Powerful 333 Code Activation, All Planets Direct. “Miracle” Power Creates Cosmic Push For Real Life Progress Into “Heaven On Earth” – Are You Ready?

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include: Mercury direct, all planets in forward motion – new momentum! Plus, Uranus and Jupiter join with 333 gateway to open a major gateway for “miracles” and sudden positive change.

Discover more below!

Cosmic Push For Heaven On Earth

This is a special week for me personally, because it’s my birthday at the weekend. I’m  happy to share there’s a lot of positivity going on this week!

We’re set to experience some serious progress and “magic” moments – with a focus on the long run.

The majority of planets are in the northern hemisphere of the zodiac indicating conscious forward motion. This means you’re likely making progress with your physical world activities in this period (good for you!).

In fact, the universe is *pushing* you to take *real world actions* to align your day to day life with your higher goals.

The cosmic message is that *this* is what will draw in the “heaven on earth” you’re looking for.

Although it might not seem that way… The physical world actions you’re being nudged to are bringing you to your Twin Flame, and them to you!

So what actions are you being guided to take lately? Listen to your intuition, keep a journal and make sure you go within to receive your guidance. My free guided meditation will take you through it

Whether it’s starting your own business, moving house, taking a job in a different country or starting a new exercise regime, these changes are guided!

Your Infallible Inner Compass To Love

Check in with your intuition to make sure – the guided actions should feel light and positive if they’re guided. Not heavy or “yucky”.

BUT: did you know it’s not quite right to say “listen to your gut”, either?
Because the “gut” is where the human survival instincts and fear programming live. Your “fight or flight” response. 

So yes, your “gut” may know when something is dangerous… but that fear may unfortunately also make you pull back from genuinely positive guided changes…

Because the human system is programmed to want things to stay the same. It’s hardwired into us. The human hardwiring doesn’t understand divine guidance. Its job is to deflect ANY potential danger.

The body, through evolution, feels the safest when things stay the same. Because it’s what it’s experienced that we can survive. The new and unknown is considered “dangerous” or a risk…

And that poses problems for the Twin Flame journey. Read more about that here.

twin flame timelines

When Guidance Comes As A Whisper…

So don’t necessarily listen to your body. At least refine its messages to you by clearing and uplifting your energy so you can hear the higher divine guidance working to reach you.

Divine guidance can feel incredibly subtle because light isn’t something that pushes itself onto us, it’s there shining for US to seize it. So if we’re not paying attention, not “listening” with our senses… It often passed us by.

Every single human being is receiving guidance, every single day. But most people are too preoccupied to listen. Does that mean their prayers are going unheard? No, they’re just not open to receiving the answers!

When “Bad Things” Happen To Help Us

Consider a time when you just “knew” that something was bad for you. It likely felt like a jolt in your stomach. Survival, fear to keep you safe.

But then, think of a time when a big change in your life seemed bad… But later turned out to be INSTRUMENTAL in helping you change things for the better…

Like if you lost your job – but it enabled you to start a business where you made more money and were much happier in the long run.

Or a breakup that lead to you meeting “the one”.

Did those things feel good?

No, because from a survival standpoint they were “dangerous” changes into the unknown…

But the soul and guidance know better – they always see the BIG picture.

And to tune into your soul and hear your divine guidance, to know what’s to your highest good in the long run and avoid the kind of trauma that comes with change, you have to work on refining your system.

The more high vibrational we are, the more attuned we are to divine wisdom. Even if you’re brand new to it, you can learn to receive your system’s “expert guidance” for your path. I take you through it step by step in class 4 of the Vibrational Alignment Program.


Using Kundalini Rising To Power Your Journey

Every single week someone asks me, how do you hear spirit? How do you know week to week, exactly what I need to read or hear?

The truth is, I worked A LOT to make myself a clear channel of spirit. I wasn’t “born psychic” and have zero relatives with intuitive abilities.

