Powerful Full Moon In Leo Pushes For Luck To Reach You… The Universe Is Saying You Deserve Better! Have You Been Listening?

Welcome into a brand new week in the cosmic energies!

Highlights this week include:
Powerful tough love support from the planets, to help you into a new and brighter chapter. But, have YOU been holding yourself back?

Full Moon culmination and Twin Flame passion pushes you to reach higher…

Discover more below!

Support From The Universe

Can you believe we’re almost into the second month of 2021?

We head into this week with some amazing support from the planets. As the Sun sits between Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius, it’s like we’re being cherished and encouraged.

It’s about finding our uniqueness and living our soul’s true path. We’re being nudged there and we’re shown that in recent times and now you’re being SHOWN the best path for you moving forward.

Last year, they “say”, you were shown the path that was NOT to your highest good. That would NOT lead to fulfillment on a soul level.

(Note down what you may have perceived, as it will help you moving forward!)

The Higher Truth About “Mission” And “Service”

Now, you are being shown more and more what your “bliss” is. And we’re being reminded that this is our true soul purpose.

As spirit said to me a while back, if you are a Twin Flame or Lightworker and you’re NOT happy, it means something is wrong.

There’s something missing, something has gotten distorted.

Because the truth is, we are here to be light, to be pioneers of happiness, examples of bliss. So that others can follow suit.

When we unite in love or live our happy purpose with abundance, we light up the whole planet’s fields and bring in more positivity which is then available to EVERYONE. (Read more in the Twin Flame Mission here)

Allowing Yourself To Start Over

Look around you right now, the planets “say”. The time of suffering is over. Go to your soul. Listen to its messages (I help you with this here).

Allow yourself to start over if needed. Set the intention.

Set your aim for what would be truly happy in the long run. Then work backward from there.

Don’t accept perceived limitations and “realism” at face value because if you do, you block the highest good from coming to you.

There’s an air of new beginnings around, but you have to “play along”. You have to be willing and able to receive, in order for it to work.

We can cling to our baggage and our hurts if we choose, but the planets “warn” us we can only get more of the same when we do this.

What It Means If Your Desires Aren’t Showing Up

Release the past, and invite in the highest you can possibly imagine.

If this feels tricky, heavy or blocked, I help you out here and teach you more about what to do to make sure your desires show up tangibly.

Because so many people unfortunately get manifestation “wrong” and it blocks them from actually receiving their desires in the physical.

It’s easy to wish and hope, but if you’re not tangibly RECEIVING your manifestations, something is wrong. There’s a block in the way.

Deep Passion In Love

Venus conjunct Pluto in Capricorn shows us there are physical world “toxins” around love that may be pushed up to be released from your system this period.

So you’ll be a match for love – and especially a physical and harmonious Twin Flame Union.

So what are the toxins? Most often negative beliefs around relationships, men, women… The beliefs and past hurts and projections that block love from reaching you, and that “sabotage” Twin Flame unity. (I help you clear that here)

This transit can also cause deep passion and diving into a relationship with immense fire without considering whether it’s right for you in the long run…

Heightened passion and sexual “obsession”, or sex for its own sake, issues of imbalance that cause a disconnect between heart and sexuality…

(I have a session for you on that here, and if your Twin is the one acting out like this, it will help them too – learn more here about how and why).
Complete harmony Healing Tool

Paranoia, Sex, Secrets…

Venus conjunct Pluto means love goes deep, into the dark.

Shadow traits and darkness around love be triggered this week. Intense suspicion, secrets, paranoia, power complexes, jealousy, desperation and vindictiveness…

Make sure you stay in your light, and clear any darkness that is purged in your system or your connection…

Because when we go down into blame, anger, rage, jealousy and other low vibrations, we “invite in” more and more of the same and the outer manifestations of it (ie. more reasons to be angry, jealous, vindictive).

Remember who you are, a soul of light. And so is your Twin.

The “outside” negativity could be expressing programming and karmic wounds that aren’t even “yours” to begin with. Read more about this here.

Pluto’s “Plan” For Twin Flame Union

Tuesday in particular it’s important to keep a cool head and know that not everything is as it seems…

Because the Moon opposing Venus/Pluto means your emotions will be extra strongly involved… Likely in a challenging way.

It’s blocks being shown up, where you’re not neutral. There are judgments, hurts or warped perspectives…

In your system, but not necessarily “yours” – it can be society’s stories, family’s experiences and expectations pushed onto you.

