Soul Love Gets Back On Track, Communication Goes Deep Under The Spell of The Moon…  What Secret “Conversations” Are Going On Behind The Scenes?


Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:

Increased Twin Flame non-physical contact: Juno direct – marriage and romantic relationships back on track.

Communication goes “undercover” in emotional Cancer, but what fears may have snuck in when you weren’t paying attention?

Discover more below!

Retrogrades Impacting Love And Self.

We’re still in the middle of Venus Retrograde, Saturn retrograde and Jupiter retrograde – so know that changes in this period are highly likely to deal with the inner plane.

Releasing, purging and recalibrating around love, creative/manifesting faculties, and belief system.

The heart, sacral chakra and brow chakras are undergoing an “upgrade” process at this time, where old density and darkness are being triggered to clear – to make room for higher vibrational programming.

(Read more about chakras and get a Free Reading here)

These transits are designed us to shift out of problems, disempowerment and karmic loops, into a higher state of harmony, expansion and joy long term. While it’s going on however, it’s likely to feel pretty “yucky”.

We’re also headed headed towards a major Eclipse gateway with 3 key events in June including a “Ring of Fire” solstice “Twin” Eclipse and more… (I’ll talk about this next week and beyond).

Feel Like You Were “Done” With This Already?

Even if you’re advanced in ascension and have been on the spiritual journey for a long time, it’s likely you feel the “shadows” rising in this period… That means we’re dealing with major timeline shifts and huge breakthroughs working to reach you.

You’ll be OK and this incoming pressure is for your highest good – make sure you use this time to uplift and stay aligned with light and love. Keep clearing your energy, keep working on your mindset. It will pay off.

These are major soul’s lessons and life lessons we’re being faced with. You can “pass with flying colors” – don’t get drawn back into past modes of negativity.

Use your strength of choice and intention! You can even say, “this is not me” or “I’m done with this, I choose love/light/positivity”. This also helps shift. 

Have a look here for more on Retrogrades, the exact dates for 2020 plus how to make the most of these times.


Progress For Love And Relationships

This week specifically we have a few highly significant transits for Twin Flames – but remember it’s happening WHILE the retrogrades are affecting the general atmosphere.

The first and most pertinent is that on May 26th Juno, the asteroid of marriage and partnerships – a classic soul mate/Twin Flame connection indication – is going direct.

This indicates that a period of inner work in the connection, of focus on each counterpart and their healing as an individual, is shifting into a period of more outer progress as a couple.

Expect to feel more supported by the universe in this coming period, of noticing more progress and improvements in getting closer to your Twin Flame. However, with so much retrograde activity it could take a while to notice or it may be happening behind the scenes.

It could be on the soul planes, experiencing increased dreams together, feeling them with you, receiving more signs… Or it could be in person. You could also be faced with your own disbelief regarding Twin unity – skepticism, cynicism or “realism”.

What Belongs To You, Will Return To You…

Either way, the souls that belong together are being more noticeably drawn to each other now. Do make sure you keep clearing old wounds and blocks, however, so that this improvement can reach you.

The universe is always working to bring you together – but if you have blocks in your system it can’t happen.

This is why so many Twins get stuck for years in cycles of running and separation – it’s because the underlying blocks aren’t being resolved and fully cleared.

And get a test to see where you’re at vibrationally – are you aligned with love and reunion? Or stuck in struggle?


Opening The Twin Flame Connection To Harmony

Once you cleanse your system, you will notice dramatic changes for the better. Just have a look at some of the amazing experiences Twin Flames have had here.

I have a Free Energy Cleanse Guided Meditation I offer to all Twins at no cost for this very reason – because it’s all about energy.

When your connection is blocked, things stay stuck in struggle and problems. When you are in harmony, things flow with love. Learn more here about how it works, and to get the Free kit, click here.


“Whenever I do your energy clearing meditation my Twin texts me just as it’s ended. It truly has opened up the connection.” – Taz R

Read more testimonials here

From Intellect To Emotion – Deep Waters Of The Moon

The second major transit affecting Twins this week is that on May 28th Mercury steps out of “his” home sign Gemini and into Cancer – which is considered a less beneficial placement, as Cancer is the sign of intuition, feeling and the instinctive processes.

From being “easily” aligned with intellect, we are being pushed into the murkier waters of emotion when it comes to communication.

For the next month interactions with others and the thought process are highlighted to deal with the things we’re NOT saying or thinking. The processes that go deeper than words.

Meditation is set to yield powerful results this month, and dreams are likely to be especially vivid and full of symbolism. This is because the unconscious processes of our deeper minds are expressing themselves.

Why The UN-Conscious Mind Is So Powerful In Your Connection…

Did you know that an estimated 95-98% of human thoughts are *un* conscious? That means, it’s not the thoughts we *know* we’re having, where we’re in a dialogue with ourselves and thinking with words or intent.

It’s the river of feeling material that’s going on at a deeper level. The unconscious is where our breathing, our body’s functioning, our automatic behavior is stored…

Where memories and secrets are kept. And this is where our unconscious blocks live. The fears we’re not consciously aware of.