I was initially triggered by Kundalini rising with my Twin Flame, but then I had to learn how to refine and interpret, to clear my channel so I got the TRUTH, not ego interference or other people’s emotions coming through…

It was a challenging journey but I wouldn’t take it back in a million years because now I am divinely guided in everything I do. When you have guidance on your side, your journey begins moving at warp speed. You rise up much faster.

Read more here about how to open up your divine connection – I teach you how to get high vibrational guidance on your path every step of the way. And for more on Twin Flame telepathy and how to avoid negative influence and ego disruptions, click here.


Gaining Clarity On Recent Confusion…

On March 28th Mercury finally goes direct in Pisces, but will move over “shadow terrain” for the next few weeks. This indicates that you’ll gain more clarity on recent times’ uncertainty.

But remember the lessons this particular Mercury Retrograde was designed to teach us – that wisdom and information shouldn’t be sought via the mind only.

Your heart can be your greatest ally on this journey through life.

To unlock your heart’s true wisdom, clear blocks between you and your counterpart and sow positive seeds of manifestation for your future path together – click here. I take you through it step by step in the Higher Heart Transformation Journey


What Are You Fueling With your Focus?

As Mercury goes direct, we’re yet again in one of the year’s “all planets direct” times. All the planets are now moving “forward”, signalling an immense momentum available to us.

Remember that this means, the onus is on you to focus on your desires – because the momentum is set to powerfully bring you what you align with.

You can get a lot done these next few weeks, whether you’re working on a project or reuniting with your Twin Flame.

Spirit’s input is that what you do now will carry effects far into the future. So make sure you’re clear on where you want to be headed.

Because your unconscious system will draw you closer to what you focus on.

Remember: “What you focus on, grows. What you align with, you receive”. (Read more about this here)

The Real Reason Why You’re Worried

And if you find it hard to shift your thoughts out of worry, negativity, old hurts… Don’t feel bad. It’s because your energy is still tangled up with it.

It’s in your system but we can clear it out. (Read about this here and get a free chakra reading to see which ones of your chakras may have been blocked)

When you clear your energy, you’ll feel like a ton of bricks have been removed from your shoulders and your path will open up wide again!

A Cosmic Gift For You Alone…

The Sun stands unaspected in Aries on March 28th and 29th, with no other planets interacting with it.

This indicates that you will get some time to yourself. Or that you’ll gain a clear perspective on yourself and your place in the world, without others’ interference.

Whether or not being alone or undisturbed right now something you want, it’s for your own highest good!

The universe seems to be deliberately isolating you for the time being, in order for you to go deep within and get clarity on these CRUCIAL things:

– Who are you, when no one else is around?
– What do you REALLY desire out of life?
– What are the divine gifts you were “born” with, the traits and strengths that you have had in some way – before anyone ever taught you?

These are your divine gifts, which you are now being asked to acknowledge and click into for the forward journey!

The Secret Truth About Divine Life Purpose…

Many divine gifts are obvious, such as musical or mental talents… But there are many little known “gifts” that are more challenging to understand. Especially if we judge ourselves by society’s standards.

So, have you always been very emotionally oriented or sensitive?

You may be here to be a “truth-speaker” of what humanity is REALLY experiencing! Not what people pretend and “say” on the surface but what is REALLY happening collectively.

Have you always been very brave and action-oriented? You are likely here as a pioneer in the physical reality, to push boundaries and help the collective expand its perceptions of what is possible.

Have you always been spiritually sensitive or attuned to energy?

You may be here to “bridge heaven and earth” through communicating spiritual wisdom to humanity, or to help bridge boundaries between the animal kingdom and humanity…

In a larger perspective, it means your path is tied in with bringing more unity to the planet, teaching higher consciousness and empathy.

(For more on this, have a look at these amazing insights from the animal kingdom)

Your Divine Uniqueness

Spirit’s insight is that you are divinely perfect as who you are.

The world may have taught you to compare yourself to others or strive to be different from how you naturally are…

But their message is you will find your path opens up more and more with ease when you LEAN INTO your divine uniqueness.

