 2 kids and an ex wife who can’t stand him. Now I’m on the list of being upset with him. This is him. If we are twins, which I doubt, he will be ruining his life. I’m a loving soul and always have been. I deserve love. But I’ve pretty much given up on the human race in general so I’m ok being alone.

          10. Whether he is your twin or not – he has free will to live his life however he wishes. Your message speaks of bitterness by stating that you have given up on the human race. It is spite, not lovingly letting go. Please believe me <3 I am not judging you as I have felt many times like this. I have been having suicidal thoughts over the years out of the sheer pain the situation has caused me. If you thought till now that he is your TF, what changed it suddenly? That he is using his free will to live the way he wants? He does have karma and so do you, we just don't know what karmic ties he has with these people. If he is not your twin, what does it matter how he lives, it's his life to live the way he wants to? If he is your twin, you have to love him no matter what because you are one and it will affect you if you don't and affect him down the road too. And if he is your twin, you don't want that to happen. Ego likes to think that if they cause us pain then suddenly all we believed about them before, is wrong, because it's so much easier to find fault in them than ourselves ,because it's easier to push them away than to look within and see whether one of our subconscious negative patterns / assumptions cause their negative behavior towards us or in general. Even if he is not your twin – other people are always reflecting back what we assume about them, ourselves, and the world. It's either way wise to go within and try to find peace and love or else it will harm you and set you back. Again this is not judgment on you because I know how you feel. It is unbearable pain. I have developed chronic health problems as a result of not dealing with this heartache the proper way. Don't shun the world. Open up to your pain and feel it and give yourself over to Love. If he is your twin, you cannot run away from having to do this sooner or later. If he is not your twin, even better – we have no business judging people's lives and choices. He is living and expanding, learning, by making different choices, and through this, resolving his personal karma and his soul is ascending higher. Same goes for you. We are only responsible for ourselves and pain and fear are bad advisors. We have to observe and live our lives to the fullest from the place of love, not fear or pain. Ultimately life will show you whether he is your twin or not. Your current pain state is not accurate measurement whether he is or he is not. I often wish my twin wasn't my twin because life would be so much easier, because his choices wouldn't have hurt me so bad, because my life would be normal and relatively happy and easy. And then I realize that I can thank all to him. My spiritual awakening, my self-growth, my finding my inner path, my expansion, my ascension, my learning of unconditional love..each time he hurts me he gives me the chance to practice unconditional love, and when I react with anger, I know that my love is still not fully unconditional, and I can go even deeper in this. He has been my partner to transform me into the being I had to become. I wouldn't do it any other way now I think. I mean I wish our story wasn't so heartbreaking..but the result of it is amazing, and in the end, I wouldn't trade my path away for an easier one, ever. Bottom line is – whether he is your twin or not, it doesn't matter so much as you finding peace, acceptance and love. That's what we're here for, not so much for the romantic togetherness. That is certainly possible and desirable, but it's not the ultimate goal..Sending love to you..

          11. Thanks Crystal. I understand your way of thinking. But with him well he said its a boundary issue and he has his limits talking ( emailing) with me because we insult each other and I outright said hes crossed the line a couple of times. Now he said ” everything is fine” and just stopped replying. He has a girlfriend and wasnt and hasn’t been honest with me anyway. Its all moot anyway and was based on lies. I truly hope I have a soulmate or tf relationship because this was a personal disaster. He almost comes across as a nemesis sometimes. I dont need this in my life and I’ve given up. I can’t talk to him about this because hes in love with someone. Thank you for your insight. Kim