In this way, the unconscious mind can create big problems for Twin Flames on their journey. Read more here in “Whose Beliefs Are Mapping Out Your Twin Flame Journey?”

Are You Sabotaging Without Knowing It?

Let me explain why: Even though someone is thinking consciously that they want to come together with their counterpart, and they’re praying for it, putting it on their vision board, visualizing it…

On an unconscious level, they might fear that their Twin will run, they might believe that the Twin Flame journey is destined for pain or that if they open their heart to love they’ll be hurt…

So they’re “secretly” holding back on a deeper level.

When we have those underlying kinds of fears, they work against the conscious desires and intentions we have.

Like you might have read on this site before: It becomes like trying to drive left and right at the same time. It doesn’t work.

So this coming month is a heightened time for getting clarity on these kinds of deeper issues, so you can resolve and clear the holdbacks and open up your journey to love.

(Read more about how to do this in “The Truth About Twin Flame Timelines”)


Music To Tap Into The Unspoken Self…

An amazing method I learned for discovering what’s *really* going on in your unconscious mind, is this:

Think of a song, the first song that comes into your mind. Don’t go looking for it. Just kind of relax and allow it to step forth.

What’s it about? How does it deal with what’s going on for you right now? What is it telling you about your situation, your unconscious feelings?

You’ll notice this coming month that this kind of “message from the depths” is prevalent. Pay attention to what song might be in your mind as you wake up in the morning or just as you’re about to fall asleep at night.

Reaching The “Alpha State”

In these moments you’re in the “alpha state” where you’re more open to Twin Flame telepathy, spiritual communication and messages from your own unconscious mind.

Please do comment below with what song you heard, and 1-2 lines about how it fits with your experience!

And if you want to go deeper into unravelling what might have kept you and your Twin Flame in separation or repeated struggles, have a look at my step by step program here.

Did you know most Twin Flame issues you hear about aren’t “divinely decreed”? They’re rooted in negative energy, attachments and karma.

And they can be resolved, opening you up to a harmonious connection.

Click here to discover more.


What REALLY Shapes Our “Lens Of Reality” And Choices

And a key here is: our feelings are often affected by the *information* we’ve taken on in life, what we’ve observed with our minds.

What we take in and interact with intellectually always has an effect on our emotions.

The emotional patterns we have today, are results of what we unconsciously believe…

If you believe the world is a hard place or Twin Flames always have a hard time, this will affect how we feel about ourselves, our future, our chances at happiness… (Read more about those common blocks here)


And these kinds of underlying belief/emotion systems can cause deep depression and hold us back from even trying.

Why Beliefs Block So Many Twin Flames…

We’re shown that our belief systems needs an overhaul – because of what we’ve observed around us in the past. Family, friends, society, tv, magazines…

They’ve most often shown us the downsides to relationships. Rarely have we been shown the ideal model of unconditional love and support. But the truth is that it can exist.

Spirit shows us in this way that our vision of what it means to be in a relationship, is a core block to many Twin Flames coming together.

So this is a perfect time to check in with your deeper beliefs. What is a relationship? What do you believe about relationships?

There are many secret shadows surrounding this. Many hidden beliefs.

What If It Was You All Along?

Spirit shows us: You might have been frustrated at how things have been going on the outside, when the real truth is that it’s likely to have been your own deeper self sabotaging you all along…

Pushing AGAINST what you consciously wanted.

Look at it this way:
If you believed that relationships are doomed to fail and that they end in hurt, wouldn’t your deeper self be “doing you a favor” by keeping you away from that hurt?

And because the Twin Flame connection is the most intense love, it would be the most intense hurt of your existence if things broke down between you.

So your unconscious “helps” you by finding ways to block the whole thing. This is why people have “self sabotage” without realizing it.

It’s how the unconscious works. Always trying to protect you from hurt.

How YOU Could Have Been Blocking Reunion, Without Realizing It…

The problem is that when we block out hurt, we also block out love. So if you believe Twins experience hurt together or your counterpart will cheat, your system is on some level working to KEEP YOU FROM COMING TOGETHER…!

Can you see how that works?

This is why it’s essential on this journey to explore our deeper beliefs so we can clear them, open up to a new truth and shift into a happier and more fulfilling experience…

We’re shown you might have been “wrong” about why the situation has been as it has. The real reasons and “faults” might lie within you and your own system all along…

Ask your soul to show these belief blocks up for you in the gentlest way possible so you can clear them and move on.

X-Ray To Your Secret Inner Motivations…

Get a pen and paper, connect to the light (your higher consciousness – use the free energy cleanse audio here) and begin to write, whatever comes to mind. No editing.

The reason I’m holding back from coming together with my Twin Flame is…
The real reason I’m not happy is…
The secret fear I have about love is…
The deepest fear I have about my Twin Flame is…
The secret fear I have about myself is…

Now, you recognize the blocks. Now, you can resolve, clear and untangle them energetically – recalibrating your system to be able to move on in more light, love and harmony. Attracting unity instead of disappointment.

For deeper energy clearing tools, have a look here. Check inside what you feel the most drawn to, what feels the most light.

That’s your soul speaking to you.

You really are here for a reason, and your soul has been trying to help you for so long. Now, will you listen?

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey! <3


Cassady x

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