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Is Your Twin’s Soul Choosing To Take The Heat For You Behind The Scenes? Wisdom From The Ancients, Twin Flames “Taken To Task” By Higher Realms – Separation Mentality Under Fire…

Welcome into another busy week in the cosmic energies:

The equinox this weekend ushered in new light codes, strong energies that can trigger many to purge old heaviness strongly. If you’ve been feeling low, know this is what’s going on. The increased influx of light is triggering the “darkness” to surface. Do make sure you resolve this with energy clearing tools.

You can download my Free Energy Cleanse Tool and other resources here to get started right now! 


Increased Closeness Between The Twin Pair

As Venus nears Mars in Virgo, there is greater alignment between the Masculine and Feminine polarities in this period – it feels like things are progressing in the right direction, you’ll likely feel like you and your Twin are getting closer.

However, as these two are both opposed by Neptune Retrograde, we see there’s a challenge from the higher realms/higher selves. A sense of strictness – something we’re being asked to deal with.

And it’s about this: We’re shown that the majority of Twin Flames have to all intents and purposes forgotten who they really are and what the journey is all about. Love.

So many Twins have bought into the human illusions of female and male oppositions, about the stories of relationships and above all the *separation* mentality of earth.

We’re shown that this is the very thing we all “signed up” to assist in overcoming – separation. And now, we’re being sternly reminded that we might be in the middle of doing the very opposite.

We, who were once one and the same, chose to divide so that we could re-unite from our new existence in human bodies… And thereby pioneer and provide humanity with the path back to unity. But are you doing that?

Go here for a comprehensive session where we clear out old damaging separation programming and other societal material, plus activate embedded light codes to awaken “sleeper twins” and anchor you as a pair into a higher state.

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Tough Themes – Unity Vs Separation

We see that the Twin Flame unity project is not going so well in recent years…

Twin Flames planned to recognize each other and reunite from this point but it appears that the human separation paradigms are more stubborn than many counted on.

Fear, above all, is keeping Twins in the stubborn belief that they are opponents, in conflict. This is the true cause of separation, running and struggle.

When really, Twin Flames are one and the same. There is no man vs woman or you vs me. We are all one as souls of light.

And, the deeper truth is that this is ultimately the case for everyone on earth. There are no races, ages, nationalities, religions except as beliefs – really, all human beings are souls in bodies.

And if we Twin Flames, who chose to divide spiritually and reincarnate to come back together, are not able to get into this unity consciousness – what hope is there for the rest of the planet?

These are tough themes to deal with right now.



Why Many Twins Feel Abandoned By The Light

We’re shown a feeling of higher realms having seemingly turned their backs on you and your connection – you feel like prayers aren’t being answered, that your journey is blocked, that you’ve been abandoned…

But the truth is you’re simply being allowed to work out your own inner issues, to learn about what it is that’s caused struggle and separation… To pick the lock yourself.

Because the truth is, we’re shown – there is no problem. The *perception* of problems – aligning with the 3D reality (read here about what 3D/5D really means) – has *created* problems where really there were none.

You and your Twin Soul were never separated, you were never opposed. Your souls are giving you the tough lesson right now of experiencing this – by *not* interacting with you or assisting you.

You are given room to go within and realize it.

Because many Twins are involved in a wild goose chase of trying to find solutions from everyone outside of themselves, when the answer and the solution really lay within the whole time…



Why The Twin Flame Connection Was Perfect All Along

We’re shown it’s the human baggage that causes problems.

Nothing else. Never. There’s no divine decree for this, that or the other, because the connection is perfect in its essence.

Twin Flames are perfect for one another. Unity is our natural state.

But what we did when we came here was to deliberately take on energies, ancestral programming and patterns of material that keeps others *out* of love, so that we with our divine connection could heal and uplift these.

To provide bridges of love where people had been pushed away from each other by feelings of betrayal, fear, abandonment, exploitation, distrust, suspicion…

In order to truly ensure reunion with your Twin Soul it is imperative that you look within. Only you know what your own personal “baggage” is – what’s been blocking your journey.

Then, begin to face the shadows, be honest about where fear has clouded your perception, where your Twin’s fear has caused them to put up blocks.

And clear these (go here to learn how).



Assisting Your Twin Flame To Awaken From The Inside Out

In the new energy transformation session spirit channeled to me, we go through clearing out and healing your chakras and aura for both of you, removing ancestral negativity and outdated programming that keeps you from unconditional love.

If your Twin Flame is unawakened, we also enlist their soul to gently activate their system to rouse them into full awareness – willingly and from the inside out.