Remember Pluto in Capricorn is work to help you purify your system so that you’re a match with Twin Flame Union and love.

(For more on Pluto’s impact on the physical Twin Flame connection until 2024, have a look at this)


Are We Resisting True Guidance?

As Neptune squares the North Node this whole week, we also see there’s a challenge between life path and spirituality.

Happening between Pisces and Gemini, we see that either, we as a human race are resisting true guidance, based on thinking we know better or being stuck in ego intellect…

Or you may have received spiritual information that’s distracted you from your true soul path.

The Twin Flame Soul Song

Your system always knows your true path, but often we carry fears and beliefs that block us from following that path.

This is why energy work is so crucial, to return to our “soul song”, which is when we’re magnetic to our counterpart.

When we leave our center, our authentic truth, we end up on the “wrong frequency” to Twin Flame love, which translates into struggle and “missed connections”…

Use the Free Energy Cleanse and Guided Session to meet your Twin on the soul planes here – it will powerfully help you center into your authentic “soul song” especially when used regularly.

The End Of The Era Of Gurus

More than ever we’re being shown it’s all about awakening to our OWN light, to our OWN soul’s uniqueness. Tapping into our OWN frequency – our soul song.

And the “soul song” is unique to every Twin Flame pair.

This is why I’ve been so strongly guided to provide “tools for life” to help Twin Flames tap into their OWN power and understand and uplift their journey from the inside out.

Giving you what you need to make YOUR journey the best it can be, in your uniqueness, instead of making you dependent on me.

An outside person can guide you, but sometimes their involvement and THEIR frequency can affect you without meaning to.

Your soul is ALWAYS wanting you to open to your own power. And you and your Twin Flame “soul song” and path is unique – for a reason! (Read more here)


The New Shift – Aquarius

Every Twin Flame is completely capable of returning to their light, to  love and unity.

And above all, it’s unlocked when we return to OUR inner wisdom. In fact it’s often blocked when we seek outside “rescue”.

We can in fact see in the cosmic energies that the era of idolizing leaders, celebrities and gurus is coming to an end more and more – including in the spiritual realms. Have a look here for more on this regarding my personal work.

(The “idol worship” era is in the past. The “age of Aquarius” is all about equality and the soul – a higher state. Everyone opening to their soul’s light).

Because although others can show by example… The true and highest path forward is for each and every individual to awaken to THEIR beauty, THEIR light, THEIR bliss, THEIR power, THEIR unique path!

What Suffering Means, Spiritually

It’s really amazing – because when we open our OWN connection to the universe, to light, we activate a wealth of support and love to propel us forward in our lives.

When someone is suffering, when someone is in lack or struggle, it’s often because they haven’t opened this inner link, their own connection to the universe/their soul.

They’ve shut off the connection, unconsciously. (To start re-opening, use the free session here)

And the great thing is it’s EASY to re-connect! Because as souls, we ARE always connected and supported.

It’s just about realigning a little. Clearing away the debris, the human baggage, and we’re there!

This is also how we open the Twin Flame connection to love – no matter what’s happened before. Have a look here for a brief video explainer on how it works:

What Happens When Twin Flames Reunite?

Make sure you download my Free Twin Flame Help kit, which contains a powerful Free Energy Healing Guided Meditation which connects you back with your light and gently cleanses out any old hurt and heaviness.
“Whenever I do your energy clearing meditation my Twin texts me just as it’s ended. It truly has opened up the connection.” – Taz R

Click here for more testimonials

(And if you want go deeper, have a look at the full 10 module Vibrational Alignment Program for Twin Flames here.)

Powerful Full Moon In Leo – Releasing Disappointment

Another one of this week’s highlights happens January 28th, with a powerful Full Moon in Leo. Leo is the ruler of the heart and courage – of kings and queens.

Spirit shows us, this Full Moon deals with releasing past disappointments, so that we can move forward with a fresh start. So we can start over into positivity.

In order to do so, the past letdowns have to be released from our systems. (Use the Free energy cleanse guided meditation to do this without purging, crying and struggling).

As Jupiter is conjunct the Sun during the Full Moon, these themes are particularly heightened! Jupiter is the planet of “luck”, optimism and expansion.

What Old Hurts Are Making You Hold Back?

So we see, that although the planets are “calling you forward” this period, trying to encourage you that the future will be AMAZING!!!!

… You have past hurts and disappointments that make you feel like holding back… This is key in the Twin Flame connection too. So we’re being pushed to release it.

