Twin Flame Energy Forecast 25th November-1st December: “A New Era”



When The Universe Gets Involved To Bring Divine Soul Partners Together… Discover The Blessings Working Their Way To You This Week!

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A Week With Support For Togetherness, Love and Reunion!

So onto the cosmic energies for the week: I’m happy to report good news!

Time for commitment in love, a powerful New Moon and more brings luck and optimism, to fuel you with light for the onward journey…

This is set to be a week full of positive potential for Twin Flames and those in divinely guided love relationships!

We have a number of transits bringing support for togetherness, love and reunion.

Beginning the week the moon joins the Sun and Pallas in Sagittarius, giving extra motivation and fire for making progress on the journey.

Use the extra enthusiasm you likely feel, to make steps in your desired direction.

When Guided Projects Take Precedence – Is Your Soul Waiting On You?

One interesting thing is, Spirit indicates, you likely have “non-Twin” projects, work efforts and passions you’ve been focusing on or needing to do work on recently.

For many Twins there are other projects that are awaiting completion before your soul opens to fully focusing on your Twin connection.

Make sure you tie up loose ends and work to complete what you know is guided for you, to avoid any holdbacks.

Your soul may delay Twin Flame interactions and keep the connection on “hold” somewhat while you complete your projects, if they are divinely guided. (Read more here in Important Message For Twin Flames In Separation)


The message is, that you have your life purpose and divinely guided plans that only you can complete, aside from your Twin Flame connection and your shared “mission” together.

Sometimes, completing these projects will put you in direct contact with your Twin in a palpable real life way, that you may not see from your current standpoint.

So take the guided actions that have been shown to you. They are being shown up for a reason.

A Heightened Time For Luck, Love, Romance And Positivity!

Venus is also conjunct Jupiter this whole week, indicating increased creativity, “luck”, happiness and positive experiences in love and relationships… And importantly, Venus crosses into Capricorn in a tight conjunction with Jupiter.

This indicates, a time for commitment in love!

We’re shown soul contracts between the Twins coming into effect – contracts designed from before birth to pull the pair into reunion.

With Ceres tying in we see this is not necessarily instant but it is “seeded into your life experience” as a heightened potential for you both.

Choice comes into play, but you will be pushed toward each other over and over by the soul’s guiding hand, in order to make it happen. Your souls will never give up.

Long Term Commitment And Loyalty – Your Twin’s Higher Self And Their Promise To You

Capricorn is a sign of commitment, long term manifestation and loyalty.

With Jupiter boosting Venus as she ventures into this sign for the next month, there’s a beautiful boost around bringing divine love connections together and commitment for the long run in love.

Because Capricorn is also the domain of physical manifestation, we see a “promise” from your counterpart’s higher self: That they will NEVER give up trying to win you over and reunite with you in the physical.

They will never stop working to show you how infinite their love for you is.


To experience and receive their love and messages first-hand have a look at The Twin Flame Oneness Activation session, where I take you through a deep preparation for Union and enlisting your Twin’s higher self’s support for your journey.

Prepare To Be Surprised!

Venus trines both Uranus R and Mars and we’re shown that your masculine Twin counterpart will likely surprise you in a positive way this week.

(If you’re the Masculine Twin, expect to feel effervescently guided to spread love and light and to uplift your counterpart)

If your Twin has been a runner or have let you down a lot, don’t expect them to behave the way they always have. There are changes happening with them.

We see they are practically itching to reach out to you, to commit to you, to express their undying love for you. Don’t assume that because things may not have worked out in the past, that this will continue.

Expect the unexpected from your counterpart this week.

Expect POSITIVE surprises in love.

Heightened Window For Opportunity And Positivity!

Wednesday the Moon joins together with Venus, Jupiter and Ceres and you’ll likely experience a heightened sense of opportunity, positivity, luck and enthusiasm.

This is a current of pure light that’s working to reach you!

Spirit reminds you, it’s always there, it’s just that it’s easier than usual for us to perceive it right now. They suggest, remember this energy for the future.

Make a note of the positivity you feel and experience right now and set the intention that this is your set point, that this is your truth. It will begin to open up more and more for you.

Darkness is just an “illusion”, is their input, it’s actually an ABSENCE of light, nothing more. Shine the light and darkness “disappears”. Shine bright this week, because it benefits both you, your path and others.

Read more in “Everything You Need To Know About Twin Flame Timelines”


Twin Flame Commitment And “Supernatural” Experiences Of Togetherness

You really can lift up into a higher state for the long run right now.

Symbolically, this next month is set to bring commitment in love and to yourself – many Twins are set to join together somehow at this time, in astral connections, in heart, in communication, often even physically.

When Venus and Capricorn tie in, these two energies together show long-term love – the classic indicator of marriage and partnerships that stand the test of time.

With Saturn now moving direct, we are setting down a new chapter for the long run in the Twin Flame connection.

Expect to hear from your counterpart about their deeper intentions of commitment for you, is spirit’s input. It can come in the form of dreams, visions, songs you “hear” as you’re about to fall asleep, or in real world messages.

Remember that no matter what, you are your Twin Soul’s greatest love.

Powerful New Moon – Are You Willing To Release The Past To Open To A Bright Future?

The way to get the most of this energy event, is to keep an open mind as to how the universe shows it up for you.

Know that it is possible, and write down or state: “I am now open to and joyously receiving togetherness with my Twin Flame in harmony.”

This helps you to not block off any unexpected opportunities – when we are strongly focused on one possibility, we sometimes exclude other just as pleasant eventualities.

As the New Moon in Sagittarius hits on November 26th, we see that opening to the next and higher chapter of your journey is all about being willing to release the past and open to a positive future.

