Identity Shift – Are You Listening To Your Soul? Powerful Full Moon Brings Shakeups In Love, Veil Of Perception Drops… Are You Ready For A Whole New Level?


Highlights this week include:

Mars and Mercury Retrograde both continue, and Mercury R and Venus both enter Libra – from opposite ends, signalling love and unity happens in balance.

Plus, Full Moon in Taurus hits on Halloween – veil of perception drops, opening to “supernatural” Twin Flame love.

Discover more below!


This is set to be an intense time, so remember to use your Free Twin Flame Resources (and if you haven’t already downloaded you can do so here)

Mars Retrograde Continues…

As in recent weeks, Mars Retrograde is happening in the background throughout this week – until November 13th.

As the “ruler” of the Masculine, this has big repercussions for the Twin Flame connection.

This is a period of “upgrades” and processing for the masculine collective, Aries natives and our action, the solar plexus, astral realm, sexuality and our karmic blueprint…

Have a look here for more on what Mars Retrograde means for Twin Flames.


Mercury Retrograde Echoes To Fall 2019

We also have Mercury Retrograde still going on in the background, in recent weeks travelling through Scorpio and causing a stirring up and purge in communication and thinking around the unconscious, power, secrets, sex and transformation.

This means a purge of the throat chakra and sacral chakras…

And interconnecting patterns such as judgments around sex, beliefs around what men/women are like, what primal sexual reactions we were made to repress in our childhood, and more.

Going over old terrain from the Mercury Retrograde we had in fall 2019, you’re likely to notice echoes from back then.

Have a look here for more info on the chakras and get a free reading to assess how healthy and balanced your chakras are.


Unconscious, Supernatural Connection

Mercury and Mars Retrograde can complicate things right now, so do keep an eye on the deeper communication going on in terms of dreams, visions, feeling level sensations – the “supernatural” or unconscious Twin Flame connection.

Instead of trying to hash things out on the “outside” with your Twin in the “regular world” and potentially triggering misunderstandings or fear, use the Complete Harmony Healing for Twin Flames to cleanse out any remains of old hurt, both from their upbringing and between you.

This is especially key with lots of energy in Scorpio, as residue of sexual connections with outsiders is triggered with these transits (to be cleansed out). Have a look here for more.

Have You Been Brought Off Track?

We have a shift in focus as Mercury moves backwards into Libra on October 27th – we are moving into a new way of thinking and speaking, the focus is now directed towards others, harmony and reaching consensus.

But as this is a retrograde, we’re shown up where this has been PROBLEMATIC.

It’s about where we’ve abandoned our OWN truth or the truth of the divine love connection, and reverted into the collective ideas or other people’s perceptions.

There are things that have brought you off track, that’s come from other people or groups…

Group Consensus Vs Divine Truth

It could be friends, family, the media, TF groups or other factors…

But the general idea it’s about the group consensus leading you off your divine path – things such as beliefs or talk around men as cheaters, love as being painful and other common human perceptions are key.

These things tend to trip up so many Twin Flames, so it’s essential to clear out because otherwise they’ll be in your space and attracting more “evidence” of those very things you don’t want!

I take you through painlessly clearing all this here plus explain why energy is so crucial for the Twin Flame connection, and how to turn the momentum in your favor.

Going Within, Anchoring Into Deeper Truths

For the next few weeks as Mercury completes his retrograde, in this sign, make sure you don’t keep pushing outwards when the lesson is required within! Make sure you don’t listen to everyone else than your own intuition.

Make sure you don’t focus on other people and their opinions/journey/rights/wrongs, when it’s really all about YOU.

Be careful ego or other people don’t drive you away from your divinity and sacred love – which is found within.

Because it is as your divine whole self you are magnetic to love, to your Twin Flame, to your reunion. Your intuition will lead you further than any other people and their beliefs ever will.


Feeling Blocked By The World/Universe

We have another snag as Mercury retrograde is in a square with the “heavyweights” Pluto/Saturn/Jupiter, who are nearing another clash in Capricorn.

We see you may be irritated with feeling blocked by the outside world – and “authority types” especially. Including the universe!

We see that this is highlighting an inner block or skewed dynamic from childhood in particular.