          12. I truly wish you all the best! I cannot say whether he is your twin or not, I can only say that just because he hurt you and caused tremendous heartache and stated that he is “just a guy” – that doesn’t mean that he is not. It also doesn’t mean that he is, either – but again, from Ego’s standpoint it’s far easier to deal with their hurtful attitude if we believe that they are not “special”, than to accept that they are indeed as special as we thought them to be – and that in order for them to begin to act like that, we ourselves need to change our patterns of thinking, feeling and beliefs. It is easier to point at them and think of them as “bad” and ourselves as “good” than to view them as vessels that reflect back to us our innermost energetic patterns. The former doesn’t require work on ourselves, it puts it all on them. The latter requires heavy self-work and it is painful and very difficult. I guess what I am trying to say is that it almost doesn’t matter whether he is your twin or not. You have a traumatic relationship for whatever reason and in itself that is enough to call for attention..In the end, we are all one, and we all are reflections of one another. As within, so without, as esoteric wisdom says..Traumatic relationships always show areas of our own psyche that we ought to work on..always…I think, even if those traumatic relationships are karmic, and it is of no fault of our own, we can still use them as a chance to progress and learn greater unconditional love, and forgiveness. As we practice this, we heal from within and we’ll experience our outside world heal as well, matching our raising vibrations. I think there’s nothing wrong with pausing or eliminating relationships from our lives – but only from a good-feeling, loving place..not because we’re hurt and can’t take anymore. Then, we would just carry that energetic pattern to the next relationship, life situation, etc. Either way, the answer is self-work, to feel good about the situation and ourselves..and from that standpoint, every traumatic relationship is welcome and wonderful chance to grow. Once we have nothing but true unconditional love – these traumatic reflections will dissolve once and for all and relationships with non-matching vibe disappear anyhow. Twin flameness doesn’t matter in this’s true to any relationship..and if he was a twin flame after all, his behavior will also transform towards you. Sometimes we put too much emphasis on titles..soulmate, twin flame, or just “regular” person..we all are one in the end. Twin flames are signposts to show this truth and teach to live this wisdom and develop this love for everyone. Wishing you much success anyhow, I am sorry for chiming in, I don’t know it all for sure, for if I did, obviously I’d be together with him long ago 🙂 but it’s been very long journey and it has brought much insight. Cassady’s writings included! Can’t be thankful enough for them. Her insights are amazing and useful even for non-twins in “generic” relationships..My relationships, my physical life, including my Twin relationship has taken on a new life ever since I am reading her blog, not to mention my insight into the nature of this journey. Blessings to you..<3

          13. Thank you, your post makes the most sense because I dealt with trauma in the year 2014 which was a traumatic relationship right before him. After all the ebb and flow of our dynamic, things came to a head just a week.ago and he hit a vulnerable point and I lashed out. I wouldn’t say me and him are traumatic per set, but there are a lot of mixed signals, misunderstandings, and lashing out. When I’m with him, even if its innocent as visiting him at work, I sometimes feel disillisiond because he will cut me off 2 days later and say he can’t take my mood swings. The whole thing is mind blowing and doesnt make sense. But the amount of emotional distress I feel doesn’t equate to the facts of our friendship. I’ve never even kissed him if that makes a difference. The thing that made most sense as to what you wrote is that if hes a twin his feelings will transform toward me. And yes, I beleive we may be on pause his last email to me was ” everything is fine”. I’m the over thinker in distress though. For sure.

          14. Dear Chrystaldrop, you speak wise words which truly resonate with me. Your insights reflect where I stand at this point in my journey. However, I do see that you have adopted a belief (namely that it is too late for you and your twin to physically reunite) that you should look into. I completely understand where it comes from, with approaching unconditional love you start to accept the choices of your twin and their free will and that is good, but your ego might also trick you there: twins do come together, even when it seems impossible. It sounds to me that you are very close to reunion, after you have cleared this belief that it is not anymore possible. You are loving your twin unconditionally, just one more step into feeling this for yourself and being worthy of reuniting, and I am sure it will happen. I send you love. E.