This is in complete alignment with Free Will, as they themselves are triggering the awakening willingly.

Lastly, we anchor you into a higher dimensional grid, into the crystalline unity consciousness of 5D or 7D (or even higher, depending on what is to your highest good right now), and uplift your timelines as a pair to usher in real world unity with greater speed.

Go here to discover more.



How The Ancients Knew The Secret Of Bliss

As Mercury squares Saturn too in this period, we again have this sense of being blocked. We’re being seemingly “sabotaged” from frantic mental activity – blocked from continuing with our habitual thoughts and perceptions.

So that we are forced to re-frame the way we speak about, look at, experience love and the Twin Flame connection.

The message is, if we keep thinking and doing the same things over and over, we can only ever get the same results. You must begin to uplift your inner environment to bring forth a more harmonious outer situation.

“As within, so without. As above, so below.”


This is the ancient formula of manifestation from the Emerald Tablet, thousands of years ago – humanity has always had “The Secret” but few take the time to apply this knowledge to fully reap the rewards.

If you’d like to begin working to master and uplift your journey to twin flame reunion, including simple, powerful methods for easily shifting energy and bringing forth more love from the Twin Flame Mirror, have a look here.

I was asked to create and share the Vibrational Alignment Program with the Twin Flame collective after my Twin Flame and I reached Union within 18 months of our first encounter.



Old Issues Of Male Vs Female Flare Up

Midweek we have a challenging day as the moon joins up with Saturn and Lilith retrograde in Sagittarius.

This is a volatile time, as past issues of betrayal are likely to flare up again. Key here is the re-ignition of old feelings, the re-experiencing of old negativity.

The Feminine polarity/Female Twin is likely to be in some form triggered to remember and spiral into a past situation of feeling betrayed, abandoned, let down or abused by a male person – especially the Masculine/Male Twin.

And as I mentioned a few weeks back, you might actually be reacting to collective “stuff”, energy from historical abuses against females.

Be careful right now so you don’t get triggered. All it takes is a thought popping up, an image in social media or a film and off you go. Beware your own reactions.

Make sure you use the free energy cleanse meditation here as it has worked miracles for so many Twin Flames!

Every single week I hear from people who feel lighter, happier and more at peace after using this free meditation, including many twins whose Runner counterpart got back in touch after they used the free session.

Read more testimonials here.




Manifesting The Ideal Relationship

Pluto finally moves direct on September 28th after months of retrograde motion through the terrain of Capricorn, detoxing and purging issues around manifestation and creation.

Many aspects of your long term future process have been adjusted in this period. You’ve likely become more aware of the inner paradoxes and early life experiences that have been impacting your life so far.

So that now, you can move forward from a new and higher perspective, creating more of what you desire and benefit from long term.

As Mercury enters Libra on September 30th, we get even more energy centered into uplifting relationship dynamics both between Twin Flames and for others.

This coming month we are experiencing an intense focus on uplifting, harmonizing and unifying romantic relationships.



Why It’s More About Your Parents Than You Knew

Uranus retrograde is still pushing for a shakeup of early life conditioning and “attachment programming” in this regard.

Were your parents happily married/together? This is more relevant to your current life than you might realize. As children, we’re sponges to our surroundings – taking the patterns, behaviors and energy of our caretakers.

If your parents had conflict, blame, betrayal, abandonment, arguments… it’s important that you remove these templates and get a new energetic ‘blueprint’ for relationships – to transform and uplift your own love situation now.

Write down 10 things you saw about relationships around you growing up, and 10 things you fear about your own Twin Flame situation. See the connections?

Get clearing these things – they unfortunately won’t just go away by themselves, as it’s stuff you absorbed before you were fully grown.

The patterns are energetically present in your body, unconscious mind and emotional responses.



Did Your Twin Flame Take The Bullet For You?

This is why your Twin Flame Ascension has triggered them to flare up into real world events. Unconsciously, you’ve manifested this.

If you feel ready, forgive your Twin and ask them to forgive you – as in essence they’ve just been the canvas your old programming was projected onto.

In a tough moment after much outer struggle on my journey, my Twin Flame once showed me that energetically, he’d been standing right in front of me and taking the “heat” for my screwed up beliefs and childhood patterns that I’d been operating off.

Instead of letting my twisted energy project out into the Universe and attracting negative life experiences back, he’d chosen to be the buffer, to take the heat and for my negativity to play out between us instead.

Because his love would be able to heal it somehow. Because the “tough lessons” I was attracting would be milder that way.