We’re shown that your relationship and dynamic with grandparents/teachers and powerful people in your life are potential blocks to unity. In essence, it’s about power relations and your programming around “self vs other”.

(For help with this, click here)

Twin Flames Redirected Within

This is also happening with Mars Retrograde and the above planets, so this is key for your Masculine/Aries Twin counterpart also. What’s going on here is that both Twins are being re-directed to their own INNER situation to resolve these imbalances…

So that the outer connection can flow. You may remember me mentioning it before, but in essence we all have a “blueprint” or energy/emotional recipe for how WE interact with OTHER.

It’s the “self vs other” programming, and it’s rooted in the solar plexus.

What’s Your “Attachment Style”?

Psychology also describes this as a key part of “imprinting” and “attachment style” or love language that we take on in childhood – or are taught.

And when Twins meet, any imbalanced “attachment style” is triggered to surface so we can heal and uplift it.

Because as you’re probably already thinking, our Twin Flame is the “key OTHER” that we encounter!

So this programming needs to be harmonious – otherwise we tend to have drama, struggle, problems and blocks between the counterparts.

Feeling Unsupported… The Outer Mirror

This transit also deals with how we relate to a greater power, ie the Universe, so if we have blocks or problems in this programming we end up experiencing outer mirrors to the inner issues.

Such as our prayers seemingly going unmet, things not working out, feeling unsupported by the higher realms.

When you go within and heal this programming, things begin to flow so much more smoothly. And your hearts fully open to one another.

Shaken Up By The Universe

Throughout this week we also have Mercury Retrograde and the Sun opposition Uranus Retrograde in Taurus – it shows that we’re being shaken up in this period, especially on an unconscious level.

We may be challenged, especially our beliefs, perceptions and our identity. And it’s happening in order to help us be open to the highest form of love.

For best results, work WITH the energies to release blocks, and be as flexible as you can.

Go within, attune to your soul and your intuition, and you’ll get through this period in an optimal way.

Twin Flame Telepathy Heightened

Tuesday we have a conjunction between Neptune and the Moon, which add to this general feeling of instability and fogginess. There is a lot stirred up right now, and it feels like things may be changing uncomfortably…

With this transit, it could be you don’t really notice it or you feel subtly guided through it all.

When Neptune and the Moon meet, we have heightened “nonphysical” interactions between Twin Flames in focus, such as telepathy, shared dreams and more.

I show you how to activate your Telepathy and your remote romance with your Twin Flame here – class 2 and 6 – so you can get straight answers and always experience yourselves as being together.

Twin Flame Pair Pushed Together…

October 27th we have a new chapter beginning in love, as Venus enters Libra. Libra is all about balance, in fact its symbol is the scales.

So it puts the spotlight on the commonality, the TEAM or PAIR aspect of the Twin Flame journey.

Venus in Libra energies encourage and gently push you to seek and find balance. Look at your current situation and get a feel for where you could make adjustments for increased fulfillment and happiness.

Your home life, your career, your relationship – where are you out of balance? Where do you feel unfulfilled right now?

The focus for Twin Flames to come together is to find balance both within and between themselves.

Preparing For Union – Balance

You are now being asked to look at where in your life you are out of balance…

So that you can find balance within YOURSELF and your own life, readying yourself for union – which is the ultimate balance between you and your divine counterpart’s energies. (Read more here)

So ask yourself, where in your life are you giving more than you are receiving? It is important to reach a balance of energy flowing in and out.

Look at what habits you have of relating to others – are your relationships balanced in terms of family, friends, love?

If not, what can you do to address that imbalance at this point? To infuse with more light and “fill up” with your power, use the Free Energy Cleanse session here.

Getting To Where The Magic Happens

This search for balance also applies to your Twin Flame dynamic:

Think about two joints of a pipeline – if they are not lining up, water cannot flow through; it will be lost through leakages and the water will never get from its starting point to its intended destination.

Perfect alignment creates perfect flow on the energetic plane. And you and your Twin are, above all, energetic beings.

If there is imbalance, there will be blockages to the free flow of energy and to your coming together.

Halloween Full Moon – Shaking Up Identities

October 31st we have a powerful Full Moon in Taurus, on Halloween, conjunct Uranus Retrograde.

This is all about rattling us out of our habits of self. Shaking up our identity and love programming.