Anywhere we hoped, and got let down. Anywhere we opened our heart, and felt rejected. Anywhere we tried to make a dream come true, and it didn’t work out.

Anywhere we showed the world our true self, and felt ridiculed or ignored… And other similar experiences and feelings.

Spirit warns, that the emotions are set to build throughout the week leading up to January 28th, so keep this in mind. You are feeling the past.

Dream Messages Working To Help You

You may encounter “now moment phantoms” relating to it – and if that’s the case, it’s your soul trying to alert you to the wound you need to heal to open to happiness, unity, love, luck…

Your dreams will also be showing references to the past hurts and disappointments in question, so make sure you keep a journal to stay on track with this.

It will help make the process smoother. (More on dream interpretation here).

These are likely things you repressed or tried to avoid thinking about, but secretly they’ve been affecting your future path in a negative way. Spirit shows, especially, because it’s been causing you to hold YOURSELF back.

To get help with smoothly releasing these blocks, have a look here. I’ll take you through it.

Mercury Retrograde The Next 3 Weeks

Finally this week, Mercury goes retrograde in Aquarius for the next 3 weeks until February 20th. (For more on retrogrades, have a look here)

This means we have a chance to tie up loose ends, refine our understanding and fully prepare for the next and brighter chapter.

The good news this time is, Mercury “turns” without involvement from other planets. This means we’re set to have a relatively smooth retrograde compared to recent ones!

The Future Is Not Set In Stone?

Happening in Aquarius, we’re being called on to adjust, refine and question our perceptions about the future. What lies ahead? We’re being told, it’s more up to us than we think.

It’s not set in stone! It happens with every choice we make, every step we take.

So with this Mercury retrograde we have a purge and upgrade of the throat chakra, but also around our perceptions of the future – in other words the brow chakra also called the “third eye”.

(Get a free intuitive chakra reading here and learn more!)


The Choice You Make Every Day

We’re being called on to release emotional judgments and criticism. To rise into a higher detachment.

To simply see the future as a CHOICE we’re making, and to do our best with that choice every day.

Spirit shows: When you use a remote control to choose a channel on your TV, you don’t get angry or heartbroken if you hit on a channel or program you don’t like…

You simply switch to the channel you want!

Reality is a lot like this too, but we take it WAY too personally! 

The truth is, what we put in, correlates to what we get back. And that’s all about our energy state, unconscious beliefs and projections.

Unfortunately, as long as we get into the drama and reaction about things, we’re not in our power to change it. We have to shift into a higher state.

Are You Using Your “Remote Control”?

Keep this in mind over the coming weeks, and you’ll see what they mean. They suggest, experiment with this.

If you experience something you don’t like, or if you have a thought you know is aligned with negativity – “use your switch”!

“Click” to a channel you prefer!

Visualize yourself clicking that remote to change the channel. It helps you become conscious and in turn, to shift your future into a higher state.

This Mercury Retrograde also ties in with the themes from the Leo Full Moon.

We’re being asked to release the past stuff that clouded us from being able to experience the highest in the here and now and future.

The Real Purpose Of Twin Flame Ascension

The Twin Flame journey really isn’t meant to be a struggle.

The purpose of the Ascension process is to clear out blocks to love, and get Twins together so that we can do what we came here for:

To live in Unconditional Love and be sources of light on the planet.

It’s a human misconception that the suffering of Twin Flames is somehow “divinely decreed” or “romantic”. You’re NOT meant to be in pain.

You’re meant to get together, enjoying your connection. To get my help with that, have a look here for my step by step method.

What The Universe Really Wants For You… The Best

This is set to be a week where you may not get what you want, but you’ll get what you need.

And that’s a gift of love, because the Universe knows you are capable of so much more – and DESERVING of so much more – than you’ve been open to.

So to get you to your highest point, you’re being shown where you’ve been holding back, playing small…

So the future opens wide for you, your soul path, and your Twin Flame connection.

Until next time, I’m sending you love and light for your journey <3

Cassady x

“This has been truly amazing, every time I use this my Twin Flame texts or calls me immediately afterwards. It’s really crazy! And then we always get to some kind of different level of communication or we express ourselves in different ways. We are continuing to heal. It’s amazing that I can do this type of thing and my Twin be so affected by it as well!” – Teresa B., USA

Read more testimonials here

twin flame program

 For my step-by-step “roadmap” to Twin Flame Union, created after my Twin and I reached Union – have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program

Alternatively, download my Free Twin Flame Help Kit which contains two resources from the full program!

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