And all the while, I’d been so mad at him, thinking he’d been doing nothing to help me. This insight really shifted my perspective.


Why Old Romantic Ideas Are Being Purged

Look twice now, is your Twin’s soul doing the same for you?

Spirit shows us this is a common theme for Twin Flames we go into this phenomenon of “paradoxical love” in the article “The Real Reason Why Your Twin Flame Hurt You”.

To heal this kind of a situation, make sure you clear up the inner negativity by removing the energetic charge and uplift your frequency so old baggage and ancestral programming won’t be playing out between you.

When we deactivate and recalibrate this twisted programming and chaotic projection we give love room to blossom between us instead.

We see now that Uranus is pushing Twin Flames to permanently and finally step out of the “old way” of approaching relationships.

Because after all, Twin Flames are not here to live the old human 3D version of love, we are here to pave the way for unconditional, blissful love based in unity.

Spirit shows us that going within and connecting with, communicating with your Twin Flame’s higher self is a wonderful way to benefit from this.

Go here to discover more, and download a Free Guided Meditation to connect with your Twin Flame on the soul planes. 

Or, if you’re ready to go deeper, resolve karmic debt and uplift your timelines to usher in Twin Flame reunion with greater ease and speed – have a look here.

Until next time I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3

Cassady x

“I started with your free toolkit and immediately felt results so much that I had to get the full program and wow! I’ve been doing it consistently and I love the energy clearings and exercises. I feel lighter, and my lover and I are so much closer. Every day gets better and better. And since my vibration has become higher and higher, I’m attracting in wonderful opportunities and amazing abundance as well. I’m so grateful for your work, Cassady. Thank you!”

– Jessica N. California, USA

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Want more? For my step-by-step “roadmap” to Twin Flame Union, created after my Twin and I reached Union on my own journey – have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames. And you can read here about other Twins’ experiences with the program!

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  1. Cassady, were you the ” runner” and is there info for the ” runners”? … in all fairness i think me n mine both run…. i just dont go as far as long…and i have no idea which role i play

  2. ” in essence they’ve just been the canvas your old reality programming was projected on to” – oh my gosh I love that imagery Cassady. That just made the whole concept so clear! Thank you for the heads up about the cosmos too- I’ve been wondering why It’s been feeling so intense lately. Apparently there’s a big opportunity to get a lot done this week and it is so wonderful that you can provide the direction in which to focus. So much gratitude for bringing this through…

  3. My twin flame and I are finally at a great stable place. We first met last october, all hell broke loose around January and after months of me clearing and facing the pain and clearing the baggage of my past karma and programming, we are at a consistent level of love and trust. It grows all the time but I am energetically ascended. I feel it, I sense it and I hear it from my guide who speaks to me. But my male twin flame feels not totally ascended. He is heavy into the ego at times hating the world and talks about conspiracies and such. but other times he is so deeply loving and worships me and is light and ridiculously himself.

    My question is, once he ascends will his negative perspectives about life soften? Or is the programming and belief about the world being corrupt and evil going to be a perspective he will have and dwell on this whole life time.
    It is hard for me to handle at times because the negatively wears on me and I have to clear my energy or just change the subject when these issues crop up. I dont mind his fascination with the corruption of the world I find it interesting as a means for me to heal the world. But how it affects him and makes him unhappy is draining on me. I want to unite with him but i wonder if when he is ascended he will still have all this anger and hate for the world. Truly, at this point I question whether I want to handle clearing this negativity all the time to be with him. My Vibration is just too high to be brought down that low all the time.

    Perhaps he wont ascend with me and that is okay too but then I will have to find other people to balance my life with because I cannot have a traditional relationship with him. I mean he is clearly my Twin (the attraction, the vulnnerability, the telepathy, the sex, the signs, the knowing on both of our ends) this we both know for a fact. But how to exist together with his heaviness will pose challenges I am not sure I want weighing me down.

    If any of you can share your experiences of how your male counterpart shifted after ascension please let me know. I am hoping for a happy blissful like with my twin not one filled with heaviness.

  4. hey, this totally reseonates with me, and so does the latest forecast. i been thinking about the type of relationship i want and my parents bad relationship always inspired me to not be the same. the thing is i have heart pains and all those awakening symptoms that literally murder me and make me zombie sick chakra stuff..i want to move on, i want to help my union i feel able to change and desire my child. i feel positive. but i want to be clear and new how do i dispense amd cleanse properly. i loveeeeee your blogs and the way you write them in all ways, but could you help me get deeper into the real real stuff. im trying to change it all around.

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