Have you seen how many people succeed through sharing their vulnerability and assisting others in the same position? People who have health challenges or have overcome adversity?

Have you seen how many athletes open up about the hardship they went through and how they learned techniques to become great – so others can too?

333 Code Activation – Mastery, Creation

Being open and vulnerable about our uniqueness is a big theme for 2019, which is a 3 year in numerology. It’s all about creation, mastery, bridging the spiritual with the physical, balancing masculine/feminine and spirit. Becoming whole.

On March 30th we have another 333 day in numerology, which again highlights this strongly. You are the master of your own destiny.

There is a gateway for creation that is highly auspicious right now. Innovation, ideas and inspiration are in focus.

If you have a vision and take action on it, it will carry you far!

Another indication for Twin Flames is, we are not merely a “pair” we are always taking this journey with the divine! There are not two of you, there are three – because your spiritual origins of oneness, light, are always involved.

This week is also highly beneficial for Twin Flame Union, two becoming one, as represented by the 333 code. To tap into the power of this gateway, have a look at this transmission from your Twin Flame’s Higher Self.


“WOW! This felt like the answer to my prayers! I’ve been noticing so many signs and it just feels like everything is aligning! This was so beautiful that it made me cry! Thank you so much for creating this meditation! Thank you thank you!!!!” – Cheyanne Wood

“I have done the new union meditation 2 weekends in a row now and it has truly made a huge difference…me and my Twin are laughing together again…we had been arguing for so long…I feel like I’m floating on air every time I do the unity meditation… thank you so much…” – Diane

“I did the unity conscious audio. The next night, I felt his soul merging with me. A blissful divine connection. Felt so peaceful and calm. I felt the divine bliss in me – the union of the divine masculine and the divine feminine in me. Thank you for the unity session. It is transformative.” – Kemp

“This was really special. I feel cocooned in love.” – YUP222

Click here to discover more and download

Higher Insights, Sudden Positive Events

March 30th is set to open to a powerful current of light as Jupiter and Uranus join together in a trine between Sagittarius and Taurus.

This indicates higher insights and potentiality breaking open to change in the physical reality.

Sudden positive events are possible, but to align with this you must click into your mastery of self. And if that sounds difficult, know that in spiritual truth it’s not.

When you forgive yourself, fully accept yourself and acknowledge your divine uniqueness for who you are with all your ‘flaws’ and talents – you unite with yourself. You step into your own authenticity…

And this is when doors open. For your Twin Flame connection. For your life’s path.

This is when you fully align with riding the immense wave of positivity created by the 333 energy and Jupiter/Uranus’ power.

You’ll Look Back On This Time Years From Now…

This week is set to be a pivotal time of the journey. The kind of period you’ll look back on years from now and see that the seed of something major was planted now.

Divine power is at your reach – allow yourself to dwell in the knowing that you deserve it! That you were made for this!

You didn’t come here to struggle your whole life, and if you have so far it means you’re meant to take something from it, learn something and show others how to overcome the same issues.

This week your true power and mastery is within reach – the gateway is open, but will you allow yourself to step through?

(If you need some help with this, click here. I’ve got your back! See what you feel most drawn to, that’s your guidance speaking to you about what’s the most beneficial for you right now. You’re never alone.)

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your continued journey <3

Cassady x


“I have made such a progress in my journey just within the last months by consistently practicing the Vibrational Alignment Program. I feel like our telepathic connection has gotten stronger and clearer. My dreams are vivid and deep again as they were before and during our initial meeting four years ago, and even though we are apart I feel complete, content, and happy within myself as well as stronger than ever. “

– Detelina, Georgia, USA

twin flame program

Want more? Download the Free Twin Flame Help Kit to get info on the awakening code 11:11 and the Ascension process going on across the planet right now, plus a deep Alpha Level meditation to connect with your Twin Flame on the soul planes!

Or if you want to go deeper, resolve karmic debt and get to the bottom of Running and Separation struggles for good – have a look at my complete Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames!

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