          15. “E” thank you so much <3 I understand what you are saying and you are correct. I believe that it is possible for us to reunite, but there is a reason why I am not pushing for it. He loves his wife. He adores his child. I am in no way going to hurt the people who love him and whom he loves. Even if it was possible and desirable to reunite, it would cause heartbreak to which I am not going to contribute..I am also married with kids now. There are a lot of people involved here and I have limitations to believe that every single one of us could come out of it happier. There are also karmic ties and situations that are still being balanced. It is probably true that we can reunite but I don't want to focus on that as much as finding wholeness in myself and focusing on my calling to help humankind at this critical time..and I have faith that the highest good of all will transpire in the meantime. My conscious mind -despite of faith – can not conceive a solution that won't harm people and thinking about this makes me feel sad which compromises my I am not thinking about it 🙂 and focus my energy where it feels good..fulfilling my calling..being grateful for just how far we came..and how we are one already, with or without earthly physical relationship 🙂 I hope that makes sense. I do know that I have limiting beliefs here..I know I have faith too. I don't know if I want to clear those beliefs up, if it could lead to pain for others..I know that they need to evolve also but may it be in Divine timing and not when my Ego wants it..Thank you for your kind words…I will keep them in mind and meditate upon..<3

          16. Dearest Chrystaldrop, I really understand. Just realize that you do not have responsibility for his decisions or his wife, and even not for your own spouse. If you’re aiming for the highest good of all and on soul level, nobody will be truly harmed.
            From my experience: I decided to divorce my spouse because I understood I belong to be with my twin and I would not be true to myself if I would live (a comfortable and even pleasant) lie… After a first phase of anger, it is amazing to see how my spouse accepted it and even becomes more ‘light’ happier and optimistic. Also my kids, after the first shock, they prosper emotionally. Not because it is better now, but also not worse. Best is: I now truly give them myself.
            You have to do what is good for you, I only want to say, things sometimes turn out different than you think when you let go of your worries and unnecessary responsibility. You can clear these beliefs and see what happens, the universe will not allow bad things to happen to others because of you, as long as you act from love. Clearing will bring you that love, physical or not. And you do deserve to allow yourself to receive this unconditional love from your twin.
            You are a brave person and I send you love from my heart. E.

          17. <3 Thank you! I understand and I agree. Divorce is ideal in such cases – twin is irrelevant, it has to be done for the self, and for the spouse involved. Unfortunately life is not ideal and many times divorce is not possible for various reasons, at least not yet. My case is such a case, for multiple reasons..that is beyond the scope of this public forum. And it has nothing to do with taking the easy way out and staying in the comfort zone in our case. And beyond this – my husband and I still have karmic ties at the moment – as a wonderful Akashic reader has pointed it out to us this summer -and one of the reason why I married him is that he can undo some of that in this life that he had done to me in our previous life. He is working on it but it's nowhere near completion – yet 🙂 As such, my marriage was not a failure or a mistake, at all, like sometimes I feel.on the contrary, it had to happen prior to my reunion with my twin. Perhaps the physical difficulties/impossibilities will change when karma is finally cleared. My twin flame's life and marriage is equally difficult and complex. Whichever way I look at it, it's incredibly painful and complex. It is easier to focus my energy on happy thoughts of service and gratitude than thinking of impossible and trapped situations that we both are in. By raising my vibration, per the Law of Attraction, anything is possible – and ironically, raising my vibration means that I can not dwell on these sad situations because it hurts so much and compromises my energy. Someday, somehow, according to the divine will 🙂 and not mine, it will unfold, and I am ready for it. Sleeping Beauty was surrounded by the thorny bushes too until the time has come for the spell to break. My time will come too but my focus can not be this, or else I can't let go, I will obsess, I will be depressed, or potentially suicidal 🙂 I can not afford that. My "Now", my children, and my vibrational alignment are too precious to be compromised by sad thoughts. <3

          18. Please know, dear Chrystaldrop, that I know that you are doing what is right for you all involved and in no way I judge you or think that you ‘are taking the easy way’, on the contrary I know how it is! I was simply speaking about my own experience <3
            All I want to say is, and please discard my words it if you feel I am rambling on or make no sense: you can keep going on with what you do (because based on what you describe it seems that you have found your right path), but anyway, you can still clear the belief it is impossible and deal differently with the sadness. Because the sadness is also part of your path of learning, not a burden you should carry around 🙂
            If you can feel that you and your twin are together on soul level, you will start to feel how much you are part of something greater and you will have no need to be sad in this life anymore. (well, slowly it will). Learning to clear and overcome the sadness will help you further on the path you are walking now. It is good to focus on light and love, as you do, but please feel also the love for your twin on soul level. It will help you also here, physically together or not.
            I wish you love and light and happiness in the broadest way possible. <3

