twin-flame-scorpio-moonPassion And Major Changes Brewing In Love, But Is The Past Working Against You? Powerful Full Moon In Scorpio Brings Deep Shifts In Self, Sex And Relationships…

Welcome into a brand-new week in the cosmic energies.

Highlights this week include:

Intensity, Full Moon, Lilith involvements… Revelations happening.

Showing up the real “bad guys” responsible for Twin Flame suffering… Are you ready for some major game changing info?

Discover more below!

Breakthroughs Brewing

We’re still in Taurus season but despite this sign’s usual calmness, we’re in a period of strong change.

Last week and into early this week, Mercury and Venus travel past Uranus, triggering powerful shifts pushing us to breaking through old “3D” programming…

You may have had surprise encounters in love, heard from your Twin in unusual ways, felt stirrings in your body as your system “downloaded” higher encodings and templates…

There have been a lot of shifts going on — even if they’re “behind the scenes” for now.

In some cases, you may just have felt increasingly frustrated with the status quo and been longing for change. (If so, take a look at this)

Female Historical Karma

This week, Venus and Mercury move past Lilith, signaling that there is set to be triggering around karmic female limitations and the “human baggage.”

Something is shifting powerfully – or trying to. Your field, timelines and reality are pushing to release old limitations. To rise higher.

Your soul is pushing and yearning to break free of old historical baggage. Perceived limitations and negativity.

Not “Your Stuff”?

Programming and content that wasn’t even “yours” to begin with but has been present in your field via the collective, ancestry and your biological gender.

If things feel awful or you feel like things are stuck — ask yourself how gender or the human collective “stories” play into it.

That’s the crux of what is going on.

The human separation model of conflict and toxic relationship paradigms are being triggered — the shadows of it.

” Uprooting “Shadows”

We are being pushed to recognize it and release these old distortions so that a higher harmony can rise forth.

The karmic historical wounds and baggage are being triggered to come to the surface, so we can recognize it for what it is and release it once and for all.

Because as you may be able to see, most people have not been truly happy on earth over the centuries.

Women have not felt loved, safe, free, well… There has been danger, conflict, mistreatment…

And this is why Twin Flames often experience flare ups of these “typical” human relationship issues in their connection.

It’s because we “signed up” to come here and change it. (Read more about that here)

Unity Consciousness vs Separation

We Twin Flames are here to bring harmony, unity.

So if you’ve been stuck in repeated cycles of infidelity, running, ghosting, being ignored, feeling mistreated based on gender on some level…

Know that it’s not YOU. It’s not YOURS to carry. To experience.

It’s historical human baggage from the collective fields.

And freeing yourself from that baggage, which spirit calls “false karma” — is a ***game changer***.

Releasing Distortion

False karma means, it’s not YOUR creation. It means, other people’s stuff/beliefs/experiences from back in time are playing out in YOUR twin flame connection as “phantoms.”

One of the most deeply transformative shifts we can make on the Twin Flame journey, is to clear this old distorted material of division, which otherwise only keeps Twins stuck in separation and drama cycles.

I take you through it here.


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A Strange Gift from Your Deeper Self…

You may want to make a note of these days in your calendar, so you recognize any triggering as such. The most intensity happens Monday-Friday, and subsides by the weekend.

What’s going on with this transit, your system is giving you the “gift” of showing you where the toxic “false karmic” baggage is still in you, or playing out between you and your Twin.

Keep an eye on yourself at this time. Don’t get dragged in!

Because Mercury’s involvement means you could otherwise end up triggered via hearing from other people who are in that toxic karma, who are negative or paste onto your ideas of men as cruel, unfaithful, relationships as negative…

You may encounter other Twins who push onto you that it can’t work out between you, that love isn’t real and so on…

Paranoia? Or Genuine Negativity…

Or you may come across information via media, social groups or your own life that seems to say that women are mistreated.

It can deal with jealousy, insecurity, doubt that you’ll ever end up together.

It can be ideas of outsiders threatening your connection, karmic interferences and so on.

Keep a cool head! Use your energy tools (get a free session here). Stay close with your Twin’s higher self and your guidance. They will help you through it if you stay open to them and listen.

Creating Massive Positive Change

The amazing thing is, if you use this time wisely the old karmic shadow programming will be gone from your field for good.

It means your connection will rise into a higher state, of more harmony and unity. You won’t return to those states of toxicity in the connection.

It means you won’t be aligned with the “rollercoaster” of running/chasing/separation and drama anymore as a pair.

Again, I take you through a deep clearing of false karma here, and reconnect you with the powerful Soul Templates of Union in this channeled session.

“The Other Woman”

A key potential we see as highlighted for many readers in this group is, you may see your counterpart with another person and feel that is the future. That they are lost to you. That you cannot end up together.

Spirit shows us, if this is happening, you MUST eradicate what caused you to think it was out of your hands. (I.e. the toxic false programming)

You must embed the codes of unity, and love yourself so much you become magnetic to that unity.

Do not accept anything else as real!

They remind us:

Why would the universe set up a situation in which your “other self” was out of reach to you? Why would the two of you come here for that?

Are You Using Your Free Will Wisely?

No, those are expressions of dis-harmony.
False “dark” programming. Human distortions.

The problem is, as an infinite being you have free will – and you may have used it “against yourself”.

As a human being you may have inadvertently aligned with the negativity and therefore allowed it into your reality.

If so, put your foot down right now! Change things around. Manifest your unity.

Again, I take you through clearing the false karma and dark programming of separation and division here.

(Includes clearing entity contracts and past life marriage/karmic contracts that may be blocking your unity – on both sides of your connection)

Powerful Full Moon in Scorpio

We are reminded: It is really never too late for Twin Flames.