Spirit says “the masks come off!” and yes, those aren’t the Halloween costumes but our “masks of ego” – the facade of the human self.

Ego is likely rattled during this Full Moon and breakthroughs may come through an emotional meltdown.

Infusion Of New Light

Uranus is the symbolic jackhammer or bolt of electricity, and rules technology, groups and starseeds. Taurus is the sign of love, partnership and Venus’ planet of love’s “home sign”.

Uranus is a slow moving planet travelling through Taurus for years to come, bringing a purge and upgrade, an infusion of new light in terms of love and relationships…

but only after the old density and rigid past content has been broken apart.

So with this Full Moon we have an emotional culmination happening in terms of identity, love and self vs other. Echoing what’s going on elsewhere in the Zodiac too.

Getting On Track With The Soul…

This Full Moon can be a tough one, as emotions rise to a head between two intense points.

Know that whatever breaks apart or occurs suddenly right now, is designed to get you on track with your SOUL’s truth and your divine highest path.

Even if it feels bad or is challenging. Spirit says, sometimes we here on earth don’t know our own good.

That’s when the planetary energies push us. It’s a gift of love, even if it doesn’t feel like it.

Revelations… Letting Go Of An Old Chapter

Don’t feel bad if you feel unclear about yourself, your path, your future right now. It’s natural, it’s for a reason. You’re being shaken out of your habits, to be available for something new.

Work with the energies to release what’s outworn its purpose once and for all. (Ask what you feel most drawn to, that’s your intuition telling you what’s to your highest good right now)

A Full Moon PLUS Uranus conjunction, means we’re not just gently being guided to let go of an emotional pattern and a chapter in relationships.

We’re being FORCED to, very likely.

A new beginning is coming, and it may happen through a very sudden ending.

In essence, it may be that you’re losing or releasing a part of yourself… and we’re shown by spirit that this is happening for your counterpart also.

The mask/revelation symbol is strongly presented to me by spirit. There may be an unpleasant truth being presented to you.

The Training Wheels Are Coming Off

Who you thought you were or were told you were growing up… is being pushed to go. That “small self” is being “purged” from your experience…

Because it’s not to your highest good anymore. You are so much more than who you were told.

Spirit says, “and now the training wheels are coming off”. Your “small self” is not aligned with having your dreams/unity/the higher reality. But your SOUL is.

So for the next chapter of your journey to commence, that old “constructed” identity is being pushed off…

Opening to reveal the “real” YOU. Your soul. Again, it may not be instant and it may be unpleasant, but in some way this is key right now.

Ending/New Beginning Process…

The coinciding of Halloween with the Full Moon is highly rare, and gives us other messages that echo the above points. We’re in a death/resurrection, ending/new beginning period.

Deep transformation is in process.

A part of our world the way we knew it, or ourselves, or our Twin Flame connection… Is symbolically dying, in order to give room for a rebirth.

We’re shown that the death part, the “darkness” is happening now and that the “rebirth” themes will begin to be revealed more and more – peaking around the New Moon on 14th November in some way.


The Phoenix Rising

Themes of life and death abound right now – nature is shedding her “life” in the northern hemisphere, “dying” now only to come back again in spring.

All of existence is a series of deaths and rebirths. The old fades, the new arises out of its ashes – an age-old symbol for Scorpio and the Twin Flame connection is the Phoenix rising. We are not meant to fear.

As the veil of perception thins during Halloween and the day of the dead rites, we’re in the pit of darkness metaphorically.

But the magic of “dark” is that this is where we create. Light is when things are manifest, clear, obvious.

11:11 – Remember Who You Are…

“Dark” is fertile for creation, and as seeds sown in the dark ground, we too are preparing the future path now. The Halloween message is, nothing is off limits.

What we in our human world believe possible, is only a fraction of existence and what is truly available to us.

There is no “this world and the other”, there are only perceptions.

The reason we feel someone to be lost to us when they pass away or aren’t physically with us, is that our human society has created a false divide and we have “opted into it” on some level.

The Unveiling…

The truth is, we are all souls. We are beings of energy, who can manifest so much more than we have been lead to think.

Take off the mask and embrace your infinite nature!

When you do, there is no stopping you.

11:11 Remember who you are.

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

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