Sagittarius is the sign of freedom, higher perspectives, expansion and philosophy – this New Moon “promises” that if you can open to the possibility of all your dreams come to fruition, you make it so.

Releasing Skepticism, Visioning Your Dream…

To start with, be willing to release any skepticism, doubts, disbelief, cynicism and “old world/3D views and beliefs”. This in itself is so powerful in opening to a new and higher state. Opening to the light that is already within you as a soul.

New Moons are times of new beginnings, closing the door on the past for good and looking to the future.

The intentions and actions you set today will assist you in the next 28 day period, and as spirit has suggested before:

Set your intentions and know that what you focus on today and take action on today are harbingers of the themes you’re setting for the coming month.

Usually, I would say taking some symbolic actions on your desires is powerful at the New Moon but this particular Sagittarius energy tells us that VISIONING your dream as already being fulfilled, is the “action” you most need to take.

What Are Your Beliefs Aligned With? The Emotion Thermometer!

Get into your inner “world creation machine” (your imagination) and make your goals happen there first, and it becomes the blueprint your outer world will reflect in time.

This is where you sow the seeds, spirit says, which is why it’s so important to get your BELIEFS aligned with what you desire.

Because this inner visioning is ALWAYS happening, in the background on autopilot, not just when we sit down to meditate or visualize.

So make sure you keep an eye on your “default visioning” right now – the key? Your FEELINGS. Your feelings are a direct thermometer that tells you what you are visioning in the background, in your unconscious mind on autopilot.

Are you feeling depressed, sad, heavy, angry, frustrated?

These are all “symptoms” that you are visioning a negative state of affairs. Begin to see your feelings as “messengers” of what you’re visioning and believing, and you can work to uplift more and more over time.

Remember, this can be a new and positive beginning if you allow it. Release the past and open to the possibility of a bright new future.

I help you with this and more in the Higher Heart Transformation Journey here.


Neptune Direct! Spiritual Progress, Channel Opening Again

When Neptune finally turns direct on 27th November after being retrograde since June, this is echoed too. We’re entering into a new and lighter chapter of the journey.

We’re finally moving forward again, and the “ether” will feel clearer and less congested for those who meditate and communicate with guidance.

The reason for this is that the retrograde period has coincided with a collective purge of the Crown Chakra. (Learn more about the Chakra systems and get a free reading here)


Have You Been Feeling Disconnected From Your Twin Flame?

Issues with Neptune Retrograde have involved things like feeling abandoned by the universe, and feeling disconnected from or unloved by source, or unsupported by the unseen/spirit/your Twin.

This has been coming up to be cleared and has put a dampener on many a spiritual link. Due to this purge of the Crown Chakra, many have felt disconnected from their Twin these past few months.

This should improve considerably now. During this period you’ve been pushed to go within, to “learn the lesson” that your Twin Soul and you are always connected on the INSIDE, via the heart…

Spiritual Connection Gets Clearer And More Luminous

You have likely experienced a lessening of “direct” communication with higher dimensions and your Twin Flame while Neptune was retrograde.

This is set to improve now – it may take a week or so to fully notice, as planets station to go direct and the energy motion changes gradually, but your spiritual experiences will begin to feel clearer and more luminous.

We are now moving forward again in terms of spiritual development, after months of tough lesson learning and healing past wounds.

You may feel much more aware of your intuition now, and you’ll notice that mental disruptions may settle – experimentation with telepathy, communication with spirit, meditation and astral travel is set to be stronger and more fruitful than in recent months.

Important Clues For Twin Flames’ Experiences In 2020… Watershed Changes

As “he” turns to go direct, Neptune is in a supportive trine with Saturn, Pluto and Mercury, which gives us important clues about an upcoming major 2020 cosmic event.

Saturn and Pluto “meeting” is a highly rare event that hasn’t happened since 1982.

Neptune and Mercury tying in now, signals that you will be receiving very direct guidance about what steps are to your highest good moving forward when this MAJOR cosmic gateway hits.

Spirit shows, this winter is set to be a major change of chapters for you in life.

It is designed to be a positive change, a cosmic gateway for you to step into your divine life’s path, into a state of light and unity.

Old outworn connections, soul contracts and situations are set to be broken down in order for a new and higher situation to show up for you.

Are You Listening To The Divine Guidance Working To Reach You?

Spirit shows us, you already knew this would happen, as a soul before coming here. Inside, you have been waiting for this. It may appear as if things are uncomfortably changing and breaking down from an outside “human” mental perspective…

But really, it’s as if the universe is “shuffling the cards” so that you can start over again with a better hand. So that the odds are stacked in your favor, no matter what has come before.

And Neptune/Mercury tell us strongly, that a key to enjoying this experience, to really thriving with the new and experiencing your golden new chapter, is to listen to the divine guidance that is working to reach you.

You will likely see numbers, signs, symbols, have significant dreams, hear repeated songs, be shown articles, books, resources that are designed to help you make the most of this time…

Tapping Into Your Own Eternal Expertise!

But the key is YOU. Neptune “says” that your path is unique, and that YOUR guidance will be different from other people’s at this time.

So don’t go with the standard online predictions – go within and allow your unique insights to be shown to you. There is a distinct path, and guided steps you are set to be shown.

Golden steps lighting up in the dark before you, taking you to your destination…

If you need some help tuning into the divine guidance working to reach you, again have a look at my brand new Twin Flames 11:11 Oracle Card app – created by me as a direct link to powerful insights and transformations for your journey.


This is set to be a week full of heightened positivity and opportunities showing up and you’ll likely feel like the wind is back in your sails!

As mentioned, we’re starting a new chapter with positivity and progress for the *physical* Twin Flame journey of unity!

There are more exciting positive transits and news to come over the next few weeks, and I can’t wait to share…

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey <3

Cassady x