          19. Thank you! That is pretty much what I have been referring to all along. I feel the soul love, I feel peace, by focusing on our oneness in Spirit, which we have found. The physical vessel, 3D life and society is all passing away, our souls are eternal. We are already together, in our souls and on all other dimensions but the physical, and i am not sad at all 🙂 I only talk about sadness if I begin to focus on the difficulties of our physical union. By focusing on that, I lose my positive feelings and i sink into sadness, forgetting that physical is just a tip of the iceberg. I choose to be grateful for our great soul union which we already have, rather than be sad about the lack of physical union – that’s the bottom line, basically. I have faith and I know without doubt that it can happen any time – but I let go of the matters of “how” and “when” and even “if” – there are much greater powers at hand in a real twin union than what we often physically see. Ours is a story of lifetimes with almost-uniting – we have never united as much as we are united now in this one 🙂 I am just not viewing this one little physical life like everything has to happen here right now. I have been blessed to see the continuity for over several lifetimes and it is clear that this is the first one where we are truly united, physically too, and as such I know that it doesn’t matter anymore whether we are actually together (as in, marriage) or not. I see where we are now, and I know why the complete union is not possible (yet) – we both have a lot of work to do for that, and I’ve been working on clearing this up for years now! I know that eventually it could be possible, but I refuse to focus on the “lack” of what I don’t have, and focus on what I do have..That’s the only way to not to be sad, which I am not, by following this path! but the longing for physical togetherness used to break me down, spiritually and physically to the point of insanity, and that cannot happen again, I want to live in the present moment and be happy with what I have..this type of thinking has unlocked a lot of previously seemingly impossible situations in my case already. The moment I begin to “bump up” against my limitations by thinking of them and wanting to physically undo them, my vibration drops and my chronic physical health problems begin to resurface and take over. So that’s the only reason why I am not making that my focus anymore – I am only making my happy vibe the priority and gratitude, love and joy 🙂 Ultimately i am aware that I am the one who manifested my situation in this life and I blame noone, and I know it can change’s been an insanely beautiful journey, albeit crazy and painful, my soul rejoices in seeing how far things have come in this lifetime and believes in miracles and previously closed doors opening in their right time 🙂 Much happiness to you and yours too!!! Thank you for reaching out!!!

          20. Dear CrystalDrop, thank you so much for “chiming” in with your observations and sharing your story. I have been following this blog for a few months now and love Cassady’s posts and even more the convo’s that start up from them, especially your insights! My TF journey
            Is very similar to yours and thank you for sharing and reminding me what this whole experience is really about. The spiritual union is ultimately the most important piece for me and the amazing awakening that has happen to me since meeting my TF IN 2011.
            Please continue to chime in, I am so thankful for wise and guided observations from all on this thread …. this is quite a wild & amazing journey!

          21. Hi again. There’s a young girl in this picture. Shes 30, 2 young kids and divorced twice living with her parents. She popped up on his fb as soon as I showed up on his page and they have a history I suppose. I’ve asked him if he is involved, if she loves him.and he comes up with the same excuse, we have never kissed, 2 dates only etc. I dont know why I’m threatened by this person and what the heck he sees in her. I WANT him to go to her to finish that connection because this girls energy is involved and its come full Circle. I’m not in ego anymore ..I try to abide by having respect for him and these women, even though I know hes siding with their nastiness against me because they saw my picture and since I’m from a dating website they’ve slandered me. Hes judging me because of my past history with men. I know this. What do I make of this. ? I can’t make him into a spiritual man, but he needs to learn. So do I. But hes like a different man. Drama!!!