You just have to learn to flow your co-creation into love and togetherness, rather than allowing struggle and separation on automatic.

Work to remember this, because we have another complication in the mix this week.

On April 27th we have a powerful Full Moon in Scorpio, sign of the unconscious, power, sex, secrets, death and rebirth.

Unconscious Emotional Pain Releasing

We’ll have a lot of emotions around and it can be tricky to stay on top of your perspective — with Mars also in Cancer.

The Full Moon in Scorpio is set to be a release of unconscious pain we have carrying around feeling mistreated and unloved or abandoned…

By our Twin Flame counterpart, but ultimately by life and the Universe itself.

We’re shown a purge of this material is happening from the collective fields in terms of human relationships.

So yet again I cannot emphasize enough to ***please make a note of this*** and stay aware so you don’t mistake this for your “own stuff” – especially at the beginning of this week.

Shadows Surfacing…

Because of the blurry nature of emotions, so much water energy, you may be so flooded with emotion it will seem like it is “real.” But it’s not.

The truth about your Twin Flame connection is LOVE.

But you must free yourself from the “false” karmic baggage in order for you to fully feel and experience it.

(Keep in mind it’s not enough to think or do affirmations or general chakra healing because this stuff goes deep – we have soul contracts, attachments, markings and more that have kept it in our space, so you have to know how and where it’s stored in your system to clear it fully.)

“3D” Karmic Baggage is the REAL cause of any infidelity, running, chasing, fear, drama, struggle you may have experienced.

Your true Twin Soul connection is all harmony. All love.

Read more about how this works here.

Lunar Detox

During this Full Moon, spirit shows us there’s a detoxification of the cellular structure of the body happening. This is where the toxic karma is being released.

Here is how it works:

On a cellular level, we are “created” by the “building blocks” of our ancestors, and affected by the energy on earth — the collective reality and the emotions, beliefs, experiences and vibrations of that.

The toxins from this are now being expelled.

Showers, baths and journaling may be helpful. Expressing your emotions will feel like relief. But be mindful you don’t OWN what comes up, because that will keep it around.

Energy clearing will help dramatically, not just in the now moment but to lift you into a higher level of love and unity in the PHYSICAL and for the long run as well.

Your alignment will be lifted.

Being Your Highest Self

Again, be very, very careful with gender perceptions and ideas of limitation this week.

Be in your SOUL.

Be in your highest self, as you then allow these toxins to release or flush out of your system more smoothly.

Do not hang onto them. Know that it is not really “you” or “yours”.

Scorpio is the sign of the unconscious, and so a Full Moon in this sign, tends to drag up what we’ve been hiding and repressing — so that we can release it once and for all.

Sexual Issues, Jealousy, Power Abuse, Secrets…

Jealousy, fear, shame, sexual issues, power abuse and secrets are notoriously icky areas of the Scorpio domain.

So if you think back over the past few days you might realize there’s been an undertone of this around, especially between you and your counterpart.

The good news this week is, we’re also more likely to clear any deep-seated blocks than at other times.

So, core deeper issues of running/chasing/separation can be resolved.

However, it requires you to get active. (If you could use some help, have a look here and I’ll take you through it)


It’s as if the universe is forcing us once and for all to release some of the heaviest and most uncomfortable emotions and secrets we have been holding onto.

Because as spirit says, we’ve been ASKING and PRAYING to reunite.

Here is the answer: clear the distortions that have kept it from happening…!

Again the toxic material surfacing now is set to deal with gender and mistreatment in regards to love — including, feeling abandoned or unsupported by the universe.

The spiritual truth, is that we are all equally loved and supported as souls.

But when we have this toxic material in our system, it blocks us from receiving it.

Inner Causes of Outer Issues

As Pluto goes retrograde the next day, we have yet more of this energy in focus. We’re set to be going “back over old ground” in terms of power issues, sex, secrets and death/rebirth cycles.

Using Pluto retrograde wisely; you can make huge strides forward — be open to sudden flashes of insight regarding the basis of any recent conflicts.

You may be alerted to a childhood situation which you now realize has been impacting your Twin Flame connection, or you may realize the true emotional motivation behind your actions or your Twin’s.

These realizations then help you move out of any self-defeating patterns.

(To learn more about how to connect with your Intuition and Guidance to get reliable insights on your journey, have a look here at class 2, 4 and 6)


Ignoring the Shadows

This is not set to be an easy week, unfortunately. But what’s going on is working for our highest good.

This whole week we’re being shown what has been hidden. The shadows.

The deeper fears and hurts that may have been lurking deeper down, causing problems on the outside.

Spirit says: We have been chasing on the outside, BELIEVING the mirage, the illusion.

Believing that the outside was beyond our control…

When really, it was just a MIRROR reflection trying to get us to go within and resolve our own wounds, confront our own fears so we can be free…

Not All Is What It Seems

We’re being pushed now to release the historic darkness and distortions… Which wasn’t even ours.

So we can open to love not only as an IDEA but as a fully embodied, soul, mind, body, heart and real experience in the physical and beyond. Twin Flame Union.

We’re being directed to go within and finally once and for all SEE what was there causing those outer false reflections.

The stuff that wasn’t really ours – but stuck around because we accepted it as true.

A Week Of Revelations

Keep an eye on yourself this week. Know that not all is what it seems. Be good to yourself.

And if you need some help, use the Free Twin Flame Resources here.

We’re told:
The mirror won’t stop until we fully realize that the only truth is love. That’s deep down what we came here for.

That’s what 11:11 is all about. “Wake up. Remember”.

Let the illusion shatter, and we realize that love was there all along.

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your journey <3

Cassady x


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