          22. He will learn on his own time I think..Another dear TF blogger lady has opened my eyes up to realizing that “pushing” things in the 3D world, usually doesn’t end well and only backfires. We can not force them, they still have their free will and we do not know when their karmic relationships with others will come to full circle and completion. I had my Akashic records read for me and my Twin is very much in it..:) but I still don’t know what all he has done and caused in past lives and present, that are keeping him from me, and for how long. I know that I have karmic ties and I have dissolved most of them lately, so I am doing good on my part, but I can not decide for my twin and I can not know what all he still has to work on. I would venture to say it’s the same for you and your twin. Physical, 3D world push won’t do anything to speed it up. What I would do is withdraw my energy from that situation, focusing on those ladies..You can do two things instead…Focus on transmuting your own karma..dissolving those ties…And do the same for your twin. Since we are energetically one with them, we can do karmic release for them too, but that doesn’t happen in the physical world by our actions, rather by inner works. Twin Flame prayer, violet flame decrees work beautifully if done with evoking the highest love. They tend to visibly bring up deep seated issues and I often see things getting worse temporarily, when I commit to do these on a daily basis, but those are proof to me that they are working. In the long run I can see the definite pattern that they have dissolved a lot of my karmic ties and debts over time. I have faith and I know that even if i don’t see it, they help my twin too to accomplish the same. Focusing on his current karmic struggles with these women won’t do good for your well-being emotionally, it will ruin your high vibe that’s needed to do this work so if at all possible take your attention off of them and even him..I know it’s hard. Been there done this. It will only get worse and more painful by focusing on it and won’t make positive difference. At all. Only inner works will..

          23. I rather transmute the karma. I fully beleive I paid most of my karmic debt …we really have none between us but hes creating it in his own life. I’m at a loss that I can’t have these conversations with him. I’ve alluded to how much pain in in and at a crossroads in my life, but I dont want to come across as miserable. I have competition with these other women in this circle.

          24. I made a mistake. Hes not a tf. I found that on my own after he disrespected me by cutting me off with no explanation and a year later hes doing it again. He just says ” I’m.a guy.”. No, I think hes abusive. An experience I never want again. So yes, I’ll be cautious in who I’m with next, but it won’t be out of spite. I’m not angry with him, I’ve had it that’s all.

    4. Acquagal and everyone commenting on this thread: it’s very interesting to see you sharing these experiences:

      There has absolutely been a strong push recently to let go of any old cords and attachments between Twins (astrologically showing up as Saturn challenging Venus), and this might mean a temporary separation energetically for many, where things come to a head – what’s literally happening is that old low vibration bonds are being forced to break. So that we can form new and healthier ones from a high vibrational perspective.

      I understand that this can be very challenging and emotionally tough, but try to feel the gift in this situation – feel yourself whole in yourself and show yourself love and care. And know that energy can change overnight and you and your Twin both might feel different very soon. When things come to a head like this, it’s usually because our souls are pushing us to let go of something negative once and for all.

      Set the intention that you allow anything that doesn’t serve you to float away down the “river”, and you’ll soon feel lighter, stronger, more whole.

      Sending you all love and light <3 x

      1. Thank you so much cassady. That information helps a lot and I feel like that is the case with us. I will continue working on my alignment. I’m so grateful I found your site.

      2. That’s so fascinating Cassady because while I work with my TF (quite a complicated situation as you can imagine) she has been very distant from me the past 2 weeks. Part of it is because I had given her some guidance she probably didn’t want to hear but it sounds like astrology could be playing a part in that as well. And regarding things coming to a head…. I asked my guides to help me get over this feeling of being “stuck” and very soon afterwards I came into contact with an energy healer who I believe can really assist me in lifting my vibration and clearing out blocks. So it’s quite an interesting time in my TF journey right now….. Scott

      3. Hi Cassidy, does this mean the twin dynamic is the “negative” you speak of? It happened to me and one of my last emails to him was ” I’m giving you clues as to something that is going on with me, but I can’t tell you..maybe someday” and I feel like s huge wave of relief hit me this morning. I’ve been a little bewildered but I FINALLY alluded to twin flames with him. Let’s see if he “got it.” 🙂

  3. “Taurus energies are attuned to deliberate, patient manifestation and reminds us that like with a flower planted from a seed, there is quite a lot of growing that has to be done below the ground before we ever see the plant emerging over the surface.”

    Love this!!

  4. I’ve finally been really feeling my twin energetically. I feel him more at night but when I think about it during the day I can feel him there. I haven’t met him yet but I know that he’s right there waiting for me to be ready. I recently had a Akashic Record reading and we talked about my twin. I am so excited to finally be noticing him and can’t wait to meet him! I was told I needed to love myself more deeply then he could come in the physical. I am working very hard and know that he’s there watching and waiting.

      1. Probably not since I’m really not sure. I’ve been going through a lot of changes spiritually, emotionally and physically over the last three months so it’s hard to tell everything apart. I am actually empathic to begin with, I’ve had phantom pains once maybe twice while I was sitting at home by myself and not doing anything but I know there’s usually more to be being connected to your twin than that.

  5. There were too many moments in the last 2 weeks that I would feel my body jolt by itself. Any chance this is related to DNA downloads or TF connections. I feel it more often just before I sleep or upon waking up but during the day, there are 2 or 3 times my body jolts.

    1. Caly, I am sensing the same thing, I feel my Body jolts as well. At times it vibrates certain objects and now and recently, my energy makes the lights flicker.

      1. Timothy, I saw lights flicker last week as well… it wasn’t power surge at all. coz it happened as soon as I entered the restroom. I was feeling high energy during that time as well….

        1. Same here. I have noticed the past days that the lights flicker. I also see light “sparks” burst around me, or little spheres of light floating around me. Never seen such things before, it started 2-3 days ago and is now constant.

          1. Wow! I was in a logic class in college and I walked in late and the lights flickered. My teacher was rather unprofessional and actually pointed the synchronicity out but in a negative way as if I was the one saying I caused such a thing! Honestly I am shy I just wanted to hide in a cloak as I walked in. Good to hear that this is something that has a common occurrence. I know someone else who is a Twin (which I just really understood recently) who makes analog watched stop working. Our magnetics are different for sure!

  6. I love your posts Cassady!! My question is sorta unique as I havent found anyone else going thru what I am yet, but how does a twin deal with the death of their twin? How do you stay in the positive energy fields when dealing with incomprehensible grief and sadness and knowing with certainty that you will never be together in this lifetime? I know he’s with me in spirit but it just doesn’t seem to help with the emptiness, I feel like I died with him. Everyday seems soo dark, thankfully I have found your blog and with that a little light! Thank U! XOXO

    1. Samantha, are you a Empathy going through repeating patterns by seeing weird expressions from people around you from your energy?

  7. Hi Cassidy, I’m writing for the first time as what you posted resonates a lot with my situation. I too have had a totally unexpected and rather devastating major stop with my TF last weekend. Although we have known each other for a few decades, we have reconnected early this year through coincidence, which made me recognize him as my TF. He has been married for over twenty years with kids he adores, but he seems to have been suffering from bad marriage to the point that his soul felt broken when we reconnected. He aske me to help him save his soul and we started communicating online everyday since then. We shared our everyday life, thoughts, feelings, spiritually helped each other. While we are long distance, some unplanned coincidences have even brought us physically together a few times. There were also lots of telepathetiv interactions that are hard to explain. We never made any future promises but deeply cared for each other. I never asked him to leave his marriage on my behalf, because I knew it was something that he needs to decide. I also knew it wasn’t easy. But I appreciated the here and now. And last weekend, all of a sudden, out of the blue, he sends me a text saying that his wife found out about us and that he regrets having been communicating with me and that he wants me to stop contacting him ever. Just like that. And he now has completely blocked me out. I have been in shock the last one week. Although, funny enough, I am not angry at him and forgive him for what he’s done to me. I just feel sad for his soul that’s already been quite damaged when we reconnected and I feel this incident will further cause him pain. I wonder what this whole thing means for both of us, as what we had has been simply beautiful, loving and caring.

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